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Fishie is about several rogues and there various adventures.


Marty: a brown and white tom with green eyes. He is always trying to be serious and leader of the group. Rarely ever successful.

Juvil: A black She-cat with a semi harsh temper. She is only happy if Crims is saying something funny. She may not seem like it but she will do anything to protect her group.

Crims: a grey Tom with blue eyes and very very SERIOUSLY BAD grammar. He is a fast learner when someone actually believes in him. He is semi self conscious and hates being laughed at. He can't control his bad grammar.

Flax: a grumpy old Tom with a pale yellow pelt and Amber eyes. The real leader of the group.

Galaxy: a calico with green eyes. She is very shy and tends to try and stay out of danger, which is very hard with Juvil around. 

Season 1


Fishie: Enemies - when Juvil attacks some cats that had been bullying Crims. Enemies are made.

Fishie: Captured- Juvil has been captured. Crims finds Marty and Flax.

Fishie: Rescue Or Not- Marty and Crims attempt to find Juvil only to find she is missing.

Fishie: Better Late Than Never - Marty and Crims find Galaxy when she was about to escape. Flax then makes an entrance and helps out.

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