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As I'm sure many of you have seen, today I removed Sparrowsong and Forestpaw13's admin rights, and deleted the "Burn Wall". I'm sure many of you are wondering why, so instead of responding individually to each question, I'll just explain my reasons here.


I removed Forestpaw13's admin rights due to recent, un-adminlike edits ([1] [2]), as well as her abuse of the ability to unban users, unbanning them without any community support. As well, she has rarely done anything that needs admin rights; during her adminship, she deleted only four pages.


Sparrowsong's admin rights have been removed due to several reasons; the majority of the community believes she doesn't deserve the rights, she "brings drama from other wikis", and on several occasions, bans users with no real reason/evidence ([3].

Burn Wall

All the burn wall consisted of was personal attacks (flaming) thinly disguised as 'opinions' on other users, as well as 'opinions' on known vandals, which were simply Feeding the Trolls.

If anyone has any questions on this, I would be glad to answer them. Feel free to contact me via my talk page, or if you feel the need to speak privately, email me.--Austin (Talk) 01:36, May 16, 2010 (UTC)