fire rainbow

a show by sea

mysteries shroud our home

hiding everything within

but as the fire rainbow

we can make things

the way they should have been


the beginning

Destiny used to be something that was created by oneself. But the leaders of the newest settlers in the valley - Fire and Rainbow - have a different idea: Why not let the future tell the past what will happen to them? The idea is wild, but Fire and Rainbow, with the help of their friends, Blizzard and Flare must figure out a way to set a custom in their new home.

season one 

the secret

Renee and Fiona are two cats that were never destined to meet. Renee has chosen to follow her destiny - and become one of the next leaders of the valley, but Fiona has chosen to disregard her destiny and choose her own path. Learning of a fateful secret, Renee and Fiona must now figure it out - and find a way to save their home.


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