Glacierstar - White tom with gray paws and icy blue eyes


Hawktalon - Brown tabby she-cat with green eyes

Medicine Cat

Littlerose - black she-cat with green eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice

Shellpaw - cream she-cat with brown eyes


Sapphireheart - black she-cat with a gray chest

Fallenleaf - brown tabby tom with brown eyes, brother to Pinefall

Pinefall - brown she-cat with green eyes, sister to Fallenleaf

Silverdash - white tom with blue eyes

Snowgaze - white she-cat with blue eyes

Granitefang - gray she-cat with brown eyes

Lightningstrike - ginger she-cat with a white chest and blue eyes

Hollytuft - black she-cat with green eyes

Citrinepelt - orange she-cat with blue eyes

Swiftstride - white tom with amber eyes

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