Leader: Stormstar (black tabby-and-white tom)

Deputy: Sleekpelt (sleek russet she-cat)

Medicine Cat: Cloudshade (black-and-white tom)


Featherstrike (gray tabby she-cat)

Hawkswoop (pale brown she-cat) Apprentice, Flamepaw (russet she-cat with green eyes)

Woodfeather (brown-striped tabby tom)

Firestripe (ginger tabby she-cat)

Thorntalon (dark golden tabby tom) Apprentice, Sandpaw (pale ginger tom)

Dovefeather (white she-cat) Apprentice, Icepaw (gray-and-white tabby she-cat)

Eagleflight (black-and-ginger tom)

Acornleap (mottled brown tom)

Ember (russet she-cat, former rogue)

Bloom (gray tom with a pelt that fades into white, Ember’s brother)

Birchclaw (reddish brown tabby tom)


Stormwater (dark gray tabby she-cat, Stormstar’s mate) mother of Waterkit (gray tabby-and-white she-kit with blue eyes), Breezekit (white tom with black stripes), and Whitekit (white tom with black spots)

Ravenfeather (sleek black she-cat, Thorntalon’s mate) mother of Darkkit (dark gray she-kit)

Chapter One

Flamepaw was hated by all of the Clan. From the oldest warrior to the youngest kit, she was regarded as little more than another mouth to feed. To Flamepaw, there wasn’t much to stay for, except for becoming a warrior. And even that wouldn’t be much better. She’d still get pushed around. Up until her death.

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