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Warriors Calling
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The Four Stones

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When 12 Cats are killed can Applepaw and Breeze defeat Shadow Cliff Before Its to late?


12 kills

12 Bloods

By the Darkest Cliff

Dark Stone Claws

Light Stone Bites

Hearts Glow Bright

Shifts the Darkness to the Light


BloodRose Paced Back and Forth on Shadow Cliff, Wondering What Happened to The Dark Stone.

"Why Did it Fly Off?" She asked Herself,

BloodRose Still remembered When the Stone Had Been Placed on it's pedestal. It had Been a Cloudy Night and a Star Had Flew Down and Landed on CliffStar, The Leader of Shadow Cliff, Then a Few days Later A Pedestal had been Carved and the Stone had been Placed. Then Yesterday The Stone just Flew off.


MossStar Sat In a Circle With MorningStar, StormStar, and DewStar.

"So, Why did you Call a Meeting?" Asked MorningStar, Her Slim, Fluffy tail Draped over her Paws.

"Because The Light Stone is Missing" Meowed MossStar, Her Tail Twitching in Distress.

"How do you know that, Maybe your just lying!" Hissed StormStar, Bolting Up into a Stand, His Soft Ragdoll fur Brisling.

"I'm not!" Hissed MossStar lunging at StormStar

Chapter 1: The First Meeting (Warriors)

It had been a moon since Applepaw's parents' death, and he still grieved the lost. Fawnstar padded up beside him.

"I know your parents death was a big blow to the heart, but you know where they are." Asked Fawnstar.

Applepaw looked up at her. "In StarClan playing with Sandkit and Chasekit?" he answered.

"No." said Fawnstar as she stopped and walked in front of him. "They're in your heart." she cooed and moved Applepaw's paw to his chest.

Just then Nightkit and Cinderkit tackled him. He let out a surprised yelp.

"Badger!" Thought Applepaw.

He was about to lash out, but he saw Cinderkit gnawing on his tail.

"It is just Nightkit and Cinderkit playing" thought Applepaw . Just then He felt a clump of fur come loose and saw Cinderkit with a huge clump of his fur in the little kit's mouth.

"Yeeeeeoooooooowwww!!!!!" Yelped Applepaw.

Applepaw shot up and shook the kits off while Fawnstar was snickering. He looked at his tail.

"Good thing it isn't a stripe of lost fur." Said Applepaw and winced.

"Only spots," Purred Juniperfeather then she burst out laughing.

"What?" asked Applepaw, looking at her quizzically then at his spotted pelt.

"Oh Salmon later" JuniperFeather Called To him as She Walked away

He walked To the Woods and Nodded to the Guards on his way out of camp. He turned to the Direction of the River and Bumped into a Grey/Blue She-cat Around his age

"Oof" Applepaw said as He Hit the Ground

"Sorry, Sorry, I'm so Sorry" Said The she-cat, Helping him up

She smelt of Rouge

"Your a R-Rouge" Stuttered Applepaw, Memories Flashed through his brain. Rouges Pushing him off a log, Laughing as his as His head Ducked Beneath the water, A Sharp, Vicious Hurting in his Leg, and his head Barking Painfully on a Rock. He Curled into a Ball and Hoped she would go Away.

"Are you okay?" Asked the she-cat, tapping his Shoulder

Applepaw Looked up and Saw How Kind Her eyes Were. He Uncurled and Stound up

"S-Sorry, I've Had a Bad Past With Rouges" Stuttered Applepaw, flicking his tail to his Stump of a Leg

"Ooooh, Ok" Purred The She "I'm Breeze by the way'

"I'm Applepaw" Purred Applepaw,

He Heard a Yowl From His Brother, who Was Probably Getting Mad

"Oh, Got to Go, I will try to see you tomorrow" Said Applepaw

"Where?" Asked Breeze

"By the two Cherry trees in The Marigold Patch near the River" Called Applepaw

Breeze Nodded, and He Walked back to camp

"Where have you Been" Hissed Sparkflight

Applepaw remembered the days Sparkflight Was Fun and Carefree, But When Sparkflight's Mate, Briarpond, Died, He became a Stern, Strict, and Bossy. He missed his Carefree Brother that he had back in his kithood not this Cat that Almost never let Applepaw leave the camp with no other cats

Chapter 2: Head of a Dove (Misty)

Breeze watched as Applepaw disappeared into the bushes. She smiled; she could imagine the trouble the cats he lived with would give him.

She thought of what he had said... "S-Sorry, I've had a bad past with rogues"... Breeze wondered who he meant, and if it had anything to do with... with her parents.

Are my parents rogues? Are they loners? Who are they? Where are they? Do they know Applepaw?

She shook her head and turned, only to be greeted by Alpha. "Oh... Hey Alpha!" She said cheerily.

Alpha looked around. "Do you know where that cat you were talking to went?"

Her heart skipped a beat. "Wh-why?"

"Dunno. Just wondering."

"Why did you need me?" Breeze wondered.

"Well... Gemini asked Onyx if we could... well..."

"Well what?"

"They want you and Hazel to go to the barn for a rogue-wide dinner! Just to see who is here."

"Oookay…" Breeze shrugged. "I mean I guess...?"

Alpha took a quick look around. He leaned closer to Breeze, whispering, "I want to show you something first."

Breeze wondered what it could be. She narrowed her eyes. "This better be worth it."

"It is. I've already showed Gemini and Hazel it."

Breeze thought a moment. "Okay," she sighed.

Alpha put his tail on her shoulders and led her around piles of undergrowth. They crossed the river. Breeze could see the cherry trees touching the sky in the distance, surrounded by yellow clumps, almost blinding in the light of the sun.

They reached a tunnel leading under a hill. "In here," Alpha reassured her.

She took a deep breath, then plunged in. It was pitch-black; she couldn't see Alpha and his black fur, only amber eyes gleaming in the dark. Breeze trusted her whiskers to lead her.

Soon enough, they reached a clearing; maybe a fox's den. The place reeked of a scent. It was unfamiliar; at least to Breeze. "Look," Alpha called softly. He nudged her toward two lumps. One was large; the other was way smaller.

Breeze approached with caution. She touched her nose to the larger lump. The scent was reeking from the lumps.

With a start, Breeze realized that there was a big scab near one end of the larger lump, and a matching scab on the smaller lump. The scab was uneven, as if... cut by a cat's claw or claws.

The lumps were a cat; a decapitated cat.She jumped back, startled. Alpha, from behind, pushed her forward. "I can't have you getting away, we've only just started," he hissed into her ear.

Breeze's eyes opened wide. "How could you-" she started before a tail clamped firmly over her mouth.

Three cats appeared in the gloom of the tunnel. Breeze noticed two lumps in the corner and assumed they were more cats. Wait... Alpha had mentioned he had already... How could he betray his Sister like that?

Breeze shoved against Alpha, but the tom was stronger. He tossed her over to the two lumps.

"Good work," a gravelly voice told Alpha. "But we don't need you anymore."

Alpha barely had time for a startled squeak before Breeze felt a lump be tossed onto her back. "Oof!"

A second voice said, "Good thinking, killing Dove and waiting for cats to find it!"

"No talking," the gravelly voice ordered. "Only hauling the prisoners."

Breeze felt a pair of jaws clamp over her back neck, and she be raised like a kit.

"There are too many," the second voice said, muffled.

"Just make the bringer walk."

Breeze recognized Alpha rise in the gloom. She finally put her head down, and let herself clang against the legs of the cat carrying her.

Chapter 3: Love Blossoms (Warriors)

Applepaw awoke the next morning, Yawned, and Walk Out of the Apprentice Den.

"Hello, Hello, Where you going, where you Going" Mewed RainKit, Bouncing up and Down.

"Hi RainKit, I'm Going to Go To Sunrise Meadow" Said Applepaw in a tired Meow

"Can I come, Can I Come?" Mewed RainKit

"Sorry, No" Said ApplePaw

And Padded out of camp and To Sunrise Meadow. When Applepaw Got there, He looked For a Poppy and There in a Patch of Marigolds Was a Scarlet Poppy. ApplePaw Walked over and Picked the Poppy.

"I Hope she likes it" Thought ApplePaw

And Ran to their Meeting Spot. when he got there He Laid Down the Poppy, Sat Down and Waited. ApplePaw Thought That Breeze Would Scare him or something, But She didn't come. Before Applepaw Knew It, He was Fast Asleep. ApplePaw woke Up 2 hour Later and Found 35 iridescent Blue, Orange, and Violet Butterflies on His Tail, Back, and Head. He Got up and Shook Off the Butterflies. He Looked up in A Cherry Tree and Saw a Squirrel, Giving him a murderous Glare. ApplePaw Gave a Glare Right Back and the Squirrel Ran off Into The Tree

"Where are you Breeze?" Moaned ApplePaw

He Looked Down In the River, And saw a Male River salmon. He Clawed it Up onto Shore and it was Huge. It Was A Little Bigger That him, But He Bit it's Neck and it Died. Then he Sat down A waited for a Hour and she didn't come. ApplePaw Dug a Hole big enough to Fit the salmon, He Padded over, Grabbed the Salmon's Tail and hauled The Salmon Over to the Hole. Dropped it and buried it in the hole. He Walked over and Pick up the Scarlet Flower and Set off to Find her.

Chapter 4: Captured (Misty)

Breeze sat up groggily. A huge wave of scent overcame her, and she laid down once again. After a bit, she sat up again and looked around. On top of the three kidnappers, a fourth cat was in the corner, belly round and plump. She's expecting kits... Breeze thought.

A calico she-cat, she was. A light brown cat sat by a dark ginger cat, sharing a mouse. The last cat, other than Hazel, Gemini, and Alpha, was a dark grey cat who was in a tree, probably scouting.

Hazel and Gemini remained unconscious, but Alpha was sitting up and talking to the she-cat in the corner.

"Oh, you're awake," a cat said. Breeze turned and noticed the light brown cat and dark ginger cat looking curiously at her.


The dark ginger cat laughed. The sound was pleasant, and Breeze almost forgot that they had kidnapped her. "That's usually for newcomers... always stuttering. Am I right?"

The light brown cat smiled and nodded. "I'm Minty. This is Amber!"

"I-I'm Breeze..."

"Nice to meet you!" Amber purred. "That over there is Lynx," she pointed with her tail to the cat Alpha was talking to, "and that's Gravel." she signaled the cat in the tree.

Breeze let out a small smile. But it soon faded as she saw Hazel stir. "Why did you bring us here?" she rasped. Breeze suddenly noticed how dry her throat was and looked for water.

Minty shifted uncomfortably. "We- we don't..."

Amber's gaze darted around. She leaned in closer to Breeze. "We - Gravel - he needs you cats."

"But why?" Breeze whispered. "Lynx is expecting kits."

"We -" Amber looked down. "We don't approve of it."

"Gravel says that we - he - needs the extra hunters and protectors for our... settlement..."

Alpha suddenly stood up. "Got any food?"

"Got any water?" Breeze jumped at Gemini's moaning voice. Hazel and Gemini stood side-by-side, looking around.

Gravel jumped down from the tree. He nodded to Amber and Minty. "Hunting," to Minty, "To the lake," to Amber.

Amber stood up and beckoned to Gemini and Breeze. Minty had taken Hazel and Alpha away into the trees.

Amber led Gemini and Breeze over through a worn path of pebbles. Breeze winced as a sharp stone poked into a soft pad.

After a while, a large lake entered Breeze's vision. She caught her breath.

Applepaw would love this! She thought as she poked her nose in the still water and greedily took in huge gulps.

Only then did she realize about meeting with Applepaw…

Chapter 5: Scarlet Poppy (Warriors)

ApplePaw was tired From Running to Find Breeze, So he Found Shade Under a Oak Tree and Let himself Sleep for 2 minutes. When he Woke up, He noticed a Abandoned Fox Den and Walked Inside Saw Two Lumps. He Grabbed one Lump and then the other, an Pulled it outside, It Was a White tomcat With Lifeless green Eyes and His Head Torn off. Applepaw Backed off, Grabbed the Poppy and Ran. But Something Grabbed his Tail

"Your Not Going anywhere Little Kitty" Hissed the Cat Right in his ear.

He Knew It Was Coming, and a And a Sharp Pain Crackled Through His whole Body and Every Went Dark

Chapter 6: A Small Surprise (Misty)

Breeze was sunning on a large rock when Minty arrived with Alpha, each carrying a bundle of prey. "Here," Minty said, tossing a mole to Breeze.

She looked up. After a couple of even hours with these cats, everything seemed as if it had always belonged. Lynx's kits would be due soon, maybe another ten sunrises? She knew nothing of kitting, so it was just an estimate.

Gravel was currently out "spying" for new cats. Apparently he had sighted a "promising cat" to join the group. Breeze had half-sighed, half-smiled when he said there wasn't any need for anybody to come with. More people to talk to... It's just so lonely when it's just me and Hazel! Gemini and Alpha were always begging to go somewhere, to do something.

Minty's yowl brought her completely awake. "Gravel is here! And he has a cat with him!"

Breeze stood up to see who had fallen into Gravel's trap. Her blood nearly froze with surprise and doubt when she saw who it was.

Applepaw was being dragged by Gravel, his tail low and bloody.

Chapter 7: Greetings in a Fox Hole (Warriors)

Applepaw's Eyes Slowly opened his eyes.

"Where Am I?" Rasped Applepaw Looking up, A Flare Of Pain Went up "Ow, My Head"

He sat up and Look around. He Saw A calico she-cat, Her Belly Was Swollen with kits,

"She's Expecting Kits, And their just two days away From being born" thought Applepaw,

A dark grey Tom was Sitting on a Large Pile of Undergrowth in the Corner, Snoozing and A light brown cat sat by a dark ginger cat and in between them was, Breeze. Applepaw Popped up and Ran to Breeze,

"Breeze! I missed you so much!" Purred Applepaw

And Barreled into Breeze.

"Oof" Meowed Breeze "Applepaw, your Crushing me"

"Oh, Sorry" Said Applepaw, Getting up

Chapter 8: Another Surprise... (Misty)

Breeze grinned. "Hey, wanna hunt?"

Applepaw looked at her, eyes gleaming. "Sure!"

They wandered into the woods. Meanwhile, Breeze told him all about the 'group'. "Minty is a light brown she-cat. She likes hunting. Gravel, the dark grey tom, is a bossy furball who kidnaps us. Lynx is the one expecting his kits..."

"That are born in two days," Applepaw interrupted. "Two days."

Breeze nodded. "I thought so. Anyway, Amber is a dark ginger she-cat. She likes exploring, and has known Gravel since they were kits."

Applepaw suddenly paused. "I smell mouse..."

Breeze stopped and sniffed the air. Only the scent of mouse lingered. "Sorry, I think I might've scared a lot of the prey away," she whispered. Applepaw smiled and shrugged. He bent down in an unfamiliar crouch. Breeze wondered how he would catch any prey like that.

She frowned, but stood up as Applepaw came out of a bush with a fat mouse hanging from his jaws. "Wanna share?" He asked, his eyes gleaming.

Breeze smiled. "Of course!"

Soon enough, the mouse was finished. Applepaw sat on his haunches, licking his lips. Then he stiffened.

"Fox!" he whispered fiercely. "There's a fox!"

Breeze jumped up and tried to tug them up a tree. It was too late...

A big, russet figure leaped into the scene, jaws snarling. Breeze's eyes widened as Applepaw backed away, his eyes crazed. "I - I can't fight!"

Chapter 9: A Big Surprise (Warriors)

Applepaw ran, and Ran. Trying to get away from the Fox, Just then Something Grabbed his Ruff and Pulled upward. He was Lifted Up into a Tree by Gravel

"Stay" Commanded Gravel, Twitching his tail

Gravel leapt off the oak tree and landed on the Fox's Back. Then Breeze Jumped at it and knocked the Fox over. Gravel walked over and Snapped the Fox's neck.

When They got Back, Lynx was in Pain. Applepaw's Eyes Opened Wide

Chapter 10: Kits (Misty)

Minty and Amber were fussing over Lynx. "No! Your claws are too long!" Amber exclaimed. Minty backed away.

Breeze skidded to a stop in front of the yowling she-cat. Applepaw raced forward, pushing Amber and Minty out of the way.

The next few moments happened in a flash. Before she knew it, Breeze had a grey she-kit in front of her. Applepaw fiercely commanded, "Lick it!" Breeze scrambled up and started licking the kit. She took a shaky breath, then squeaked, tumbling over to Lynx.

After a while, four kits scrambled over each other to get to Lynx. Two grey kits, a black and grey one, and a calico. Two toms and two she-kits. The grey tom-kit knocked over the grey she-kit.

Lynx blinked gratefully at Applepaw. Then, she rested her head on a rock.

Gravel swiftly pulled Breeze and Applepaw aside, blue eyes furious. "You're lucky that she even lived! You're lucky you got out in time! If you hadn't..." Gravel paused, his blue eyes flashing. "You'd be dead where you stand."

Breeze backed away. Gravel continued, his gaze unrelenting. "Did you see Amber and Minty? Did you see the scratch Minty gave Lynx? They don't know what they were doing!"

"At least I knew!" Applepaw argued.

"I had it under control! Had Hazel not alerted me that you two were missing, these kits would be fine!"

"They ARE fine!"

Breeze backed even more away as the toms argued. Suddenly, she felt the need to defend Applepaw. "Hey!" Breeze shouted to stop the quarreling. "At least the kits are fine! Applepaw's right! There's no need to fight, you two!"

Gravel sighed. "You are right," he said, his voice softening. "But no going off on your own. What would happen if you ran away and one of us caught you? I'll leave that for you to find out on your own."

Applepaw let out a breath of relief as Gravel walked away. He licked Breeze's cheek. "Thanks," he whispered. "I think we might've been arguing for hours if you hadn't interrupted…"

Breeze licked Applepaw's cheek back. "You're welcome!"

Chapter 11: Feather, Flint, Slate and Patch (Warriors)

ApplePaw Wanted to Yell " Without Me Your Mate would be dead! Without me Your Kits Would have Died!". But He Didn't, He walked over to Lynx and Asked

"Are you Hurting?".

Lynx Lifted Her Head

"Yes" Lynx Mewed

ApplePaw Padded over to the Poppy seeds he had Collected This Morning, Picked up A Couple and Walked over to Lynx. He Put them Down in Front of Lynx.

"Here, Eat These. They'll numb the pain a Little" ApplePaw Meowed to her

Lynx Nodded Graciously and ate the Poppy Seeds.

"Thank you" Purred Lynx, Smiling at him

"What are Their Names?" Asked ApplePaw, Flicking His Tail to The Kits.

"Feather and Flint" Answered Lynx Nodding to a Grey She with a White Tail Then Flicking her tail to a Grey Tom With Darker Spots

"What About The Others?" Meowed Applepaw, Nodding to The Nameless Kits.

"Gravel is Going to Name Them" Lynx Purred

Gravel Padded over and Sighed.

"I have the Names" Muttered Gravel

" Slate and Patch" Meowed Gravel Flicking his Tail to a Grey and Black Tom Then a Calico She.

As Gravel Walked away, He Thought He saw a Flicker of Care in Gravel's Eyes. Breeze Tapped him on the Shoulder and He Turned around

"I Want To Show you Something" She Said Wrapping Large Leaves Over his Eyes

"Ok, Lets Go!" He Meowed

Chapter 12: Moon (Misty)

Only after the kits were born did Breeze put the pieces together. Applepaw... his name was definitely familiar.

A cat Breeze and her parents had met when she was a tiny kit... her name was ... Fawnfeather? ... was complaining about something about territories... something about a full moon soon. Breeze looked up at the sky. Yes, there it was, hanging over the sky.

Breeze touched her tail tip on Applepaw's shoulder and guided him around a rock, through some trees, and finally onto a flat, mossy rock. She brushed the leaves away from his eyes.

He looked around. The points of the trees, the rustle of leaves... A distant stream sounded nearby. He shook his head as if trying to remember something... Then he looked up as if he remembered. His eyes rounded when he saw the moon.

She then knew that the full moon was surely a something special to the cats with weird name... He had called her a rogue. That must mean he believes he isn't one. I don't think I'm a rogue... Maybe he is one just doesn't think so?

Breeze listened to the gentle wind and the distant stream. White triangle-shaped petaled flowers grew in clumps around the rock, gleaming silver in the moonlight. Long blades of grass curled together. Breeze smiled when she noticed two cherry trees, leaves pink and amber.

"Breeze?" Applepaw stared deep into her eyes, starlight reflecting in his pupils. "Breeze, I- I love you."

Breeze purred. "Applepaw, I love you too."

She twined her tail with his. The moonlight reflecting off his fur made it bronze, and her's silver. All was peaceful and calm, even to the crickets chirping and the fireflies twinkling like stars.

She closed her eyes for a moment, leaning against Applepaw...

She opened them to the sound of a short gasp. Applepaw was staring wide-eyed at the moon as if he was scared. Breeze followed his gaze.

Long, black clouds were hanging over the moon. The wind howled louder, and the stream crashed into the sounding night.

"St-StarClan... A warning..." Applepaw stuttered. The clouds changed into longer, pointed forms... Almost as if they were fangs and claws. Then it morphed again, and Breeze heard Applepaw jump slightly. It became a cliff, a swirling, morphing cliff. "A - a cliff's shadow? Beware the cliff?"

Breeze had no idea what Applepaw was guessing at. Then, a big voice sounded into the night above the howling wind.

"West does the misguided cats turn,

To the rustling leaves and points

The stones will sing and dark edges bring

The truth behind our disappoints."

Applepaw shared a concerned glance with Breeze, but she detected some weariness in the tom's eyes. "You just heard a prophecy... of us. I bet the whole forest heard..."

By now the claw-cliff clouds had slinked away, as if ashamed to have covered the moon.

"What does it mean?" Breeze asked.

"StarClan knows," Applepaw answered. Then, he promptly added at Breeze's questioning glance, "I'll tell you later. We should probably get back."

At the camp, the cats were greeted by Minty and Hazel, who both nodded.

Breeze curled up in the shelter of a large fern. The stars twinkled above her, and she wondered what it was like, being a cat like Applepaw.

Chapter 13:Swept Away From Home (Warriors)

ApplePaw smiled at Breeze as he walked into his kidnapper's camp.

"ApplePaw" Purred Breeze in her sleep,

ApplePaw felt his fur turning rosy pink from paws to tail. ApplePaw curled up beside her and felt sleep pull his eyelids down into slumber


A amber, white, and yellow dappled she padded up to ApplePaw in a meadow full of roses and poppies. ApplePaw Felt a Tear Run Down his Cheek,

"Mom!" Yelled Applepaw, Running into the long fur of his mother's chest.

He sat there with His Mother and Cried

When ApplePaw looked up he saw his mother's Holly Green calming gaze.

PoppyFall's smile deepened into a frown,

"Son" Meowed PoppyFall "There is something about your friend you need to see, All of a sudden he felt like he was falling in StarClan, But soon it stopped and he saw a DewClan she with walking over to the river border that went through all the Clans, with two kits held by the ruff.

His Mother appeared beside him,

"Son, Do you remember EtherPaws and EtherMoon from the Gatherings?" Meowed PoppyFall with a Slite Hiss in her Voice

"Yes, there Elders of DewClan" Said Applepaw keeping his eyes fixed on the she

"Well they had two litters, The first had SquirrelFur, SongHeart, and PetalSky. The second litter EtherMoon kept secret for she hates kits and she only wanted three" Hissed PoppyFall "So when her second litter could eat meat she tried to kill them"

Applepaw's eyes grew wide in shock as EtherMoon Said in a muffled yowl "You mean nothing to me, so you will fill the Great Lake With your horrible blood and tears!". Then EtherMoon threw the kits into the river.

The river rippled back into a meadow as Applepaw turned to his mother and Asked

"Who we're those kits?".

His Mother's eyes we're sad as she Said

"Breeze and Hazel, You must Tell them."

Then all Went dark and he awoke from his slumber

Chapter 14: Truth (Misty)

Breeze shook her pelt as if it were wet. Dirt and dead leaves fell from it.

As she stood up, wet dew drops from the ferns stuck to her pelt. It appeared to have rained during the night.

Applepaw was gone. A faint scent trail led toward the "main area", as she called it now.

He was biting down into a juicy-looking vole. "Hey, Breeze!" Applepaw greeted, standing up. "I caught a squirrel for you," he said as he pushed the furry piece of prey toward her.

She bounded over. Biting into it, she felt the warm taste of squirrel juice flood into her jaws. It tasted as delicious as that one fish that Yancy, back home, had caught from the twolegs.

"Thanks," she said through her mouthful. Twining her tail with Applepaw's, she swallowed and stole a bite from his vole.

Laughing, he clawed over the squirrel and gave a huge bite into it. Purring, they happily shared the prey.

Breeze became aware of Lynx crawling out from a bush, watching them amusingly. Her four kits bounced around her.

"Their eyes have opened!" Breeze exclaimed.

Slate, the grey and black one, bounded over, squealing, "I'll get you next time, Flint!"

Flint, the grey tom, whirled around. "No you won't! I'll eat crow-food before you'll get me!"

Slate raced over to Breeze and whispered, "I'm taking this!" He tried to drag the squirrel over, saying, "I'll make you eat this!"

The squirrel was too big, so he scrambled over to drag some dead leaves.

Flint wrinkled his nose. "I'll never eat that!"

Meanwhile, Patch, the calico, and Feather, the grey she-kit, were hopping along. They jumped over each other in turn to reach the middle.

Breeze purred with amusement and wondered what it'll be like to have kits of her own.

Lynx ran over. "Kits, don't bother Applepaw and Breeze... Flint, get back here... Patch, don't jump on your sister..." She said as she tried to gather them together with her tail.

Flint jumped over her tail. "Can't catch meeee!!"

Suddenly, Gravel leapt from the bushes and caught Flint. "It looks like you've been caught!" He said in his growling voice. Flint squealed.

Breeze smiled. She wondered what it would be like to have parents like that...

Applepaw noticed her look. His eyes clouded, and he whispered, "Follow me."

Breeze nodded. With a last look at the energetic kits and their loving parents, she turned and followed Applepaw into the trees.

"Breeze... I know who your real parents are."

She jumped back in surprise. "Really? H-how?"

Applepaw licked his lips. "Well, you see, we clan cats believe in StarClan, a place where cats go when they die. My mother..."

Breeze gasped in disappoint. "Your mother is dead...?" She thought of Feather, Flint, Slate, and Patch. How lucky they were to have two loving parents who were alive, looking after them.

Applepaw nodded sadly. "Well, she told me that your parents are two cats from another clan, EtherMoon and EtherPaws of DewClan.

Breeze felt her heartbeat rushing.

"...and they didn't want you and Hazel so they tossed you kits into a river."

Breeze's eyes widened with dismay. Suddenly, her thoughts were filled with murky memories of scrambling in the water, fighting to stay above the surface.

"You must tell Hazel..."

Breeze nodded. "We have to get home..."

They both bounded off, racing to where Hazel and Alpha and Gemini would be sleeping.

Chapter 15: Mystery (Warriors)

Applepaw Watched as Breeze Woke up Hazel and Said

"Applepaw Has To Tell you something"

Applepaw Padded Over to Hazel and Told her everything.

"Wait... So your saying that my parents are in DewClan, My mother is a psycho and me and Breeze, My Best Friend is my sister?" Asked Hazel "And you know this how?"

"My dead Mom told me." Answered Applepaw.

After several awkward moments later

"We need to go...Hunting! Yes, Hunting!" Said Applepaw Pushing Breeze out the door.

"So....What are Clan cats?" Asked Breeze

Applepaw widened his eyes.

"You don't know what the clans are?!?" Said Applepaw

"No, I don't. So Can you tell me?" Asked Breeze

"Ok" Agreed Applepaw and Told her everything in till he hear something like a

"Mew, Meow, Mew"

Coming from a Nearby Blueberry Bush. Applepaw stuck his head in the Bush and Came out with a Shivering Russian Blue She with With White spots all over her

"M-Mama" Said The Kit

"...I think she thinks I'm her Mother "Said Breeze

"Hm... she needs a name" Said Applepaw

"How about...Jay?"Suggested Breeze

'Perfect" Purred Applepaw Twining his tail with Breeze's Tail

Chapter 16: Planning for Escape (Misty)

Breeze gently picked the small Russian blue she-kit as she had felt Yancy do so many times for her. "Let's go," she whispered to Applepaw.

Jay squirmed in her jaws, shivering. Breeze set her down and nuzzled her, purring.

They soon arrived at the camp. Hazel waved hello with her tail, but soon stopped in surprise as she noticed Jay. An expression of confusion crossed her face.

"Oh, this is Jay. We found her shivering in the woods," Applepaw explained. Hazel then nodded.

Jay squeaked as Breeze set her down. "Momma, momma!"

Hazel shifted uncomfortably. "I'm sorry, what?"

Breeze gave an awkward grin. "The kitten kinda just adopted me..."

Suddenly, a rustling in the brush set Breeze on guard. Flint and Feather erupted from two separate bushes. "I knew it weird cats were playing around!" Feather yowled.

Flint skidded to a stop. "Who's that?" he said, looking at Jay.

"Well, she's just -" Breeze started.

"A friend!" A squeal came from Jay. "Not lonely!"

Breeze shared a concerned look with Applepaw. "She must be referring to her past," Applepaw whispered.

Lynx glided out from the brush. "Now what has gotten you two so excited," she said as she looked around. "Oh..."

Jay tackled Flint, who squealed and batted around.

Breeze let out a sigh of relief. "At least she's fitting in nicely."

Applepaw nodded. "I think it'll be time to go soon," he said sadly. "Too bad we can't stay longer."


Hazel sat down. "I think this is all just happening too quickly. We just got here and have been here a moon, you adopt a stranger's kitten, and now you plan to leave?"

Breeze sighed. "You know we can't stay here. Despite the cats' hospitality, we have to remember that they kidnapped us from our home."

"And how are we going to get out? Gravel has made sure to keep guard to stop us from escaping," Hazel challenged.

A voice whispered to them from the bushes. "Actually..."

Breeze jumped like she had seen a ghost. "W-what?"

Minty emerged from the leaves. "Come with me - we should talk a moment," she suggested.

Hazel, Applepaw, and Breeze glanced at each other. Applepaw shrugged, then stood to follow Minty.

Breeze gave a last glance at Jay. She and Feather, Flint, Slate, who had just appeared with Patch, and Lynx were all minding their own business. Patch leapt onto a mossy rock and challenged the other kits to try to steal the "throne" from her.

Breeze sighed and stood up to follow Applepaw. She felt her best friend's - no, sister's - comforting tail tip on her shoulder.

Minty sat in on a large rock nearby the stream. "I can help you escape. Amber and I will help you."

Applepaw's gaze hardened. "So how much do you know?"

Chapter 17: Coming Soon (Warriors)

"Wow... So we escape as Gravel is asleep." Said Applepaw, Flicking his tail in Amusement.

"Yep" Purred Minty "He sleeps like...Well like Actual Gravel"

"I'm Hungery" Whined Jay, Walking into the bush

"Well, Go ask Lynx For food. I'm sure she won't mind." Assured Applepaw

Once jay left, Some worry Clouded Breeze's Eyes

"How will Jay eat?" Breeze asked


Chapter 18: Coming Soon (Misty)

Chapter 19: Coming Soon (Warriors)

Chapter 20: Coming Soon (Misty)

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