sequel of Locked in Love.

Part of the Catching On (Series)


Ivypaw, Sunnyheart's best friend, had taken the "leap of faith" for the second time now. She made it the first time, but was brought back by Wolfpaw, Sunnyheart's love. The second time, she was swept off by the river. Everyone in WaterClan thought she was dead, but she had merely been thrown off somewhere else, and she couldn't find her way home.



"Sunnypaw." Ivypaw confirmed.

"It's Sunnyheart." The golden she-cat murmured. "We got our warrior names a long time ago." Ivypaw managed a nod.

Sunnyheart stared at Ivypaw curiously. "I thought you died the day you tried to jump over the river again. You were swept away, like Wolfpaw was." There was no grief in her voice.

Ivypaw shrugged. "I guess I was lucky because the river only threw me back, then flung me ashore somewhere else. It took me forever to find a way back here."

"Why did you leave in the first place?" Sunnyheart whispered. "We've missed you, and a lot has changed."

"I didn't feel like staying... It didn't feel right when I was so depressed and tired. Clan life wasn't for me then, and I don't know if it's for me now. I think I might just live outside of WaterClan's territory or travel around. I'll visit every now and then." Ivypaw murmured. "How is Dawnpaw and Brightpaw?"

"They're Brightsong and Dawnheart." Sunnyheart informed curtly.

"Are they well?"

"No, Dawnheart's dead." Sunnyheart mewed flatly. "Brightsong is still grieving."

"I'm sorry." Ivypaw mewed quietly, bowing her head. "Dawnheart was a good friend."

"Almost like a sister to us." Sunnyheart agreed. "Are you settling in well outside of Clan life?" She questioned her best friend.

Ivypaw nodded. "It's different, but I feel as though it's the best. Are you settling in well as a warrior of WaterClan?"

"Quite fine." Sunnyheart replied. "I have three kittens."

"That's great!" Ivypaw purred. "I would love to see them but..." She sighed softly. "What are their names?" She inquired.

"Dawnkit, Wolfkit, and Ivykit." Sunnyheart mewed, "They were in honor of the three of you. We thought you were dead." Sunnyheart added.

"I know you did." Ivypaw sighed. "That's why I came back, to tell you that I was alive and well."

"Tell me about your journeys." Sunnyheart purred. "What happened after you fell into the river? I'm sure you have a lot to tell us."

"I do." Ivypaw agreed. "It had happened so fast..."

One friend is enough

To brighten one's heart

But memories can bring back nightmares

Who chase you like darts

Chapter One

Dark waters swirled around her, clouding her vision entirely. Bubbles were foaming and she couldn't see or hear a thing. She knew that the river was sweeping her along, but she didn't know how much time she had until she drowned.

Suddenly the currents broke and the wave threw her into the air. Ivypaw landed with a thud, groaning as she hit the ground.

It took Ivypaw a few moments to realize that she was quite alive and awake. She struggled to her paws, shaking a bit from the foamy water and the blow. She blinked her eyes for a bit, then realized that she didn't know where she was.

The forest was a swamp of trees, and Ivypaw couldn't see anything past the top of the looming trees. She shuddered and stumbled away from the river.

"You look lost."

She jumped and bit back a squeal of surprise. "Who are you?"

The rogue shrugged. "I'm who I am." He responded, his green eyes reflecting her gaze with no real emotion hidden behind them. Ivypaw frowned at him.

"You're not going to answer my question are you?" She asked dejectedly. The rogue only laughed and mewed back.

"I already answered your question." He pointed out. "I said I'm who I am. Is that not a good enough answer for you?"


"Bramble! Who are you rambling to? I told you to bring me whoever was trampling through the forest!" The rogue froze and sighed.

"We better get going, before my father gets a fit and punishes me." Bramble muttered. "Come on, funny she-cat, let's see what your fate is." That didn't sound very reassuring to Ivypaw.

A huge, jet black tom was standing in wait for them. When he spotted Ivypaw, he raised at eyebrow. "This little creature was causing all that trouble?" The tom exclaimed. "Hm, where are you from?"

Ivypaw shrank back a bit. "I was from WaterClan."

His yellow eyes became pools of anger and misery. "Lock her up, we can't have WaterClan cats roaming about in our area."

Bramble led me away, and I stared at him, hurt. "So you can to talk to me just to have me imprisoned? What did I ever do to you?"

He sighed. "It's more complicated that that. I-"

"BRAMBLE!" His father called out. "Just get her in the bramble den and get out here! We still need to scout the area in case more Clan cats are roaming about." The anger and hatred dripped from his tone. Bramble nodded hurriedly and shoved me into a bramble den.

"Just stay put." Then he closed the bramble door and weaved the lock in. Ivypaw shuddered, knowing nobody would have the guts to try to tear through those brambles. They would scratch and tear anyone up before the cat could escape.

Ivypaw circled her little den, then decided it was best that she slept first.


"Drag her out." Called a harsh voice. Then Bramble had the door open, and he hauled me outside. The tom glared down on me.

"My name is Scar, and I want you to know that you are trespassing on my group's territory, Clan cat. We hate Clan cats, and as you can see, we've taken you prisoner for invading. Do you have anything to say in your defense?"

Ivypaw sighed. "My name is Ivypaw, and I come from WaterClan. I recently left WaterClan and I got swept upshore here. I don't intend any harm, and I don't want to be some prisoner of yours either." She muttered sullenly.

Bramble furrowed his brow, "Father, if she isn't from WhisperClan, then where are they? They may be wiping out our rogues, but none of them are easy to capture. She was fairly easy, I think she's telling the truth."

"Of course you believe her." Scar snapped. "You believe in everyone's stories, and remember where that got us last time?"

"I'm sorry!" Bramble yelped. "I didn't know she was an actual WhisperClan cat!"

Scar sighed. "You'll be under my watch still, Ivypaw, but for now, you'll to remain a prisoner. You won't be treated as one, but I want you under my warrior's watchful gazes." He gazed scornfully at his son. "Maybe I'll let you watch her, to see if you can be useful."

Bramble flushed, and muttered something inaudible. Ivypaw obediantly let them lead her back to her bramble den, but Bramble stayed outside and didn't close the door. "So you're not from WhisperClan?" He questioned her.

"Nope. I don't even know who WhisperClan is."

Bramble stretched. "They've been attacking us a lot lately, and my father wants to find them and kill them all." That horrified Ivypaw.

"You can't just kill of a Clan!"

"We can." Bramble mewed fiercely. "They haven't shown any mercy when they've slaughtered all our youngest kits." He pointed out.

Ivypaw let out a gasp. "I can't believe a Clan would do such a thing." She whispered in a hushed voice, "It would never be allowed in WaterClan."

Realization is a cold shock

It's more than a horror

When things go wrong

Prey only gets poorer

Chapter Two

The bramble den wasn't very inviting to Ivypaw. It was more of a prison than a "comforting" den for her to live in until Scar made his decision. Ivypaw hated the cramp space already, and she couldn't even turn a full circle without grazing off the top of her tail.

Then sunlight filtered into the prison. Bramble yanked open the door and mewed. "Scar wants a meeting with you outside."

"What for?"

"You knows?" Bramble shrugged. "He just said to 'bring the Clan cat'. You're the only Clan cat we have in our cutody so far. My father killed the rest."

"Hm, that's reassuring." Ivypaw snorted.

"It is, isn't it?" Bramble agreed, not catching onto her sarcasm. "Come on, his palace, or his extremely large den, is this way."

This tom's amusing. Ivypaw laughed inside, but her stomach felt like it was made of jelly and she was terrified of what lay ahead of her. She scrambled after Bramble, determined not to make herself look like a fool by cowarding away from the leader.

"Is he a good leader?" Ivypaw suddenly asked, her green eyes staring at Bramble.

The tom frowned. "Who?"

Ivypaw sighed inwardly. "You else? You're father of course."

"Oh." Bramble furrowed his brow. "You talk funny you know, cats here are usually straight to the point and they don't talk in riddles."

"Huh, now answer my question."

Bramble rolled his eyes in a strange way. It looked as if his eyes went up, then it went down. How amusing. "I think you're forgetting who's the boss here."

"Surely it isn't you." Ivypaw mewed back. "Isn't the one with the authority Scar? You still haven't told me if he's a good leader or not."

"It's best not to say your opinion around here." He mewed wryly. "Well, if you want to live that is." So Ivypaw took that answer as 'Scar was a reckless leader who killed everybody rude and annoying'. That reassured her a lot.

"So do you happen to live in his 'mansion'?" Ivypaw mewed, trying to get Bramble to slow down, but with no luck. The brown tom kept prowling forward, as if he was a machine following instructions, but I guess that's what he was metaphorically.

Bramble sighed and glanced back at Ivypaw. "You'll be presented as rude to my father if you keep asking so many questions. Yes, of course I live in his home, I am his son am I not?"

"Well," she purred, "In the Clans-"

"You don't speak of the Clans without my permission." A harsh voice interrupted, successfully causing Ivypaw to snap her mouth shut.

Bramble bowed his head and crouched low. Ivypaw stood defiantly, her green gaze meeting Scar's cold, orange gaze. She regretted the decision immediately and ducked her head, embarrassed.

"If you were not my prisoner, I would be impressed by your strength and courage." Scar mewed coldly. "But since you are a Clan cat in my grasp, I find you arrogant and impossible to deal with."

"You've only met me for about five minutes." Ivypaw pointed out. "I don't think that gives you a lot of information about me."

"You obviously don't know who I am," Scar huffed back. "I am the leader of this troop, and I am not afraid to execute members like you. If you are working for WhisperClan, you better pray to your little StarClan that you'll die quickly."

That was very reassuring. Ivypaw gulped and mewed. "I'm from WaterClan, sheesh. What part of 'I've never heard of WhisperClan' do you not understand?"

Bramble shoved her down and hissed. "At least bow and be respectful!"

"Listen to him, young one. If you dare to oppose me or anger me, I fear that you'll be slaughtered with no mercy. Now tell me, where is the WhisperClan camp?"

This was going to be difficult. "Look, I've said this a billion times now, and I'll repeat it again. I come from WaterClan, a Clan across the river and farther up the banks. I've never heard of WhisperClan, or some group of terrifying, quote on the word terrifying, rogues who want to wipe out a whole Clan. Does that answer satisfy you?"


Ivypaw made an exasperated tone. "Okay, what shall I do to show that I'm not trying to get you all killed?" She glanced around and saw that everyone was avoiding her gaze, all except Scar.

"You'll show us the WhisperClan camp and we'll see how they react to you."

That was definitely the last thing Ivypaw wanted to do. "I..."

"You'll do it or you'll die. Don't tell me you don't know where the camp is. You'll find a way. I mean," he purred with no real emotion, "You are a Clan cat after all."

He would use her jokes against her. Her pride, her arrogance. This tom was certainly something. Ivypaw looked him straight in the eye and growled. "Fine, I'll prove my innocence and I'll show you how to defeat WhisperClan."

"It's a deal."

Vengeance was not hard

Not when you had a pawn in your paw

Hatred was only the beginning

Because only that would never raw

Chapter Three

Trying to find WhisperClan wasn't as easy as Ivypaw thought it would be. Especially not with an army of rogues behind her, making loud and snappy noises. "Can't you tell your warriors to be silent so I can actually find this camp?" She snapped.

Scar glared at her. "Watch your tongue, lad." Then he turned to the others. "Quiet down!" Everyone snapped their mouth shut and stopped talking.

"That's better." Ivypaw muttered.

Bramble took a step closer to her, and Icypaw instantly moved backwards, crashing into Blizzard, the worst tom to encounter on a grumpy night. "What's your problem, runt?"

"Nothing, nothing!" Ivypaw grunted back, shoving herself off of him. "I just have a creep following me." She added softly, muttering under her breath. What did Bramble want?

Scar sighed. "Show us the way, lad, we need to find the camp."

"Well if you let me ventur off on my own..." Ivypaw trailed off. She knew Scar would never allow her to go alone. "Or if I take somebody..."


"I can find the camp easily, without Bramble though." Ivypaw added quickly. The brown tom looked hurt, but Ivypaw ignored him.

Scar glared at her. "Why would it be easier without my son watching you? So you can escape and tell them where I am?"

"No!" Ivypaw's voice came out in a harsh yowl. "He's a rogue, someone they'll recognize. Of course he's make my search harder."

"Well," Bramble coughed softly from beside her. "I can make it wasier actually."

Ivypaw turned her scathing, green gaze on Bramble. "What is it?" She mewed quickly, eager to hear good news.

"Like you said, I am one of the rogues that has been hunting them, but I also happen to be the leader's son. Which mean they might be really eager to catch me and keep me prisoner." He pointed out. Scar opened his mouth to object, but Bramble hurried on. "I won't mind, I mean it's for the good of my cats."

"I'll protect you." The words flowed out of Ivypaw's mouth before she could stop them. Scar turned to her, his eyes anxious and pleading for once.

"Please do."

Ivypaw's eye twitched. "Okay then, let's go."

Bramble nodded silently and hurried after her, not bothering to glance over his shoulder. Ivypaw smacked away overgrowing ferns and mewed. "You do have a plan, don't you?"

"Is that a trick question?" He mewed, his eyes narrowed. "Because I'm not a great thinker here, I just had this brilliant idea that we should stagger about like rogues-"


Ivypaw's head jerked up and she stared around them. "It would be terribly sad to let you both go," the she-cat purred, "I mean, if you are rogues."

Bramble made a terrified gurgling noise. "We're..."

"Rogues." Ivypaw finished for him. "And we're not scared of you." She stared defiantly at all of them. "What can you do to us?"

The she-cat laughed harshly. "Who are you? If you're so bold you can't have come from the rogues. No rogue would be as brave as you are. Look at the trembling creature behind you!"

Ivypaw swallowed slowly, then laughed too. "My father is careful about you knows my location." She admitted. "I mean, Scar is a careful thinker."


She was treading on dangerous territory. She shot Bramble a look, warning him to pretend that she was the princess, and he was just a soldier.

"Well," the white she-cat purred. "Scar never told anyone that he had a daughter. Especially since he said my attitude would get me in trouble."

"He's right about that."

One of the other cats piped up. "Didn't Scar have a son?"

The she-cat nodded thoughtfully. "The son looked awfully like him." Her tail was pointing straight at Bramble. "Don't lie, she-cat. Is he your brother?"

"No!" Ivypaw laughed. "Why would my father, a clear-headed thinker, send his offspring together towards WhisperClan territory?"

"Well," the she-cat ventured. "He doesn't know where WhisperClan territory is." She pointed out. "He could just be sending you two on a hunting journey."

"Hm," Ivypaw agreed. "Good point. But no, he's my bodyguard. But he's awful at it, not that I need his help or anything." She added.

Bramble made a strangled sound and Ivypaw smacked him. "Can't you pretend to be a little more fierce? I am the princess here."

The she-cat looked faintly amused. "Slashwing, take these two to our prison caves. Make sure they don't escape, I can't afford to lose our precious prizes."

Ivypaw had a feeling she just placed herself into more trouble. She gulped and went along, hoping that nobody, especially not the she-cat, could see her trembling.

This was it, it was her moment to shine.

Secrets and lies

Cannot be hidden

Killing may be wrong

But not forbidden

Chapter Four

Ivypaw definitely thought the Clan camp would be like WaterClan's, organized and neat. But WhisperClan was a mess. Things were scattered everywhere, half eaten prey was littered on the floor, all the cats looked ragged and unclean.

Bramble seemed to want to strangle himself, and nearly vomited from the sight. Ivypaw only had her mouth open in shock, not knowing what to expect now.

"Surprised, aren't you?" The she-cat laughed bitterly. "WhisperClan isn't in the state it should be in. We're a ragged group, with no where to go."

Ivypaw gulped and wanted to remark about WaterClan's beauty. Then she remembered that she was pretending to be Scar's daughter. "This isn't what I thought it would be." She replied fairly, trying to speak directly the way Bramble did.

The she-cat shrugged. "I'm Whitewhisper, most of our names end or start with 'whisper'. Whisperstar said it made us more organized. Though I think we're the least organized Clan in the history of Clans."

"You have a nice name." Ivypaw mewed politely, aware that she was only an apprentice in WaterClan's terms. "But how do you tell from one apprentice to another?"

"We call them by the suffix or the prefix of the name they'll receive. It's a bit complicated to be honest." She admitted. "You seem to be perfectly fine with having two part names." She noted.

Ivypaw smirked. "Should I be surprised about that?" Then she cursed herself for making such a mistake. Whitewhisper narrowed her eyes.

"What's your name?"


Whitewhisper nodded in approval. "That's a nice name, Ivy. I wonder how Scar would react if his own daughter joined WhisperClan."

Joining another Clan? That thought jolted through Ivypaw like a lightning bolt. No, she would never betray WaterClan. This Clan was a lowly Clan compared to WaterClan's wealth and beauty. "I wouldn't dare join such a group." She mewed hotly back.

Whitewhisper bristled slightly. "If you had seen WhisperClan in their glory ages, you would not be spitting those insults at us."

"Well I haven't." Ivypaw pointed out.

The white she-cat sighed. "You're impossible aren't you?"

"No, I'm just complicated."

Whitewhisper gave her an admiring gaze as they weaved their way around the trash littered on the floor. "You're not like any of those rogues I've met. They're all hostile and murderous, not curious and haughty."

"Is that a compliment?" Ivypaw smirked, trying to keep up with the rogue's tone of voice.


"I'm guessing I'm the first to be talking peacefully with another Clan cat?" Ivypaw mewed again, her eyebrows rising in a question. Does Whitewhisper know that I'm not Scar's daughter?

Whitewhisper laughed harshly. "You are, Ivy, in fact, nobody survives long enough to talk with another member of the Clan. You're the first."

That felt like a threat. Knowing that Bramble was probably shivering in fear behind her, Ivypaw strode forward confidentally. "For a princess, you seem to be a very difficult she-cat." Whitewhisper remarked from beside her.

"Is that a problem?" Ivypaw shot back. "I can be who I want to be."

"Like pretending that you're a princess trespassing?" Suddenly Whisperstar was standing before Ivypaw. "I know for a fact that Scar has no daughter. He only has a son, and that shivering creature behind you looks exactly like him."

Ivypaw gulped, and closed her mouth, not knowing what to say. Whitewhisper gave her a quizzical look, then sighed. "Whisperstar, are you saying this she-cat isn't who she says she is?"


Ivypaw wanted to back away, to run from this place. "Then who am I?" She challenged, her white fur fluffed up in anger.

Whisperstar stared coldly back at her. "That's my next question. Who are you?"

Whispers aren't meant to be heard

But things can happen

In order to concentrate in a deadly place like this

Take a deep breath and count to ten

Chapter Five

"Well?" Whisperstar snarled. "I know Scar doesn't have a daughter that acts and speaks like a Clan cat. I know you're a Clan cat. So which Clan do you come from?"

"WaterClan." Ivypaw muttered.

Whisperstar narrowed his gaze. "I've never been fond of that Clan." He grumbled. "When I'm done with the rogues, I will gladly force you to watch you're Clanmates die."

Ivypaw bit her lip, worried about Sunnypaw, Dawnpaw, Brightpaw, and most of al, Lionpaw, the tom she had ran from. Fresh, bittersweet memories came back to her, and Ivypaw fought back the urge to cry. "Not so brave anymore huh?" Whisperstar laughed.

"You're underestimating me." Ivypaw spat. "I'm stronger than you think, and much smarter than you think a WaterClan cat can be."

Bramble was still mumbling about scary cats and Ivypaw wanted to kick him. Whisperstar shrugged. "I'm sure you're strong, but I'm stronger."

Ivypaw spat on his paws and snarled. "You won't defeat me or the rogues as easily as you think." Her eyes glittered dangerously.

Whisperstar glared at her, then kicked her hard in the chest. She let out a gasp and was thrown backwards, crashing into a thicket of bushes. Groaning, she lifted her head painfully and was hauled up by WhisperClan warriors towards a den.

Bramble was led to some other weird looking den. Ivypaw got dragged into a cave that was made of stone and the front of it was empty. Two guards were posted on both sides of her prison, and she curled up, thinking about her luck.

First she got dumped by Lionpaw, the only tom she loved. Next she was swept away by the river, knowing guiltily that Wolfpaw died in vain. Then she had been taken prisoner by a group of rogues who thought she was working with WhisperClan, who had now taken her prisoner.

This was going to be a long day.


Six moons. She never knew what happened to the rogue group, but she and Bramble had been in WhisperClan's camp for six whole moons.

It didn't take long for Ivypaw to feel hunger gnaw at her stomach. She groaned inwardly and rolled over, waiting for her everyday meal to come. Bramble was no where to be seen, but he was probably getting treated the same way.

Ivypaw glared at the two guards in front of her, Echowhisper and Whisperspots. They seemed to be elegant she-cats who were nothing like the Clan itself, but when you got to know them, they were harsh and rude.

"Bring her out."

The white she-cat scuttled back, not wanting to face Whisperstar anymore. She was sure the leader wanted to tear her apart limb by limb. Which was something Ivypaw could expect from Whisperstar.

"You're wondering why you're still here, huh?" The leader muttered. "Well I want you to see your rogue friends die first, then I'll take you on a grand tour of watching WaterClan die off. Lovely, huh?"

Ivypaw frowned. "Yes, wonderful." She mewed sarcastically.

Whisperstar smirked. "It'll be fun to play with you for awhile. First, you'll tell me how to reach this rogue camp of theirs."

"How should I know?" Ivypaw spat back.

It was true, she didn't know exactly where the camp was. She had wandered from there to here with Bramble, unsure where she was going. "I actually don't know."

Whisperstar bristled. "How do you not know? You must have come from the camp if you had Scar's son with you."

"I don't exactly know the way back." Ivypaw pointed out. "I just walked here, trying to find WhisperClan's camp."

The leader sighed. "Then lead the way out, and bring that tom, Scar's son. I want the camp found by tonight."

Ivypaw bit her lip and just nodded, padding stiffly towards the camp entrance. Just then, the whole rogue group burst in.

"Whisperstar, we're here to bring you down!"

"What luck I have." The leader purred back. "We were just about to search for you." His blue eyes were filled with malice. Suddenly he reached over and yanked Ivypaw back. "Give up, Scar, or the she-cat dies."

Why me?

War is coming

It's in evitable

Everything is imperfect

Everything is breakable

Chapter Six

Scar's gaze flicked back and forth. "Perhaps we can mkae a bargain." He mewed, raising his tail in submission. "We'll join forces, but you won't harm my son, or this she-cat."

"Funny bargain you're making." Whisperstar laughed, "Considering this she-cat comes from WhisperClan." Scar's anger seemed to deepen.


Ivypaw opened her mouth, but Whisperstar covered it with his tail. "Someone bring that little sniveling tom over here." Ivypaw bit hard on his tail, but he didn't flinch.

Scar glared at Ivypaw. "How could you lie to me? I knew you were from WhisperClan! If only I had stopped this expedition sooner... my son would still be safe."

Finally she spat out Whisperstar's tail. "How could you believe in this creep?" She snarled. "I'm a WaterClan cat through and through. I hate this place, and Whisperstar isn't my leader! If he was, why would he threaten to kill me?"

"To see how far I would go." Scar snapped back. "I know his tricks, but I can't believe I fell for yours. You must be the she-cat we captured so long ago." He suddenly mewed, his eyes widening. "When this is over, Ivypaw, I'm going to find you, and I'm going to kill you."

Hmph, how reassuring.

Whisperstar smirked. "Well, Scar? What will you do now? Since you already know that Ivypaw is one of WhisperClan, what shall you do? Attack me?"

"That sounds like a great idea."

The leader of WhisperClan shook his head. "It's a terrible idea." He whished his tail, and three warriors appeared, carrying Bramble out, one with his paw to his throat.

Scar made a choking sound. "Bramble?"


Whisperstar laughed madly. "You'll never win now, Scar. Not with my little spy telling me exactly where you're camp is. What can you do now? Even if you move your camp, you're son will never find his way back alone."

Scar bit his lip, his scathing gaze staring at Ivypaw. The she-cat gulped, aware that Scar bought Whisperstar's story. She wanted to back away, but Whisperstar had his tail wrapped around her threateningly. "Oh and Scar, did you know that my daughter was under your clutches and you didn't know that?"

The leader of the rogues stared at Ivypaw. "She's your daughter?"

Whisperstar nodded greedily. "That's right, Scar. You remember the promise you told me long ago? 'If a royal member of the other side dare to cross into the enemies' territory and sneak away unnoticed, then the member's side wins the war'. You agreed, Scar."

Ivypaw felt a jolt of horror. By mentioning that she was the daughter of Scar, Whisperstar had caught the idea and formed a sickening plan of his. But technically if she had succeeded, Bramble would have been the trump card and Scar would have won. But alas, no, she lost.

Scar stood there, looking stricken. "I'll submit only if you leave my son out of this. And one more thing, I want to deal with Ivypaw personally."

Whisperstar raised an eyebrow. "Fine."

Scar laughed. "You don't care much about your daughter do you?"

Whisperstar realized his mistake. "If it means I win the war, then no. But you better keep this as your final promise, Scar."

"I will."

Whisperstar turned to Ivypaw and whispered. "Have fun dying at the claws of your ally, Ivypaw. It was nice toying with you."

"I'll see you again one day." Ivypaw hissed back. "This isn't over, Whisperstar."

Then Scar let her away from the clearing, away from the laughing gaze of Whisperstar, away from the sorrowful gaze of Bramble.

Is this really the end of this?

Lies are the worst

They can deceive

When a message is sent

It must be received

Chapter Seven

Scar stopped at an empty clearing and glared at her. "Are you truly his daughter? Did you really spy on our camp?"

"No." Ivypaw growled firmly back. "Why would I? I swear on StarClan that I don't know anything about WhisperClan. When I arrived here as a prisoner to Whisperstar, I told him I was your daughter, to protect Bramble. He soon found out that you had no daughter, and he planned to use me to find you. Then you came in and... yeah."

Scar narrowed his eyes. "How do I know that you're not just lying to get yourself out of here." Ivpaw gritted her teeth and glared at Scar with her hazel green eyes.

"Do I have to charge into the camp and rage havoc among WhisperClan to prove my innocence?" She snapped. "Either you take me in and I'll help you or you'll kill me and live with the fact that you can't win without my help."

"What can you do to help?"

Ivypaw paused. "I... I have a few friends who can help me." But she gritted her teeth as she said that. She wanted to help these rogues by herself.

"Who?" Scar questioned.

She hesitated before mewing. "WaterClan. I can ask my Clan to help me win this war for you." She finally replied.

Scar nodded slowly. "First save Bramble, then take him along." He mewed. "Please." Ivypaw nodded. "I'll do my best."

She gave Scar a tentative smile before hurrying away. She slid behind the bushes, searching the camp. She remembered Bramble being dragged out of a stone cave up the ravine. He wasn't anywhere to be seen, so perhaps he was back there again.

Ivypaw sighed and wove her way to the back, seeing options. She could either tear away all the brambles and bring Bramble out, or dig a hole to bring him out. Right now, she would rather tear open the brambles.

Gritting her teeth, she dug a paw into the prickly thorn bush before pulling it back with a sharp hiss. Squeezing her eyes shut, Ivypaw kept tearing at the brambles until a hole yawned open. "Bramble." She hissed.

The prince opened his eyes. "Ivypaw?"

"Yes, come on now."

He squeezed his way through and spotted the bramble thorns sticking out from her paw. "Are you alright?" He mewed worriedly.

"For now, let's hurry before Whisperstar realizes that Scar never killed me." Ivypaw whirled around and dashed out, wincing with every step.

Bramble whispered. "Where are we going?"

"I'm going to WaterClan. I'll leave you with Scar." Ivypaw replied. "I'm going to go get help and defeat WhisperClan."

"How long have you been away?" He mewed softly.

"A long, long time." Ivypaw confessed.

"Why haven't you ever gone back?" Bramble mewed, his eyes glowing.

"I don't belong there."

Bramble stopped and stared at Ivypaw. "It's only been like six moons since we've been here." Then he realized how long that was. "Wow, six whole moons in that stinky and foul place."

Ivypaw nodded. "I hope WaterClan will be willing to help us."


"Aren't we a team now?" Ivypaw laughed. "Scar's at the camp at the next clearing. You head there, I'm going to set out for WaterClan."

"Good luck."

"Thanks, I'll need it."

War is on the way

It's something big

It's time for one to fave her fears

Instead of being the pig

Chapter Eight

Ivypaw stared at the gloomy land in front of her. She couldn't leap back across the river, it would kill her and sweep her away.

She stared upstream, a place she had never been before. Perhaps she could head there instead. Quickly, she trotted up the bank, searching for a place to leap across.

After searching for a long time, Ivypaw finally found a spot where the land level was the same. She backed away, then started to run towards the stream. Ivypaw leaped, barely catching the edge of the stream. Then she headed downstream towards WaterClan territory.

Her heart was racing as she padded towards WaterClan, knowing that she had abandoned this Clan six moons ago. How was Sunnypaw now? Was she a warrior now? Did she mate Lionpaw?


That sent a shiver through Ivypaw's spine. She hadn't thought about Lionpaw, Sunnypaw, and WaterClan in the past six moons. Did he even remember her?


Ivypaw's head snapped up. "Sunnypaw?"

"It's Sunnyheart now." The she-cat gasped. "Is it really you, Ivypaw?" She rushed forward. "I missed you so much."


"That's all." Ivypaw confessed. "Now I have to ask for WaterClan's help against WhisperClan."

Sunnyheart stared at her, "You're serious? You went through all of that in six months? That's crazy, you should come back to camp. I want you to see my new kits."


Sunnyheart nodded, her eyes glimmering with happiness. "Yes, kits, Ivypaw. Riverstar should give you your warrior name, you deserve one."

"No, I left the Clan remember?" Ivypaw pointed out. "What are their names?"

"Wolfkit, Ivykit, and Dawnkit."

"I see I got one named after me." Ivypaw mewed ruefully. "You thought I was dead huh." Sunnyheart cast her eyes down.

Sunnyheart sighed. "Well, Ivypaw. I saw you get swept away by the river. Everyone thought you died that day. Even I thought the river killed you like it killed Wolfpaw."

Ivypaw flinched. "I'm sorry he died in vain." She whispered. "I just didn't belong here. I wanted to leave so badly it hurt. Wait, what happened to Dawnpaw?"

"Dawnheart." Sunnyheart corrected, then her eyes clouded. "She died, Ivypaw. Foxes killed her shortly after our warrior ceremony."

"Who's the father of the kits." Ivypaw asked, though she already knew.

Sunnyheart stared at her. "I think you know, Ivypaw. It's Lionclaw." Of course it's him. He loved her, and Sunnypaw - no heart - needed him after that.

"Well, let's go see WaterClan." Ivypaw mewed, trying not to let the tears come to her eyes. "I need to see them, so I can save my friends."

"Let's go then."

A challenge is being made

She must face it

Decisions are hard

But the leader must see fit

Chapter Nine

The first thing Ivypaw registered about WaterClan was that cats were everywhere. The whole camp was busy and filled with bustling cats. Then something immersed Ivypaw. Sunnyheart was gesturing towards the Nursery, as if she wanted Ivypaw to see the new kits. Then a golden tom stepped into view.



They stood staring at each other. "Hi." He mewed finally. "Welcome back to WaterClan. Riverstar's busy right now, I'm assuming you want to talk to him."


Sunnyheart hurriedly explained. "Lionclaw's the Clan deputy now, and Riverstar's on his last life. Things are getting rougher in WaterClan, but we're still striving well."

Ivypaw raised an eyebrow. "Congratulations, Lionclaw." Ivypaw mewed, trying to force a purr in. To be honest, she didnt want to speak to him anymore. He had hurt her too much.

Sunnyheart continued onwards, knowing that Ivypaw and Lionclaw didn't want to speak. "Where is Riverstar right now, Lionclaw?"

"Having a Clan meeting." Lionclaw muttered.

"And why aren't you there?" Ivypaw mewed, her eyes glinting. Lionclaw swallowed and glared at her with his golden eyes.

"He wanted me to watch and organize the camp. We've been losing cats to some rogues." He replied back curtly.

Sunnyheart growled at them. "Stop sniping at each other for StarClan's sake. I know you both don't like each other anymore because of what happened six moons ago, but I think we should just wait for Riverstar in peace."

"You have no need to wait for me any longer." Riverstar mewed from behind Ivypaw. "Ivypaw, I see you have come back."

Ivypaw nodded tensely. "Can I speak to you alone?" Riverstar mewed, gesturing towards his den. "Sunnyheart, Lionclaw, you're welcome to come too."

Ivypaw dipped her head and padded after Riverstar into his den. He sat down in his nest and turned to her. "So Ivypaw, did you think that you could come back to the Clan without a proper greeting or warning? You left without reason, and I do not see why you plead to come back."

She gulped. "I have a reason to come back." She mewed. "It is not because I want to return to the Clan." Sunnyheart gasped slightly behind her.

"Then why are you here?" Riverstar growled.

"I came back to WaterClan because I wanted to ask the Clan to help a group of rogues that have been kind to me. They are being attacked by WhisperClan, and Whisperstar plans to defeat these group of rogues before moving on to WaterClan."

"Why should we believe you?" Lionclaw hissed. "You left even though Wolfpaw died to save you."

"If you hate me so much why do you have a kit named after me?" Ivypaw shot back. Lionclaw glared at her and looked away.

Sunnyheart stepped between them and looked Ivypaw in the eye. "He did it out of respect, Ivypaw." She whispered. "He respected you, and wanted to make you happy, but you just kept shoving him away."

"I loved him." Ivypaw snarled back. "But he couldn't return the love."

Lionclaw turned to his leader. "What do you say about her 'story'?"

Riverstar narrowed his eyes. "Lionclaw, I want you to view her as an outsider asking WaterClan for help, not a she-cat that you once knew. I don't tolerate betrayal in my Clan, but this story seem likely to be true. Now my problem is that we've been missing cats too. Perhaps they had been taken by these rogues."

Ivypaw shook her head vigorously. "No! They wouldn't do such thing." Then she paused. "Well they would, but only if they thought you were WhisperClan. When I was washed ashore by the river, they thought I had been working with WhisperClan. But that's the only reason they would imprison you. I think that WhisperClan is taking hold of some of our, well WaterClan's, warriors."

Riverstar took this in. "I trust you, Ivypaw, but I want to be sure. I will send three of my warriors, including you, Ivypaw, to go to the rogues' camp and find the answer."

Ivypaw dipped her head. "Of course, Riverstar."

Then her heart sank as Riverstar turned to Sunnyheart and Lionclaw. "Would you two accompany Ivypaw to the rogues' camp?"

Everyone is in danger

This is no game

Only one can burn as bright

As a flame

Chapter Ten

Ivypaw shifted on her paws slightly as they headed out, aware that Lionclaw was standing close to Sunnyheart, as if he was protecting her. Then she sighed. "Look, Lionclaw, I'm not a threat to Sunnyheart alright? I just want to help these rogues."

Lionclaw glared at her, then sighed. "I'm sorry too, I'm just distressed about the lost of a few kittens alongside our warriors. When you came in, I thought perhaps you would know where they went, and I just didn't think straight."

Sunnyheart purred. "I hope these rogues' don't have our warriors, I mean they do seem like nice cats, considering what Ivypaw has told me."

Lionclaw rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I hope so too."

Ivypaw was still nervous around the golden tom, knowing that he had pretty much thrown her aside for her best friend. Whatever, she had other friends.

"Which way was the camp?" Lionclaw growled, taking the leadership of the group.

Ivypaw gave him a sly look. "Perhaps I should lead this patrol, after all I know where the camp is and you don't." She smirked slightly.

Lionclaw looked as though he wanted to argue, but Sunnyheart nodded. "I think that's a great idea. Ivypaw, you lead."

Ivypaw took the lead and padded towards the lower part of the river, knowing they had to cross this way. "Are you sure it's safe?" Sunnyheart mewed nervously, probably remembering Wolfpaw and the time Ivypaw had been swept away.

"Yes, this part is higher than the other bank, so it's easier to cross. I promise you it's safe." Ivypaw murmured. "I'll go first."

She took a flying leap, barely making it over. "Come on!" She yowled at Sunnyheart and Lionclaw, who looked mortified.

Sunnyheart grimly took a step forward, then jumped. But she slipped and she pummeled towards the river. Ivypaw screamed and dove in, grabbing onto her friend's flank. Then she hauled her onto the bank, before she felt the river tug her away. "Ivypaw!"

She churned her paws, desperate to make it to the camp and tell Bramble that he was a kind tom and she had some feelings for him. She had to save him and his camp.

Finally, her paws felt land and she collapsed on the bank. Lionclaw had already crossed over, and prodded her side. "Are you alright?"

Sunnyheart started to fuss over her and whispered. "Thank you, Ivypaw. I owe you my life."

Ivypaw only shook her head. "I couldn't just let you die."

They stood up shakily and kept padding forward, with Ivypaw leaning heavily on Sunnyheart, who looked a bit shaky too. Lionclaw took the lead, following Ivypaw's instructions to get to the camp. "We have to do this carefully." Ivypaw warned. "I should go first or they might think you're a threat."

Lionclaw nodded and took a step back, allowing Ivypaw to limp forward. "Scar? Bramble?" But when the cats turned around, Ivypaw bit back a scream.


Darkness wraps around everything

Even the brightest light

But shadows are just objects

Easily defeated in a fight

Chapter Eleven

Whisperstar smirked. "You really expect me to believe Scar when he came back with no body? I know how cunning you are, Ivypaw, and I admire your bravery, but no that you're here, everyone is going to die." Ivypaw gulped.

"Why are you attacking the rogues anyways?" Ivypaw hissed. "They live peacefully on the outside of your territory, it's not like they're threatening you or anything."

Bramble winced when she said that. Okay, maybe they are threatening each other. Whisperstar stared levelly at Ivypaw. "I can do what I like, young apprentice. If you don't remember, I did try to remind you not to lie to Scar about your heritage. You know you're my daughter, yet you're so feisty sometimes and ambitious."

Scar stared at her from behind Whisperstar. He was pinned down by two burly warriors and was gasping. "You were Whisperstar's daughter!"

"No I'm not!" Ivypaw wailed back.

Sunnyheart stared at her. "Is that cat saying that you're his daughter?"

Ivypaw nodded. "But I'm not. I'm Duskfur and-"

"And who?" Whisperstar snarled. "Believe me, I remember your mother well. Duskfur... she should have been in WhisperClan, then we could of had a happy life. I remember my faithful friend telling me that she died in a cold leaf-bare. She should have been protected by me."

Ivypaw blinked but Whisperstar wasn't done. "She insisted that WaterClan was better, and didn't let me see my daughter when you were born. She had stowed you away in WaterClan, telling you that your father died long ago. But I was in another Clan, away from you."

She didn't want to hear this. "No..." She whispered. "Who can't be my father. I'm a loyal and pure blooded WaterClan cat! You're just lying to me!"

"I don't think I am." Whisperstar laughed softly. "You're my daughter, and I'm your father. Didn't Duskfur ever mention me?"

Ivypaw shook her head. "No," her voice quivered. "She never mentioned you at all. When I asked you my father was, she would just say 'he died in a battle, and you don't have to bear the pain of knowing his name'."

"She was furious when I suggested that she joined WhisperClan. She told me 'I'm WaterClan through and through! I'll never be like you!'"

"What was her favorite fresh-kill?" Ivypaw challanged.


"Did you she have any siblings?"


"You did know her." Ivypaw gasped, staring at the WhisperClan leader. Whisperstar laughed softly, and sighed.

"I didn't just know her, I was her mate."

Sunnyheart interrupted him. "You're saying you had a daughter in WaterClan for so long and you didn't even know or acknowledge her? You should have at least told her or at least admitted you were her father when you met her!"

"It's okay." Ivypaw muttered. "If you met him the first time, you would know how much of a jerk he was."

Whisperstar growled softly. "You still don't respect me do you, Ivypaw? When I told Scar the first time that you were my daughter, I was not lying."

"But you didn't care for me either." Ivypaw pointed out. "You were going to let Scar kill me and ruin me forever."

Whisperstar shrugged. "You weren't the daughter I hoped for, so I thought why not let Scar deal with you, since you've made yourself an enemy of WhisperClan."

"WaterClan shall defeat you once and for all." Lionclaw warned. "We are not to be taken lightly. These rogues deserve respect, and we expect you to give it to them."

"You don't even know the whole story!" Whisperstar snarled. "The rogues wanted more area, but that meant attacking WhisperClan. We aren't just savage cats, we're desperate clan cats who needs an area to live!"

"Then why attack WaterClan?" Lionclaw hissed.

Whisperstar's eyes darkened. "That is a whole other reason. Duskfur hurt me beyond repair. She said she loved me, but then she shunned me. Her Clan must pay, starting with her daughter."

Whisperstar turned his cold gaze to Ivypaw. "Come, Ivypaw. Face your doom."

Piece by piece

The puzzle is complete

Armies must be made

To conquer a whole fleet

Chapter Twelve

Ivypaw noted to herself that Whisperstar changed his emotions quickly. He was never one cat for long. She sighed and took a step towards Whisperstar, frightened by the anger and hatred in his eyes. Is this really my father? Or just a greedy cat?

Sunnyheart whispered behind her. "Don't do it! He'll kill you instead, then everything we've done together will be for nothing. You and I didn't suffer this much just to have you die at the hands of your own father!"

Lionclaw hissed too. "You can't just give yourself up, not after all of this!"

"I can't?" Ivypaw growled. "What have I earned from my life? Yes I've earned friends, maybe even love, but that does not mean I can't do something for the better. For my whole life, I've been the shadow of Sunnyheart, only her best friend. Now, I can be a hero."

She stepped forward, her gaze on Whisperstar. "I'll fight you, Whisperstar, and this shall decide the winner."

"So if I win, the rogues are mine?" Whisperstar hissed greedily, his eyes glinting in the moonlight. "Is this your promise?"

Ivypaw laughed. "Oh no, I'm only the first step to conquering the rogues. If you defeat me, yes, you'll move on, fighting my WaterClan friends and the rogues."

She turned to Sunnyheart. "One of you go back and fetch reinforcements. Riverstar promised them, remember? I'll hold him as long as I can, but hurry."

And don't die at the river. She didn't say it out loud, but Sunnyheart nodded grimly. Lionclaw quickly embraced her before letting her go. Then Ivypaw turned to Whisperstar. "Let the fight begin!"

He snarled and crashed into her, his advantage in size making him heavier. She grunted and shoved him off, but he didn't budge. "I'm more experienced than you are, Ivypaw. I am your father after all, and you don't even have your warrior name!"

"I left before I could get it." Ivypaw retorted back. "Sunnyheart and Lionclaw got it right after I left. I made a choice to leave the Clan, and I won't go back. I don't need a warrior name to defeat somebody like you!"

Whisperstar rolled his eyes. "Please, Ivypaw. I know you're limits, I saw it when you entered WhisperClan's camp that first day. You're weak and vulnerable. You're miserable because you didn't stay long enough for a warrior name. You know that you only left because you never belonged there. I can see it all in your gaze, Ivypaw, and I know your flaws and your weaknesses."

"Stop bringing everyone else in this conversation and fight!" Ivypaw snarled. "This is against you and me. Leave the rest of them out of this."

"I already have Bramble in my paws, Ivypaw." He hissed. "If you die, then Bramble will be my next target. Too bad you won't live long enough to see him die."

"You have WaterClan cats." Ivypaw snarled. "When the rogues win this war, WaterClan will take them back."

Whisperstar shrugged. "I don't care what happens to them, but my warriors will keep fighting even after I am dead. Why do you care about them anyways? They aren't your Clanmates anymore."

"So?" She shot back while she battered his stomach with her hindlegs. "I can still care for them, they didn't drive me out of WaterClan, I drove myself out."

Whisperstar laughed harshly. "You're so innocent, Ivypaw, I can't believe that you think that. Don't you know that you only feel pain because somebody else inflicted it? What about Lionclaw? Didn't he hurt you? Isn't that the reason why you fled?"

Ivypaw kicked him off. "How do you know what happened?"

"I have spies, daughter." Whisperstar purred. "Spies to tell me what happens in WaterClan. They may not live in WaterClan, but they see and hear all."

The white apprentice snarled and tore a gaping wound in Whisperstar's flank. "You're not getting away with this. I'll slaughter you if I have to."

"I have nine lives, foolish child," he pointed out, "Even if you kill me once, I can easily kill you when I am revived. You only have one life, and I have many."

Ivypaw knew this was true, but she wanted to kill him so badly it hurt. She had to ensure that Bramble and his rogues would be safe. She may not survive this to have kits with Bramble, but she knew that she had to help him.

She lunged for Whisperstar, but the leader easily swatted her aside. She felt her breath fly out of her chest and she gasped for air.

Her father stood over her, glaring at her. "This was way too easy, Ivypaw. I thought you would fight better. Can't you 'hold me off' longer?"

But she couldn't. She already knew she couldn't. She just wasn't strong enough. Suddenly cats burst into the clearing. "Ivypaw!" She heard a shriek. Sunnyheart, Brightsong!

The pain was getting stronger and stronger, and she heard Riverstar yowl. "Wait! Ivypaw, I wish to give you your warrior name. You may not be part of the Clan anymore, but I believe you would make a great warrior." Even Whisperstar paused to let him say his next words.

"I, Riverstar, leader of WaterClan, call upon our warrior ansestors to grant you your warrior name. From this moment on, you shall be known as Ivyheart. I know that you would protect your family and friends with your heart. May StarClan light your path."

Ivyheart lowered her head. "Thank you, Riverstar." But even that came out as a gasp. She was bleeding out her life, from several deep wounds that Whisperstar had given her.

Bramble shoved him aside and knelt next to her. "Ivyheart... I love you." He whispered. "I realized that in the last six moons, when we were stuck together."

She purred. "I love you too, Bramble. I'm sorry we couldn't have kits or live a good life."

I'm sorry Sunnyheart, Brightsong, and everyone else... I tried to defeat him, but I guess it's up to you now. Please defeat him for me.

It's not easy to admit defeat

Yet death makes it easy

Anger is unevitable

And it destroys everything that is weaker and flimsy

Chapter Thirteen

Sunnyheart gritted her teeth. Her best friend was dying, and she couldn't do a thing about it. Then she saw Ivyheart take a ragged breath, then her chest fell still. May StarClan light your path... Lionclaw pressed against her and whispered. "We'll get them back, we'll defeat WhisperClan once and for all."

She nodded and watched as Bramble mourned over the dead body. Then his head jerked up. "You," he hissed. "You killed her... I'm going to make you pay for what you've done to her."

Whisperstar sneered at him and smacked him aside. "You're worthless, just like the she-cat herself. She's as useless as Duskfur, no matter how beautiful they both were. Useless."

Scar glared at the leader. "Nobody gets away with killing my son's friend and hitting my son." He hissed. He surged upwards, kicking off his guards before lunging at Scar. Bramble struggled back up and joined him, Sunnyheart plunged into battle, swiping at the closest tom she found.

He hissed in surprise and whirled around. "Watch it, scum!" He yowled, his shoulder bleeding where she had hit him. She glared at him defiantly and rolled aside as his paw came clumsily crashing down.

Sunnyheart easily kicked in aside, causing him to land with a thump on the ground. The tom groaned and lay there and didn't get back up. Sunnyheart left him there, knowing he would survive today, but with major injuries. A warrior does not kill unless necessary.

Her next opponent was a black she-cat who was agile and lithe. Her sleek body was pressed against her bones, making her look thin but healthy. Her yellow eyes glared at Sunnyheart and glittered with malice.

The golden she-cat took a breath before readily staring back at the black she-cat. She slipped forward, then lunged, dashing in for a swipe before dancing out. Fresh pain welled on Sunnyheart's shoulder as the black she-cat's paw made contact with her pelt.

Sunnyheart focused quickly and dodged the next blow before darting in herself and give the black she-cat a sharp blow. The she-cat hissed in pain and reeled back, growling.

Lionclaw was suddenly fighting beside her, hissing insults at the cat. "Don't you know how to fight? I thought WhisperClan was fierce and deadly!"

"We are!" She hissed back. "We are the strongest Clan, didn't you see Whisperstar beat up that little, puny she-cat?"

Sunnyheart smacked the black she-cat back. "Ivyheart isn't small or puny! She's a strong warrior, and she died defending the rogues, and WaterClan's honor."

The black she-cat snorted. "I heard what she said. She left WaterClan because she didn't belong there. Are you guys that bad?"

Lionclaw's eyes blazed with fury. he hised. "You will not talk about WaterClan like that." With that, he sent her away, snarling in pain.

He turned to Sunnyheart. "Are you alright? Did she hurt you?"

"No." Sunnyheart mewed with a wince. "It's only a small shoulder wound." She reasurred Lionclaw, who looked concern. "I'll live."

He nodded. "Don't fight too hard, Sunnyheart. You have kits to go back to, you have to be there to take care of them, as they are in honor of our lost friends."

Sunnyheart bowed her head. "I'll be careful." She promised. "But I want to fight for my friends, for my Clan, for these rogues."

Then they heard a woops and a shout. Bramble was stnading over Whisperstar. "This is for my lost hope of having kits." He snarled, slashing at Whisperstar.

Then he raised his paw over Whisperstar's bloodied face. "And this," he paused, his voice a low whisper. "Is for Ivyheart."

His paw came down.

It's all over


The pain, the hatred



Sunnyheart bowed her head. Lionclaw sat next to her, and they were watching their kits play and tussle on the ground. "I think StarClan blessed them to be so like the cats they were named after." Sunnyheart whispered, watching Wolfkit help Ivykit up, who only proudly stumbled away from him.

"You're right." Lionclaw agree. "They're a mini version of our lost friends."

Riverstar called for a Clan meeting. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather around for a Clan meeting!"

Dawnkit sat up, as eager as Dawnheart. "Does he mean us too? Are we becoming apprentices today?" Her pale eyes seem to glimmer with excitement. Wolfkit squealed when Sunnyheart nodded and scampered towards the leader.

Ivykit leaned over and pulled him back. "Silly! We have to wait for him to call us before we get to go up." But she was twitching and eagerly scratching at the ground.

"Maybe we'll get to fight in amazing battles like our parents did!" Dawnkit purred. "Then we can be like that hero, Ivyheart!"

Ivykit frowned. "Wasn't I named after her?"

"Yes, you were." Sunnyheart purred, licking her daughter's forehead. "It suits you perfectly, to be named after her."

"Who am I named after?" Wolfkit squeaked, his blue eyes as mesmerizing as Sunnyheart's first love's. Dawnkit nodded eagerly. "Yeah, who am I named after?"

Sunnyheart nuzzled each of them. "You were named after Wolfpaw, the cat who had bravely saved Ivyheart from the Raging River. He had a kind heart, and was a great friend. You, Dawnkit, was named after Dawnheart, who was one of my best friends and died shortly after our warrior ceremony. You have her wisdom and courage."

Then Riverstar called for them, and Sunnyheart gave them one last lick before stepping back. "Dawnkit, Wolfkit, and Ivykit, step forward."

They all shrieked in excitement and rushed forward, tumbling over one another to reach the leader. "It is time you three became apprentices." He purred.

"Wolfkit, from this moment on, until you receive your warrior name, you shall be known as Wolfpaw. Leafspirit, you are a kind and strong-willed warrior, and I know you'll teach Wolfpaw well."

"Dawnkit, from this moment on, until you receive your warrior name, you shall be known as Dawnpaw. Brightsong, your sister had been the first Dawnpaw, and died against the foxes. I know you will mentor Dawnpaw well."

Riverstar paused when he stared at Ivykit. He looked as though he was still remembering Ivyheart, the kind hearted she-cat who had made her own decisions in the end. "Ivykit, from this moment on, until you receive your warrior name, you shall be known as Ivypaw. I myself shall mentor you, and I hope you become a great warrior in return."

The cats around her gasped. Sunnyheart's eyes shone with pride and she purred, leaning forward to Lionclaw. "Too bad if you didn't have Mousepaw as an apprentice, you might have had Ivypaw."

He shrugged. "I'm her father, Riverstar wouldn't choose me." But his eyes were sparkling with pride for his kits.

Ivyheart, I hope you're watching us from StarClan.

Everything ends in a way

Whether it's good or bad

Is not the matter

The only matter is what we had

The End!

Author's Note

Yay I'm done :D That was pretty cool to write, though I wasn't so used to writing in third person and all. Ivyheart, in the end, was one of my favorite cats to write, and she was really just a beast :3

I ship BrambleXIvy.

And SunnyXWolf

Ironically, I killed them both.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed :3 Please sign the fans below and comment! Thanks you :) <3

Sequel - Frozen in Time


"Ironically, I killed them both."

I am so proud. XD Guide me through the flames of discord, sing our song, chaotic lord...

Awesome, I love this! You say you're fine I know you better than that!!! Hey whatchu doing With a girl like that

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