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Warriors Fanfiction

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We are all gonna write a fanfiction I guess. If no one responds to this, I’ll just make it into a random spoof XD. But anyways you can only write 1-3 sentences. And it has to add on to the rest of the fanfic.

Like if I started it off like: “Crowfeather and Jayfeather were glaring at each other.”

Don’t write something random like “Lionblaze went to the store.”

Write something that adds on to it, like “Lionblaze walked up to them, and punched them in the face.”

Something adding on like that. You can only write once. Well, every ten users that write after you, you can write another 1-3 sentences. Unless ten users don’t even join this, then forget that. I’ll change that rule. So yeah, just write some sentences after me, to add on to this fanfiction. Oh, also between every thing, add a big space in between it like this:

“Jayfeather killed someone”

“Lionblaze saw it, and stared”

A space like that in between ever user’s sentences. So yeah, hopefully that clears it up. I hope this isn’t too confusing, and I hope it doesn’t sound too boring. So yeah. I guess I’ll start it off. ONCE AGAIN ANYONE CAN EDIT THIS TO PARTICIPATE But no deleting other people’s parts, or deleting the whole thing (obviously) So yeah, if no one sees this, I’ll just make it into a random spoof.



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Wolfy10: Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Crowfeather, Leafpool, Bramblestar, and Squirrelflight sat in a clearing, watching each other, suspiciously.

Blackmoon3408: They were having a suspicious contest. Whoever could glare at the others with suspicion the most and best, they win. So far, Jayfeather and Squirrelflight were in the lead.

Silvermoonlynx: "No faaaaaaaaaair~" Crowfeather shouted. "Jayfeather's a big fat meanie of course he's winning!"

BluefireFlames: "No, of course I'm not winning!" Jayfeather yelled back. "I can't even see any of you fluff-brained idiots!"

Honeylight11: Suddenly, Briarlight scooted in between Squirrelflight and Jayfeather, breaking their focus. "Fire in the camp!" She shouted.

MistytailOfRiverclan: "Oh no!" Leafpool yelled. "The herb store!" Bramblestar told her, "I'll get it!" Squirrelflight and Jayfeather returned glaring.

GingerstrikeTheWarrior: Leafpool grabbed Squirrelflight and Jayfeather by their scruffs and started dragging them to the entrance while they were still glaring.

I Am Awesome999999: Meanwhile, Bramblestar couldn't carry all of Jayfeather's herbs, so he ate the leftovers and ran outside, and since he ate yarrow, he puked on the fire, putting it out.

HUDAman00: Relieved that the fire was gone, he went over to his Clanmates to tell them the good news; but puked on Leafpool (the residual yarrow effect). Squirrelflight stopped her suspicious stare to look at Leafpool.

Le1LeOnlyFerret : “AHA! I win!” yelled Lionblaze, having been the only one to keep his amazing focus. “Bow down, you pheasants!” He didn’t care a single bit about anything except this ‘important’ competition; he was trying to be an interesting character at last, so that his chapters may be appreciated. It wasn’t working, but he didn't know that, of course.

Wolfy10: As Lionblaze was laughing like a maniac, Jayfeather whacked him off the stage. “Hey, you may be a major character, but your not interesting! But I am, on the other paw!” Then Jayfeather began laughing, as he took the throne, and yelling the exact same thing as Lionblaze, “BOW DOWN TO YOUR SUPREME RULER!”

Honeylight11: Suddenly, Dovewing ran into the room shouting: "MY EYES ARE GREEN!" over and over again. This occurrence was so strange that everyone forgot what they had been doing and just stared at her in confusion.

HUDAman00: Then, Bramblestar hastily attempted to knock Lionblaze off the stage, but before he could Lionblaze yeeted himself away. Bramblestar jumped on the podium and yelled, "CALM DOWN!"

GingerstrikeTheWarrior: Everyone stopped for a moment. Then Lionblaze YeetEd himself back and said “NEEEVER!” Everyone stared, and then went back to being crazy. Then Jayfeather, while still yelling “BOW DOWN!!!” somehow restarted the fire to trap everyone.

I Am Awesome999999: Bramblestar ate some more yarrow to put out the fire but Jayfeather ate him to stop him. Meanwhile, Lionblaze summoned an interdimensional portal and jumped in because he was tired of not being appreciated.

Le1LeOnlyFerret: Crowfeather slowly backed away, wondering why he fell in love with one of these cats and how he was related to them. Even Breezepelt is more sane than them, he thought, as he made his way back to WindClan camp.

Silvermoonlynx: Crowfeather took a big sniff of air and smelled something sweet, he looked down and saw a bright pink and purple herb. He ate it. After a second, he started twitching. What is happening?! He thought, yowling. Jayfeather looked over at him and smirked as Crowfeather was now dancing wildly. "MY HANDS ARE IN THE AIR LIKE I JUST DON'T CARE!!" He screamed loud enough for everyone to hear.

BluefireFlames: "Oh, no!" Leafpool shrieked. "I only just discovered them, and have no idea what they do! Crowfeather could die because of me!" As she broke down crying, she didn't see the look on Breezepelt's face. It was one of pure satisfaction.

MistytailOfRiverclan: Crowfeather shouted, "Don't worry I'll be okay! I THREW MY HANDS UP IN THE AIR SOMETIMES! SAYING AAYY--OOOH. GOTTA-" Breezepelt jumped on him and pushed him over.

Blackmoon3408: Crowfeather sat up quickly and faced his son. He looked deep into the amber eyes his son had and he felt like he could see into his soul. Breezepelt stared back but then walked away slowly, feeling very uncomfortable by his father's weird behavior.

HUDAman00:Crowfeather fainted, and Leafpool went over to help him. Breezepelt noticed Jayfeather and Lionblaze were loitering outside Bramblestar's den. Suddenly, the dark brown leader came outside and was instantly pummeled by the two brothers.

Le1LeOnlyFerret: As Jayfeather punched Bramblestar, Lionblaze at his side, a familiar voice whispered in his ear. “It’s against the code to punch Tigerstar clones.” He recognized it as the voice of Hollyleaf, and instantly stopped beating up the cat he once thought of as his father just as Squirrelflight yeeted herself into him with the weird sound that Tarzan made when he swung around on vines.

Wolfy10: Crowfeather woke up. “Do I hear VIOLENCE?” He saw Jayfeather and Lionblaze beating up Bramblestar, and ran over to them. “I”M SO PROUD!” Breezepelt started beating up Crowfeather, because he was mad at him, as Bramblestar found some more yarrow, ate it, and began puking again.

GingerstrikeTheWarrior: As Bramblestar was puking, and Crowfeather, Breezepelt, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze were beating up each other, (Lionblaze mostly doing it to get and interestping chapter, but failing horribly.) Leafpool had been watching from her den and saw the whole thing. “Those cats have issues,” Leafpool muttered under her breath as she walked over to Squirrelflight, trying to get away from them.

MistytailOfRiverclan: "Of course they do!" Squirrelflight cried. Just then, two StarClan cats came down from the sky. "Sandstorm," Lionblaze said in awe. Jayfeather took the chance and started beating Lionblaze up while Sandstorm chided the cats. "Why you pick on me? Wait. Sandstorm is in StarClan?!?" Lionblaze cried. The other StarClan cat, Firestar, said, "You should be ashamed. Act like a clan! WindClan, go away,"

Silvermoonlynx: Sandstorm was yeeted back into existence at the mention of her name, she joined in punching Bramblestar, who was still puking. Blossomfall was cowering in the warriors den, unable to believe her eyes. Everyone was acting so STUPID!

Honeylight11: Suddenly, a strange portal into RiverClan territory opened up under Blossomfall, transporting her directly into their warriors den. Reedfeather woke up, given she was standing on his tail, and screeched, "THUNDERCLAN IS INVADING!"

I Am Awesome999999: Bramblestar randomly jumped through the portal and ate all of the medicine cat's supply of yarrow, and flooded the RiverClan camp with puke, while Mistystar floated down the river of barf, yelling at Bramblestar for being stupid.

BluefireFlames: "Bramblestar! Are you okay? Why did you eat all of that yarrow?" Squirrelflight shouted at her mate. "That was your last chance to prove that you aren't a fluff-brained idiot! Don't make me demote you from your position as leader!"

Blackmoon3408: He ignored the she-cat and continued to flood the RiverClan camp with puke. Meanwhile Mistystar was still floating away from her camp in puke and it took everything in her to not add to it because of the smell. She eventually made it to the lake which was being tainted by the throw-up and swam away to shore, regretting ever being born.

GingerstrikeTheWarrior: Squirrelflight watched with rage as her mate floated down the river of puke. "I am so breaking up with him." She muttered as she logged into her laptop and opened the emergency supply of magical Starclan magic. As she got busy with forcefully sucking all of Bramblestar's lives from out of him, Ashfur, (Who was obviously not following her the whole time. I mean, come on guys.) walked over and said, "Hey, Squirrelflight, I know you're busy dumping Bramblestar," He said that last part with all the happiness he had. "But would you be able to go on a walk? I promise I won't kill any of your kits as revenge!"

MistytailOfRiverclan: "What did you say? I'm busy!" Squirrelflight shouted. Ashfur sighed, then said, "Will you be able to go on a walk?" Squirrelflight replied, "Excuse me? I'm busy! You should know better than to interrupt a she-cat, let alone deputy, while she's busy! " Ashfur growled quietly at her. He happened to take a huge sniff of the air and smell the puke because the wind was blowing that way. Ashfur had somehow not noticed that there was a river of puke leading to the lake right beside him. "Gross, who did this?" He started puking too. Squirrelflight rolled her eyes, got up, took her laptop, and walked away. Ashfur didn't notice because he was busy puking, and when he was done, he checked on the non-existent Squirrelflight on her laptop. "Squirrelflight?! Where did you go?!" He shouted.

HUDAman00: Ashfur started crying. Squirrelflight rolled her eyes again, and came back to smack Ashfur with her computer. She walked away again. Ashfur flew away and started puking. Bramblestar had finally stopped puking... until Ashfur's throw-up rained on him. He hurled so much it started to flood the RiverClan camp.

I Am Awesome999999: Suddenly, Mistystar sprinted back into the camp, yowling, "The dark forest are coming because they want to make a ripoff of The Last Hope!" Meanwhile, Tigerstar the first jumped out of the portal to the dark forest and landed in the river of puke, lost his footing and started floating down the river of puke, calling for the dark forest cats to retreat.