Leader: Brightstar (ginger tabby-and-white tom)

Deputy: Sleekpelt (sleek russet she-cat)

Medicine Cat: Cloudshade (black-and-white tom)


Featherstrike (gray tabby she-cat)

Hawkswoop (pale brown she-cat) Apprentice, Flamepaw (russet she-cat with green eyes)

Woodfeather (brown-striped tabby tom)

Firestripe (ginger tabby she-cat)

Thorntalon (dark golden tabby tom) Apprentice, Sandpaw (pale ginger tom)

Dovefeather (white she-cat) Apprentice, Icepaw (gray-and-white tabby she-cat)

Eagleflight (black-and-ginger tom)

Acornleap (mottled brown tom)

Ember (russet she-cat, former rogue)

Bloom (gray tom with a pelt that fades into white, Ember’s brother)

Beechfang (reddish brown tabby tom)


Stormwater (dark gray tabby she-cat, Brightstar’s mate) mother of Waterkit (gray tabby-and-white she-cat with blue eyes) and Hazelkit (brown tom with ginger flecks)

Ravenfeather (sleek black she-cat, Thorntalon’s mate) mother of Darkkit (black tom)

Chapter One

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