Four Worlds Series is a collection of 15 books that are crossovers of Animal Crossing,Warriors, Watership Down,and Seekers .Warrior Cats are a main part in the series,but the other charcters will be fetured too.Each must at least have 36 long chapters.


A danger is coming for the world.Four worlds,clans,a village named Skyville, ,and will collide.Five are chosen to save the world,and they must fight a terrible darkness that will destroy their homes...and find out nothing will be the same again.


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•This is a Warrior Cats Fanfic,but other stuff will be included.Warrior Cats characters are seen more than the crossover charcters.

•Do not copy,duh.

•Don't even DARE try to edit my stories,especially if I make a spelling error.Only edit it if a dumb person messes it up.I will be writing this alone,I don't need help

•The last book will be in three parts because of how long the story is.

•Some of the books may have to be in two parts.


Four Worlds-Warriors,Watership Down,Seekers,and Animal Crossing will meet to save the world from an evil sprit.Five are chosen and thy must go on amazing quest to save the world..................

The Whispering Cave-The four chosen ones have found a new discovery,and it may help them on their quest.

A Rouge's Magic-The five chosen ones have found a rouge named Sarge,who holds power to defeat a terrible darkness.

Raining Skies-A moon after the battle with the rouges,the five chossen ones discover a prophecy and discover that another terrible darkness is coming......

Moonless Shadows-On the journey to the Island of Peace,they encounter the evil spirits and one of them will be lost......

The Shinning Path-Lionblaze and Wolfgang have discovered a new path to The Island.But it may not be as glorious as it seems......

Wolf's Rain-The Five must travel to the Sun Drown place to meet a mysterious cat....

Into the Twoleg World-The four must travel to the Twoleg world to find a stone.By the Twoleg world may not be as friendly as it seems....

Goodbyes and Returns-Wolfgang is going to leave Skyville,and eveyone's trying to convice him to stay.But when a cat returns to ThunderClan,she has a shocking discovery.....

The Roar Of The Lion-Lionblaze,Goldie,Jayfeather and Blackberry travel back in time to find out Lionblaze has a shocking past.....

Escape from Paradise-A terrible destruction has occurrd,and the five must leave.....

Black Mist-Eveyone's in chaos.ShadowClan have been attacking ThunderClan,Lusa is missing,and the evil spirits are gaining more power.

The Chosen Magic-Finally,StarClan have chosen the on who will hold the magical power to defer the evil spirits....

The Gift-Sol has returned,but this time he has a gift for the clans....

The Last Battle Part 1-The final battle is coming.

The Last Battle Part 2

The Last Battle Part 3

Short Stories

The Giving-

The Rabbit and the Cat-

Super Editions

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Second Series

The second series is called Four Worlds:The Second Quest.

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