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This will be a one-month trial to see if the wiki can handle this. If all goes well it will become a regular part of the wiki.


The purpose of this forum is to make sure we all have a good sense of self-esteem. I've noticed that a lot of times users get angry or threaten to quit, they always talk about how 'no one reads/comments/likes their stories'. Or them. Or their siggys. Or whatever. This should help that.

The goal of this is to put POSITIVE comments to keep users' spirits up.


  1. POSITIVE comments only!!! This is not the burn wall. If you post a bad comment, it will be rollbacked, and if you do it more then once you will be punished.
  2. You don't have to log out to comment, just don't sign off with your siggy.
  3. If you make a big deal about 'I haven't got any comments in _______ amount of time!' or 'I haven't got any comments!', this'll be shut down. I'm trying to help people out but nobody likes a whiner. Thanks. :)
  4. DO NOT write any comments on your own thing. That's just studip.
  5. Please don't write more then 3 comments on one users thing. Spread the love around. :)
  6. Don't turn this into a chat.

How To:

  1. First make a heading with your user name.
  2. Wait for the comments to roll in!


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