Flee The Warehouse

The Warehouse was our home

By Skye

The Warehouse. A supposed "refudge" for rogues and loners alike who find themselves in the right place and the right time, close enough to find it and get inside.

Rio was born in the Warehouse and has lived with her older brother and younger sister in there all her life. Her mother died after giving birth to her sister, and her father? He disappeared a long time ago. But recently, strange people have been turning up outside the Warehouse. What do they want? No cat knows, but they're all scared. Some decide to make a run for it while they can, and when the visits become stranger and scarier, the only cats left are Rio and her sister. Rio can't bear to leave the Warehouse. Her sister is frail and small, the place is their only way of survival. Perhaps they'll be safe?

Now the Warehouse is gone. And Rio has no where to turn to.

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