This is Archive 1 of the entree forms for the Clans. They have all been sorted.


1. Medicine Cat


3.Riverclan, mostly thunderclan, very good hunter and healer

4.Hmmm. Thunderclan

5. I dunno,5 minutes ago......

6.Regular user

7.Don't know anyboday

8.Awesome at leadership..... Please give me a great clan.... if I don't fit in any... make me leada of Hunterclan:)


  1. ThunderClan apprentice
  2. Very, ver, very active
  3. According to the quiz on Erin Hunter's website - ThunderClan
  4. ThunderClan - only cause I've grown close to the cats in the books and I know the territory alot:)
  5. Since about 5 minutes ago
  6. Nothing really, I've signed up for all the blogs of Warriors
  7. I've only just signed up so I don't really know anyone. I hope to find some one though.
  8. I'm not really good at leadership - though I try my best.

Leafwhisker - ShadowClan Warrior

  1. Warrior.
  2. I try to get on at least once a day, if not that then once a week.
  3. I'm a mix between ShadowClan and ThunderClan, I like the darkness and I never fight fairly, though I try to remain calm and think stuff out...though I'm more ShadowClan than anything.
  4. I wouldn't really care, though ShadowClan would be my main choice.
  5. I dunno, 11 months maybe?
  6. I have never had any rights on this wikia, though I'm a founder of two and rollback on one wika.
  7. I try to be friends with everyone, even my enemies cuz you have to warm up to them somehow.
  8. I guess I'd be a good leader, I've been admin on others sites.

Birdpaw - ThunderClan Apprentice ShadowClan Med. Cat Apprentice

  1. Medicine cat
  2. Im really active since its summer
  3. I think im a mix of Riverclan and Thunderclan
  4. i might be more Riverclan then Thunderclan
  5. I have been a user for a litttle bit like maybe more then 10 months because its 2010 and i joined in 2009
  6. Im an admin on Harry potter wiki and i found a wiki no rights on here though
  7. Im friends with everyone
  8. I can be a good leader

Brindle(989) - ShadowClan Warrior

  1. Leader Never mind, I'd like to be deputy of Riverclan or Shadowclan.
  2. Since I quit Warriors Wiki, Im more active here now.
  3. Im more of a Riverclan-Shadowclan.
  4. Shadowclaw or Riverclan.
  5. 11 months.
  6. Regular User.
  7. Well, people like me, so I guess I have friends on here.
  8. I am charismatic, I'm good at solving problems, and I have admin experience (Warriors Characters Wiki)

Forestpaw13 - WindClan Deputy

  1. Leader.
  2. Top'o the list, baby. Look it up.
  3. I'm aggressive and loyal and strong and stubborn. WindClan? I think so.
  4. Any Clan is fine. They're all cool in their own special way.
  5. A year and... 3 or 4 months? Hmm.
  6. None, but I used to be admin and rollback.
  7. Try and warm up to everyone, because everyone is here for the same cause, amirite?
  8. Well. I got kicked off of admin, right? So I might not be the greatest leader. But, hey, I know a lot about coding and the wiki and I'm basically the Encyclopedia. Of, like, 2009. Because I don't know everything. But I can sure try and a new edition comes out every once in a while, right? xD Foresty's Encyclopedia of Wikian Knowledge is 3 payments of $5.99. Plus shipping and handling.

Poppyshadow - WindClan Apprentice

  1. Apprentice
  2. I come on everyday but I sometimes just look.
  3. I think I'm cross between a Wind clan and a Thunder clan.
  4. Windclan is fine.
  5. 2 months.
  6. A rollbacker on Wolfs of the beyond wiki and I'm part owner on Warrior art wiki.
  7. I'm good friends with Mistysun. That it until I get more settled in on this site.
  1. Some people say I have a natural leading ability (but I don't believe that!), I'm patient and I listen to people & don't interupt them.

Artimas Hunter - WindClan Leader

  1. Leader or Deputy
  2. Im on all day, every day for most of the time.
  3. I think I have a bit of everything in me.
  4. I'm good anywhere but I like THunderClan best.
  5. Going on half a year I do believe.
  6. Founder of 3 wikis, rollback on one, sysop on two (here included. :)).
  7. I like to think I'm friends with everyone. Everyone here rocks!
  8. I think I'm a good leader. I'm ambitious, good at rallying people, and I think I give good advice and have good ideas.


Maplefern - RiverClan Medicine Cat

  1. Medicine cat
  2. I get on almost every day, but I have just back from a two week break which could kick me out of running
  3. ThunderClan, ShadowClan or RiverClan. I'm not much like WindClan
  4. ThunderClan, ShadowClan or RiverClan.
  5. 7 months.
  6. Sysop on one (previously two), rollback on two (formerly one), founder of one wiki.
  7. I'm friends with almost everyone, but I could be a bit more chatty.
  8. I think I have good ideas, but not a lot of confidence. I admit, I can be a bit afraid to offer advice and ideas.

Hiddensun - RiverClan Leader

  1. Leader since I'm an admin
  2. I'm active most of teh time. Almost everyday even if it's for a little while.
  3. Riverclan or Windclan, but also a bit of ShadowClan and Thunderclan.
  4. RiverClan or Windclan
  5. I have been here for about 10 months.
  6. I'm an admin in this wikia.
  7. I think I'm friends with most of the wiki memebers, i know some of them from rp's or other wikias.
  8. I try to be a good leader and do my bast as an admin. And when other members ask for help, I gladly try my best to help them.

Mistysun - WindClan Warrior

  1. deputy or warrior
  2. I come on here multiple times a day.
  3. Riverclan or thunderclan or windclan
  4. Windclan
  5. 2 months
  6. I'm friends with lots of people, even if I don't know them too well. Anyway, my name is on a lot of people's freinds lists.
  7. rights really. I'm newish here.
  8. I think i would be good

SmudgyHollz - ShadowClan Warrior

  1. I have no preferences.
  2. Usually at least once a day, though I have to admit that I have been a bit too busy recently.
  3. I'd like to think I was a dark and mysterious ShadowClan warrior, but I'm probably a ThunderClan or RiverClan person.
  4. Again, I have no preferences.
  5. I've been a user since 8th March 2009 exactly.
  6. I have no rights here but do on another wiki.
  7. I don't know. I'd like to think I'm friends with a lot of people though!
  8. I think I would be a good leader, though I would need to ask for help quite frequently I think. I'd try not to be a complete control-freak anyway!

Sunnyfrost - RiverClan Apprentice

  1. Warrior
  2. At least 1 time a day. Or 2. or 3.
  3. ThunderClan/RiverClan/tiny bit of WindClan
  4. River/Wind but to be honest i dont care. I wanna be a warrior somewhere!
  5. A few months now. 3 or 4.
  6. Rights? :s I don't think I have any.
  7. I think ppl like me but im not so sure. But who cares? I like being friends with everyone!!
  8. I'm not the kinda leadership with leading the whole Clan! But Im good with minor leadership.

Note: Sorry I thought that being a med. cat would be different, but its only for stopping battles, and sometimes I live for battles. so i changed this to being a warrior. sorry!! :$

Icestorm - ShadowClan Deputy

  1. Deputy
  2. Usually everyday
  3. ShadowClan or WindClan
  4. Honestly, I don't care. Although I would like the two choices I listed above, but you can choose any.
  5. A long time
  6. Rollback and b'crat on 1, and admin on 6.
  7. Mostly everyone on the wiki
  8. I think I'm fair. My friends say that I'm a natrual leader. I can be ambitious, but not all the time, and sometimes, I can have good ideas

Sashastar - RiverClan Apprentice

  1. Apprentice
  2. Everyday
  3. Riverclan or Windclan
  4. Riverclan, if there's enough people in it
  5. About a month
  6. I'm new, so none
  7. I don't know. I haven't been here long
  8. If i were a leader... I'd be smart and fair, and not selfish

Leopardkit - WindClan Warrior

  1. Warrior.
  2. If I have internet, I'm on. So, basically about 2-5 times a day.
  3. Hmm. Toughie. WindClan, i suppose, but my friends in RL (Ask Misty!) say I can be a ShadowClan cat. *evil laughter and thunder*
  4. WindClan? IDK, I'm fine with any clan, personally.
  5. Late January.
  6. I'm not power-hungry, though I do have opinions. I'm friends with lots of users.
  7. I try to be nice to everybody, and have lots of close buds on here.
  8. Like I said, I'm not power-hungry. I just try to be a good.... cat. Though, I'm not completely pathetic.

Wetstream - ThunderClan Leader

  1. Deputy
  2. Im on almost every day!
  3. In the middle, Im bad and good
  4. RiverClan! They rule!
  5. January 20th I think through now XDD
  6. I wanted to become a rollback but there was too many
  7. I got a lot of friends onhere and you can tell Im very friendly!
  8. I would be a really good leader, I have my leadership abilites

Cloverfang - WindClan Warrior

  1. Warrior
  2. I try to be active, but that is sometimes hard. So...I'm normally on every 2 days, if not, I'm on about every week so, though sometimes I don't stick to that regimine.
  3. According to the Warriors website, WindClan, but I get ShadowClan the 2nd most, and RiverClan the 3rd most, it depends on my mood. I scarecly get ThunderClan.
  4. It wouldn't rather to me, but I suppose if I had to pick, WindClan or RiverClan or ShadowClan, I'm just kind of picky about ThunderClan, but that's okay, it doesn't matter too much.
  5. Since June 15, 2009
  6. On WCWiki, I'm an admin, and I've made lots of wikis, but the only somewhat succesful one with users is Pretty Little Liars Wiki
  7. Don't judge based on my guestbook; I just made it a while ago. I've got lots of friends on here, though. But I won't list them in case someone feels left out, though, I don't think anyone would :)
  8. Ah....well, in my ex-clique, I was the beta....that's 2nd-in-command. So if you'd base it off that....but personally, I guess I could lead, but I probably would not be the best to lead compared to other people on here.

Tawnypeltlover - ThunderClan Warrior

  1. Deputy
  2. I'm on everyday
  3. I'm definently Thunderclan
  4. Out of the four clans, I would mostly pick between Thunderclan or Shadowclan
  5. I started here January 29th, 2010
  6. I've made a few wikis, on one I'm admin, and the best one I've made so far is Stories Wiki
  7. I have bunches and bunches of friends, and I'm a very friendly person
  8. I would be a really good leader, so I do have my leadership abilities

Zaffie - ThunderClan Deputy

  1. Leader!
  2. Pretty much everyday, just to check up, even if I don't edit every day.
  3. ThunderClan
  4. I'm not good at favouritism... seriously though, probably ThunderClan or RiverClan.
  5. I joined here on January 23rd 2010.
  6. I've made a couple of wikis, and I am an admin on all of them.
  7. I have a lot of friends on here, and I am quite good at sorting out drama and stuff, if I want to. I'm also quite good at winning arguments, and I am fair and empathetic.

Snickers20 - RiverClan Warrior

  1. Warrior
  2. Everyday
  3. All Clans
  4. RiverClan
  5. A Little past 2 months
  6. Made a wiki
  7. I know and are friends with about everyone here.
  8. I'm fair, I would listen to all sides of arguments, I wouldn't ignore a problem.

Oakstar (Just call me Oak. :)) - ThunderClan Warrior

  1. I'm not sure really, maybe Warrior, or Deputy if you think so.
  2. About every single day. XD. I have had a couple of small breaks while I was on writers block.
  3. I would say Thunderclan. Though I am loyal to my friends, I am not afraid to challange something, be it a rule or a person.
  4. Mistclan. :3. (Wetty's RP site)
  5. I not sure, but I think from about Mid-Jan 2010.
  6. I've made a few websites, most of them Warrior related.
  7. I have a few friends who are nice, and tollerate my randomness, and I am glad to have them. :)
  8. I'm pretty Level-Headed when it comes to the arguments on the wikia. I never thought to make it clear, but I'm happy to help anyone on the wikia.

AuriBear - RiverClan Warrior

  1. Deputy/ Warrior
  2. I'm on everyday for a few hours, updating my series and chatting with friends.
  3. I think I'm more of a RiverClan cat as I'm pretty clever and stubborn.
  4. RiverClan all the way. :)
  5. July 8th
  6. I'm a regular user.
  7. I'm friends with anyone I can find and I've already established quite a few friendships already. :)
  8. I try not to take sides unless someone attacks me personally, but I tend to try and stay above it and stay unbiased. I'm a great planner and am usually prepared for most things, but still flexible to change.

RoseStar - WindClan Apprentice

  1. Apprentice.
  2. I'm pretty active, actually.
  3. I'm kind of all- I like to be alone in the dark like ShadowClan, I like to run like WindClan, I like to swim like RiverClan, and I like to help others like ThunderClan.
  4. Mostly WindClan. I like to run more than anything above.
  5. Uh, not very long.
  6. Reg.
  7. I try to be friendly and I've got a bunch of friends on other wikis.

Loreofwings - ThunderClan Medicine Cat Apprentice


  1. Medicine cat Apprentice.
  2. Not too active.
  3. According to Facebook, ThunderClan, cause I am Friendly/Kind.
  4. I like ThunderClan best of all.
  5. I'm probably the newest user here.
  6. I'm still learning the ropes.
  7. I have a good friend on DigiFanon and I am quite friendly.

Shinestar - RiverClan Warrior

  1. Warrior
  2. I check everyday nowadays unless I'm very busy
  3. ShadowClan, I'm very protective of my Clan and can be aggressive, but i guess that could go with any Clan
  4. RiverClan
  5. Late January
  6. I'm not really power hungry, but i'm not afraid to say what I think and i'm friendly with a lot of users.
  7. As said above, i'm friendly with a lot of users here, and like to joke around. Bit if my Clan is threatened, It's ON!
  8. I've I think been a good cat on here, and I'm not power-hungry. (Unlike SOMEONE, *coughcoughTIGERSTARcough*) So, that's it!

Rainfire - WindClan Warrior

  1. Warrior
  2. I try to check i at least evry two days, unless I'm busy
  3. According to the test on the Warriors site, WindClan
  4. WindClan
  5. Since October of 2009, but I actually started updating and writing sometime in March, 2010
  6. I don't like alot of power, but I stand up for myself and others
  7. I try to be friends with all users
  8. I am usually a follower, but if there is a need for a leader and no one else wants to be one, then I am willing to step up to the plate. So to speak.

Birchy - WindClan Warrior


  1. Apprentice
  2. I come on whenever I can(Usually when I'm on the computer) but since I'm going to a new school, I'll have more homework so I might not be on as often.
  3. WindClan. For sure. I love the open space and I'm always racing.
  4. WindClan
  5. Around 4 months.
  6. I don't think I have any rights...
  7. I make friends with anyone I can: Everyone on the wiki, I hope.
  8. I never like taking sides, but I'll believe the facts, not the fibs. I try to fix problems and I never start fights. If I don't like someone(hardly happens) I don't show it and I treat everyone the same.

Honeyrose34 - WindClan Medicine Cat


  1. Med .Cat
  2. Pretty active, I try to come on at least a couple days a week.
  3. WindClan, according to Warriors' website quiz.
  4. WindClan, 'cause of #3.
  5. Nov.8 2009 (Wow. That long already.....)
  6. Boring ole' regular user *sigh*
  7. With Sparrowsong before..., a new user named Islander22, Leafwhisker, and who ever put their name on my user page!

Mosswisker&Stealthfire - WindClan Warrior

This is really Stealthfire.

  1. Warrior, or maybe deputy.
  2. I'm on most weekdays, at least for a bit. Strike that, I'm not on as much anymore. -.-
  3. According to quiz, WindClan, but I'm really a bit of all of them.
  4. WindClan.
  5. About two years.
  6. None.
  7. I try to get along with everybody, but some people I know pretty well would be Forestpaw, Arti, and Birdpaw.
  8. I often end up taking control when chaos is reigning, but I also like to follow.

Moonflight - RiverClan Medicine Cat Apprentice

  1. I don't enjoy fighting, so medicine cat is for me.
  2. I'm usually on every 18 hours.
  3. I took the quiz on the official website, and I'm RiverClan, but I could be ThunderClan.
  4. RiverClan please.
  5. About 5 months.
  6. None.
  7. I'm trying to find some friends. Some I am friends with are Arti and Sunny.
  8. I'm more of a follower than a leader, and I'm usually a loner outside of the internet.

Ivy - WindClan Apprentice

  1. An apprentice, I'm new and don't edit that
  2. I want to be on more, I'm not on that much, but I'm planning on being here more often.
  3. I would say I'm pretty much everything except ThunderClan. The Warriors site said I was WC though.
  4. WindClan! :D
  5. 3 or 4 months I think.....not looking at my user page. xD
  6. None
  7. My sister is Arti and I'm close with Birchy, Misty, and Foresty.
  8. I'm more of a leader then a follower, but I follow sometimes.

Bloodstar - WindClan Apprentice

  1. An apprentice. im new so i don't know much but i often edit a medicine cat apprentice would be alright too (id rather be a medicine cat apprentice)
  2. im on almost every day witch is everyday
  3. the web site said Shadowclan but Windclan would be great just no Thunderclan
  4. Windclan
  5. i've been on since 9/24/10 so 3 months
  6. i have no right but i would like to
  7. im friends with anyone who wants to be my friends but my best friend is Mistysun
  8. im a follwer and a leader witch ever is better for my clan

Moony - ThunderClan Apprentice

1. An apprentice

2. I only found about this website the other day!

3. I would fit in both ShadowClan and ThunderClan, though I do like my food, so I guess RiverClan could be an option too... You decide!

4. To be honest, I en't got any preferences. I like them all!

5. I have been a user since the 13th November 2010.

6. Nope! I en't got any rights (by that you do mean the power to edit things that other people can't?) but I would like to have some in a year or two from now, when I'm a more experienced user!

7. My best friend is SmudgyHollz and sadly she is my only friend in real life. I guess I en't a very likeable person.

8. I will do what I think is right. Sure, I'd probably make a heck load of mistakes, but I'd make sure I'd learn from them.

(I have don't this right, haven't I? I'm new so please forgive me if I've done something stupid!)


1. A medicine cat.

2. Every single day.

3. ThunderClan would be best.

4. ThunderClan.

5. December 15th, 2010.

6. I don't think I have any.

7. My best friends are Zaffie and Forestpaw, but I've talked with other people.

8. I can be an okay leader, I guess.

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