Firefly is a series by Arti. It is about a rogue she-cat who has to deal with a terrible home in a small, war-torn Twolegplace where she's expected to marry her best friend. But then a cat comes along, promising to fix all that if she allows him to whisk her away to a place he says is magical....a forest without the laws of her harsh birthplace....


First Set - Dumpster Days

1. Perfect Story (So They Say)

2. Afraid

3. Everyday

4. Already Gone

Second Set - Escape to the Forest

1. Temporary Home

2. I Hate Myself for Losing You

3. Pocketful of Sunshine

4. The Best Day

Third Set - Fire in My Blood

1. Starts With Goodbye

2. Bring Me to Life

3. Gives You Hell

4. Fly Away

Fourth Set - Heartache Like Never Before

1. Whenever You Remember

2. Can't Stop the Rain

3. Everytime We Touch(Firefly)

4. About You Now

Fifth Set - Change

1. Long Shot

2. Better Then Revenge

3. Somewhere Only We Know

4. I'm Coming Home

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