Secrets of Darkness Series

Book 2

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Falconstar, small, mottled light brown tabby she-cat with a scar across her face from a falcon attack when she was a kit. 

apprentice: Sunpaw


Sparkwish: Ginger she-cat.

apprentice: Larkpaw

Medicine Cat:

Cloudshatter. Beautiful dappled gray and white she-cat with ice blue eyes. 


Flamefoot: white tom with orange right front foot and amber eyes. 

apprentice: Snowpaw

Icepelt- tom with sharp blue eyes and snow white fur. 

Oakscar- battlescarred dark tabby tom.

Emeraldwhisker- shiny silver she-cat with emerald green eyes.

apprentice, Rainpaw

Leopardnight-Black she-cat with golden spots and dark eyes.

Foxeye- Ginger tom with amber eyes.

Weaselblaze-ginger and cream tom.

Copperbreeze-reddish brown tabby tom.

Hollycloud-soft gray tabby she-cat with green eyes

apprentice, Amberpaw

Moonstorm-silvery-white tom.

Flowertruth-tortiseshell she-cat.

Mossstripe-brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Mothsoul-pale brown tabby she-cat with darker brown circles around her eyes. her golden eyes look as if she can look right into your soul.

Lightheart-pale cream tom with yellow eyes.

Silenteyes-blind white she-cat with pupelless eyes, one green, one amber.

Lavendermoon-silvery tabby she-cat with strange purple eyes.

Turqoisemoth-pale brown tabby she-cat with turqoise eyes.

Greensong-Golden she-cat with bright green eyes.

Tabbyshade-Dark gray tabby tom.

Lightningstreak- Fast Ginger and white tom with jagged stripes like lightning


Larkpaw: Redish brown she-cat with blue eyes.

Sunpaw- fluffy, cynical, sharp-tounged, witty, light ginger tom with green eyes with yellow flecks. Created by Birdpaw.

Snowpaw- fluffy, pure white she-cat with green eyes with yellow flecks. Created by Birdpaw

Rainpaw- Smart, proud, long limbed, sleek, blue-gray she cat with sharp green eyes. Created by Birdpaw.

Amberpaw: Ginger she-cat with amber eyes.


Frozenfrost-icey white she-cat with ice blue eyes. Mother of Foxeye's kits, Tallkit (brown tabby tom.), Mistkit, (pale silvery blue-gray she-cat.) and Sorrelkit (Golden tabby she-cat)

Sweetmist- Pretty silvery gray she-cat. Expecfting Oakscar's kits.

Daywind-long-haired ginger she-cat. Expecting Copperbreeze's kits.


Gorsebranch: Graying tabby tom.

Marshflower: brown and gray she-cat.



Fallowstar- Big pitch black tom with sharp yellow eyes. 


Smokeshade: Dark gray, almost black tom with unusually deep, dark blue eyes.

Medicine Cat:

Olivefall- Sleek black she-cat with olive green eyes.


Cherryheart :orange she-cat with black spots and brown eyes. 

apprentice, Marshpaw

Toadnight- black and gray tom.

Blizzardpond- gray tom with lots of tiny white flecks and blue eyes.

Secretflower- half-clan tortiseshell she-cat.

Grayspring-Gray tom with strong legs.

apprentice, Volepaw

Emeraldwind-long-haried tabby she-cat with emerald eyes.

Automnspirit-ginger she-cat with golden eyes.

Hareowl-dusty brown and white tabby tom

Ravennight-cruel and bloodthirsty black she-cat.

apprentice, Rabbitpaw

Flowerwinter-white tortiseshell she-cat.

Siderstreak- black tom with silver streaks

Embernight-black tom with ginger paws.

Lizardbreeze-long-haired gray tom.

Speckleear-silver tabby she-cat with speckled ears.

Breezegaze-long-haired black tom with bright amber eyes.

Wettooth-gray tabby tom with blue eyes. He has sort of a plroblem and Drools.

Cloverclaw-flaming ginger she-cat


Marshpaw- dark gray-brown she-cat.

Volepaw- small brown tom with ginger flecks.

Rabbitpaw-mysterious brown tabby tom.


Dawnbird: Cream she-cat. Motherly and cares for all kits.Mother of Grayspring's kits Nightkit:( Dark gray she-cat) and Oakkit: (Mottled brown tom.)

Tinylily- small gray she-cat. mother of Hareowl's kit: Silverkit (Silver she-cat)


Sleepyshine- cream tom.

Blossemleaf- tortiseshell she-cat.



Rabbitstar - Light brown tom, skinny. Pale blue- almost gray- eyes. 


Whitewillow, small, lithe white she-cat with tabby patches and green eyes. 

Medicine Cat:

Duskfeather, a mottled brown she-cat with bright amber eyes. 


Grasswing: Golden she-cat with green eyes.

apprentice: Swiftpaw

Beetleshine: black tom.

apprentice, Moorpaw

Amberdapple: gold she-cat with brown dapples on her pelt and green eyes. 

Berryflame- ginger tom with amber eyes.

Birchtail-Dark brown tabby tom

apprentice, Brokenpaw

Robinsun-Ginger she-cat with amber eyes.

Betrayaltruth-reddish brown tom with strangely dark eyes.

Midnightshade-black she-cat with gray eyes.

Hawkfang- brown tabby tom.

Bloodnose-ginger tom with an infected nose wound that always re-opens. 

Thrushspring-golden brown she-cat with green eyes.

Cloudedsnow-pretty white she-cat with one blind eye.

Racoondawn- Ring-tailed long-furred pale gray she-cat

Ivoryclaw- shiny-furred brown tabby tom with unusually long and sharp claws.

Goldenfur-Golden tom

Eagleflight-fast brown and white tom.

Willowberry-Silvery white she-cat

Russettruth- Ginger and white she-cat.


Swiftpaw: Tortiseshell she-cat.

Moorpaw-Golden brown tabby tom.

Brokenpaw- Gray-and-white tom with a broken tail.


Mallowcloud-Gray she-cat with green eyes. Mother of Berryflame's kits Milkkit (Cream tom with ginger patches ), Onekit (Fluffy mottled brown tom.), Breezekit, (Long-haired Silver she-cat ), and Echokit (Silver and white she-cat)

Kestralshimmer- shiny-furred brown she-cat (Mother of Ivoryclaw's kits Brakenkit (grayish Ginger tom. to be name) and Springkit (Long-haired silver tabby she-cat.)


Harepelt: dark tabby tom.

Deadflight-Dark tabby tom with broken paw.



Splashstar: White she-cat with silvery-gray patches.


Silvermist - A pretty silver she-cat with light blue eyes. 

Medicine Cat:

Toadstone: Old pale gray tom.


Stoneheart: fierce gray tabby tom with cold green eyes. 

Lightsky: Pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with light blue eyes. 

Bramblepelt: Senior warrior. Dark brown, almost black, longhaired Tom with amber eyes.

Stargaze, long-limbed, night-black she-cat with glossy fur, a white patch around one eye, and sky blue eyes.

apprentice: Storkpaw

Troutsplash: blue-gray tom with white paws and blue eyes. 

Grayclaw- dark gray tom.

Wavetruth-blue gray tom.

apprentice, Runningpaw

Reedsoul-reddish brown tabby tom.

Pearlstripe- shiny furred pinky-cream she-cat with sea-green eyes

apprentice, Pinkpaw

Cedarsecret- Secretive Dark tabby tom.

Hopesnow- White she-cat.

Darklight- dappled white and black tom.

Terrorpond- blue-gray tom.

Petalfeather- fluffy tortiseshell she-cat

Winternight-black she-cat with white spots.

Leafwing-golden tabby she-cat.

Troutfur: Silvery gray tom.

Mallowbreeze - A gray she-cat with pretty green eyes.


Storkpaw- A long-legged tom, white with black legs and blue eyes. 
Pinkpaw- pinkish ginger she-cat.
Runningpaw- Gray and white tom.


Icelily-white she-cat. Expecting Cedarsecret's kits.


Minnowstream: Silvery-gray she-cat very old and the oldest cat in the clans.

Cats Outside the clans

Elm: Old loner. Mottled brown tom.

Scratch: Fierce black tom.

Duchess: Fluffy white kittypet she-cat.


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