Most stories are either deleted or removed due to inactivity or not being adopted for extensive amounts of time.

If Cinderpelt Lived -Holly

OA: Hollywhisker

Summary: If Cinderpelt never died, and her secret love gets spilled out, yadda yadda yadda. It's not that good, really.

Reason: Lost Interest; Don't want it.

Potential New Authors: Anyone

Other Notes: Just do whatever you want, really. Restart the whole thing if you want.

The Darkest Storm-Flareon

OA: Flareon

Summary: Eclipseclan is a peacefull clan full of chances....But when Sliverkit a younge kit is born deaf.She is given litttle possiblitily to prove herself.Sliverpaw mst struggle though the silent world while aspiring to become a great medicen cat but when she recives a chilling prophecy.The world is placed in blood,fear and uncertainty.

Reason: Lost interest

Potential New Authors: Anyone

Other Notes: Please keep the plot and the previous writing.Also give me credit.Sliverpaw's medicen cat name is Sliverfrost and kill Cindermoon.

MusicListener Flareon (talk) 15:24, June 27, 2016 (UTC)

The Next Factor-Starry

OA: Starry

Summary: Basically like the X Factor but with a twist and an awesome catchphrase :)

Reason: I want to see how it can devlop. I had a dream that it would turn out as big as BBTC. I also just have no spare time on my hands, it seems

PNA: Nah, just someone with humor

Other: Please keep the judges in the first episode. I like them. And keep Cloudtail. Remember that. Or I'll eat you.

Secret Lives-Silverfire


Summary: What happens shortly after The Last Hope. Silverkit’s parents are a mystery, so Squirrelflight’s an adopted mother.  

Reason: I’ve lost interest and I can’t think of anything interesting.  

Potential New Authors: idk

Other Notes: Keep the plot, previous writings, and characters.-(no changing Silverkit into Grasspaw or something weird like that)

Prophecy (Series) - SmudgyHollz

OA: SmudgyHollz

Summary: Oceanpaw, Bearpaw and Sandpaw's lives revolve around the prophecy; The cat of the sea, the grizzly cat and the sand cat. They will save you.

As they grow older they face difficult problems that they will have to solve...

Reason: I have too many stories and the Prophecy series is one that I am unlikely to continue.

Potential New Authors: None Yet

Other Notes:' Whoever wants Prophecy can change it by adding or lengthening the chapters. I quite like the plot and the characters... And the second story is called The lost clans, change that one if you wish!

Rain Storm - Arti

OA: Arti

Summery: A NG special. Rainstorm, ShadowClan's hero, wasn't always bad. Maybe if Bramblestar had heard her story, she wouldn't have killed her...

Reason: I don't have time to finish this and I've kinda gotten bored of writing it. Also I'm very curious to see how someone else would write NG.

Potential New Authors:

Other Notes: Feel free to change whatever you want in the story except the prologue and Rainstorm's apprenticeship. I like those. xD Also, this isn't for the whole NG series, just the special. Thanks!

Seeking Light - Arti

OA: Shistar....then me....

Summary: The second arc of Ancient Powers, the evil Thunderstar has taken over WindClan and two cats, the kin of the legendary Ruinstar and Snow, must stop him.

Reason: I don't have enough time to write this and I don't think I could make it as good as Shi did.

Potential New Authors:

Other Notes: Shistar wanted credit. And this is a really special series, so write it well. :)

Warriors and Star Wars - Leaf

OA: Leaf

Summary: Warriors and Star Wars combine in a head on collision and the cats play the characters...resulting in a bit too many Dustpelt clones.

Reason: I just sorta lost interest... :\

Potential New Authors:

Other Notes: You can change any of the charcacters. Yeah...that's about it.

Travelers Series - Sunny

OA: Hiddensun

Summary: Series revolve a group of rogues, loners and a few kittypets being joined by common dangers and trying to travel to a better place to live.

Reason: Dont have time to edit it

Potential New Authors:

Other Notes: Please, don't change anything, just add on.

The Storm of Cinders- HR34

Summary: A group of loners live together in peace and harmony until the mountain that surrounds their home poses a threat. It soon um...explodes. :p Insert melting kitties?

Reason: Got bored of it. It appearently happens a lot to me. Just look above to see how many I have on here!

P.N.A's: Somebody good, please! No Anon's!

Other: Give me credit on that 'Story Block' thingy. Just say like, OA- HR and New- Your name. Nothing fancy. Keep what I have too.

Warriors Future Shock: Hopeclan's Uprising-Wafflez44

Summary: A young cat named Amberheart must save the four clans after being captured by rogues. I was going to make a series.

Reason: Bored with it, don't like how I write it. Needs some serious story change and starting off.

P.N.A'S: None so far.

Other: Nope


Power of five - Mistybird

Summary: I forgot. :3

Reason: I am really bored with it


Other: Feel free to restart the whole thing.

The Shine - Red

OA: Red

Summary: As the snow falls and amber light permeates the sky, dew shall rise. Snowkit, Amberkit, and Dewkit are three kits living in modern day ThunderClan. After the disappearance of their sister, it's up to Snowkit and Dewkit to figure out the truth behind the prophecy, and fulfill their destinies.

Reason: I've got too many stories going on, this was probably my third story (aside from my series) on here and it's not quite going anywhere.

Potential New Authors: None yet

Other Notes: I would've deleted it but I've spent so much time on it and I really don't want to see it all wasted. New author can do whatever they like with it, but please keep what's already written written (if that makes sense). 

I'm Done Waiting - Dawn

OA: Dawn

Summary: Its about a queen named Lilybloom who is having to take care of her kits by herself, until she meets a loner named Jack and falls in love with him. She soon has to explain to him what had happened, but her ex.mate Bumblestripe steals her kits and hides them away. Will they survive? Or will Lilybloom and Jack be too late?

Reason: I'm so stuck right now, plus, I made it for no reason.

Potential New Authors:

Other Notes: Please write on from what I wrote.

The Lying Game-Robo

OA: Robo

Summary: Crossover between Warriors and The Lying Game.

Reason: I've just lost interest in this.

Potential New Authors: None Yet

Other Notes:' Whoever adopts it has to have read the original series. Also, I'd appreciate it if what I have so far is kept, but wouldn't be that upset if it was started from scratch.

Gingerstar's Path-Luna

OA: LunaClipse339

Summary: Gingerkit is one of the kits in Firestar and Sandstorm's second litter and soon is delivered a prophecy that the four will split into two, one good and one evil and she is to lead the good.

Reason: This was my first story on the wiki and I just hate it now.

Potential New Authors: I don't know

Other Notes: You can totally restart it. I honestly don't care. You can also adopt the nine lives ceremony if you want. (Seen Below)

The Nine lives of Gingerstar- Luna

OA: LunaClipse339

Summary: The nine lives of Gingerstar

Reason: same as Gingerstar's Path except newer and I just don't want to have anything to do with it

Potential New Authors: 

Other Notes: NONE! :D

The Blue Eyes - Hawk

OA: Hawkbreath

Summary: Brave warriors go into a big battle but don't return. What happened to them?

Reason: I don't like it, and I don't want to keep writing it. Someone else could use it for a better story.

Potential New Authors:

Other Notes: Uhm, just please don't erase what I already have. Just continue it from where I stopped.

Stonestar's Omen - Jay

OA: Bluejay12

Summary: Follow Stonestar's paw steps as he grows from kit to leader of WindClan, follow his prophecy and conquer his decisions and troubles of life.

Reason: It sucks, and I didn't feel like writing a huge chunk of things when I had other things to take care of.

Potential New Authors None yet

Other Notes: Don't delete the allegiances or what I have already written, just add on to it and finish chapter one. :/

Froststars heart - Flamey

OA: Flame

Summary: Follow the life of Froststar and her troubles

Reason: Writer left wiki

Potential New Authors:

Other Notes: There is bad grammar. Flame gave this to me when she left but I did not want it.

Slipping (series) - by Red

OA: Red

Summary: Leopardkit knew he was different. One of his ancestors told him so, but he had already known that. He must fight through his apprenticeship though, with a frightening cat as his mentor. Just when Leopardkit thinks it can't get worse, his mentor finds out about his powers - and tries to take them away.

Reason: Liked the idea, but not quite sure if I'll have the time to finish it / the motivation.

Potential New Authors: - 

Other Notes: If any adopters could please keep the original writing and plot on the series page, that would be appreciated. If desired, I have the entire plot written out that I could give to the new author. 

Burning Series - by Firey

OA: It was by Ducky, and then I adopted it...

Summary: I didn't actually really work on it, so I really don't know :o

Reason: I thought I could get into it and adopt it from Ducky, but I started to lose interest in it and I don't know where I'm going with it.

Potential New Authors:

Other Notes: Keep the previous writing and Ducky will want credit. I don't care if I get some credit or not :P

Peril and Heartbreak - Ducksplash

OA: Ducksplash

Summary: Post TLH fic about a loner who joics ThunderClan

Reason: Lost interest

Potential New Authors:

Other Notes: just give me credit for the idea, if you choose to use it

The Olympics - Ducksplash

OA: Ducksplash

Summary: Warrior cats competing in the Olympics

Reason: Don't want it/lost interest

Potential New Authors:

Other Notes: Keep the first episode and give me credit

Flame - Midnight

OA: Me!

Summary: Mist, Cinders, and Flame are in a prophecy and they joined Nameless.

Reason: lost interest, boring plot.

Potential New Authors: Idk

Other Notes: keep previous writing, give me credit.

Rajah's Rage- Storm

OA: Me!

Summary: Rajah has taken over a lot of territory from the Clans, and only Redstorm can stop him before it's too late.

Reason: It has potential, but I'm struggling to make it project an aura of fear and danger.

Potential New Authors: Anyone who can make it better.

Other notes: Please keep characters and plot, but you can add other cats.

On fire - Skye

OA: Skye (me)

Summary: Diamond is just an ordinary cat in an exiled Clan. But when she tries to talk to the ancestors she gets sucked into a completely new world with the powers of fire. But others are after her and she must fight back.

Reason: I started it, but then I started other stuff and I don't have the time for this anymore.

Potential New Authors: Anyone. Someone who has the time really.

Other notes: Make sure you read the first two stories, but really just follow on from there.

Send me a message or comment on this blog.

SPOOF: Warriors Track and Field - Cinder

OA: Cinderstarz

Summary: Cats of all the Clans will be participating in Track and Field events! The goal is to win the T and F trophy for your Clan. All your favorite warrior cats will lead you on an adventure full of laughs, as they compete in the games.

Reason: I was going to start it but I didn't have enough time for it. I also ran out of ideas for it.

Potential New Authors: Anyone

Other Notes: You can restart the spoof since I haven't put anything on there except for the adoption template. Message me on my talkpage if you would like to adopt it!

The Tribe of Birds Wings

OA: Aquamarine1212

Summary: When a young cat named Sunset is stranded in a strange tribe and prophesized to become their leader, he must learn to step up into his new role and become what he was destined to be.

Reason: I do not have the time to rewrite it, but it is in desperate need of a rewrite and continuation.

Potential New Authors: Anyone

Other Notes: Just keep the characters and the plotline similar to the original. Other than that, do whatever you want.

You Think You Know Me

OA: Aquamarine1212

Summary: Ivypool is visited by Breezepelt and given his stray kit to raise on her own - moons later, shortly after this kit's apprentice ceremony, it is revealed there was a murder.

Reason: I don't want to write this anymore.

Potential New Authors: Anyone.

Other Notes: Do whatever the heck you want with it.

Into the Stars

OA: Fwuffy

Summary: None(I had an idea but was bad

Reason: (look at da summary)

PNA:anyone who likes the title

Other notes: whole story thing is blank

OA: (Original Author) [[User:Foxstep

Surviving Isn't Living

Summary: Howler is a cat living a pretty terrible life, where rich rule the poor. He is the apprentice of a healer. Jail is an outcast cat of his own family. He must choose join the army or be the reason a cat's family is dead. Howler must choose to keep the "evil" tribe cats secret when he finds out.

Reason: lost interest and can't really find ideas.

Potential New Authors: Authors who can easily use Author's Cruelty.

Other Notes: You do not want to give me credit unless you want to. I don't care about the story. You may edit the previous writing to adjust to your plans. Just don't reconstruct it entirely. 

Haters Gonna Hate 20:46, March 22, 2016 (UTC)Fireflyflight

Sky Guardians

Summary:A great event happens every 6 moons, tons of cats from every tribe go into a maze, yet only 5 escape.  No one knows what happens in the Maze, not even those who leave... 

Reason: lost interest

Potential New Authors: Ones who imagine leaving readers in suspense.

other notes: Do not change the original writing and please give credit it to me. Please also keep the plot 

Haters Gonna Hate 20:49, March 22, 2016 (UTC)Fireflyflight

Shadow Dreams

Summary:Darkpaw, devastated by the loss of his sister Scorchpaw, believes he must stop his leader from leading if Darkpaw is to survive.

Reason: lost interest

Potential New Authors: None

Other Notes: None.

Haters Gonna Hate 20:53, March 22, 2016 (UTC)Fireflyflight


OA: Nightstar

Summary: so this cat is captured, trying to escape, failing.

Reason: I just can't find a way to make the story progress

Potential New Authors" Pumpkin sorta liked it, maybe pumpkin. other then that, ANYBODY

Other notes: don't change the plot, keep the characters. But change it all you want after that, but also, keep the personalitys

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