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This is a poem for Buzzy's Contest. (It ended up getting 3rd. Not bad for my first comp. :))

Anyway, this is my second poem on here, the first being My First Battle. Enjoy this poem. :)

NOTE: If you haven't read Firestar's Quest OR Cloudstar's Journey, read at your own risk.

Forced to Flee

The full moon,

It shines high,

On the high rock,

The four leaders stand.

One is not there...

"Where's Cloudstar?" Swiftstar asks.

The SkyClan leader,

Gray and white,

White like the moon,

With a Clan behind...

"Great StarClan!" Dawnstar meows.

"All of that - SkyClan?"

"Yes, it is.

Twolegs destroyed it.

Twolegs destroyed our home."

Silence holds, and then...

"Share your territories, please.

We need five Clans."

"You can't adjust."

Four leaders say.

They say you can't.

"You can't swim, sneak,

Run fast, stalk prey."

Then Redstar says: "Leave."

Yowls rise, and

Claws are unsheathed.

Claws unsheathed to fight.

"Stop! We can't win!"

The leader sighs sadly.

"We have to flee."

Sorrow shows sadly,

Cloudstar and Birdflight,

She stays, he goes,

Cloudstar looks away, and

The SkyClan warriors flee,

Never seen ever again.

Author's Note

Oh wow, that was awesome. :)

Sadly, this is the end of the poem - hopefully I'll write another one soon!

Until next time,

--You are fire, and you will blaze through the forest - Goosefeather to Bluestar, Bluestar's Prophecy 06:01, June 30, 2014 (UTC)

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