This is a fanfiction where Firestar holds a party to celebrate the latest movies.

The Party

Firestar: Okay everyone, thanks for coming! We're all going to watch the latest movies back to back!

Cloudtail: Previews! I want previews! I want to see the commercial for Tigerstar's reign part seven, the Final Killing!

Tigerstar: (Smiles evily)

Heavystep: (Burps loudly)

Everyone: (stares)

Heavystep: We need more popcorn.

Sandstorm: (To Spottedleaf) I hate you.

Spottedleaf: I hate you too. That's why we're always trying to kill each other.

Commercial turns on. Mousefur on screen.

Mousefur on screen: Hello, little kits! Do you want to learn how to learn how to get rid Squirrelflight for 15 seconds?

(Everyone except for Squirrelflight, Bramblestar, and Ashfur): YES!!!

Squirrelflight: Well, I'm very insulted!

Bramblestar: I'm still mad at you about our so-called kits.

Ashfur: (Happily) I tried to kill them!

Squirrelflight: (Claws his face) Get out of here.

Mousefur on screen: Anyway, before we were rudly interrupted, you should get the latest movie, Getting Squirrelflight of your Tail, directed by none other than Ashfur!

Ashfur: I've had loads of practice!

Firestar: Shut up, you mouse-brain, the movies starting!

Tigerstar: It should start in fifteen seconds. I recon that because a to the second power plus b to the second power is equivalent to c to the second power, and c equals fifteen.

Firestar: No, I think that since a plus b minus a equals b, which is-

Snowkit: Do you mean that a times x to the second power plus b times x plus c equals zero? I mean, everyone know the cubic formula!

Tigerstar and Firestar: (Stare)

Snowkit: I mean, duh.


Graystripe on TV: Well, I must say, I've never met a she-cat I never liked.

Silverstream on TV: Oh, Graystripe, do you know what they say about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer?

Graystripe on TV: Well, baby, let's get closer.

Everyone: EWWWWW!!!

Silverstream: Great StarClan, how'd they know that happened?

Graystripe: I mean, they should be able to handle us kissing.

Darkstripe on TV: What's my name, you ask? Bond. Darkstripe Bond.

Mapleshade: Oh, Bond, you are amazing. The world is blowing up!

Darkstripe: Frankly, dear, I don't give a-

Spottedleaf: Anyway, it's the end of the fanfic! Good bye!

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