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Warriors Fanfiction
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The following story is not canon to the Warrior Cats series. In fact, I'm using my own OCs and my own clan for this. Please don't steal my content.

- ✧ Sakuranyature ✧


The following story may contain some mentions of blood, hemophobiacs, beware.

- ✧ Sakuranyature ✧


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Blazestep became leader after Sprucestar died of redcough. Although Blazestar mourned his former leader, he still agreed to take the position, but he was lucky he did not lose the love of his life. Meadowtail and Blazestar improved their relationship by alot, and soon enough, Meadowtail was expecting Blazestar's kits. She met an old friend in the nursery, her name was Silverflower. Silverflower was a support to Meadowtail even if she was expecting kits herself. But when Meadowtail was finally kitting, something horribly wrong happened after she was done giving birth to her kits. Did she die? Or did she survive, let us find out...


"Alright Sprucestar, let's check your heath!" Darkstreak replied while Sprucestar was standing still, Sprucestar only has 1 life left and he is almost at the right age to retire.
Suddenly Sprucestar started vomiting blood. "Great StarClan..." Darkstreak meowed in horror, "I'm... fine.." Sprucestar continued vomiting blood.
Darkstreak started rummaging through his inventory, he knows the disease and the cure but he forgot to get the cure last Newleaf. "Oh StarClan, please just let him heal. He only has one life left!" Darkstreak looked up and asked StarClan. "StarClan... needs... me..." Sprucestar replied to Darkstreak, "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Darkstreak meowed as Sprucestar has breath his last breath. Sprucestar finally died. Darkstreak ran to Blazestep "Blazestep! Sprucestar died of Redcough!" the black tom meowed loudly in horror to the young deputy. "Sprucestar? This is a prank, right?" Blazestep replied. Darkstripe lead Blazestep to Sprucestar's dead body inside the Medicine Cat's den, Blazestep looked in horror. "I'm sorry..." Darkstrike replied.

Chapter One

It was the middle of the night, all related cats, even Darkstrike and Blazestep shared tounges with the late leader. Darkstripe saw Sprucestar's spirit arose to StarClan. Then the elders rubbed some herbs and carried Sprucstar's body with them. Blazestep stared at the elders carrying his former leader. The next day came, Darkstreak and a few other cats, including Meadowtail went to the Moonstone. Blazestep got his nine lives from his late parents, Sprucestar, and other cats he made friendships with. He then was now known as Blazestar, "I hail you by your new name, Blazestar. Your old life is no more. You have now received the nine lives of a leader, and StarClan grants you the guardianship of ThunderClan. Defend it well; care for young and old; honor your ancestors and the traditions of the warrior code; live each life with pride and dignity." Sprucestar meowed at Blazestar while Blazestar was touching the moonstone. Blazestar awoke and saw that hew was now leader. Darkstreak, Blazestar, and all the other cats that joined them returned back to camp safely.

Two moons later...

"Blazestar, I have something to tell you..." Meadowtail meowed at her mate. "What is it?" Blazestar replied back.
"I'm... pregnant..." Meadowtail softly mewed in Blazestar's ear. "That's... that's... the best thing I have ever heard from you, I hope that you and the kits are safe." Blazestar softly replied to Meadowtail.
Meadowtail went to the nursery and sat there "Hi Meadowtail!" meowed Silverflower.
"Hi Sliverflower!" Meadowtail replied. Meadowtail played with Silverflower when they were kits but had to go on seperate ways when they became apprentices. They talked about old memories and laughed like they were kits.

Another Two moons later...

Blazestar was busy hunting while his deputy, Leopardsky ran to him. "MEADOWTAIL'S KITTING!!!" he meowed to Blazestar.
"Kitting? MEADOWTAIL!!!" Blazestar ran back to camp but Darkstreak's apprentice, Frostpaw stopped the worried leader. When the delivery was over, Blazestar walked inside the nursery to spot a medium-sized puddle of blood and an exhausted Meadowtail. "You okay?" Blazestar asked his mate. "StarClan... needs me..." Meadowtail replied. "Nonononono, not yet, you have kits to take care." Blazestar motivates Meadowtail. "I'm sorry, unlike leaders, us queens, warriors, elders, deputies, and kits only have one life. I'ts time for me to let go..." Meadowtail replied. "No, don't leave me, don't leave me..." Blazestar tried to wake her up, "Sorry... Blaze... sta-..." she died on the spot.

Chapter Two