the beginning


Destiny used to be something that was created by oneself. But the leaders of the newest settlers in the valley - Fire and Rainbow - have a different idea: Why not let the future tell the past what will happen to them? The idea is wild, but Fire and Rainbow, with the help of their friends, Blizzard and Flare must figure out a way to set a custom in their new home. 


The Valley - Rainbow is a leader who has run away from her old home when disaster left it in ruins. She works with three other leaders - Fire, Flare, and Blizzard - to help keep everyone in the pack of cats safe. Right now, they need a new home, and they have a place in mind: the valley. But an unexpected problem might stop them from making it there on time. 

Fire's Idea - Fire is now safely at the valley - but two important cats aren't there with her. Something happens to Fire, and she's left wanting to do something more for her band. A very unique idea comes to mind, and Fire must figure out if she can really pull it off.

The Ancestors - Fire is positive that her idea will work, but Rainbow isn't so sure. The only way to figure it out is to go to the Ancestors. But something happens, and  abet becomes more important than ever.

Flare's Rock - Everything seems to be fine, and Fire's plan is starting to work. But the unexpected shows up, and only Flare can find a way to help them.

Blizzard's Theory - [Rainbow POV]

The Acceptance - [Fire POV]

Rainbow's Journey - [Rainbow POV]

The Pool - [Fire POV]

First Destinies - [Rainbow POV]

The Home - [Fire POV]

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