This is where we rise and fall

                                                         This is where we must kill all

                                                              A fall began it all  

                                                          And a fall will end it all

                                                         The game of life or death  

                                                       The game of right or wrong

                                                     Every move let's you live or die


Episode 1: Falling: The Meet

Episode 2: Falling: The Lost

Episode 3: Falling: The Seen


Wildpaw is a calico she-cat with bright green eyes. She is very sweet and loves to have a 'wild spirit' as she says. She is also very stubborn.


Opalpaw is a blue she-cat with white, gray, and black spots. Her personality is kind and gentle. She is very sweet and will do anything, she especially shy.


Mushroompaw is a white tom with amber eyes. He is very brave, agile and strong. He is one of the best warriors of his clan, but he is very shy around she-cats.


Hurricanepaw is a dark brown tabby tom and has blue eyes. He is very good around she-cats and loves to hunt. He may not always be respected in his clan, but he is surely on with the she-cats.


Fennelpaw is a white tom with ginger patches and amber eyes. He is very lazy, but is very smart. He is wise of saying 'be paitent' but takes it too seriously. He is very talkitive and loves to use big words.


Olivepaw is a black she-cat with amber eyes. She is very senstive, but is most of the time very kind and gentle. She is slow at everything, and absolutly hates fighting.

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