Storms in Summer|Falling in Autumn|Frozen in Winter|Leaping in Spring.

A collaboration between Robo, Feather, Rainy, and Strikeh.

Authors' Note:

Yes, we know that the Clans don't use terms like Summer, Winter, ect. and the Clans use Greenleaf, Leafbare, ect. We will continue to use the warriors' terms, and the only reason they are named after the Twoleg names for the seasons because they were born as loners. Just thought I should clear that up. Enjoy reading. ;)


Troubles are uprising among the Clans and they are breaking apart. StarClan know that if the Clans split up, it will be the death of the Clans all four of them. The four present leaders are starting to organize their trip away from the lake. StarClan call on four cats, Summerpaw of ThunderClan, Autumnpaw of ShadowClan, Winterpaw of RiverClan, and Springpaw of WindClan to try and bring the Clans to peace and to show the Clans that, like the seasons, the Clans must always border and must always be four.

Main Characters

Summerpaw: Summerpaw is a small, pale brown and white tabby she-cat with ocean-like blue-green eyes. She was born in the wild and taken to ThunderClan where she now resides. She is pretty quiet, but is very warm and bubbly. There is only one cat she likes, although many toms like her, as she is the best looking of the four. (Written by Avalanchestrike)

Autumnpaw: Autumnpaw is a large, well-muscled dark ginger-brown tom with bright amber-orange eyes. He was born in the wild and taken to ShadowClan, where he now resides. He is very tough, impatient, snappish, but can be very warm. He can sometimes be pessimistic, but it makes up for his strength as he is the strongest of the four. (Written by Roboflight)

Winterpaw: Winterpaw is a silver tom with dark gray and white spots and amazing icy blue eyes. He was born in the wild and taken to RiverClan where he now resides. He is fussy, sometimes quiet, is very socially awkward, but he has a sharp wit and a sharp tongue. What he lacks in social ability makes, he makes up for in his thought process as he is the smartest of the four. (Written by IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart)

Springpaw: Springpaw is a dark-gray she-cat with one white paw and large grass green eyes. She was born in the wild and taken to WindClan where she now resides. She is very happy, sees the good in things, and is very carefree, but will occasionally be snappish. She is strong and will help herself and her friends tackle whatever problem comes along, as she is the most optimistic of the four. (Written by Rainsplash987)


Storms in Summer

Falling in Autumn

Frozen in Winter

Leaping in Spring

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