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She Looks So Perfect ~ Applebreeze knew she wanted to be perfect in Blackshadow's eyes. She found him perfect, and she wanted to be with him forever. When she really does get him, everything's as she wants it to be. But that's not the end of this love story. 

Don't Stop ~ Blackshadow finally worked up the courage to tell Applebreeze that he loved her. But with the plague still raging, he has to keep her safe. He doesn't want to stop the bond forming between them, but it's for her protection.

Good Girls ~ Applebreeze thinks that Blackshadow is ignoring her and pushing her away. She feels ashamed that she was so gullible and thought that Blackshadow had loved her. She, despite Blackshadow still trying to talk to her, promptly tries to shut him out in an attempt to drive out all the pain she feels.

Kiss Me Kiss Me ~ Blackshadow and Applebreeze have already gone through too much in their relationship. Obviously neither of them are experts on love, but perhaps they should have taken a step further and strengthened the love before it was too late...

Eighteen ~ Applebreeze wants to be by Blackshadow's side but Amberfrost won't allow her to. She says that there's too much of a risk. But Applebreeze is tired of waiting for Blackshadow to recover by himself. She wants to be there with him.

Everything I Didn't Say ~

Beside You ~

End up Here ~

Long Way Home ~

Heartbreak Girl ~

Mrs All American ~

Amnesia ~

Tomorrow Never Ends ~

Independence Day ~

Close As Strangers ~

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Appleshadow shall live forever <3333 Rest for a season, noble falcon. You have served Erdas well.

Appleshadow will stay. Forever. <3 i can see the stars again, my lady

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