1 moon after Firestar's death he is sent back to the forest by StarClan. He is reborn as a kit with all his memories intact with a mysterious prophecy. How will his clanmates react to seeing their beloved leader again.


This is AU.

I made Firestar die around the time of Sunrise.

I just couldn't kill Honeyfern, so she and Berrynose are "Firekit's Parents".

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Chapter 1

"Wake up little kit," Firestar heard Honeyfern mew softly. For a second he wondered why he was not hunting in StarClan, then he remembered. He was back in ThunderClan, reborn as a kit!

He opened his eyes, blinking in the sudden light. He looked around the nursery and slowly got to his paws, stumbling slightly. He took in the light streaming through gaps in the branches, the soft moss beneath his feet, and the sweet smell of milk. At last he turned to where Honeyfern and Berrynose were watching him and his littermates. Then he spoke.

"Berrynose fetch Jayfeather. Tell him Firestar wishes to speak with him at once," he commanded in his squeaky kit voice, holding back laughter at the look on his warrior's face.

"F-Firestar," he stuttered. Shock and awe evident on his face and in his voice.

"It's me."

Berrynose looked like he was bursting with questions but he followed Firestar's order, jumping up and racing out of the den. Firestar then turned to Honeyfern and this time he couldn't help but let out a mrrow of laughter. She had frozen where she stood with her jaw almost touching her chest. a look of pure shock on her face.

"Close your mouth or you'll swallow a fly," he joked.

She did so, immediately.

"Firestar," she whispered. "Is it really you?"

"It is."

Chapter 2

Firestar looked up from his conversation with Honeyfern when Jayfeather skidded into the den.

"Where is he," he gasped.

"Right here Jayfeather," Firestar replied. Slightly amused by the antics of his kin.


"In the flesh," he responded.

Suddenly Jayfeather stiffened. "A time of great peril is coming. A dark-haired cat will bring danger to the forest. A kit will lose its life at the paws of an unseen enemy and many more will follow. Look to the three and their kin, and remember, fire alone can save our clan."

Firestar stared at him, incredulous. "How did you know that? One of the reasons I was sent back was to deliver that prophecy."

"I don't know. it just appeared in my head when I turned towards you. What does it mean?"

" I don't know, but 'Fire alone can save the clan' was the prophecy Bluestar received about me, so maybe that part refers to me."

"And the three must be the three kin of your kin who will hold the power of the stars in their paws." Jayfeather hissed in his ear, causing Firestar to remember another reason he was sent for.

"Jayfeather, I need to speak to you in your den, urgently. It's about the prophecy." he added

"Come on then." Jayfeather grumbled. stalking out of the nursery, already back to his usual grumpy self. Firestar chuckled and followed him.

- - -

Jayfeather settled into his nest, tucking his tail under his chin. "Okay what is it?" he asked.

"The third cat of the prophecy! It's Dove-kit!"

Honeyfern's Litter

Fluffy, Cream Tabby Tom w/ Lighter chest/Tail tip, and Blue eyes- Dusk-kit

Grey Tabby Tom w/ Light Grey chest and Amber/Yellow eyes- Hail-kit

Light Brown Tabby She-cat w/ white paws/chest, darker brown markings, and Dark Amber/Brown eyes- Zephyr-kit

Click here for a picture I made of the kits.

Chapter 3

”Firekit,” Zephyrkit squeaked, her voice unusually high pitched. Our apprentice ceremony, it’s today, right now.



Firestar leapt up and began rasping his tongue over his flame colored pelt until it shone in the dim light of the nursery. Looking around he say Duskkit doing the same while Zephyrkit pulled burs out of the still drowsy Hailkit’s fur. Firestar inspected his paws and pulled a bur out of his tail. Even if he had already been an apprentice he wanted to make sure he looked his best. Partially so he could fool the clan into thinking he was just as excited as the others and partially because he was a bit excited to see who his mentor would be.

Finally Honeyfern walked in and, after giving them each a cursory glance, led them out in to the clearing just as they heard the familiar cry of.

”Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the Highledge for a clan meeting.”

Once everyone had gathered Bramblestar called out. “Duskkit come forward. You have reached your sixth moon and are ready to be apprenticed. From this day foreword until you receive your warrior name you will be known as Duskpaw. Squirrelflight will be your mentor.“

“Squirrelflight, you will be Duskpaw’s mentor. You have shown yourself to be a brave warrior and loyal deputy again and again. I trust you will pass on all you know to this apprentice.”

The ceremony went on with Poppyfrost becoming Zephyrkit’s mentor and Brackenfur becoming Hailkit’s mentor. Finally it was Firestar’s turn.

“Firekit come forward” Bramblestar called “ Firekit you have reached your sixth moon-” A portion of his words were drowned out by whispers. Firestar could feel their eyes on him and the look in Bramblestar eyes was sorrowful. Firestar realized how much having a cat that looked exactly like your old leader in the clan must pain them.“- Graystripe will be your mentor. He is an experienced and wise mentor.”

”Graystripe, you are a wise, experienced warrior. You have done well with your former apprentices and I know you will pass on these qualities to Firepaw.”

Firestar then walked up and touched noses with his new mentor.

- - -

“Duskpaw stop!” Firestar yowled.

“Why?” Duskpaw looked back over his shoulder confused.

”That is ShadowClan territory. If a patrol comes along they might think we are invading.”

Duskpaw’s eyes widened and he scurried back over the border.


”Graystripe gave his apprentice an appraising look before he spoke. “Well done a Firepaw, but... how did you know that was ShadowClan territory?”

Firestar looked at him confused. “There are scent markings right there.”

Graystripe looked thoughtful. “I mean how did you recognize ShadowClan scent?”

Oh. He wasn't supposed to be able to recognize another clans scent on his first outing. Oops.

”Oh, um, I smelled it on a patrol coming home and they said they had been patrolling the ShadowClan border.” He said hopefully.

Graystripe frowned at him but said no more.

Chapter 4

Firestar awoke to a soft breeze over a tranquil forest. He looked around puzzled.

Suddenly he heard a voice. It seemed to come from all around him. He knew he had never heard it yet it sounded strangely familiar. “Firestar, StarClan has judged that it would be cruel to force you to carry this burden unaided.... You know who to trust.”

“What, who’s there?

“Good luck.”

Those last words seemed to echo forever before he jolted awake in his nest.

What were they trying to tell them? And who could he trust? Was his true identity the ‘burden.’ Did this mean he could tell Graystripe! He pondered these questions for several long heartbeats before he made his decision. He would tell Graystripe, Sandstorm, and Cloudtail in the morning, for now, he should sleep. He had an assessment tomorrow.

“Firepaw . . . Firepaw . . . wake up!”

He groaned as his littermate poked him in the side.

“Ok, ok, I’m awake. Stop poking me.”

He rolled over to see Zephrpaw dancing around excitedly.

“We have an assessment today!” She sang. “We’re almost halfway to being full warriors.”

He heaved himself to his feet and stretched luxuriously.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Chapter 5

It was going to be a quiet patrol. He was supposed to bring back as much prey as he could while Greystripe watched him from a distance. Most apprentices wouldn't have been able to detect the scent of the grey warrior but of course Firestar could. It would be disappointing if he didn't recognize the scent of his lifelong friend. He had decided to tell Graystripe who he was, after the assessment.

Firestar's whiskers twitched in amusement as he became aware of Greystripe crouched in the bushes beyond the blackbird he was stalking. He crept up downwind of the blackbird until he was only a few tail lengths away before tensing his muscles and pouncing. He landed with his paws pinning the bird to the ground and bit down on its neck. A clean kill.

He kicked some dirt over the blackbird. He would come back for it later. He looked up and sniffed the air. Greystripe was still behind the bush. He slowly padded over to the bush before crouching so his old friend couldn't see him. Leaping over the bush Firestar landed on the other cats shoulders effectively pinning him to the ground.

He let out a mrrow of laughter at the shocked look on Greystripes face.

"Oh you should have seen your face!" He cried as he jumped off to let the other tom up. "It was priceless."

Greystripe grumbled as he got up.

"Did you really think I didn't know you were there?" he asked. "Wow. I must be a better actor than I thought."

"Hey! My stalking skills aren't that bad," He protested.

"No," Firestar said, suddenly serious. "They're not bad at all, In fact most cats wouldn't be able to tell you were there at all. Certainly not most apprentices."

"Then wh-."

"I'll explain that in a second Greystripe, but first you have to promise that you will not tell anyone what I am about to tell you. Okay."

Greystripe looked surprised. "I think that would be for me to decide as your mentor," he said.

"Greystripe, this is important. I will reveal it to the rest of the clan but not until the time is right. Please."

Something in his voice must have convinced Greystripe that staying quiet was the best thing to do. He didn't know if it was the desperation in his voice or if Greystripe was unconsciously reacting to the familiarity of his old friend but whatever it was he was glad for it.

"Okay." Greystripe said.

"Greystripe, old friend. My name is not Firepaw, My name is Firestar. I have returned to the forest."

Chapter 6

Greystripe stared at his apprentice in disbelief.

Finally he said. "You're joking, right." But he didn't sound so certain. "There is no way you are Firestar. He died before you were born!"

"I'm serious Greystripe. I have been sent back by StarClan. Bluestar said it was not my time yet, that I was still needed. She said that a time of great peril is coming. A dark-haired cat will bring danger to the forest. A kit will lose its life at the paws of an unseen enemy and many more will follow. Look to the three and their kin, and remember, fire alone can save our clan." The ginger tom unconsciously adopted the demeanor of a leader as he spoke. He lifted his chin, straightened his spine, and wrapped his tail around his paws. His flame colored pelt glowed in the rays of the dying sun and his emerald eyes glimmered. "I promise you Greystripe. I'm back."

If Greystripe wasn't convinced before, he was now. Looking at the strong, lithe warrior in front of him, there was no doubt in his mind that his old friend had returned.

"It's really you!"

Greystripe dashed forward, pressing his nose into Firestar's pelt purring. "I've missed you so much! Bramblestar is a great leader but it's just not the same. Are you going to tell him you are still alive? Oh, and Sandstorm and Cloudtail. They've missed you too."

Firestar laughed.

"Slow down Greystripe! I haven't decide quite who I'm going to tell yet. Jayfeather, Honeyfern, and Berrynose know. I think I want to tell Sandstorm and Cloudtail today. I'm still deciding if I should tell Bramblecl- I mean, Bramblestar yet. What do you think?"

"I think you should tell him. It has been especially hard on him, having a cat in the clan who looks so much like you. You were his mentor and helped him come to terms with his parentage."

"Very well. I'll tell him tonight."


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