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Juvil's Intro

My name is Juvil. I am a black cat whose best friend can't speak like your average cat. His meows sound like meows, but what he is saying sounds almost like gibberish.


He was trapped in a corner alleyway when I found him. Trapped between two giant brick two legs nests. Trapped by three cats with teeth stuck in their collars. Trapped in shadows.  One was brown, he was in front of both of them. The one behind to the left was grey and fairly small. The third to the right back was white and stained with all sorts of stuff. They were making fun of him. I could tell by there faces. The city was always a dangerous place.

"Should we claw him?" The biggest brown one asked.

"Why not-" a grey one was interrupted.

Crims saw Juvil. "Not eh happenings!" 

Juvil smiled and ran up from behind. "Hello." She whispered menacingly. 

"Wher-Where did that come from?" The grey one asked. There were three of them.

"Nothing to worry about." The brown one smiled. "Just your imagination."

"You'll be a sorry!" Crims blabbered. 'Distraction. Great Job Crims.' She thought to her self.

She looked at a black twoleg thing she had seen them climb. 'Maybe I could jump them from here?' She smiled and ran up it til she was at her desired height. 'This is too-' She began to fall. It fell from underneath her! Oh no!' Emptiness under her made her scramble. Her heart raced to the sky as she went down.

"You'll be a so a sorry!" He continuously said. Her feet moved and she was soon close to the ground. Crack! She was there. Back on a solid ground. 'Few!' She thought. She pounced and clawed the brown ones back. 

"So you want to play?" He pounced but she dodged his attack and he raked his claws against cement. Criggggg! His claws were like the sound of nails on a chalkboard. 

"Crims run!" She growled. 

"Yesy Ma'am! Whats elves you saying!" Crims ran out. The grey run retreated. There was two left. She could run, but she didn't want to. They were going to attack Crims. Her heart raced as she quick as a flash knocked the brown one over. The last one was white. His pelt stained with red and brown. 

"Strong aren't ya?" He snickered. "Well I am stronger!" Blackness covered her view. She felt like she was fading away into a deep sleep.


To be Continued.

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