Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction
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Change is hard. But it is a part of a warrior's life. Sometimes, it is helpful. Other times, it can be destructive. The clans always stuck to traditions in the old forest. However, moving to the lake changed everything. Will each clan be able to cope with the change, or, is this the end of the warrior code?


Greenleaf, a time of plentiful prey and sunshine, is the season when cats expect the least to go wrong. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for ThunderClan. Their leader, killed by a fox on the edge of ThunderClan territory. The deputy and medicine cat, found murdered and ripped to pieces by the claws of an unknown cat. With all the senior authorities gone, ThunderClan is left to be guided by an inexperienced, 7 moon old medicine cat apprentice, on the verge of war with ShadowClan and a leadership battle. Yet something is amiss - is everything really what it seems?


Now that the leaves have turned yellow, WindClan needs to start stocking up on prey and herbs. However, a group of foxes have taken over a fairly large amount of territory. Goldenleaf is finding it hard to not challenge her leader's orders, and believes that Galestar should have accepted the help that the neighbouring clans had to offer. Will she trust her leader's judgement, or, will she go against the clan's will?


Leafbare brings sickness, as usual. But this time, it's not just greencough. A mysterious disease has infected several ShadowClan cats. Vomiting, belly pains, runny noses. As ShadowClan's sole medicine cat, Sootfur finds himself unable to deal with his clanmate's cries for help. With a low herb storage and more that two thirds of the clan unwell, Sootfur knows that he will have to look outside where he normally does in order to save his clan.


Newleaf is finally here. After moons of cold and hunger, RiverClan is beginning to recover from the loss of their leader, Reedstar. But now, the clan is struggling under the rule of Troutstar, who seems uncapable of controlling his clan. Shadewhisper tries his best to help him, but the lack of authority is making the clan become hostile and disrespectful to Troutstar and his supporters. How will Shadewhisper be able to help his leader without the help of most of his clanmates?