Story for Holly's contest.

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"Rainstreak, you can't do this!"

"I can, Moonsong, this is a war."

"It's not a war between you and me!"

"It is now."


Rainstreak and Moonsong wanted to be mates, but a war between the two sides of their Clan is tearing them apart. Rainstreak wants to forget her and try to live a normal life with Mouseflare, but he knows he can't. With hopelessness surrounding them and a war raging around them, they have to make a decision. Either they flee and live by themselves, or face the truth.


The shadowy trees swayed in the winds, and the silhouettes of cats were darting in and out of the trees. You can see the murky pond that is separating the two groups of cats. You can hear the snarls as they pace around the bank of the pond. And when you ask yourself what is going on, the only answer would be: war.

There used to be peace among this Clan, but things started to fall apart. Arguments between the Clan began to tear it from inside out, cat by cat, piece by piece, and mind by mind. No cat trusted another, and there was no more of this "peace" among the Clan.

The Clans around this "peaceful" Clan used to love socializing with them at Gathering. Now, it's like a hostile meeting with two new Clans there. There's never peace under a full moon, even StarClan can't control them now.

What happened you ask? Well, a lot of things happened. The Clan was separated into two groups, the fighters and the hunters. They were both known as "warriors" the general term for a Clan cat. But they were jealous and angry at one another.

And inside these two groups, are two lovers. Their names? Rainstreak and Moonsong. They were destined for each other, their love granted by StarClan themselves. But one was a fighter, and one was a hunter. This led to dispute among them.

Moonsong was a kind and caring she-cat. She was pale gray, her dusk-gray fur fluffed up against the harsh, cold nights. She used to sleep by Rainstreak, despite the fact they were supposed to be sleeping in different dens.

Her job? A hunter. She was one of the best. If you had seen in her action, you would see a blur of gray and then a shriek from the prey. She was naturally fast, which was why her family raised her to be a hunter. Yes, normally you're raised to be what your family was, but Moonsong was different. She was born in a family of fighters, but her speed and her lithe shape made her change her bloodline, joining the hunters. But she still took on a fighter mate.

Rainstreak had a short temper; he wasn't as patient as Moonsong. He cared about his mate, but when it came to family and loyalty to his group, he tried to cast her out. He wanted to pretend that she didn't exist, that she was an enemy, but it failed.

I can see him now, standing at the border of the two groups, staring at the pale gray she-cat who he had once called his mate. His dark gray fur was rippling like waves, and his azure eyes pierced Moonsong's skin.

You can see him staring at Moonsong, his eyes full of longing. He wants to be with her, but he knows he can't. It's like breaking the warrior code, but this time for a family you belong in.

Moonsong? She's a loyal she-cat through and through. Even if her family, her mate is on the other side of the war, she'll always care for them. Rainstreak should cherish this, but he tried to let it go foolishly.

It started on the night of the full moon, before the Clan had set out for the Gathering. The fighters had accused the hunters of lounging around while they had done all the hard work defending them. It was a huge dispute.


"You hunters are so lazy you never do anything but eat and sleep! We're taking all the hits and wounds just for you! I don't see how you're known as 'warriors'." Mouseflare hissed, her eyes on Moonsong. Her brown tail lashed in anger.

Birdsong bared her teeth at them. "We feed you! We help you while you fight the battles and patrol the territory. Without us, you would starve."

Duskclaw laughed, "You think you're so great, but really, you are nothing."

They were former mates, and Birdsong even had kits. She had a tail wrapped protectively around Smallkit and Blackkit, who were mewling fiercely.

Birdsong flattened her ears. "I can't believe you think like that, Duskclaw! Have you ever tried to hunt for yourself? You fighters don't even understand the concept of hunting and how to survive out in the wild. Admit it, you would never survive without us."

"Will we?" Duskclaw laughed, his yellow eyes staring at Birdsong. "If we were not here to protect you and your worthless hunters, you would all be dead. The other Clans would have slaughtered you all easily before you could say 'mouse'."

Birdsong stared at him, her hostile blue eyes flaring. "You don't even understand how important the hunters are!"

"No, I don't."

She snarled and lashed her tail. "As the leader of the hunters, I declare that the fighters should back off before things get worse. We hold the right to have the title 'warriors'!"

"What if we don't?" Duskclaw laughed. "I am the leader of the fighters. Even if we don't back off, there's nothing you can do about it. We're better than you at fighting, and we can easily beat you down in a fight. You should be the one backing down."

Birdsong stared at him. She curled her tail around her kits and hissed. "I thought you were better than that, Duskclaw. You were supposed to be their father."

Duskclaw flicked his tail. "I don't care for them. I don't care who they are. If they are siding with you, then they are nothing to me."

"You can't mean that!"

"Of course I mean that." Duskclaw snarled. "We may have been mates awhile ago, but now, we are at war. We're over, BIrdsong."

"What about Blackkit and Smallkit?"

Duskclaw stared at the little scraps. "This will determine it." He lunged for Birdsong, but she twisted out of the way, snarling.

"What are you doing?"

"Ending our relationship and starting the war!"

It ended way too quickly, with Birdsong dead. Duskclaw stared at the two kittens, who were being a nuisance by mewing. He shook his head and turned away from them. "We're done here, fighters. Hunters, you better move out of this camp and settle on the other side of the lake of GorseClan."

Then the two sides turned their backs on one another, starting the war, starting a new age.


You see now? This was the start of the separation of the Clan. A Clan that tore each other apart. They no longer exist; there is no more of this Clan.

This, was GorseClan.

Sun and moon

Rain and cloud

A war is starting

Let it be allowed

Chapter One - Rainstreak

I was so frustrated. I still remembered the awful night when Moonsong and I had went our separate ways. I know that I had said some bad things about her, but I couldn't believe she would choose the hunters over her family and her mate.

Mouseflare was amazing. She had the spite and she was always ready to take action. In fact, Firesong had made her the deputy of the fighters. I was in fact, proud of her.

It's hard to remember all the good times I shared with Moonsong now that we're at war. The fighters are obviously winning in battles, but we don't have enough prey for us. Of course we don't know how to survive. So many of our best warriors are falling ill because of fatigue and the loss of prey. I didn't want to admit it, but perhaps we really need hunters to help us hunt.

It's been a moon since we've been fighting. Cats were dying everyday, mostly the hunters, but some fighters were dying too.

Then I realized a fact about the hunters. Not only were they skilled at hunting, but they had battle spirit in them, and they knew how to fight.

Sure, we had better moves, but none of us knew how to stalk prey, catch prey, or even chase prey the correct way. There was no way to survive like this.

That's how most of our days started, wandering about without food and water, trying to fight off the hunters.


Mouseflare stretched. "You ready to try some hunting, Rainstreak?" She called to me, her brown tail flicking impatiently.

I nodded, still half-asleep. "We might as well, I haven't eaten in days."

She sighed. "I just wish Firesong would listen to me. We can use a prisoner from the hunters, and use them to hunt. Then we wouldn't have to worry about hunting ourselves."

"What if they don't hunt for us?"

"Then we kill them!" Mouseflare snapped, her temper reaching the limit. "Sorry, I thought it was an obvious answer." She muttered, barely audible.

I shrugged it off. "What if they just keep refusing to feed us? We are at war, Mouseflare." I pointed out, my darker gray tail swishing.

Mouseflare narrowed her eyes. "If they all die, then we win the war. End of them, and we become the warriors of GorseClan."

Is there even a GorseClan anymore?

I knew there was no arguing with Mouseflare. Whatever she wanted was what she expected. That was something I liked about her. She didn't ponder her every move like Moonsong would. Moonsong... I missed her a lot, but I would never admit it.

I had to turn away from her. She rejected me and betrayed me. I thought she would remember that her mate was on the fighters side, and she would come back to her family.

But she didn't.

Mouseflare stalked ahead, grumbling about my ignorance and my stupid plans. I wanted to snap back at her, but she was the deputy, and there was no point in getting punished for words.

"Come on; see if you can find a mouse or two."

I nodded and sniffed the air, but the scents were all jumbled and confusing. I wrinkled my nose and sighed. Sometimes I hated Moonsong because she seemed much ore superior than me.

Wandering around while trying to find prey, I successfully found out that I was horrible at walking. My paws were causing leaves to crunch, branches to snap, and bushes to groan and swish. Birds were cawing and flapping away before I could get in leaping range of them. There was no way I could catch anything like this.

I must have wandered too close to the border because there was a whiff of hunters scent, and I jerked back. "Did you lose your way and wanted to join us?"

Lifting my head slowly, I stared into the eyes of Moonsong.

"What do you want?"

Times are changing

Nothing is the same

Everything is burning

As bright as a flame

Chapter Two - Moonsong

I would have never thought he would sound so hostile. I took a step towards him, but he jerked back, gritting his teeth. "Well?"

I sighed. "I really wanted to visit you, that's all." I confessed, staring into the depths of his azure blue eyes. They were mesmerizing. His dark gray tail tip flicked nervously, and he growled softly.

"You know we're on different sides of the war now. After Duskclaw killed his mate Birdsong, everyone who had a mate in the other group would have to stop being their mate. We can't risk it..." He sounded anguish, as if he really wanted to break the rules and risk it. "I want to be with you, but you know we shouldn't even be talking right now..."

With my shoulders drooping, I turned away from him. "I thought you would do anything for love, Rainstreak. We're supposed to be mates!"

"Yes but you know what happened to Brightflower and Sunpelt. When they tried to meet each other every other night, they got killed because of their relationship. I don't want that to happen to us." Rainstreak protested, his dark eyes glimmering with sadness.

I gritted my teeth. "This isn't about the two groups; this isn't about GorseClan, Rainstreak. This is about us. I know the risks, everyone does, and I'm willing to take it. Please, Rainstreak, in the eyes of StarClan, we're still mates."


"And we can't just fall apart, like everyone else is." I growled, hackles rising. "You know how much you mean to me. I'm not going to let a war like this separate us."

"No, we have to try to keep apart." Rainstreak hissed, his eyes angry but anguished.

I lowered my head for a bit. Then I lifted it back up, my stormy blue eyes meeting his deep sea ones. "Rainstreak, you can't do this."

"I can, Moonsong, this is war."

"Not a war between you and me!"

"It is now."


I was sitting by the lake, staring into the depths of the blue water. The rippling waves billowed across, causing little shudders to pass through the body of water. It was almost as if the lake was alive, like the cats around it.

What happened yesterday still haunted me. Didn't Rainstreak love me? Wasn't I worth the risk of going against the war?

To me, he was worth the risk.

I didn't go near the border anymore, saying that I wanted to hunt these few days instead of patrolling or I wanted to practice in battle training.

We practiced more and more everyday, knowing that the fighters were more experienced in fighting then we were. I remembered the gaunt look in Rainstreak's face. They must have been fighting all day instead of hunting, or they just didn't have enough food because of their skills.

"Moonsong, want to go hunting today?"

My best friend, Iceshimmer, knew what I was going through. She even knew that Rainstreak was still technically my mate. I told her about my visit to him yesterday, and she had been sympathetic about it. She used to have her own mate, but he had turned away from her after the war had started.

"Sure." I agreed, padding up to meet her.

"You're still thinking about Rainstreak, huh?" She murmured, her eyes like chips of ice. "You should just let him go, I mean, if he's so afraid of the consequences, what kind of mate can he be to you?"

"Well, it's just that..." I stuttered a bit. "I can't just let him go because, well, I need him to help me."

"With what?"

I shuffled my paws nervously, knowing this was the time i got everything out. "Iceshimmer, I'm having kits." I finally admitted, "And Rainstreak's the father."

It's always better to admit

More than hide things away

But the past is dangerous and murderous

For it won't hesitate to slay

Chapter Three - Rainstreak

I was curled up in my nest, shuddering about what I had said to Moonsong. I regretted saying that, I knew she woudl risk her life for me. There was no doubt about it. That's why I loved Moonsong so much. But in her eyes, I had failed.

I considered going back to the border and seeing if I could contact Moonsong again. But I ruled that option out. Mouseflare had been watching me like a hawk ever since I had returned from my "hunting" trip. She was staring at me now, outside of the den, as if waiting for me to come out and join her.

As if on cue, Mouseflare called out to me. "Rainstreak, I'd like you to go on a border patrol!" She called out. "Then can you try to hunt?"

I groaned and padded outside. Mouseflare's amber eyes bore into mine. They softened when they met my gaze. She purred. "I'll even join your patrol."

I managed a small smile and nodded. I wanted to fit in with all the mating going on; so many fighters were looking forward to having new kits, now that they lost many of them to the hunters. Yet he couldn't find the heart to love Mouseflare.

She brushed against me. "I'm glad you didn't join your old mate, what's her name? Moonshine?"

"Moonsong." He snapped suddenly. Mouseflare turned to stare at him, and he stuttered. "It's just an instinct I'm used to." He muttered. "She used to be my mate, remember?"

"I thought you would forget her as easily as the others." Mouseflare mewed pointedly, "Whatever, go call Whitefrost and Petalfall and we'll go." She mewed briskly.

I nodded and quickly padded back into the den to call the two warriors. The she-cats groomed themselves quickly and slid out of the den, "Are we allowed to get a quick snack first?" I called to Mouseflare, whose eyes were slits.

She didn't reply, so I took that as a yes. Snatching a mouse from the meager fresh-kill pile, I once again thought about the consequences of fighting against the hunters.

Mouseflare snapped. "Hurry up, Rainstreak. We don't have all time to wait for you; hungry bellies are waiting for you to hunt for them while you stuff your mouth with that last mouse."

I guilty shoved the last portion of the prey to the nearest queen, which happened to be Fernflight. She dipped her head graciously and brought it back to her kits.

Mouseflare stared at me frostily, and I shifted slightly. Her mood changed so quickly, and I didn't understand why. She was an edgy she-cat.

"Alright, we're going to patrol both sides of the border. Whitefrost and Petalfall, you patrol the mountain side of the border, Rainstreak and I will patrol this side."

Whitefrost shot me an apologetic glance, and I tried to ignore it. Surely Mouseflare would still be in a good mood to hunt and patrol with me?

She seemed to relax around me, and started to strike up a conversation. "So, do you think you'll find another mate in the fighter's?" She asked nonchalantly.

I shrugged. "I've got some thoughts about it."

"Any she-cats in... particular?" She asked hesitantly, as if she was hoping for a certain answer. I only shrugged.

"A few."

She seemed to deflate a bit and padded briskly ahead of me. I sighed and hurried after her, not sure how I was supposed to cheer her up. Sometimes she-cats were so confusing. It was easier with Moonsong, since she loved every bit of me, and I loved every bit of her.

I shook my head, I had to stop thinking about her. Loving and meeting with her would only mean punishment and torture. I couldn't risk it.

Yet, after all the patrolling and the hunting, that night, I still crept out to see if I could catch Moonsong out in the night.

Oh StarClan, please let me be with Moonsong.

War isn't right

Neither is forbidden love

But life is a bird

A stricken, flying dove

Chapter Four - Moonsong

Iceshimmer was staring at me in utter surprise. "What?" She swished her tail, pondering over this. "Does Rainstreak know? Is he excited? Is he even visiting you anymore?"

All her questions poured out of her mouth and hit me. I started to stammer. "Well I kind of just found out right before the war, and I didn't tell Rainstreak the last time I saw him. I think he's still going to meet with me, though we might never be able to see each other again..."

Iceshimmer started to jabber about the kits. "I can't wait until they come out, Moonsong. I'll help you through every step. Though you'll have to ask a certain tom to be your 'mate', they won't let you keep those kits if they know it's Rainstreak's too."

I nodded. "I've thought about that, and I wanted to ask Wolfheart."

"My brother?" Iceshimmer laughed a bit. "He certainly admires your strength and your courage in standing up against your own mate. He thought I was just accepting the fact that my mate turned me away, not like you. He doesn't know all the facts." She added.

Purring slightly, I mewed. "Yeah well, I'm pretty sure he's in love with me, so that'll help. Though I'm not sure how I'm going to keep up with him..."

Iceshimmer stifled a laugh. "He's startling at first, but he's really kind afterwards. He'll treat with the respect you deserve, and he'll protect your kits with all his heart."

"I'll even get him for you." She added.

Minutes later, she was back with Wolfheart. He purred when he saw me and linked my tail with his. "How are you doing, Moonsong?"

I purred back. "I'm doing fine. I actually have some good news with him." Even when I was with Rainstreak, I had hung out with Wolfheart a lot, and he had probably developed a liking in me. It was probably normal to say that he could have been my mate. I took this opportunity to cover the veil around me and Rainstreak by adding Wolfheart in here.

"What is it?"

"I'm having kits." I mewed carefully, trying not to mention him as my mate. Then I wouldbe considered a liar, and I couldn't afford that.

"My kits?" He mewed, looking delighted. "That's wonderful, Moonsong. I can't wait until they are born. I knew you would put down that mange-pelt Rainstreak for me."

I resisted the urge to strangle him. I flattened my bristling fur and nodded. "Yes, I'm having kits. I can't wait for them to be born too." I added, and silently thought. So I can rejoice with Rainstreak, not you.

He stroked my flank with his tail, scooting closer. "I'll be the best father I can be to our kits." He murmured. "You'll never have to even think about them or worry about them because I'll keep an eye on them."

I struggled in conceal my smile. "Thanks, Wolfheart."

Iceshimmer started to giggle, and I gave her a glare, trying to silence her. That only made her burst out laughing, and Wolfheart gave her a very confused glance. Wolfheart tentatively smiled, then stood up to leave. "I better get back or Lightstreak will have my tail."

I waved goodbye to me new "mate" and turned to Iceshimmer. "Thanks, Iceshimmer." I mewed graciously. "Without you, I wouldn't have been able to find a mate in time for my kits."

She nodded and purred. "Well, that's what friends are for."

I purred and nodded too.

Right before I left, I spotted a pair of dark blue eyes framed by dark gray fur. I heart froze, and I opened my mouth to say an apology before he spun around and fled.


Love is a strange thing

It twisted and turned

One cat cannot confess

Afraid of being spurned

Chapter Five - Rainstreak

I was alreadly streaking away towards the fighter's camp, panting hard. I felt true to my Clan name, like a raindrop streaking through the sky. I definitely felt like my heart was pummeling down like a stone. I couldn't believe my ears. Maybe they were malfuctioning or something - if that is a thing and such - but I saw Moonsong's shocked look when she saw me in the bush.

Mouseflare called to me when I burst into camp. "Rainstreak, I've been wondering where you've been." Her eyes glinted madly. "Do you care to take a walk with me?"

I tried to put on my silliest smiles. "Sure, why not?"

She purred slightly, but her amber eyes were full of malice and anger. I wondered why I ever thought about being her mate.

We padded back through the gorse tunnel, and Mouseflare mewed. "Have you gotten over Moonsong?" That was an odd question to be asked from her. She usually was insensitive about me and my family life. Normally she loved to ask if I wanted an apprentice, which I did.

"Pretty much." I managed to lie. "I mean, it's no use still chasing her huh? We're on separate sides now." I pointed out, trying not to lose my face.

Mouseflare flicked her tail, looking as though she was trying not to shout in glee or something. Something was going on here. "How do you feel about me?" She finally asked.

My ear twitched, "Well, you're really nice." I started, but thought, Yeah right, you look as though you're going to rip open my belly. "And I think you would make a really good mother." I finished.

Mouseflare purred. "You're really nice, Rainstreak." She mewed, her pelt brushing mine. I flinched slightly, and I knew that Mouseflare noticed it.

We stopped near the edge of the lake, where Mouseflare dabbed at the water. "I've always envyed the warriors who found mates within their own groups. I had a love once you know." She added when I didn't reply.

I turned sharply to stare at her. "You did?"

She smiled sadly, the first genuine sign I had seen from her today. "I did. In fact, he was a hunter, just like Moonsong is."

The mention of Moonsong bit at my heart. I remember too much about what had just happened. Mouseflare went on as though nothing was wrong. "His name was Brambleheart, and I really loved him. He was really kind to me, always offering the richest prey, but right before the war, there was an unfortunate accident, and he died."

The story didn't seem right to me. I remembered Brambleheart, the caring tom who had been a she-cat's dream. So Mouseflare had been his mate?

But I knew for a fact that Brambleheart didn't have a mate. Something about Mouseflare's story didn't add up.

Was there something I didn't know?


I continued to stare at the water's edge even after Mouseflare had padded away. Before today? I would have raced to the border to see if Moonsong was there. Now? I wasn't so sure I wanted to know what was going on between her and Wolfheart.

Still, I found my paws carrying me to the border and I stared across. Iceshimmer was sitting there, staring at me. "You finally came." She noted.

"I wasn't coming to see you." I pointed out icily.

"I don't think you intended on seeing anyone today." She mewed back, her cold blue eyes staring frostily back to me. "Now say whatever you want to tell Moonsong, and be on your way."

I narrowed my eyes. "Why would I have anything to say about Moonsong?" I stared at her. Surely Iceshimmer didn't know about Moonsong and I?

"You are her mate right?" Iceshimmer growled back. "Don't tell me you're rejecting her now. After all this time too."

I bristled slightly. "Why should I care what she's doing? After all, she loves Wolfheart now doesn't she?" Oops, I had just told my enemy that I had loved Moonsong.

Iceshimmer calmly licked her fur. "Just to inform you, Moonsong trusted with me the information about her meeting with you. As for her with Wolfheart, you should get the entire story before judging and making a decision."

She turned and sauntered away. At the bushes, she called over her shoulder. "It may help with your decisions about another mate of yours."

Then she was gone.

Choices are the worst

They were always hard

Life is all about choices

Playing the last card

Chapter Six - Moonsong

I sighed nervously. I knew that Iceshimmer had been covering the border for me while I had to deal with my Clanmates fussing over me. Wolfheart was the worst, he followed me everywhere, and never let me out of his sight.

Which meant no visiting Rainstreak.

Biting my lip, I thought about what Rainstreak had been doing under that bush that night. He was obviously trying to talk to me, but I had created a void of tension between us due to my fake act with Wolfheart. I just hoped that Iceshimmer was sending the messages to him.

So when Iceshimmer had come back and told me that Rainstreak had been at the border and Iceshimmer had snapped at him, I exploded.

"You were supposed to tell him the news, not tell him he's a freak and he shouldn't make quick decisions! He doesn't even know that you know about him and me!"

We were standing out in the forest, where Iceshimmer had barely managed to get Wolfheart to stop watching me.

Iceshimmer sighed. "He's a jerk if you ask me." She growled. "He obviously doesn't get how much the kits will affect you if you don't have a 'mate' in the group. Plus, he should know you, you wouldn't abandon him just like that."

Wolfheart was nice, but very annoying. Maybe Iceshimmer was right, I wouldn't just abandon him like that. "Okay, tell Wolfheart to shove off before I bite his head off, and I'm going to visit Rainstreak."

"Wonderful." Iceshimmer mewed sarcastically. "That sounds like a great idea. Tell me when the fighters capture you."

"Okay, I will."

Padding away quickly, I trotted towards the border. A strong scent of the fighters hit me, and I stumbled to a stop. The scent normally wasn't this strong. Did Rainstreak betray me?

I sniffed the air, noticing the scent was slightly fresh. The patrol must have moved on by now. I padded forward, taking each step with care. Then I heard a rustling noise behind me and whirled around. But it was too late. Mouseflare lunged out at me, grabbing me and shoving her tail into my open mouth.

I bit down heard, causing her to gasp and shriek in pain.

Rainstreak suddenly appeared on my other side, pinning me down. I glared up at him, and he stared down at me coldly. Then his gaze shifted to my swollen belly.

Mouseflare saw it too. "Oh, so you're expecting kits are you?" She cackled madly. "That only makes it better. Rainstreak, take her back. I'll see if I can get anymore cats."

Rainstreak yanked me upwards, and guided me quickly out of the clearing. "What are you doing?" I hissed angrily as he pulled me along.

"Taking you back to camp." He snarled back. "What do you think?"

"I'm your mate!" I shot back. "You can't just betray me to the fighters. Are you doing this because you're afraid of breaking the new laws?"

Rainstreak bristled. "Says the one who mated another tom while being in the hunters."

I stopped abruptly and stared at him. "That's what you believe? That I mated Wolfheart with my own free will? You know I'm having kits, and he's not my mate. I just had to have him in order to slide past the suspicion. You were just there at the wrong time."

Rainstreak froze. "Then I'm making a terrible mistake in bringing you back to the camp."

"You are aren't you?" I mewed scathingly back. "Well, you don't have much of a choice, Mouseflare's coming."

He sighed. "I'll get you out, I promise." Then he led me towards the camp once more.

This isn't going to turn out well, I know it isn't.

It's only for today

That's what she hopes

Thinking that tomorrow will be a new day

Is how she's going to cope

Chapter Seven - Rainstreak

As I padded into camp with Mouseflare taking up the rear, I knew that I was in big trouble. Everyone stared between Moonsong and I, then to Mouseflare. The smirk in her gaze confirmed everything. She knew exactly what was going on between us.

"Duskclaw." Mouseflare announced. "I bring to you the two traitors of the new laws. Rainstreak and Moonsong have been meeting with one another, and they are even having kits!"

She overheard us...

I paled visibly, but Moonsong shouted. "No! The kits were already there when GorseClan first split apart. Rainstreak and I are doing nothing wrong."

Mouseflare snorted. "I've seen the looks in Rainstreak's eyes. He doesn't care about me, he only wants you. He thinks he's so clever, trying to side with me, but I know!"

I winced slightly. So this was all my fault. Moonsong stared at me for a moment, then turned to Duskclaw. "If I join the fighters, would this all matter? You would have more prey, and more warriors to use against the hunters."

Duskclaw eyed her hastily. "I don't trust you." He snarled. "You will remain my prisoner. Yes, you will feed my warriors, and your kits will be tributes against the hunters. You have no choice, Moonsong. You're ours now. As for Rainstreak..."

I tensed. "You'll be under my watch, but I'll still allow you to perform your duties. But you are not allowed to even glance at Moonsong, nevertheless be with her. If I catch you with our new prisoner, then your fate is sealed. Am I understood?" Duskclaw glared at ne.

Nodding, I dipped my head to my leader. Mouseflare had a smug look on my face, and I realized she must have known that I had been seeing Moonsong this entire time, and was trying to make me change my mind by sidling up to me.

Duskclaw dismissed me and told Mouseflare to keep watch on me for today. The deputy now gave me a harsh glare, her beady amber eyes full of hatred and anger. "I trusted that you would give up your old life for me and your group, but I was wrong. You were always in love with her, and I knew your every visit. I witnessed them all."

I ignored her. I didn't want to get into a fight with her in front of Duskclaw. Padding outside, I hurried towards the edge of the lake. I sat there, staring at my reflection.

What will happen now? I can't do anything to save Moonsong, Duskclaw has me under a very heavy guard. StarClan, why aren't you letting me be with Moonsong?


Today Blizzardfang was watching me, his azure blue eyes tracking my every move. "Why do you love her anyways?" He suddenly asked.

I turned to stare at him as we patrolled the border. "Why?"

"Yeah, why? You know it's forbidden, don't you?"

I smirked. "Of course I know it's forbidden, but that won't stop love. Moonsong was my mate before this war started, and she'll always be my mate. I know it was risky, but I had to take it."

Blizzardfang sighed, "Mouseflare watches the border a lot. I wish I could be with my mate, who is with the hunters, but I can't. I don't have the guts."

Shrugging I sniffed the air. "Do you smell that?" My blood ran cold.

Blizzardfang took up a scent. "The hunters." He whispered darkly. "And my mate's part of the patrol, Iceshimmer... and her brother too!"

I shivered. "We have to warn the camp, many of us will die if we don't alert them quickly. These hunters have been training for a long time, we'll never beat them now."

The white tom didn't move. "I can't just fight my old mate." He whispered. "She thinks I've rejected her, but truly, I don't want to risk it."

So ironic, that was me at first too. I thought to myself. "They're trying to save Moonsong." I realized. "If we don't return, Mouseflare's going to have both our pelts!"

Blizzardfang started to wail. "My belly, it hurts so much!"

My blood froze. I stared at the white tom, writhing on the ground. If I hadn't known the tom so well, I would have said he was faking to get away with not fighting the fighters.

But he didn't know how to act.

Blizardfang's gruesome wailing kept going, and I flattened my ears. "Useless." Mouseflare hissed, sliding up. "He wanted his mate so badly that he couldn't even run back to camp to face her. Luckily I've already planned out his death."

I stared at her. "So this is what you've become?" I snarled. "A murderer?"

Mouseflare bared her teeth at me. "You're the one who's betraying your group. He was a traitor too, he had to be dealt with. Don't make me do the same to you."

I shivered. "I won't tell." I snarled. "It's none of my business who dies."

But her mouth twisted into a cruel smile. "Is it not?"

And I knew in my heart who was next. "Don't you dare." I hissed. "You can't do it. I'll do anything you want, just don't do it."

"You'll obey me from now on, Rainstreak, you'll be my true mate."

Poison and lies

Secrets and darkness

Nothing is worse

Then being completely hopeless

Chapter Eight - Moonsong

I could hear the yowls before the cats started raining in. Mouseflare was breaking into the camp before the hunters started to break apart the camp walls.

Rainstreak staggered in after her, but he didn't glance at her, he couldn't.

He looked bedraggled and hopeless, his dull eyes like empty spheres. He launched himself at Wolfheart, almost as if he was ordered and forced to.

I shrunk back, knowing already that the hunters were here for me. The two guards posted at my den closed ranks, shutting me out.

Flattening my ears against my head, I tried to shut out all the noise. I could hear Iceshimmer yowling. "You can't hold her prisoner forever! She shouldn't have to deal with your mess and your arrogance!"

Mouseflare snarled back. "She rightfully came to us. She knew that there was only one way to be with Rainstreak, and that was joining the fighters."

"Really." Iceshimmer snorted. "As if I would believe that. Where is she then? If she was part of your group, she would be in this camp right now, fighting me. But she's hidden isn't she? Being a prisoner."

Iceshimmer was clever. She understood how the fighters worked and she definitely knew how I worked. Her ice blue eyes darted back and forth, trying to pinpoint my location.

I didn't move. I didn't want her to risk her life for me. I was content with staying in this camp, knowing that I would end up serving this group for life. But it was better than being apart of an endless war fighting against my own mate.

Mouseflare laughed, "She's out hunting. She knows that she has to help feed her new group, and she's out there right now."

Iceshimmer flicked her tail, and two warriors went dashing off. No fighters went after them. Mouseflare's smug smile grew wider.

I cringed. Iceshimmer had made a terrible mistake. She had sent out Flareblossom and Hazelbloom, the two best trackers in the group. She was losing two valuble fighters.

"You know that we are better at fighting than you are, correct?" Mouseflare taunted, ready to attack.

Iceshimmer snorted. "We're better fed than you are, and we're ready to fight. We've been training hard too you know."

Mouseflare shrugged. "There's only one way to find out, and it won't be pleasant for you. You're heavily outnumbered, and there's no way you'll win."

The white she-cat's gaze flickered around, like she was trying to find another cat. "Oh," the brown, wiry she-cat mewed smoothly. "Are you trying to find your lost mate? What was his name, Blizzard..paw?"

"Blizzardfang." Iceshimmer mewed coldly.

"Ah yes." Mouseflare purred, though there was no warmth in her voice. "Blizzardfang. Too bad he's not here right now."

Rainstreak seemed to flinch, and Iceshimmer stared at the gray tom, who hurriedly looked away. "Where is he?"

"He's dead."

Just then, two fighters carried in their dead Clanmate.I stifled a gasp, and Mouseflare's expression didn't change.

Iceshimmer stared in shock at her dead mate. "There's a claw mark." She snarled. "He was murdered by a cat."

Rainstreak stiffened a bit. "The scent is still slightly clear." Iceshimmer hissed, her eyes like darting knives, trying to pinpoint the scent.

Then her head jerked up. "You." She growled softly. "Rainstreak, you killed Blizzardfang."


I stifled my gasp. Rainstreak was staring at her in shock and astonishment. "I-" Mouseflare turned on him and glared at him, making him shrink back a bit.

"How could you, Rainstreak?" Mouseflare snarled. "I thought you would turn out to be a better warrior now that you've been revealed."

Rainstreak didn't seem to have a reply to that, but his eyes narrowed. "You're the one who-"

Mouseflare interrupted him. "Now you're accusing me? Duskclaw, I declare that we do something about Rainstreak. He's going to end up killing the entire group because of one cat!"

Rainstreak hissed at her. "You can set me up all you want, but it's not going to work!"

Mouseflare looked shocked, "Set you up? I'm only pointing out the obvious. You're threatening the survival of the fighters group!"

Duskclaw hushed them both. "Rainstreak, why have you killed your own Clanmate? You were the closest cat to him when he died, and you were the only cat who could have killed him, since he was your guard."

"Then why did I come back with Mouseflare?"

Duskclaw furrowed his brow and turned to Mouseflare for an answer. The brown she-cat snorted. "I found him panting about invaders and we hurried back, at that time I didn't know that Blizzardfang was dead. Not until Shadowwing came back with Blizzardfang and declared him dead."

The leader of the fighters sighed. "I'm sorry, Rainstreak, but I am inclined to believe Mouseflare's story, it is more believable."

I couldn't stand this anymore. I lunged at my guards, wrestling them down. "There's no way in StarClan that Rainstreak would murder his own Clanmate!"

Everyone's gaze turned to me. Iceshimmer gasped. "Moonsong!"

Duskclaw glared at me. "Don't you dare turn around Rainstreak, though I guess it's your last chance to look at her, because soon, it'll be your Trial, then hers."

This was much worse than it should have been.

This is the end

What is there to do

When you're being accused of murder

Out of the blue?

Chapter Nine - Rainstreak

My prison cave was a cramped space of dark, dank air. Duskclaw obviously wanted me to suffer before my Trial, which would most likely end with me being condemned to death. Mouseflare would have her way.

Moonsong had been dragged back into her own prison, and Iceshimmer had retreated, knowing that there was no way she could beat them now.

There was nothing to do in my small, inky black area. Suddenly Duskclaw appeared. "Mouseflare wants to speak with you."

"Let her in then."

Mouseflare stepped in and excused Duskclaw. "You're so foolish, thinking you could beat me in wits." She snorted. "No wonder Moonsong cares for you so much. But that's okay, my plan has only begun, soon I'll start the revolution."

I narrowed my eyes. "Nobody will believe you when you say that Blizzardfang was murdered by me. Nightfrost will investigate his body, and he'll find out that he died of a stomach infection, not from my claw scratch."

Mouseflare laughed softly. "You're an idiot. I obviously planned that too. I made it so that Duskclaw would believe me, then he would Blizzardfang to be buried immediately. Nightfrost won't get a chance to see his body."

"He will." I said with conviction. "Nightfrost has to perform the last parts of his goodbye, before he is buried. He'll figure you out, I know he will."

"Then I'll just get rid of him." Mouseflare growled, hackles rising. "Problems like him are easy to solve, just like how you're going to die tomorrow, at your Trial."

I glared at her. "Like I said, nobody's going to believe you after Nightfrost figures you out. Then I'll be free, and you'll be the one in prison waiting for your death to come."

But Mouseflare purred with no really sympathy. "Oh, you don't even get my whole plan yet. The thing is, you're not going to be able to get out no matter what. You're still going to be trialed for loving a hunter. Even if I'm imprisoned too, you'll still be dead."

"Is that all you need?" I shot back. "For me to be dead?"

Mouseflare smirked. "It's a start, I only need you to break Moonsong's heart, then for you both to die. Once that's done, then everything else is simple, whether or not I am in prison."


My Trial was coming up too soon. The coldness of the cool stones beneath my paws didn't soothe me. It only made my anxiety worse.

Moonsong was the first to be hauled out, and told to be kept against the stone, where she wouldn't be able to move, but she would have the front view of his Trial.

Then Mouseflare came and dragged me out. Blizzardfang's body was already being lifted away, but Nightfrost darted forward to help them, and then he froze. "There's-"

He never finished his sentence. He seemed to roll over, choking slightly. "Poison, murderer." He whispered before he died.

Everyone was silent. Then Mouseflare shrieked. "Rainstreak's been poisoning the Clan! He's trying to murder us all!"

Duskclaw stared at me, and I gulped. "It isn't me. I swear it isn't me. I don't even know what's causing them to die, and Blizzard-"

Mouseflare began to scream to interrupt me, but Duskclaw snapped. "Shut up, Mouseflare. Let him finish. I want to hear what he has to say."

"Blizzardfang didn't die from my wound. I wounded him after he died. He was killed by poison, just like Nightfrost was. The cat who did it is-"

Mouseflare yelped. "Duskclaw, you can't believe him! He's a liar, and he tried to kill me earlier when I was just trying to tell him about the Trial and such."

Duskclaw narrowed his eyes at his deputy. "Hm, you're always so fast at interrupting him, as though you don't want him to reveal anything. Rainstreak, please finish."

"Mouseflare killed him," I said quickly. "She killed him and Nightfrost and she made me wound him to make it look like I killed him."

Duskclaw blinked. "Mouseflare, what do you have to say about this?"

"Nonsense!" She scoffed. "Rainstreak is trying to charm you, Duskclaw. Don't believe him, I beg you not to! Please, if you do, he'll end up killing us all!"

Duskclaw glanced at me, but I held my ground. "This is your decision, Duskclaw. I know I've made some mistakes in my life, but I'm trying to fix it all. At least I'm not murdering everyone while I'm fixing my life!"

The leader blinked. "I have to think about this. This will continue tomorrow."

I was once again hauled away and told to settle quietly in my nest and not to disturb anyone. I curled up, knowing that there was no way out of this. By tomorrow, I would be dead.


One of my guards, Riverfur woke me up at midnight, telling me that Duskclaw wanted to talk to me. The leader of the fighters walked in and sighed. "You must tell me everything. I do not trust Mouseflare and her cunning words. I know the sorcery in her words that is making everything sound believable. I don't want to turn away a good cat."

I sat up. "So you're going to trust me. The cat who betrayed his own group by loving a hunter. The cat who 'killed' Nightfrost and Blizzardfang."

Duskclaw shrugged. "You tell me. Did you kill the two of them?"

"No." I mewed firmly. "I may have loved Moonsong, but I didn't want to harm my own group. I'm a fighter, through and through."

"What does Mouseflare want from you?" Duskclaw mewed, his gaze serious now. "I'm afraid she's a lot more commanding than I would have hoped. She should not be deputy."

I hunched over. "Promise me one thing, Duskclaw."


"If I die." I mewed seriously. "I want you to free Moonsong. I know she's a hunter, I know we're at war, but I don't want her to die either. Promise me you'll keep her safe, and I want her to know that... we aren't over yet. I don't want her to be broken by my demise."

Duskclaw took this in, "It's not a promise I can do, Rainstreak." He growled. "You know that Mouseflare will do whatever she wants to destroy you both. What is it that she wants from you?"

I sighed. "She wants to see me die, to see my love broken. She's jealous that I've chosen Moonsong over her. A hunter over a fighter. She wants me to die, then she wants Moonsong to be broken forever."

Everything is about to change

Either the right of the wrong

You can't reach a lost love

Without pushing through the throng

Chapter Ten - Moonsong

"Let all cats within this camp be gathered out to watch the Trial!" My guards led me outside and kept me against the wall, forcing me to watch. I gulped, knowing this is Rainstreak's last moments before his demise. I didn't want to see it happen.

Duskclaw had Mouseflare and Rainstreak facing one another. I swallowed slowly, watching the scene carefully. "I present you Mouseflare and Rainstreak, both you have confessions to make."

Mouseflare glared sullenly at her leader, then breathed out a long sigh. "Alright, fine." She snapped. "I'll tell everybody the truth. It's not going to do you any good if you know. Yes, I killed both Blizzardfang and Nightfrost, but I had my reasons."

I let out a small gasp. Mouseflare shot me a withering look, a look full of anger, hatred, and something I couldn't comprehend.

Rainstreak's face didn't look shocked, he only looked mournful. He cast a look behind him, at me. His dark blue eyes were full of fear and shame.

Duskclaw nodded as the Clan shouted insults at their deputy. "I will deal with her soon. First, we will move on with Rainstreak's Trial."

I shuddered. "Rainstreak, you have been warned about loving  a hunter, yet you still have done so. What are your last words?"

"I want to tell Moonsong that I will always love her, and that I'm ready to go." Duskclaw had a grim face on.

"So be it, Rainstreak. I give you the fate of Moon Ukufa." There was a collective gasp that went around the crowd, and I knew exactly what it meant. He was going to die at midnight tonight.

Duskclaw bowed his head, and everyone followed. Then he lifted it up again. "Now, we shall discuss Mouseflare's fate. I condemn you, traitor, to Sun Ukufa."

Rainstreak had a relieved look on his face, though he was still looking at me with worry in his face. "I love you." He mouthed.

Mouseflare shrugged it off. "Whether you tell me I'm going to die at midnight or sunrise, I'm going to escape. There's no way you could hold me in here forever." She snarled.

"Take them away."

I eyes trailed after Rainstreak, and he turned to stare at me. Something passed between us. Take care of our unborn kits. I know I'll never get to see them, but know that I love you. My eyes teared when I read his expression.

"Oh Rainstreak, why did it have to end like this?" I whispered softly.

Then he was gone.


I jerked awake, remembering that Rainstreak was being hauled out at midnight for the death ritual. I didn't want to see it, but Duskclaw still had me dragged out to watch. There was a smug look on Mouseflare's face, and realization hit me.

Mouseflare was jealous of his love for me. That's why she wants him dead so badly.

Rainstreak was pinned down by a burly gray tom that I believed was Stonedust. The dark gray tom had his blue eye shut, not watching the progress. Suddenly his eyes flashed open and he stared right at me. I gulped, tears threatening to spill out.

His eyes softened, and he seemed to whisper. "I'm sorry, I love you, I really do. Please don't mourn me for too long."

Duskclaw had padded up to Rainstreak, and said the solemn words. "I, Duskclaw, leader of the fighters condemn you to Moon Ukufa." Then he raised his paw.

The tears became to stream down my face, and I buried it in my paws. I heard a muffled thump, and a short gasp from Rainstreak that was abruptly stopped.

It was over.


You can count always count on me

I'm here for you

When you find your heart

And your soul, you'll know what to do


Moonsong now lay in the GorseClan camp. The fighters, after seeing to Mouseflare's death, had decided to call a peace treaty with the hunters. This was was over, and ironically only one cat died in the war from battle, and that was Duskclaw's own mate, Birdsong.

They demoted him to a regular warrior, threatening to keep him prisoner too. But Moonsong had objected. It was pointless, he was driven by madness at that time.

The only thing that saddened her was that there wasn't anyone she could turn to anymore. Iceshimmer was a distant speck now, not really talking to her anymore. Wolfheart knew about her rejection and decided he would stay out.

Rainstreak was dead.

The shock of his death still scarred her today. There was a gash in her heart, something that would never mend overtime.

He wasn't going to see her kits.

They were being born today, and she could already feel the push and the pain from the little kits. Nightfrost had died, so his apprentice, the hunter one, Sagefrost had replaced him.

"It's okay." She whispered. "It'll be alright. Those little kits are excited too."

Then the birthing started to happen.


An hour later, three healthy kits were suckling at Moonsong's belly. She gazed at them warmly, and felt tears at her eyes. "If only Rainstreak was still here."

Iceshimmer sat next to her, her own belly swollen with Blizzardfang's kits. Moonsong remembered when she had been surprised to know that her best friend was still mated with a fighter.

Duskclaw was sitting outside, staring mournfully around. Many of the hunters still spited him, and hated him for what he had done to the hunters.

Iceshimmer sighed, "I can't wait for these to be born, then our kits can share the pain of never knowing their father."

Moonsong gulped, and she whispered. "At least you knew that your kits were never going to see their father." She pointed out.

The white she-cat smiled sourly. "I guess so, it didn't make it feel any better did it? I mean I saw his dead body with my own eyes."

She was deputy of GorseClan now, but she was taking a break because of her kits. Moonsong stretched. "Sometimes I wish things could have been different." She admitted.

Iceshimmer laughed, "Don't we all?"

If only things were different between Rainstreak and I, I should have showed him that I really did love him, I was only avoiding the risks.

Could things have gone differently?

Moonsong closed her eyes, and then opened them to stare at the stars. Rainstreak, which one are you? Are you watching over me knowing that I love you?

Then she heard his faint whisper. "Oh Moonsong, I always knew you loved me, I just let doubt cloud my gaze, and now..."

She purred slightly. "Meet your new kits, Rainstreak, Lionkit, Mosskit, and Marshkit."

"They're beautiful, just like you."

"I love you, Rainstreak."

Everything ends and begins

Just like life and death

New life is constantly popping through

From a gasp, to a small breath

The End.

Author's Note

Yay that's done :D Now to be honest, MoonXRain wasn't my favorite couple, but his death still made me cry.

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