Firepack-The Dog Pack

Alpha:Coyotestar-Huge German Shepard he-dog

Commander:Arcticclaw-He-Samoyed with unusual blue eyes APPRENTICE,Islandpaw

Herb Dog:Cricketsong-She-cockapoo with smooth black fur

Pack Dogs:

Mineraltooth-Siberian Husky he-dog

Seaweedtail-Golden retriever she-dog

Bluefire-blue-coon tick hound he-dog

Spottedshadow-swift dalmation she-dog


Foxdapple-Russet-colored retriever she-dog

Branchstorm-Irish wolfhound he-dog

Fleetcoat-canaan she-dog

Pup-givers(she-dogs nursing or expecting pups):

Brightpoppy-basset hound, mother of Branchstorm's pups,Turtlepup, Tinypup, and Treepup

Waterflower-mixed breed, mother of Coyotestar's coming kits.

Aprentices: Islandpaw:golden labrador he-dog

Flipperpaw:Belgain teverian she-dog

Old Ones: Coalfoot-soot-colored labrador he-dog


The falling snow battered the roof of the nursery as the pack slept. A huge German Shepard took his watch over his dogs, long fur blowing around. A sudden flash awakened his senses. A spirit had decended from the Pack of the Stars. A Belgian Mallinois stood next to him. "Oh, Kodastar, wise leader of Starpack, what shall you need?" "The forest isn't safe. Run for the Mountain..." The spirit faded away. "But wait!" the dog barked. "That is where our cat clan friends live!" There was no reply. "I guess it must be done..."

The mountain awaits the spirit of the strike upon it!

Chapter 1-Shockpup

Coyotestar brushed his way through the members of the pack. They were crowded around the nursery, waiting to see Waterflower's pups. His own pups. Shockpup and Driftpup. They would be fine Pack Dogs one day. Waterflower lay in the nursery, two pups on her belly. They both lapped up her warm milk, coming because of borage leaves. The tiny pups arfed wildly. "Calm down, my babies." soothed Waterflower. "We don't want to wake up Brightpoppy!" Suddenly, a loud sound came from outside the forest-cliff. A blue-gray cat burst into the camp. "Coyotestar, the clans need your help! Bears are attacking, and dogs are the only ones who can fight them!" Wolfstar's patrol rushed to his side. Driftpup started arfing wildly.