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  • For Fanfictions to get commented on more often.
  • For members to explore Fanfics that they might not have heard of before and enjoy them.


  • The Fanfics list on the main page will contain only 5 stories.
  • The list will change fortnightly (if there is not enough submissions, this may change later than scheduled).
  • Every fortnight, different participating members will have their fanfics listed.


  • The stories on the list will be by different active members. You have to have a bi-monthly mainspace edit to qualify.
  • Stories do not have to be complete but need have at least a bit written.
  • You may submit songfics.
  • You cannot submit stories more than once every other fortnight. 
  • Submissions will take place on the featured stories nominations page. You can find this page here. On this page is more information on how to submit stories to be featured.

Current Featured Stories

Featured from April 18 2020

1. The Mountain's Haze by Holly

2. Seven Walls by Yellow and Night

3. Rhythm of the War Drums by Wolfy

4. Rise of the Three by Hope and Silver

5. Mind Over Matter by Flame and Kara