Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction


Leader:Adderstar -Oak brown tom with a white chest and sharp amber eyes

Deputy: Goldengaze - Beautiful dappled golden she-cat with green eyes

Medicine cat: Petalnight-Black she-cat

Warriors:Speckdust-Brown tom

Littlepelt-Light grey she-cat

Leafflight-Gray tom

Snowleg-Black she-cat with white legs

Riverstrike-Silver tom with white paws and a black tail

Softwing-White she-cat with black spots

Shadowclaw-Black tom with white chest

Stickwind-White and brown tom

Shadestorm-Black tom with green eyes and silver tipped tail

Twigpelt-Gray tom

Queens:Shimmerheart-Pure white she-cat (Mother to Forestkit)

Bloomblaze-Gray she-cat with ginger legs(Mother to Stripekit and Winterkit Foster mother to Goldengaze and Adderstars kit Prettykit)

Kits:Forestkit-A dark brown she-cat with a white chest and a thick long tail with a pretty shade of green in her eyes

Stripekit-A gray tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Winterkit-Gray she-cat

Prettykit-A pretty dappled golden she-cat with sharp amber eyes


Leader Lionstar-Pale golden tom with a darker neck and green eyes

Deputy -Scorchwind-Ginger tom with grey streaks


Medicine-cat:Ripplefin - Gray tom

Warriors: Woodstem-Mottled brown she-cat

Rootclaw-Yellow tom

Fingraze-Brown tom with yellow eyes

Branchfall-White tom with a brown stripe down his back

Cloudfluff-Fluffy white she-cat


Duskcloud-Dusky brown she-cat with brown eyes

Stickleg-Brown tom

Barkmouth-White tom with dark brown muzzle

Apprentice :Needlepaw

Leafmuzzle - Pale gray she-cat


Moonlight-Silver she-cat

Nightice-Black tom with a white tail

Apprentice's:Rainpaw-Black tom with Ice blue eyes

Mintpaw-Silver tom with green eyes

Pepperpaw-White and black tom with leaf green eyes

Needlepaw-Gray she-cat with amber eyes

Elders:Nightface-Black tom former medicine cat


Leader:Flowerstar-Golden she-cat


Deputy:Blackfang-Black tom

Medicine cat: Airslice-Gray tom with white paws

Chapter one

My name is Forestkit.Everyone says Prettykit will always be better then me.Thats what everyone says but in reality its Adderstars orders,he's Prettykit's father and he sucks.My mom says that I am pretty and I agree.Not on the outside but in the inside.Prettykit looks nice and pretty but she's a snob.Worse then a snob she's spoiled , She gets first pick of prey and has the fluffiest bedding and always gets half of the honey Petalnight finds.I hate Prettykit worse then adderstar.

Today she woke me up a way I hate. "Wake up" She had cried flinging herself on my tail and then she left a scar.As soon as Petalnight treated my tail Shimmerheart complained to Adderstar. "Why does your daughter always tease mines" Adderstar ignored it making me hate Prettykit and her father more.

Chapter two

Winterkit and Stripekit let out purrs of amusement as Adderstar refused to listen to my mother.Prettykit looked smug, and then she mewed "It's our apprentice ceremony today Uglykit" I hissed and then looked up at the highledge where Adderstar was calling a meeting.

Snowleg became Winterpaws mentor while Twigpelt became Stripepaw's. Prettypaw got Speckdust.When it was my turn he mewed "This kit will be known as Forestpaw Shadestorm will mentor you."And then he squeezed my throat:With his tail.

It was only for a heartbeat but it felt like moons before he let go.I really hate him.

After I touched noses with Shadestorm the tom said "Lets go on a tour of a territory and on the way back to camp we can hunt"

I nodded and as I started to pad to the entrance Prettypaw dashed over.

"Guess what Adderstar says that I can attack a shadowclan border patrol with Snowleg Winterpaw and Speckdust!"

"And then your going to get yourself killed" I spat before I followed my mentor out of camp.

Adderstar really spoils Prettypaw.

Chapter three

"Help! Help!" Prettypaws yowl rang through the forest.

"Come on" Shadestorm hissed and dropped the prey that I caught:A Mouse ,rabbit, and squirrel

I followed and saw a mottled brown she-cat A pale golden tom with a darker neck and a fluffy white she-cat with a silver apprentice with green eyes.

Prettypaw was squirming under the golden tom.I jumped on his neck and pulled him off. "Lionstar" The mottled she-cat screamed and slashed my muzzle.

"Get off Woodstem" Shadestorm spat and bit down on Woodstem .Prettypaw joined in and clawed the Shadowclan cat's muzzle ,in the process she clawed me to.

Winterpaw was struggling under the apprentice so I bit down on his tail. "Get off Mintpaw" The white she-cat spat and pulled me off.

"Go away Cloudfluff" Speckdust screeched as he and Snowleg jumped on her.

"Retreat"Lionstar called as he pulled away from Shadestorm and ran away.The rest of the patrol following.

Chapter four

Prettypaw purred licking Hot's pelt.It had been a quater moon since the border skirmish.She had befriended a rouge called Hot.

"The clans want to destory us " Hot mewed "I know" Prettypaw sighed

"Luckily your father is a good leader though he's battle thirsty he listens to you" Hot purred

"I want you to think of a cat that could destroy us and destory that cat" Hot meowed

Prettypaw thought hard but her mind came to one cat.Forestpaw!

"I know who and I will destroy her" Prettypaw vowed before slinking back in camp where she and Forestpaw would be attending a gathering.

I stared at the oak it was huge! "Hey" I whipped around to see Mintpaw and a black tom with ice blue eyes."I'm Rainpaw" The tom introduced "Me mintpaw Pepperpaw and Needlepaw are the kits of lionstar"

"Cool" I mewed "Hey is there any room for me to sit here" I turned to see a pale flame colored she-cat with pale green eyes.

"I'm flamefern from windclan" The cat added

"I'm whitepaw from riverclan" Another voice came from behind.I saw a very pale ginger almost white tom looking at us.

"I'm Forestpaw from thunderclan" I mewed

"Let the gathering begin" A voice yowled from above

"The golden she-cat is the windclan leader flowerstar" Flamefern mewed "The golden tom is lionstar and the gray she-cat is Swallowstar"

"Windclan has two new warriors Flamefern and Hotflame"Flowerstar meowed

I looked to see a hot looking ginger tom with amber eyes.I gasped as I heard Prettypaw mew "I knew you were a windclan warrior.Thank you for pushing me to destroy Forestpaw"

Flamefern sighed "So thats where he's been the last moon.Looking for a thunderclan apprentice"

Finally it was Adderstars turn to talk. "We have four new apprentices Winterpaw and stripepaw is not here but Prettypaw and traitor- I mean forestpaw are here"

"Let's meet at the shadowclan and thunderclan border two nights from now because we all are fed up with the clans." Pepperpaw mewed

Everyone agreed as I headed back to camp

Chapter five

I leaped on cobwebstar "Stop" the white and grey tom yowled.He swung his glare at me his blue eyes looked proud though.

After my first day as a apprentice the dark forest recruited me.Though I knew they were evil I was clever and never got wounds and always left before midnight since I learned quickly.

I was best as stalking in the shadows.It helped to spy on Prettypaw.

She met with hotflame today.

Chapter six

"Lightclan it is" Pepperpaw purred .We had decided to make a new clan called lightclan, it was awesome.

Just then we heard three voices "We should demolish my brothers and this Forestpaw" It was Needlepaw "Great" Prettypaw purred "Don't forget Flamefern Blackflame loves her and if he becomes leader he will make Flamefern his deputy" Hotflame's gruff voice replied.

I looked at lightclan and then I knew we were thinking the same thing. Hotflame Prettypaw and Needlepaw must be stopped.