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Book 1
Preceded by:
Firestar Dies Succeded by:
After Firestar's Death

(Brambleclaw pads into Firestar's den.)

Brambleclaw: Hello, Firestar.

Firestar: What do you want?

Brambleclaw: Your...getting a little...old.

Firestar: I'm covered in mold?

Brambleclaw: Your getting old.

Firestar: I'm being sold?

Brambleclaw: Your getting old!

Firestar: I've found gold?

Brambleclaw: YOUR GETTING OLD!!!!!!!!!!

Firestar: You don't need to shout. Anyway, your point is...

Brambleclaw: You should retire to the elders den.

Firestar: NEVER!!!!! YOUR BANISHED!!!!!

Brambleclaw: But-

Firestar: LEAVE!!!!!

Brambleclaw: (Walks out of den muttering under his breath.)

(Firestar gets on high ledge.)

Firestar: Will all cats old enough to catch their own prey ect. Blah blah blah. You know the rest.

(Everyone comes.)

Firestar: Graystripe, your deputy.

Graystripe: But what about Brambleclaw-

Firestar: Your deputy, shut up!

(Firestar goes pack in den. Sandstorm pads in.)

Firestar: What do you want?

Sandstorm: Is something wrong?

Firestar: Shut up, Sandstorm! Geet your butt into the elder den, and take Dustpelt, Brackenfur, Brightheart, Cloudtail, and Thornclaw with you!

Sandstorm: But I-

Firestar: Your so old!!!

Sandstorm: I'm not much older than you-

Firestar: Shut up!

(Sandstorm walks out of den. Brokenstar, Clawface, Tigerstar, and Darkstripe come down from the dark forest.)

Firestar: Why are you here?

Clawface: To beat the mouse dung out of you!

(StarClan members apear.)

Firestar: I'm saved!

Whitestorm: Not excactly.

Bluestar: You have been a good leader, but your time is up.

Spottedleaf: Now, let's beat the mouse dung out of him!

(They all kills Firestar.)

Graystripe: (Walks in. Sees Firestar's dead body.) Yay! I'm leader now! (Gets dragged away by twolegs.) Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

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