The Clans:


Leader- Littlestar- Small white she-cat

Deputy- Hollypath- Red she-cat with Hazel eyes

Medicine Cat- Redwhisker- Red she-cat

Apprentice: Thornpaw


Possumflight - Brown she-cat

Apprentice - Cinderpaw

Featherflight - Beautiful silver she-cat

Apprentice - Dirtpaw

Tornface - Yellow tom with a torn face from a dog fight

Moleriver- Brown and white she-cat

Ferretcloud- Light Brown she-cat

Apprentice: Cloverpaw


Thornpaw- Brown tabby tom with hazel eyes

Cinderpaw- Dark Grey she-cat with pale orange eyes

Cloverpaw- Bramble-coloured tom

Dirtpaw- Brown tom brother with Cloverpaw, Thornpaw and Cinderpaw


Juniperclaw- Red she-cat


Palefur- Pale orange tom

Blondefur- Blonde she-cat


Leader- Willowstar- Cream she-cat

Deputy- Snowrise- White she-cat

Medicine cat- Brightspirit- Light brown she-cat


Ivyleap - Black and white tom

Berrypelt- Blue and silver tom

Apprentice- Wolfpaw

Echotalon- Brown she-cat

Herbwhisker- Talkative baige she-cat

Apprentice- Sparrowpaw

Mousefeather- Light brown she-cat


Owlpetal- Brownywhite tom


Leader- Snakestar- Elderly, Long tailed red tom

Deputy- Greyclaw- Grey tom

Medicine cat- Ferntail- Greenybaige she-cat


Mudfeather- Mud coloured tom

Tawnystripe- Blue she-cat

Apprentice: Foxpaw

Newtfoot- Black tom with white feet

Maplestripe- Brown she-cat with a white stripe

Apprenntice: Lemonpaw

Moleheart- Cream and Brown she-cat

Fishstorm- Blue tom


Leapardstripe- Pale yellow she-cat with a brown stripe

Webflight- Grey she-cat


Foxpaw- Red tom with blue eyes

Lemonpaw- Yellow she-cat


Stoneflight- Blue tom


Leader- Furrystar- Bushy-haired tom

Deputy- Littlefoot- Small footed hazel tom

Medicine Cat- Stripyreed- Red and brown striped she-cat


Fawnpath- Baige she-cat

Crystalcloud- Silver she-cat

Apprentice- Dashpaw

Ashtail - Brown tom with a grey tail

Apprentice: Rabbitpaw


Dashpaw- Brown tom with a red stripe going up his head and along his back to the tip of his tail

Rabbitpaw- White she-cat with Hazel eyes

Cats outside clans

Spot- White tom with one black spot

Berry- Red tom

Lily- Light red she-cat

Hanky- Dust coloured she-cat

Log- Brown tom

Leaf- Green brown she-cat sister of Log

Jae- Gold tom

Fall- yellow green she-cat

Rock- Grey tom

River- Blue she-cat

"Clover can save the forest"


It was a cold night, another misty one, like usual in this season of Leaf-bare. Every cat was tired, but the skies above stayed still in tension.

Down below, in the chilly night were two cats, one was a red she-cat, and one was a small white she-cat. "I... I had a dream last night" The red she-cat said, "it had a prophecy".

"What was the prophecy about Redwhisker" the Little white she-cat said, the the chilli air keeping both Redwhisker and herself down on their knees, using the bushes to keep warm.

They were in the camp, the camp was silent apart from the distant snores of many cats around them, the accasional yawn or stretch or splutter, but nothing else - just the owls and prey shuffling around. The only cats that were awake at this time of night were them and the night patrol, and they were cold,

"I would hate to be on the night patrol" she said,

"I know" Redwhisker replied,

"and that is why you didn't say Littlestar was going on it",

"yeah" Littlestar replied. "So what was the prophecy?" Littlestar asked.

Redwhisker cleared her throat and began - "Clover can save the forest" she said...

Chapter 1- The Long Wait

Cloverkit was getting annoyed of his littermate, all of his littermates were way younger than him - he couldn't wait until he was to become an apprentice! Redwhisker and Littlestar had been visisting everyday since he was born, but he just thought that it was because he was born in Leaf-bare, lots of kits die in that time of the year. "Stop it" he cried to Cinderkit his younger sister who was dead excited because she could actualy see. She was blind - like every other kit - and only became able to see a few hours ago, and boy did she go skitzy!

"Mum", he said with a sigh - "I'm going to see Littlestar and Redwhisker" he said,

"Well you take caution" his mother Juniperclaw replied.

"I will" he said, and he walked out the entrance.

He went over to the medicine den and found Redwhisker and his older brother Thornpaw, sorting out herbs and plants. "Redwhisker?" Cloverkit asked, "What is it you are worried about with me?" Cloverkit said questioningly.

"That - my young one is something you must find out when you are a little bit older, you are far too young for the answer now" she replied,

"But aunty Redwhisker" he complained,

"no" she replied. Cloverkit sighed and moved on.

'Now to test on Littlestar' he thought, and walked on.

He walked towards the Leaders' Den with his tail high in annoyance.

"What are you doing" Moleriver asked as Cloverkit walked past her,

"Going to ask Littlestar something" he replied.

"Ok" Moleriver finished as he walked away.

By the time Cloverkit reached Littlestar's den, his legs were tired, he was half the size of any of the warriors, so he had to walk twice as far as any of them, and he'd never been around the camp like that before. Littlestar was at the entrance, as if she were expecting him.

"Hello Cloverkit. What is your problem?" she asked kindly.

"Why am I so impotant, you see me nearly everyday" he said, a slight tone of anger in his voice,

"That is something you need to find out when you are older Cloverkit - it would be a disaster giving you all the information when you are only a kit, when you get older, I promise I'll tell you" she said camly. Now Cloverkit was really mad. 'Why did this have to be so hard?' he thought, he dipped his head in his legs and walked sadly back to the nursery where Cinderkit pounced on top of him,

"I can see!" she shouted out loud,

"Stop it" he cried.

Chapter 2- The Apprentice ceremony

The next day finally came. Cloverkit bounced out of his moss bed and ran over to Juniperclaw who was sitting in the corner with his littermates all around her.

"Have I grown?" he asked,

"Definately", "you are just the right size". Cloverkit was asking this because he was to become an apprentice. He liked Ferretcloud, Moleriver was fun, he wasn't meant to be a medicine cat, so who would it be? Cloverkit jumped around, and landed in the soft moss bed.

That afternoon, Littlestar walked up to the Highrock,

"Could everyone old enough to catch there own prey please come to the highrock", Cloverkit pounced up to her, "Cloverkit is now too old to be in the nursery with his mother, he will now be an apprentice. Cloverkit, from this day and on, you will be known as Cloverpaw - Ferretcloud would you like to mentor Cloverpaw?" she asked.


"Do you promise to teach him everything you have learned?"

"Yes" she replied again.

"Then Ferretcloud will pleasingly mentor Cloverpaw - you can go out training tomorrow", she said, "Thankyou", and they walked off.

Cloverpaw walked towards the leader's Den, and Littlestar noticed,

"Please can I be told?" he begged,

"When you are a warrior" she replied stubbornly.

Cloverpaw walked out of the den - 'What am i to do now' he thought, 'I'm not even aloud to know my own specialness!' he trudged towards the apprentices den, and sat down outside. Thornpaw was already there - although he's been going there for nearly a moon. As he stood outside, he felt a drop of rain on his face, and then a shower started, so he trotted inside, and lay down to sleep.

The next morning it was bright and sunny, 'wow' Cloverpaw thought as Thornpaw came and sat next to him,

"It is a sign from Starclan that the Dry-season is coming" he said.

"I've never been in such warm weather" Cloverpaw said amazed,

"That is because you were born in mid Leaf-bare, the wet season." That was when Cloverpaw realised, everyone was out doing stuff in the hot sun, even Cinderkit and another of his littermates called Dirtkit were out enjoying it.

He walked with Thornpaw around the camp, and Thornpaw decided to go into the elder's den, so Cloverpaw followed. When they got inside, Cloverpaw was horrified to find Palefur Screeching. Redwhisker and Littlestar were already there, and Thornpaw was there to help.

"Just tell me what happened!" Redwhisker shouted. Finally Palefur caught his breath,

"I'm choking, look at me!" he said his chest high for breath. Cloverpaw didn't want Palefur to die because he was Cloverpaw's Grandfather. Thinking about that, it suddenly came to Cloverpaw who his father was, he had never been told, only that he was alive and living as a rogue or loner.

"I'll get the honey" Thornpaw said, "and the water" he replied,

"Good" Redwhisker said and Thornpaw walked off. Palefur looked okay now although, he was still panting and Heaving for breath.

"Dangerous things sometimes mice" he chuckled, his voice crackling with age.

"Hello Cloverpaw" Blondefur, Palefur's mate said, "you're such a big boy now, eh?" she replied,

"Yes, I am" he replied, 'And alot older than when you last could even walk to the nursery and see me' he thought. His job here was done, he wasn't a medicine cat, he couldn't help being Horrified, he hadn't seen anything like this in his entire life. After a long stare, he walked away and ran off to the apprentices' Den.

Chapter 3- The Prophecy

Cloverpaw ran across the open moorland, chasing a rabbit down a hill, he was going to catch it, just a little bit closer, a little more and, and - his dream was broken, and he fell into darkness, complete darkness, that was when a grey tom appeared, "Hello Clover's flight" he said, "There is a kitty called k-" and his dream was broken,

"Get up you lazy furball!" the deputy Hollypath shouted.

"Ok" he replied and he trotted out to the entrance were he spotted Ferretcloud speaking to Littlestar.

"Hello Cloverpaw" Littlestar said, "you need to go on your training session today, it has been two days since I made you an apprentice, that is too long" and she nodded her head towards Ferretcloud. He liked Ferretcloud, she was a beautiful light brown, almost cream she-cat with green eyes, and she was only 8 moons older than him, and only became 'Ferretcloud' a few hours before he was made Cloverpaw.

When they reached the training hollow, Cloverpaw sat down on a flat and shiny rock, and thought about his dream, 'A kitty called K' he thought, then it came to him, Starclan has sent me a mission, but why, why when I am so young? 'It must be part of my evolution' he thought. He needed some one to go with him, and now it was just Ferretcloud and him, they could go. Cloverpaw would wait until after his training session before he would inform Ferretcloud.

"Alright, do you know anything about fighting?" she asked,

"Of course" he replied,

"Good, give me a strike" she said. Cloverpaw did just as he was told and pushed at Ferretcloud, but Ferretcloud dodged him by moving to the right.

"You've got to do it quickly, give your opponant no time to think" she said and as soon as she had finished, he striked at her and pinned her down,

"Very good, you've mastered the strike! Now, do you know how to push a rock? This move comes in very handy when you are trapped somewhere and it makes you strong and muscely. When doing this, you put you front paws on the face of the rock and push with all your might", Cloverpaw did just that, and pushed a huge rock straight off the place it was settled in.

"Wow, you are a natural, give me a fight" she said. Cloverpaw pounced at her pinning her to the ground, but she curled over and tried to get him under, but he slipped out the side and stood hissing. He then striked at her using the move he had only just learnt and pinned her down, Ferretcloud quickly got back up and lead him into a cave. She pushed a rock on the entrance, and Cloverpaw was stuck in a dark cave. He pushed against the rock, using the other move he'd just learnt, and ran free to the spot were Ferretcloud was waiting for him.

"You really can do alot after 1 training session, I might have to cut your schedule time of becoming a warrior" and she started to walk away.

"Wait!" Cloverpaw shouted, and Ferretcloud came walking back,

"What is it?" She asked.

"I had this dream, it-it- it said, 'A kitty called K'. I am soppused to find this Kittypet, because it is part of my understanding as I have worked out. This is very important for me, and I need a warrior I can take, and I've chosen you ..."

"Could you come with me on my quest to find the one special cat?"

Chapter 4- Stilton The Rogue Who knows the way

Cloverpaw and Ferretcloud stared at each other,

"What are the others going to think?" she asked,

"They will be fine, trust me" he replied. They started to walk,

"I do hope so".

They walked out towards the twoleg place, although they weren't any were near yet.

"I am glad for you Cloverpaw. I am only eight moons older than you. Back before you were born, back before you were alive, Littlestar had a prophecy, it said Clover can save the forest, so when Juniperclaw came back and said that she had mated someone, that she had called you Cloverkit." She said.

"So that is why they keep on visiting me" he said,

"Yes, Littlestar told me to inform you. No one knows who your father is, although who ever this kitty is, he might know". 'It does all fit together' Cloverpaw thought, atleast I know that it was because of a prophecy, although that answers as many questions as it makes. Who was my dad, Who is this person we are going to find, What does the 'K' mean, What was the prophecy, and why me? Cloverpaw just continued on. He didn't think they would be long on their journey because The twoleg place wasn't far away.

They walked past bushes and trees, and finally after what seemed like ages, they reached Tallpines. They could see the Twoleg Place. There was heaps of Twoleg nests, everywhere was a bunch of them. "Lets see if he is in one of these" Cloverpaw said, and he dropped into a hunters' crouch along the edge of a twoleg nest boundry, (a fence). The first one they got to was a tall brown figure. Cloverpaw scrambled up the boundry and found some Twolegs feeding some pet rabbits. "Shew, shew" said one of the twolegs, so he and Ferretcloud went down again. They walked along the side of the thunderpath, until they scented Kittypet.

Finally they came across one. Ferretcloud and Cloverpaw jumped onto the top of the boundry. A Russet-coloured tom with blue eyes was in the twoleg nest's garden.

"Hello, What is youy name?" Cloverpaw said.

"I am Percy, what buisness do you have here?" He asked, But Cloverpaw and Ferretcloud jumped down.

"How long is this going to take?" Ferretcloud asked, she jumped onto the twoleg boundry, and walked along it. "Come up here, you can see forever!" she said. Cloverpaw obeyed and leaped on top just behind Ferretcloud. They walked along until they came upon a small forest, suddenly, a large silver and blue rogue tom came out of the bushes. "What is your name?" Ferretcloud asked, "Do you know a Dark Brown tom starting with K?" Cloverpaw said after Ferretcloud. "I used to know a tom just of your explanation, he left with a red She-cat, my name is Stilton by the way." Stilton said. "Juniperclaw! The red she-cat was Juniperclaw!" Ferretcloud said jumpily. "Can you show us were he went?" Cloverpaw asked,

"Of course, he was my best friend, this way!"

Chapter 5- The camp's problem

"Were are Cloverpaw and Ferretcloud?" Cinderkit who was now a lot older asked.

"I don't know, they've gone missing. But I know my son and I'm sure the two are ok." Juniperclaw replied.

"I do hope so" Cinderkit replied.

"Could everyone old enough to catch their own prey please come to the highrock" Littlestar shouted out. Cinderkit and the youngest of Cloverpaw's littermates Dirtkit bounded out to the clearing, next to the highrock.

"Cinderkit is too young to be a kit. Cinderkit, from this day and on, you will be known as Cinderpaw, Possumflight, you will be her mentor. Do you agree to pass on everything you have learnt?" she said

"Yes", "Then by the power of starclan I name you Mentor and Apprentice, see me in my den. Dirtkit is too young to be a kit. Dirtkit, from this day and on, you will be known as Dirtpaw, Featherflight, you will be his mentor. Do you agree to pass on everything you have learnt?" she said

"Yes", "Then by the power of StarClan I name you Mentor and Apprentice, see me in my den".

Dirtpaw and Cinderpaw stalked across with their mentors' to the Leader's den and sat down inside. "Alright, Palefur has been choking lately, and Cloverpaw and Ferretcloud have disappeared, we don't want to let anything else happen Ok?" Littlestar said,

"Yes" Cinderpaw and Dirtpaw replied.

"You, will all go together to patrol the borders because three cats is enough and alot of hazards have been happening lately," she said.

"Okay" Cinderpaw and her brother Dirtpaw with their mentor's Possumflight and Featherflight said. Cinderpaw fealt uneasy, where are Cloverpaw her older brother and their close friend Ferretcloud?

Cinderpaw, Dirtpaw, Possumflight and Featherflight stalked out of the camp. It was a chilli afternoon like all, although it was coming to Green-leaf and she couldn't wait. Cinderpaw and Possumflight split up from Featherflight and Dirtpaw started to head towards the twoleg place boundry. They walked past some bushes when suddenly, Cinderpaw smelt something, Mouse! She dropped doing just what Possumflight said,

"Get down low, lift your feet off the ground, and when you are a tail-length from it, pounce on it and kill it by biting it hard in the neck".

Cinderpaw dropped down and walked lightly across the surface of the leafs, she came eye-to-eye with it, it was only a tail-length infront of her so, pounce! She bit it hard in the neck and killed it.

"Wo hoo!" she shouted,

"Very good now - " there was a voice. Cinderpaw had never heard the voice, it wasn't Cloverpaw's, it was a twoleg!

"Lets get out now! Hide!" Possumflight shouted, but they were too late. The twoleg spotted them and came running after her. She ran and ran towards the camp, there would be more warriors there who could defeat him she thought. She ran towards the camp, and by the time she got there the warriors were ready. The twoleg wailed, Palefur came out of the den to see what was happening.

"No get back in" Cinderpaw desperately shouted, but too late. The twoleg scooped the ancient antique up and ran off.


Chapter 6 The long walk

Ferretcloud, Stilton and Cloverpaw walked along, when suddenly a twoleg monster came raoring past. The twoleg inside chucked something out, it was Palefur!

"Palefur" Ferretcloud shouted, "what happened?".

"Twoleg steal me, camp looking for you, Cloverpaw", and he fell ito silence.

"No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cloverpaw shouted. But the silence only made him realise, Ferretcloud realised it to, Palefur was dead.

"Who is this?" Stilton Shouted, "This is my grandfather, but he seems to have been stolen, oh, the clan needs us, they're goners with the twolegs!" Cloverpaw shouted,

"The 'Clans', 'Twolegs' - What?" Stilton said confused. "Oh you mean Kittycarers!" He said,

"Uh- yeah" Ferretcloud said after a while. Stilton continued on leaving them behind,

"Well come on, we better get crackin' !" he said loudly,

"We cant just leave him here!" Ferretcloud shouted,

"Well go back to your 'clans' and bury him!" he shouted stubbornly.

"But our clans are a moon away!" Cloverpaw said, Ferretcloud and Cloverpaw picked up the still body and carried all the way until they found a forest.

"Lets bury him here" Ferretcloud said, but before they could, a stripey tom came running along,

"Father!" He shouted,

"Who are you!" Cloverpaw shouted,

"I am Cosmo, that is my father you've got there" he said,

"That means that you must be Cloverpaw's Uncle!" Ferretcloud said,

"Hey stilton, my old buddy" he said purring as he touched noses with Stilton,

"Good to see you" Stilton simply replied.

"Come to my den, I have a lot to tell you about Kile and more!" Cosmo said.

They walked further into the forest until they came across a rock with a slit in it,

"This is my den, come in!" he said. They all sat inside and listened, there were more cats in there aswell, "Kile left to the other side of the forest so you are nearly there, I am Kile's brother and me and Kile were both clan-born. Kile was Cliffkit and I was Borriskit, we were then stolen by the Kittycarers or the twolegs as you warriors would call it, and ended up here, it would be my pleasure the join you three to find Kile and bring him back", he said confidently.

"Yeah, and I'll be the Rogue group leader when you have gone to join the Clans again!" a cat shouted from the crowd of rogues,

"Yes you will Jae, when I am gone, you will be leader." he replied,

"And I can not wait to be second in comand!" Berry shouted,

"No - I'll be in charge!" Spot replied angrily.

"No fighting guys!" Cloverpaw said,

"Hey you are not our leader!" Log said viscously,

"Yeah - don't you agree Hanky!" Lily said,


"Sh guys. I am your leader, but from now and on - you have got to follow Jae, not me. But only from when I leave does Jae become Leader" Cosmo said calming everyone down.

"Thanks alot", Ferretcloud said,

"Yeah", Cloverpaw replied,

"It is getting late now, I think you are going to have to stay here for the night!" Cosmo said.

Cloverpaw and Ferretcloud said goodbye to Stilton, he was very kind. They lay in a rock cave, sleeping as the rain poured down outside. Ferretcloud was lying next to Cloverpaw in their own 'guest' cave, and it was nice and warm. Finally, Cloverpaw closed his eyes, and fell into a deep sleep. He ran into a forest, it was dark, but he guessed it was just night. Suddenly, he found a camp, he walked in, and out came a golden tom, a dark tabby, who he recognised as Tigerstar, and a few others.

"Who are you?" he asked a mottled brown tom,

"I am Mudclaw, Tigerstar will speak, not you Shredtail!" he replied,

"Mudclaw is correct. Welcome, Cloverpaw, to the Dark Forest, Palefur was sent by StarClan to defeat us, but, we are the ones who sent that twoleg to kill him, so, StarClan gave the forest another prophecy, there will be four cats who will defeat us. You are one of them, so we will have to defeat you. I myself will kill you" he said, "But you can't, this is a dream isn't it?" Cloverpaw said confused, 'This is!' he thought, but, before he could think, Tigerstar launched himself at Cloverpaw, what to do came naturally to him, he was the fighter of the four, he fought Tigerstar, until he defeated him,

"Wake up!" rang a familiar voice,

"Sorry Ferretcloud, sorry Cosmo, I am coming" he said. He stood up, had a stretch, and padded outside, "lets leave," he said drawing in the scents of the morning,

"We shall leave".

Chapter 7 the power of the Dirt storm

Dirtpaw woke up, he clawed a tree root that was in the den, and padded outside. Yesterday Cinderpaw, Thornpaw and himself were shocked to hear that they each had a power. Cinderpaw had the power to hunt, and Thornpaw had the power of healing, and medicine buisness, but, what power did he have? He wondered around until Hollypath, the ThunderClan deputy came up to him.

"I was going to say you could go and do the spare bedding, but, Thornpaw has already done that, how about the sunhigh patrol, is that alright, they are going to be rescenting the borders, I could ask Featherflight if she would show how it is done, you could get some training done!" she said,

"Yes, that would be good" he replied,

"I'll go draw that down!" Hollypath said. Because it was Greenleaf, and it was really hot, RiverClan had come up with a concept of making symbols in the sand to remind cats to do stuff they might forget to do, the concept works! That reminded Dirtpaw that it was his first gathering, Thornpaw and Cinderpaw were going too, and it is sad that Cloverpaw isn't. He walked around until he bumped into Possumflight and Cinderpaw,

"What are you doing?" Possumflight asked,

"Looking for Featherflight, have you seen her?" he asked,

"Oh yes, she is sunning herself out the front gorse entrance!" Cinderpaw said in her usual jumpy, happy energetic tone of voice, Dirtpaw was seriously convinced sometimes that her power was endless energy, but, that would be silly. He walked out of the entrance, just when Featherflight was there,

"Hi Dirtpaw, training?" she asked,

"Yes please, I am on the sunhigh patrol with you though, so we can't be too long, and, can we go with Cinderpaw and Possumflight?" he asked,

"No, lets go now!"

"Alright here we are, first of all, lets do some fighting. Here are some techniques: Teeth grip, Belly rake, Front paw blow, Front paw strike, Killing Bite, Leap-and-hold, Partner Fighting, Playing dead, scruff shake, Back kick and Upright lock. Try and use some or as many as you like, eg, attack me!"

Dirtpaw slammed into Featherflight, she did the teeth grip, but he got his claws in there, he shook Featherflight off and did a leap-and-hold. He sunk his teeth into Featherflights neck and she lay, panting.

"You are the best fighter, that is your power, I just know it, you picked up every move then, and you pulled it off. Well done, Dirtpaw, get, Redwhisker, Thornpaw"

Dirtpaw, Cinderpaw and Thornpaw walked up a slope behind Featherflight, Possumflight, Moleriver and Littlestar. They were on their way to the gathering.

"Hey Thornpaw, Cinderpaw, today I found out my power!" he said,

"What?" Thornpaw replied,

"Fighting, you should ask Featherflight" he said,

"I saw the wounds and I agree!" Thornpaw said. They continued walking up the slope, until they stopped.

"Why have we stopped?" Cinderpaw asked,

"Sh!" Possumflight replied. They stood there for a few minutes, and then finally went.

"Everyone!" Furrystar, the leader of ShadowClan said, "it is time to begin!" he said,

"But were is Snakestar and RiverClan?" Willowstar, the leader of WindClan said, meows were heard coming from RiverClan,

"The Dark Forest!" Littlestar shouted out, "ThunderClan retreat!" Littlestar said. ThunderClan went racing back to camp, an eclipse faded the sun, and Dirtpaw fainted. Atleast his power was revealed.

Chapter 8 The power of the Cinder's Fang

Cinderpaw and Tornface fought, she was fighting a cat called Mudcloud. She fought and fought. Blondefur was watching, aparrently, she was the cat who had originaly killed Mudcloud, and Larkwhisker his mentor had been killed by Palefur, and was being attacked by Dirtpaw. He tried to belly rake her, but she twisted around and did a leap-and-hold. She held on tight until Mudcloud fainted, his spirit disappeared, and ThunderClan, were, well, not victorious!

"ThunderClan are not victorious!" Tigerstar shouted on the highrock,

"The Dark Forest will rule ThunderClan, that is atleast until - but anyway, Mudclaw is deputy, Larkwhisker is third-in-command, and everyone must obey the Dark Forest's rules!" he said. Cinderpaw looked around, Juniperclaw had fainted, Tornface had died, killed by the brutal Tigerstar, Moleriver had collapsed weeping in greif, Dirtpaw, though, was unharmed! It was his power, although what was her's? Cinderpaw thought, she went over to the waking Juniperclaw, but she was backed off by Shredtail, and then, something came to her, she was full of energy, even after hours of fighting, her power was endless energy!

That night, she closed her eyes, and woke to find herself walking along a Thunderpath with Cloverpaw, Ferretcloud and a rogue!

"Cloverpaw!" she shouted, nothing happened, then she remembered it was all a dream. Suddenly, she went into darkness, and a beautiful spotted she-cat, came.

"Hello Cinder's Fang, The battle with the Dark Forest can not be won until the Clover's Flight returns, and all four powers meet" she said, then, she woke.

It was only a dream, but, she understood it, Cloverpaw needed to be there at camp to defeat the Dark Forest, all four powers need to combine before ThunderClan and all of the clans can win through. But, what would happen if Cloverpaw never returned, or say, Thornpaw died, would the clans be in war forever? She shook at the thought, but walked over to Possumflight,

"We must go out training Possumflight, I have important news to tell everyone alive, but no cat in the Dark Forest must know" she said,

"Lets go" Possumflight replied.

Once they reached the Dusty Cave, Cinderpaw whispered in Possumflight's ear,

"The battle against the Dark Forest can not be won until Cloverpaw returns".

"Ok" Possumflight replied,

"No questions!" Cinderpaw said.

"Even so, here are some fighting moves: Back kick, Belly Rake, Front paw Blow, Front paw strike, Killing bite, Leap-and-hold, Partner fighting, Play dead, Scruff shake and Teeth grip" she said, and they got on with it.

Chapter 9 The power of the Clover's Flight

Cloverpaw, Ferretcloud and Cosmo padded alongside a Thunderpath.

"I have something to say, you two" Cosmo said, "call me Borrispaw from now and on okay?" he said, "Yes, that is fine Borrispaw" Ferretcloud and Cloverpaw replied. They continued walking along the Thunderpath, and as they did Cloverpaw, started to wonder what his real power was, was it the power he thinks his is, or is it different?

"I wonder what is going on back home in ThunderClan?" Cloverpaw asked.

"I am sure they are fine" Ferretcloud said,

"Won't they be worried about you two?" Borrispaw asked.

"I think so" Ferretcloud said quietly, "What if this journey was for nothing?" she said again,

"IT WAS'NT" Cloverpaw and Borrispaw said at the same time. Ferretcloud stared at the two toms,

"I am the only warrior here!" Ferretcloud said,

"I am the oldest and most mature here!" Borrispaw backfired, 'and I'm the only one with superpowers' Cloverpaw thought although he knew he couldn't tell them.

"Lets just keep going" Cloverpaw said, hoping to get a move on. They padded on through the bushes, until they came to a huge jumble of streams. Suddenly, an owl comes staring at them from a hill top.

"What is that owl doing?" Ferretcloud asked anxiously,

"It is going to get us!" Borrispaw shouted,

"RUN!" Cloverpaw shouted as the owl came swooping down. The cats ran towards to stream, and they launched themselves onto a wooden thing.

"What is this?" Ferretcloud asked,

"I don't know, something that twolegs use to float in I guess" Cloverpaw guessed,

"Very correct young 'un, this thing is used by twolegs to float and is more rightly named a boat!" Borrispaw gloated.

"I say we make ourselves comfortable and get some sleep!" Cloverpaw suggested,

"True" Ferretcloud said, but Borrispaw was already asleep, and Ferretcloud just grunted. Cloverpaw stood up and sat next to Ferretcloud, feeling her warm fur, and breathing in her sweet scent. Her breathing slowed, and Cloverpaw closed his eyes, and went to sleep.

"Hello Cloverpaw" Palefur said softly to him. His dream had taken him to the StarClan camp, and Palefur and Firestar stood over him.

"Daddy!" Squirrelflight shouted from behind Firestar,

"Just a minute Squilster!" he shouted back,

"Now Cloverpaw," Firestar started,

"Your power decision was wrong, You don't have the power to fight, your power is the power of leadership. Dirtpaw's power is Fighting and Cinderpaw's power is endless energy." he said, and Cloverpaw was woken,

My power is leadership!

Chapter 10 Lost

"Where are we?" Borrispaw asked curiously as he stared around. The stream had been running very fast and they had already made it out of the huge canyon they thought they were going to spend years sailing in. Suddenly, something caught the corner of Cloverpaw's eye: A TwolegClan! Twolegs were everywhere; scattered all over the place. Many twoleg nests invaded the land, and, there was lots of scents.

"Is that lake water I smell?" Ferretcloud asked nervously. Cloverpaw sniffed the air, and she was right.

"Over there" Borrispaw said staring at a sheet of Icy blue water.

"We should have a look around" Ferretcloud said hopping out of the boat, but Cloverpaw remained silent. "Come Cloverpaw" said Borrispaw,

"Oh, sorry" Cloverpaw replied stepping out of his dream and saying something for once.

"Cat, cat, I smell cats!" Ferretcloud said so excitedly it made Cloverpaw jump backwards into the rose bush. Pain pierced through him and he leaped back, only to find the red liquid of his own blood dripping onto the crispy brown and gold leafs that lay on the ground.

"Lots of prey around here!" Borrispaw said, playing about in the leafs. Ferretcloud ran over to Borrispaw and joined in, although Cloverpaw stood by the boat watching.

"Hello?" an anxious voice said from around the corner. The trio froze, 'who was it, and what does it want with us?' Cloverpaw thought. Suddenly, a brown and blue tom with bright amber eyes walked out into the clearing where Cloverpaw, Borrispaw and Ferretcloud sat hiding.

"I can smell you, my name is Muddy." the strange cat Muddy said, no cat moved. "Come out, all three of you!" he shouted, so ferociously that Ferretcloud and Borrispaw stood up, Cloverpaw following.

"You three smell different, you're not from around here are you?" Muddy said.

"No, we are from a forest atleast two moons journey from here" Ferretcloud said.

"Interesting... And what brings you here may I ask?" he asked again curiously, his head tipping to one side. "We come in search of a kitty called K-" Borrispaw blurted. "Oh, now kits, where you need to look is the kitty-cat orphanage!" he said smiling. "Where is that?" Cloverpaw asked, "don't worry. Here, come with me, I'll show you"

Chapter 11 - A gathering with the Dark Forest

Thornpaw sat up,

"Hurry up you lazy ball of fur!" Thistleclaw shouted.

"Okay, okay. What are we doing today?" he asked.

"You are doing some fighting, and then you are going to the gathering" Thistleclaw shouted back. 'Gathering!? That is a surprise, never thought the cats of the Dark Forest would bother attending Gatherings' he thought.

"Fight harder you disgrace!" Shredtail shouted as he watched Thornpaw fight. 'I am a medicine cat apprentice. Therefore I am not supposed to fight!' he thought silently, only dreaming of the conseqeunces if he did say that. While Thornpaw was off in another parallel universe, Moleriver, who he was fighting launched herself at Thornpaw. Thornpaw was surprised to see the white she-cat flying towards him, and he tried to run, only skidding on the leaves that littered the ground. He landed with an umf and Moleriver landed squarly ontop of him and crushed him. "Very good Moleriver!" Shredtail said,

'A compliment from a Dark Forest warrior!?' Thornpaw thought, 'wow, Moleriver is lucky'.

"I guess I'll have to tell Tigerstar about your efforts. And, you will both be going to the gathering. See you later!" he sat and scampered off.

"Could all cats old enough to catch their own prey please come to the highrock!" Tigerstar's voice bellowed out across the clearing.

"Littlestar has lost her 6th life, and now stands with 5 lives left. Today, going to the gathering will be: Cinderpaw, Thornpaw, Moleriver, Shredtail, Featherflight and Mudclaw. Thankyou. Can I meet all of the gathering cats by the highrock" he said. Thornpaw stopped talking to Dirtpaw and scampered off after Featherflight and the two went over to the group of cats.

"All here?" Tigerstar asked, "Then lets go"

"Silence!" Snakestar said. "We have heard of the Dark Forest's taking over, and now we move onto other news" he said. "Lemonpaw, whos mentor was Maplestripe, is now a warrior taking her new name: Lemonshade" he said,

"Lemonshade, Lemonshade!" Thornpaw and many others said staring up at the highrock.

"Thank you Snakestar" Willowstar said stepping forward.

"In WindClan, we had a kind visit from Furrystar. He proposed that we give him the end of our territory, a place called Tallconifer" she said. "We, had a fight and Pineleaf died." she said. Furrystar chuckled,

"I guess one less pathetic mouth to feed" he said. WindClan cats protested meowing in grief and fury.

"The clouds!" Littlestar shouted staring up and the sky,

"True Littlestar, we must leave. ThunderClan!" Tigerstar said grouping together his clan. Thornpaw ran over to Tigerstar, worried about what would happen next.

Chapter 12

'Hurry up; I want to know what happened!' Dirtpaw thought as he scampered around waiting for Tigerstar, Cinderpaw, Thornpaw, Moleriver, Shredtail, Featherflight and Mudclaw to return. "Keep still please" Larkwhisker scolded from beside him. Dirtpaw blew out in fustration although not daring to not do what Larkwhisker said. He stood there, in fury.


"Wow, so that is what happened!" Dirtpaw shouted as he and Cinderpaw sat sharing a mouse. "Hey, I have to say something to you" Cinderpaw said to Dirtpaw. "What?" Dirtpaw replied curiously, tipping his head to a side. "We need to confront these Dark Forest Cats, well at least you do" Cinderpaw said confidently. "We can't do that! They'll kill us and then ThunderClan will never be able to break free of them." he replied, hinting what would happen if he, or Cinderpaw or Thornpaw died. "Yes, but we've got to face the fact that Cloverpaw and Ferretcloud are probably dead!" Cinderpaw cried. Dirtpaw stood up and walked off. He couldnot face that fact. StarClan wouldn't allow it, and he knew his brother and that convinced him he wasn't dead. He snorted and walked off. He wouldn't allow Cloverpaw to die; he must believe they still had a chance. Dirtpaw walked over to Tigerstar who was sat in the leaders' den talking to Littlestar. "May I go on the sunset patrol?" Dirtpaw asked Littlestar. Dirtpaw’s paws were itching for a run, and he hadn’t been out into the forest for what seemed like ages! “Well don’t look at me, Tigerstar here is the one that decides who goes on the patrols!” Littlestar said, trying to sound confident nodding here head towards Tigerstar. “Of course you can Dirtpaw, you can certainly come along, but may I ask that you come along with me” Tigerstar said darkly.

Chapter 13

Dirtpaw nodded nervously, although didn't dare to say no.

"We are going to do some training at the Dusty Cave" Tigerstar said, his fiery dark amber eyes staring into Dirtpaw's green eyes, making the burn like fire. 'Fire! Of course, the only thing that can beat Tigerstar - is Firestar!' Dirtpaw thought.

"Okay then" Dirtpaw shouted confidently, swinging his head up in fake delight. Tigerstar chuckled,

"Pretty old Featherflight wont be here, but I will - let's go"


"Here, there are many cats here, there is a cat called Kile, but I don't know if that is who you are looking for - anyway, Bye!" Muddy said and walked off.

"Now, how do we get over this?" Ferretcloud asked nervously.

"Jump!" Cloverpaw said springing out his long legs and landing with a thump outside an open window.

"Yes, Cloverpaw, windows are easy to get to" Borrispaw said calmly.

"Windows?" Ferretcloud said curiously, sitting up and licking her chest.

"Oh never mind, in Cloverpaw, Ferretcloud, you follow behind me" Borrispaw said confidently, leaping up to land squarly behind Cloverpaw. Ferretcloud leaped up after him, landing with a thud and blowing dust out in all directions. Cloverpaw coughed,

"Take it is easy Ferretcloud!" Cloverpaw shouted, and slight tone of humour in his voice.

"Sorry" Ferretcloud chuckled, rolling around.

"Now, all we have to do is go around and ask every cat if they know Kile" Borrispaw said leaping down to the ground. Cloverpaw ran up to a brown tom with long legs.

"Do you know a cat called Kile?" Cloverpaw asked nervously, noticing the familiarity between him and the kittypet. Bramble coloured fur, long legs, green eyes.

"Ofcourse I know Kile - it's me!"

Chapter 14

"So you must be Cliffpaw then" Cloverpaw said with delight, bouncing up and down.

"Yes, how do you know?" Cliffpaw asked standing up.

"I am Cloverpaw, we have Borrispaw with us, although Juniperclaw is back in ThunderClan, I am your son!" Cloverpaw grinned.

"WOW!" Cliffpaw shouted.

"Follow me, Borrispaw will be delighted to see you and we have alot to tell you"


"Wow, you are a good fighter, maybe I should make you a warrior" Tigerstar said nervously.

"Yes please!" Dirtpaw said,

"And Thornpaw and Cinderpaw too" Tigerstar meowed again.

"Thank you!" Dirtpaw said.


"We are going to be warriors?!" Cinderpaw cried with delight as Dirtpaw told her the story.

"Could all cats old enough to catch their own prey please come to the highrock" Tigerstar shouted from the top of the giant rock in the centre of the clearing, Littlestar behind him.

"Dirtpaw, from this day and on you shall be known as Dirtstorm, storm because of the storm of power you create when you fight. Cinderpaw, you shall be known as Cinderfang, fang because you have as much energy as a snake, slithering across the dry barren desert. Thornpaw, you shall be Thornface, because your Thorn stripe is on your face" Tigerstar meowed, and lept down from the gray boulder.

"Dirtstorm, Cinderfang, Thornface!"

Chapter 15

"Now, hop on this boat" Ferretcloud said to Cliffpaw.

"Now is a good time to tell Cliffpaw everything!" Borrispaw said excitedly

"I'll do it!" Cloverpaw said happily, making the atmosphere really buzz as the small boat with the four cat quickly drifted off down the stream in between the canyon walls.

"Okay then, off you go, I want to hear everything! I don't even know my kits yet!" Cliffpaw said excitedly a huge grin on his face.

"Start then Cloverpaw" Ferretcloud said.

"Well, when you left, Juniperpaw came back with your oldest kit about to be born. She beacme Juniperclaw, and gave birth to Thornkit. Thornkit then became Thornpaw, Redwhisker the medicine cat's first apprentice" Cloverpaw said.

"Then Kestralstar died of old age and greencough" Ferretcloud said butting in.

"Yes, and Possumpaw and Featherpaw became Featherflight and Possumflight along with Ferretcloud. Then, Juniperclaw gave birth to Cloverkit, me, Cinderkit and Dirtkit. And then we became apprentices. When a young apprentice I found out that I was meant to go and find you and Borrispaw. We found Borrispaw, and then came and found you, oh, and Palefur was killed by a twoleg, but Blondefur is healthy and strong" Cloverpaw said.

"Father, Palefur, mentor" Cliffpaw silently whimpered as the boat rocked from side to side.

"Palefur was your mentor?" Cloverpaw said in disbelief.

"It is true, and Minicloud was mine" Borrispaw said.

"Oh, that is interesting" Cloverpaw said, but Ferretcloud remained silent.

"I'm tired, and the sun is going down, how about we get some sleep, we will be there by morning" Ferretcloud said.

"Good idea" Borrispaw said yawning. But Cloverpaw wasn't watching and he instead closed his eyes.

Cloverpaw stood in the camp, horrified at what he was seeing.He saw Cinderpaw, and Dirtpaw and blood everywhere. Possumflight collapsed, Moleriver in streams of tears and Tornface lying dead next to a white she-cat. And yet, on the highrock stood a brown tabby with ambers eyes as he recognised as being Tigerstar. This made Cloverpaw wonder,

What is happening back at camp?

Chapter 16

"Cinderfang, wake!" Dirtstorm said, nudging her to her paws.

"Uh, what is it Dirtstorm?" Cinderfang said sleepily.

"I've just got back from a patrol, we smelt the scents of 4 cats, Juniperclaw said she knew two of the scents" Dirtstorm said excitedly, although when she looked at Tigerstar, he was as worried as ever, although Littlestar looked very happy indeed.

"So you knew theother two's scents?" Cindefang asked curiously.

"Unmistakably Cloverpaw and Ferretcloud"


"Thornface" Redwhisker asked from the corner of the Medicine Cat's den where she sorted out a pile of Comfrey.

"Yes Redwhisker?" Thornface replied wandering over to her.

"The camp has been very buzzy lately and I have heard they have scented Cliffpaw, Borrispaw, Cloverpaw and Ferretcloud" Redwhisker said.

"Well, you are correct because they are coming right now" Thornface said in amazement as the four wandered into the camp. Redwhisker dropped the comfrey on the ground and run straight over to Cliffpaw and Borrispaw and greeted them welcomly. Thornface walked over to Dirtstorm and Cinderfang who were sitting with Cloverpaw and Cliffpaw.

"And so this is you eldest child, Thornpaw" Cloverpaw said confidently.

"Actually Thornface by the way" Thornface said, forcing a purr.

"I am now the joint medicine cat with Redwhisker, Hailcloud is dead" Thornface told Cliffpaw, his father whom he had never seen.

"And so Dirtpaw and Cinderpaw are now warriors?" Cliffpaw asked.

"Yep! I am Cinderfang and this is Dirtstorm" Cinderfang proudly stated.

"Meeting the new warriors and medicine cat then are you?" Borrispaw said wondering over. Thornface looked around. Juniperclaw, Ferretcloud, Possumflight and Featherflight where excitedly talking about Dirtstorm's love for Featherflight, and Juniperclaw's mate returning. 'Girl talk' Thornface thought and looked back to Cliffpaw.

But there was nobody to talk to now, the whole Clan had to say hello, so Thornface walked away, although, this was unmistakably the best day of Thornface's life.

Chapter 17

Cloverpaw's dream back in the apprentices' den had taken him to a black den, no stars, no anything, that was atleast until Palefur appeared. But this wasn't the old and frail Palefur Cloverpaw was used to seeing, this was a Palefur that was young, and handsome and strong.

"Hello Cloverpaw" Palefur said walking up to Cloverpaw with a smile.

"Hi, what have you come to tell me?" Cloverpaw asked.

"Now that you have returned, the power of the Cinder's fang, Dirt storm, Thorn's face and the Clover's Flight have returned, this means that ThunderClan will have the strength to defeat the Dark Forest. You shall fight tomorrow, you will win" Palefur said, and Cloverpaw woke up.

"Cloverpaw, Cloverpaw I had this dream where Kestralstar came to me and told me that we would fight today because you had returned" Cinderfang said excitedly.

"Me too!" Dirtstorm said. "Except Lilystar came to me"

"And me, except Palefur came" Cloverpaw said excitedly.

"Then we should speak to Littlestar and find out is that could happen" Cinderfang said excitedly.

"I'll go" Cloverpaw asked.

"No, you do too much Cloverpaw, I'll go" Dirtstorm said standing up and walking off.


"So how did it go, what did Littlestar say?" Cindefang asked desperatly. 'I need to know!'

"She said we can, we shall do it jut after sharing tongues" Dirtstorm said.

"I'll tell the others!" Cinderfang said and ran off.


Cloverpaw faught with all of his might, Tigerstar maybe a strong opponent, but by destroying him he would save ThunderClan. Cloverpaw rolled over as Tigerstar lunged. But Tigerstar landed with a thud and couldn't turn around intime to jump away as Cloverpaw lunged and bit his neck really hard. He thrashed at the neck, all the way down until he reached the throat.

"I've done it, the war is over, ThunderClan has won - I have killed Tigerstar!" Cloverpaw said.

Chapter 18

"I, Littlestar, leader of ThunderClan call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these three apprentices. They has trained hard, suffered much, and been through alot as well as learnt ways of your noble code, and I commend them as a warrior in his turn. Cloverpaw, Borrispaw, Cliffpaw do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of life?"

"I do" Cloverpaw replied.

"I do" Cliffpaw replied.

"I do" Borrispaw said

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names. Cloverpaw, from this moment and on you shall be known as Cloverflight. StarClan honours you leadership skills and knowledge and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan. Borrispaw, you shall be known as Borrisflower. StarClan honours your forethought and wisdom and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan. Cliffpaw, from this day and on you shall be known as Cliffleg. StarClan honours your warmth and Kindness and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan" Littlestar said very proudly gazing down at Cloverflight as he went and stood over by Cinderfang and Dirtstorm.

"Cloverflight, Cloverflight, Borrisflower, Borrisflower, Cliffleg, Cliffleg!" the Clan called out.

"Also, Pussumflight has moved into the nursery pregnant with Borrisflower's kits and Featherflight with Dirtstorm's" Littlestar concluded before jumping off the highrock. Cloverflight noticed Blondefur walk carefully up to Cliffleg and touch noses with him and Borrisflower.

"ThunderClan seems so peaceful without Tigerstar and the others" Cinderfang said gazing up at the moon, reminding Cloverflight that there would be a gathering the next sunrise.

"Yes, and all thanks to Cloverflight" Dirtstorm said proudly gazing at Featherflight and enjoying the warmth of the afternoon.

"Guys, that is only one puzzle complete, I'm sure we'll have plenty more to face later on - you ask Blondefur, she's had a hectic life I tell you" Cloverflight purred.

"The fight was so awesome" Dirtstorm said changing the subject.

"Typical Dirtstorm" Cinderfang chuckled. But Cloverflight ignored them, he didn't want to hear about the fight, that was trouble cleared, a crack leaped over and jump into peace for ThunderClan...

That is the end of the story, is you want to read what happens next start reading Falling Origins Book 2: The Depth now!

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