Kay, so I've been begged to do more poems, so her is another! Read, comment and enjoy. Your feedback  is really important to me so do comment. :D Sorry about the weird title. There's already a page called Feathertail's Poem.

A Noble Death

I watch as Sharptooth lunges forward

I feel his fear rippling through me

I try to tell myself, you are the      

chosen one. But it doesn't work.

The monster roars, a huge beast that makes
Tumblr mhl3hs71fI1qix24wo1 1280

A fox look like a mouse.

Visions dance before my eyes, my

More than imperfect life flashing past

In front of me. The terror licks through my bones,

As the screaming begins. The hunter is ready.

It smiles in a friendly way as it saunters

Forward to kill Him. He remains still.

But I react. Finally, my limbs move and I

Scream out a battle cry, the last one

I'll ever call. The rock tumbles down from the

Ceiling, taking me with it. I let the pain ride over me,

Sail over my aching muscles. I take a last breath, a

Short, shuddering breath. He is leaing of me.

'Feathertail,' He whispers. 'Don't leave me!'

I smile weakly, my head spinning, my mother

Calling to me for the galaxy of stars

Come to me, she calls, though her mouth does

Not move. Her honey sweet words drift through my ears,

And I stretch my paws out to her silvery voice.

His face blurs and His eyes come in and out of focus,

They pierce me, and the pain in my shoulder shoots

Through me, pumping and pumping like my second heart.

I wail and wail, but no one comes, only His blue pupils

Gazing down at me. One single tear belonging to Crowpaw

Falls onto my chest, 'Don't make me save you again.'I whisper, barely audible.

And then I'm gone.

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