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She-cats / The sisters

Leader: Blaze - Bright ginger cat

Healers: Raven - Black she-cat, Cloud - White she-cat

Hunters: Stripes - Golden she-cat with brown stripes

Briar - dark brown tabby she-cat

Sweet - Tortoiseshell she-cat

Rain - Silver she-cat

Willow - pale gray she-cat

Smoky - dark gray she-cat with blue eyes

QUEENS: Rose - cream she-cat with rose colored splotches, White chest, rose-brown front paw. ( mother of Pine - Brown tom, and Silver - white she-kit)

Fern - brown she-cat with black mark on head (mother of Fish's kits: Wind - pale ginger she-cat, Frog - Black tom, and Leaf - Tawny she-cat)

Spot - Black and white she-cat with amber eyes (mother of Black's kits: Snow - white tom, Storm - dark gray tom, and Tawny - pale tawny she-kit)


Leader: Night - Black tom

Healer: Pale - pale gray tom

Hunters - Finch - golden tom

White - White tom

Black - dark brown tom

Ash - black tom

Fish - Silver tom

Feather - pale ginger tom with one white paw


Gray - gray tom with white ear

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Bramblestar climbed the steep slope to moonpool, he was certain this was what he wanted to do, but his medicine cats, were not so sure,

"Bramblestar, are you sure you should do this?" Bramblestar turned to Jayfeather, who was walking beside him

"Of, corse! this will surprise everyone!"

Leafpool cut in "but at the cost of one of your lives?"

"Gee, Leafpool, I thought you would leap at this agreement?"

"I am exited, but very nervous."

Bramblestar faced the Moonpool and touched his nose to the water, and woke up on a sunny, grassy hill.

"Bramblestar" that was Bluestar, the former ThunderClan leader "Are you-"

"Yes!" Bramblestar cut in "I want t do this!"

Firestar padded in, "I am ready, Do it"

"Okay" Bluestar meowed "it has happened, wake up Bramblestar"

Bramblestar woke up to the sunlight, he turned and came face-to-face with Firestar, "Firestar" he yelled "I am so happy it worked!"

"Not Firestar," he meowed "Fireheart, they took away my nine lives."

Chapter 1

Fireheart was so exited, he was going to see his Clan mates again! he walked down the slope through ThunderClan territory happily.

"Okay," Bramblestar meowed "I will go talk to Cloudtail, Fireheart, you stay here"

Fireheart watched as Bramblestar walked up to Cloudtail, who was on guard, "it's strange" Cloudtail meowed "I smell, something, like. . . Firestar?"

"Thats me," Fireheart meowed stepping from the Bracken

"FIRESTAR!!!??" Cloudtail yowled running in circles. "It can't be! Your ALIVE"

Firestar went inside the camp, all was peaceful then Brightheart looked up "Firestar?" she meowed the next moment cats swarmed him, licking him or sniffing him, suddenly Bramblestar cleared his throat

"Ahem, everycat. Fireheart has re-joined the Clan"

"FireHeart? Cloudtail meowed.

"Yes" Fireheart spoke up "I returned to the clan, but the price is that I am no longer leader."

Chapter 2 (2 moons later)

Fireheart limped to Leafpool, "Leafpool" he meowed "I go a Thorn stuck in my paw, I tried to get it out but then it got messy"

"Here is some dock, chew it up then spread it on the wound,"

"what about the thorn?"

"oh, sorry, I was watching Cat Tube"

"Anyway, what is new?"

"LEAFPOOL! ALDERHEART!" Jayfeather ran in panting then meowed "I HAD A VISION! The Clans were fighting, but there were no clan cats, then a voice said: 'to survive Smoke must cloud the Fire' "

"Fire as in Fireheart?" Leafpool mewed.


Next Day

"Every cat!" Bramblestar yowled, Jayfeather has had a Vision. I will send: Alderheart, Fireheart, Twigbranch, and Squirrelflight. Go Now!"


Fireheart's paws were scraped a couple of times but he continued to move forward, it had been two days since leaving ThunderClan territory and he was weary

"when will we get there?" Twigbranch asked

"I am not sure" Alderheart meowed "I will check my iphone. Hmm it says we are a 90 minuite walk from a Twoleg farm."

"When did we get iphones?" Squirrelflight snorted

"Back in my day, we did not even have Wifi" Fireheart meowed

"wait, you mean you did not have Cat tube? or Facebook?" Twigbranch sounded shocked

"hey I have an idea," Squirrelflight mewed "lets play: how old is/was your mentor?"

"ohh I'll go first: Ivypool is older then my second mentor: Sparkpelt." Twigbranch meowed

"Mine was Dustpelt, he died before Alderheart was born!" Squirrelflight mewed

" My mentor was" Alderheart started

"Jayfeather" they all said

"you know, my mentor was older then all of you" Fireheart bragged

"REALLY??" everycat meowed

"sure he meowed: Bluestar was a Queen when Mousefur was a kit!"

"WOW bluestar is OLD!" Twigbranch meowed

"You know" Fireheart meowed "when I was your age there was no WIFI"

"WOW your older than my grandpa!" Alderheart mewed

"I am your grandpa" Fireheart hissed

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