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Sunny's Note: This is a short story is about a very shy and quiet kit meeting a new outgoing and friednly she-kit...and how she shows him to be more confident and outgoing...

"Whitekit. C'mon. It's time to go for a walk around camp." I heard my mother's soft meow in my ear. I opened my eyes a bit, but just stayed in the same relaxed position. I didn't really want to meet anyone or go through camp. It made me feel a bit scared of what the other cats looked like.

"Don't be shy. Everyone is very nice around camp. They can't wait to meet you!" my mother meowed and I saw her pale blue eyes looking at me with love and truth. I knew she was telling the truth, but I was still scared to meet other cats.

"Mintyleaf? Why don't we go for a walk around camp together? It'll be Flowerkit's first time as well." I heard a voice, and turned around when I spotted a pale golden she-cat padding towards my mother. I stood up really fast as she approached my mother and I and ran bahind my mother's legs to hide.

"That would be a great idea, Sunnydawn! I bet Flowerkit will make Whitekit more confident!" Mintyleaf meowed in response, and nudged me slightly away from her legs and in front of her, so I could seen the golden she-cat named Sunnyshine better. I tried to push myself backwards, but she was stronger than me. She pushed me once again and I came face to face with a small tortoiseshell she-kit about my same tiny size.

"Hello! I'm Flowerkit! What's your name?" she asked eagerly. I looked at her in surprise on how confident she acted. I thought a kit would be acting shily just like me. But her, Flowerkit, seemed to be the total opposite.

"Hi..Hi!" I meowed, trying to imitate her confident voice. She laughed and I smiled. "I'm Whitekit!"

"Let's go around camp!! It's going to be my first time seeing the full camp! It's going to be awesome! I can't wait! C'mon!" she was alreday heading outside before she had finished her sentence. I ran following her, feeling our mothers' presence behind us. I heard a lot of new sounds and voices, and the new smell surprised me.

"C'mon Whitekit! Let's go see the apprentices!" she meowed at me. I followed her and we both padded all around camp together. Looking just like strangers visiting a whole new world.

The End

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