Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

The Birds have come.

For the Birds

A show by Stormver.

Season 1

The Birds have come for the pickings. The Birds have come to torture us. They have come to kill. Meet Aspenpaw, a young BreezeClan apprentice. She knows of the Birds, the Birds that took her brother. Now, terror strikes - Aspenpaw is chosen for the Birds. But what exactly do the Birds do? It's time to find out!''NOTE: This contains spoilers! Read at your own risk!


The Birds - The Birds have come again, and it's time for the pickings.

Sunset On a Good Day - One day in BreezeClan, the next in a torture chamber. But what exactly is the history of the Birds?

Descend - The eagle's descending as Sunsetpaw and Aspenpaw meet the other picks.

Not Who She Seems - Aspenpaw learns more about Talon and her new friend, Falconpaw.

Pickings - With Reedpaw gone and others following, Aspenpaw theorizes Talon's plans.

Thanks - Aspenpaw is caught in an 'accident'

Reliving - Reliving the moments of your life is quite hard, especially for Aspenpaw.

Stay Together - Falconpaw and Aspenpaw must stick together in the face of danger.

Don't Blame Yourself - In an act of terror, something happens.

Though It's the End -

Season 2


Core - tba

Other Media

The High Price - Falconpaw was shaken up when her brother, Shadepaw, was chosen in the Pickings. When the next moon comes around and Falconpaw herself is chosen for the Pickings, she can’t help but feel despair crash over her. But then, by pure mistake, Falconpaw stumbles upon a surprise and that’s when the world crashes down around her. part of words left unspoken and an au fanfic

Characters - character list, spoilers inside.

Trivia - trivia about characters and the show in general.


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