a show by Foxey

We've heard about red-pelted cats. They are unique and usually have the prefix of "Fire". But in the Syndicates when a new breed forms... could the red cats' definition change forever?

Author's Note

Yes, I have a feeling this will be one of my best works, because I already am putting effort and emotion into it. I know I haven't really been good on Crime, so this is my make-up.

Season 1

Amber is a young she cat in the Sky Syndicate. At the age of 14 moons, she is admitted to Syndicate Academy. But there is something unusual about her. She is a Fire-pelt. And the only one in the world. In Season 1, the young she cat tries to fit in while doing dangerous assassin tasks.

Background Information

Here is something that helps knowledge of the Syndicates, and many more. Suggestion : Read it before you start the show

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