Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

Chapter 1

The leaf-bare wind blew his fur every which way. He waited on top of the Highledge, watching as his Clanmates shared tongues. His mate, Sandstorm, had asked to talk to his after she returned from hunting patrol. Firestar worried that she had bad news, but she seemed cheerful as she padded away earlier that day.

"Firestar, which cats would you like to join us for the Gathering?" a brown tabby tom stood below him, his amber gaze kind.

"Brambleclaw." he mewed his deputy's name. "I'll announce it once the last patrol has returned." he mewed as he leaped down the stones sticking out of the side of the cavern.

"Alright." Brambleclaw nodded and padded over to a red she-cat, her one white paw kneading the ground. Her name is Squirrelflight, Firestar's daughter. He new that his deputy and young daughter were spending more time together than usual, and he waited for when they would announce that she was moving to the nursery.

"Firestar!" A she-cats mew alerted him. He turned and spotted Sandstorm. Her sandy colored fur smoothe.

Finally. Now I can know about the big news.

"Yes." he mewed a she padded over. She lead him to his den, away from prying eyes.

"Well," her tail was wrapped around her belly. She looked at him with 'the look'. He has seen it before, when she was expecting...

"Kits?" he asked. She nodded happily. "Another litter." his mew grew louder and louder. "I can't believe we are having more kits." he circled around her, his mouth in a large smile.

"Yes. They will be born in about two moons." she mewed, answering his unasked question.

Suddenly, to his surprise, and Sandstorms, he burst out of his den, stood on Highledge and yelled. "We're having kits!"

The cats in the clearing yowled congratulations. They're gazes filled with happiness as he announce more kits.

"Calm down." his other daughter, Leafpool, padded out of the medicine den. "They won't be arriving for two more moons." she smiled at her parents. She nodded and disappeared back into her den.

"Firestar!" Graystripe called his name. He looked at the gray tom, who had been his best friend since the first time he ventured into the forest. His gray friend nodded, smiling, and padded over to his own mate, Millie.

Sandstorm's soft tail landed on his shoulder. "The patrols are back. You should announce who will be joining the Gathering."

Firestar looked at the sky as the moon light lit the path ahead, leading to the Gathering island. His deputy, Brambleclaw, stepped, pawstep for pawstep, with his leader. "I can't believe Sandstorm moved to the nursery." he mewed, trying to make small talk.

"I didn't even know she was expecting kits until sunhigh." he laughed.

They padded the rest of the way in silence, as they leaped across the tree-bridge and pushed through the bushes leading to the clearing. Few cats turned to look as he and his Clan entered the Gathering.

"Finally." Rowanstar's mew was impatient. By the sound of it, ThunderClan was the last to arrive. "Let's begin."

Firestar padded through the crowd of mingling Clans, leaped up the trunk of the Great Oak, and sat on the branch beside Mistystar. She nodded, telling him to begin the Gathering.

He stood. "ThunderClan had been thriving, even against the arriving leaf-bare. The warrior Sandstorm, has moved to the nursery." pleased mews filled the clearing, knowing she was his mate. "And we have two new warriors." he added. "Ivypaw and Dovepaw, have become Ivypool and Dovewing." he announced.

"Ivypool! Dovewing!" he noticed one tom in particular. Tigerheart of ShadowClan, calling Dovewing's warrior name the loudest, but he chose to ignore it.

He sat as Onestar stood to tell the other Clans about WindClan.

The Gathering seemed to take a short time, the moon in the same spot as when they began. "Gathering dismissed." Rowanstar meowed as he and the other leaders jumped out of the large oak. He followed, eager to return back to camp. He hated leaving his mate, especially now that she was expecting his kits.

Graystripe padded beside him. "The Clans seemed pleased that Sandstorm is expecting more kits." he mewed. "I have to admit, so am I." he mewed, bumping shoulders with Firestar.

Me too. Me too.

Chapter 2

He paced the clearing. It wasn't time for Sandstorm to kit just yet, but she had complained of stomach pains the night before. Graystripe sat beside him, watching as Firestar continued to pace.

"She's tough." he tried to comfort. "You know Sandstorm. When you two first met she was strong enough to tackle you down a hill and still hold on." he mewed to his leader and friend.

Firestar stopped pacing. He though back to when they had first met. He was just joining ThunderClan. She had been born there, and seemed to hate him. Eventually they became best friend. He couldn't ask for a better mate. "She was head strong. And stubborn." he mewed, thinking about her when she was still Sandpaw. "It's hard to imagine life without her." he added to himself.

"Firestar?" a gentle mew exited the nursery. His ears pricked as Leafpool left the nursery. "She's fine. I had to give her some poppy seeds to help her rest. Most likely just nerves." she mewed, padding past him.

"See. I told you she's fine." Graystripe mewed as he padded away.

Firestar continued to stand in the clearing. His belly relaxing from his recent worry. A tiny purr sounded from the lichen den and he stuck his head under the hanging lichen. Sandstorm was laying there, her eyes closed and her head on her paws. He padded over and lay on the outside of the nest, wrapping his tail around her plump belly. He closed his eyes, the feeling of Sandstorms rising and falling chest soothed him.

"Firestar?" Brambleclaw stuck his head into the nursery. "Some one is here to see you." there was a slight glimmer in his eyes.

Firestar blinked the sleep from his eyes. He stretched, his back in a high arch, and padded out of the nursery, leaving the still sleeping Sandstorm alone.

"Firestar!" a familiar voice echoed into the clearing. His eyes were squinted, the sun bright. His eyes adjusted and his mouth dropped. A raven-black tom stood in the clearing. His white tipped tail twitched. Behind him was a black and white tom. The toms blue eyes glowed with exhaustion.

"Ravenpaw! Barley!" he ran over to them. He wrapped his paws around his old friends. He stood back, giving them space to breathe. "I can't believe your here." he mewed. "How did you get here?" suddenly, memories of the long journey flooded behind his eyes. It took a very long time. They had to pass through Tribe territory just to get to the Lake, and now, Ravenpaw and Barley were here.

"We walked." Barley growled, though it was filled with friendliness.

"That's incredible."

Ravenpaw looked around, spotted his littermate, Dustpelt, who had not noticed he was there. "Dustpelt!" he called. The toms eyes flashed to him, surprise lighting them. He ran over. "Great StarClan Ravenpaw!" he mewed as he spotted his brother.

"Did someone just say Ravenpaw?" Sandstorm wobbled out of the nursery. He eyes lit up as she spotted their old friends.

"Kits?" Ravenpaw smiled. They had just told Ravenpaw the story of what had happened.

"Yes." Sandstorm nodded happily.

"Congratulations." he nodded, as did Barley.

"Well, you haven't told us why you came." Firestar mewed, still curious.

Ravenpaw blinked, glancing from Firestar and Sandstorm to Barley and back. "We came because, I am sick. And I don't think I'm going to get any better. I-I want a warrior name." he mewed.

"Of course." Firestar stood. "I'm sorry." he added to the black tom as he leaped up to the Highledge. "Cats of ThunderClan! Meet below the Highledge for a Clan meeting!" his yell echoed through the camp.

Cats gathered. Mingled mews of confusion and sadness filling the clearing.

"A old friend had returned to us. Ravenpaw was once a ThunderClan cat like us. Some of you remember him, while some of you don't. We've told stories and you've heard these stories. Ravenpaw has requested a warrior name. Now, raise your voice, if you have the same request!"

Yowls of approval echoed through the camp.

Firestar waited for the Clan to settle down, before continuing. "Ravenpaw," he began. "You have traveled far, with horrible news to share. And we honor you. You have courage and strength to go the farthest lengths." Ravenpaw smiled. "Ravenpaw, from this day forward you will be known as Ravenfeather!"

More yells of approval filled the clearing. "Ravenfeather! Ravenfeather!"

A moon had passed since Ravenfeather and Barley arrived at ThunderClan, but, with the arriving leaf-bare, they had to return home. Firestar said his farewells as the two toms left the territory. He watched as they crossed over the border. Graystripe and Dustpelt beside him. They began to pad back to camp, when the bushes in front of them rustled. A tom burst out, his gray tabby fur fluffed.

"Bumblestripe?" the toms father, Graystripe, mewed in surprise. "What's up?"

"She's started." he mewed. "Firestar, Sandstorm is kitting."

Chapter 3

"What?" he ran past the tom, worry flooding through him that he would miss the birth of his second litter. He raced into camp, the clearing filled with cats. Their gazes filled with worry. He stopped.

"What's wrong?" he asked, worried about what he would hear.

"Sandstorm." Daisy's mew was filled with grief. She opened her mouth to speak again but he ignored her, he burst into the nursery. Leafpool was standing over Sandstorm, Cinderpelt murmuring something he couldn't quite understand.

Cinderpelt's eyes flashed toward him. Her gaze too, was filled with grief.

"Firestar?" Relief washed over him as he heard his mates voice. "Is that you?" he nodded to her as she lifted her head. Leafpool and Cinderpelt moved aside to reveal a tiny body. It's fur wet. It's chest, unmoving. "We lost one." she mewed. "A tom." she added, crying.

He shook his head. "No." he mewed. "We didn't loose one. StarClan gained one." he mewed, looking down at her belly.

Sandstorm purred as she moved her tail, revealing three tiny kits. Their fur almost dry. One kit, the runt, nuzzled it's way past it's littermates, searching for a place to nurse. "She-cat." Sandstorm mewed, noticing he was looking at you. "She looks like Leafpool and Squirrelflight."

The runt had orange and brown spots, sitting atop a white pelt.

"Two toms." Happiness flooded him that they finally had sons.

One tom, the largest of the group, looked like Firestar. The other, looking just like his mother.

"Their beautiful." he mewed as he curled himself around her and their new kits.

"Honeykit, from this day, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Honeypaw. Your mentor will be Sorreltail." Firestar looked down at his daughter, her pelt pricked with excitement.

"Seedkit, from this day, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Seedpaw. Your mentor will be Dustpelt." He looked at his sand colored pelt fluffed up.

"Ravenkit, from this day, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Ravenpaw. Your mentor will be Spiderleg." the new apprentice looked at his father with pride. He reminded Firestar of himself. His eyes forest green, just like his.

"Honeypaw! Seedpaw! Ravenpaw!" cats yelled the new apprentices names as they touched noses with their mentors.

He quieted the Clan with a flick of his tail. "Tonight is the full moon Gathering." he mewed. "The apprentices will accompany the warriors for their first Gathering as apprentices."

"Yes." He heard Ravenpaw mew from beside Spiderleg.

"Hush." Honeypaw hissed at her brother.

"Both of you be quiet, dad is speaking." Seedpaw mewed as his father didn't hoped down from the Highledge.

"Unfortunately, this is not going to be a easy Gathering. The Great Battle is among us, and we must prepare to fight."

Eight moons later, after the events of the Great Battle.

"Seedpaw, from this moment, you will be known as Seedheart." Bramblestar meowed.

"Honeypaw, from this moment, you will be known as Honeyfrost."

"Honeyfrost! Seedheart!" the Clan yelled the two warriors names. Sadly, those were the only two names to be announced at the Clan meeting.

After the Great Battle, a patrol had found Ravenpaw. He was killed in the midst of battle. They granted him warrior name. Ravenfrost. In honor of him, they named Honeypaw after him, and she didn't mind.

Sandstorm watched her two kits being made warriors. Wishing her mate was their to personally give the names to his two other kits. Squirrelflight, the deputy and her daughter, moved to the nursery not long after Bramblestar had been made leader. Jayfeather and Lionblaze looked up at Bramblestar, a hatred in their eyes that not even Sandstorm could have. Squirrelflight had lied to both her mate and so called kits, about who their father and mother was. Now, Squirrelflight was having kits of her own, and Sandstorm couldn't be more proud.

The end.

What Happened After

Seedheart died of infection, not late after he had been made a warrior. He had no mate and no kits.

Honeyfrost lived a long life, became a mother and then elder, later dying of old age.

Thanks to all of you who read the story. Sorry it was so short, but I enjoyed writing what little I did. I enjoyed thinking about what would happen if Firestar did have more kits. I don't know if you could tell, but the time line may be a little(a lot) off, so just, ignore that. :). Also, can you guess which cats I named their kits after? Seedheart was named after the kit of Sorreltail and Brackenfur. Honeyfrost was named after Honeyfern, another kit of Sorreltail and Brackenfur. Finally, I hoped you guessed that Ravenfrost was named after Ravenpaw! I know that you may be thinking, "Ha. That's stupid. Why give him a warrior name?" well, because I wanted to give Ravenpaw the name he deserved.(I also think that may be the name Erin Hunter, would have chosen, but, don't quote me on that.) I really hope you enjoyed. I may not be able to write much more during the summer, but, who knows, maybe I can write another short story! Bye y'all.