Thunder and Lightning

Leader: Barkstar (brown tabby tom)

Medicine Cat: Ivyleaf (pale brown she-cat)

Deputy: Addertooth (mottled pale golden tom)


Lionwhisker (golden tom with yellow whiskers)

Rosewing (pinkish fur she-cat)

Petalpelt (rowan colored she-cat)

Mossfeather (gray and white she-cat)

Spekleheart (white with brown patches she-cat)

Redbee ( a reddish brown tom)

Eagleclaw ( reddish tabby tom with unusally large back claws like eagle talons)

Pinetail (dark tabby and white tom)

Thistlejaw ( light ginger tom)

Runningfoot ( a light tortieshell tom)

Finchfur ( a finch colored tom)

Blackears ( a white tom with black ears)

Ligthningfur ( orange tom with a white strike down his back)

Sweetflower ( yellow she-cat with a brown spot on the chest)


Berrypaw ( cream tabby she-cat) mentor Speckleheart

Wolfpaw ( gray tom) mentor Rosewing


Firefeather ( a tortishell she-cat with Barkstar's kits Falconkit, Darkkit, Bluekit and Molekit)

Whitepelt: ( a white she-cat with Pinetail's kits Lilykit a pale blue she-cat and Rabbitkit a brown she-cat)


Sunleaf (a yellow tabby she-cat)

Rockpelt (grey and white tom)

Yellowpelt (a pale yellow tabby she-cat)


Good night Firefeather, said Barkstar. For the first time in moons Barkstar slept alone. He eats his vole and falls asleep. "Wake up my apprentice", said Badgerstar. Badgerstar! , exclaimed Barkstar. "You have done well serving your clan these past few moons," said the brown and black tom. "Was I doing the right thing when I brought my mate into the clan", asked Barkstar. "It was Firefeather's destiny, answered Badgerstar, she will contribute to your clan well", said Badgerstar. "Why did you summon me here," asked Barkstar. "I summoned you her with a prophecy," said Badgerstar. "A single kit will save the destruction of the clan! ",said Badgerstar. Barkstar wakes up with more questions when the clan medincine cat Ivyleaf rushes in. "Firefeather is having her kits!" she exclaimed.

Chapter 1

"Come on Darkkit!" said Falconkit. It had been three moons sence Firefeather gave birth to Falconkit, Darkkit, Bluekit and Molekit. Bluekit is a blue and grey she-cat with amber eyes. Molekit is tom with a brown with a white tail with green eyes. Darkkit is a she-cat with a black pelt and blue eyes. "You can do it!" said the young she-cat. They where playing outside because just the night before Whitepelt gave birth to Lilykit and Rabbitkit. So Firefeather and Whitepelt told the four kits to play outside. Out of all the kits Falconkit was the strongest and smartest. Barkstar was very proud of Falconkit and took the time to give her more attention. He knew that Falconkit would be the next leader of ThunderClan. This made her siblings jealous. They would play pranks and try to get her in trouble but, it never worked. Until one day Bluekit had an idea.

Chapter 2

One day Firefeather went out to hunt and the kits slept. At least most of the kits. Darkkit, Bluekit and Molekit pretended to sleep until everyone was gone. Then they picked up Falconkit and dragged her out of camp. They put her in the training hollow. Bluekit knew where the training hollow was because an apprentice Seedpaw took her out of camp and showed her the hollow. "Bluekit are you sure it is a good idea to leave her here?" asked Darkkit. "Yeah what if she gets attacked by a hawk?" Molekit asks. "She won't!" said Bluekit, She will only be out here long enough that a passing patrol will find her and she will get in trouble." meowed Bluekit. "We better get back to the den before a patrol finds us then." growled Molekit. They left the hollow without another word. Not long after Falconkit awoke up. She was very confused. "Fox-dung!" she hissed. "How in StarClan did I get out here." she meowed. "HELP!' she yowled. "I'm lost!" she exclaimed. Then she heard growling. She jumped in fear. "Hello?" she whispered. Then suddenly a fox jumped out from the bushes. "Fox, someone help!" she yelled. Then suddenly ran from behind and grabbed her tail. She hissed and jumped back. She hurled herself towards it with sharp tiny claws unsheathed and started clawing at its eyes until the fox couldn't see. Then she bit the fox's paw. It howled in pain. Then she jumped onto top of it and bit at the neck of the fox. She kept biting it until the fox fell. She gave it another bite. It was breathing for a few minutes until it died of it's wounds. Seconds later a hunting patrol arrive just in time to see the shocking site. Falconkit had killed a full grown fox. "H-how did you do that!" exclaimed the ThunderClan deputy Addertooth. "Oh StarClan's kits!" yowled the tabby she-cat Mossfeather. "Mossfeather and Speckleheart, bury the fox." said Addertooth. "Falconkit." he said. "Yes." she whispered. Suddenly realizing that she was out side of camp. "Lets take you home." meowed Addertooth with a soothing voice.

Chapter 3

"Falconkit." said Barkstar. "Yes father I do know I wasn't suppose to be out of camp but, I promise I don't know how I got into the training hollow." meowed Falconkit. "Well then how did you get there." asked the brown tom. "I don't know." repiled Falconkit. "Father." said a dark grey she-cat. "Yes Darkkit." said Barkstar. "It was Bluekit, Molekit and me that took her out of camp in her sleep." Darkkit meowed with guilt. "Bluekit!" yowled Barkstar "Is this true!" asked Barkstar. "Yes Father, I am sorry we only did it as a joke, we did not mean to get Falconkit almost killed." Bluekit said. "Falconkit now thats over, I thank you for getting rid of a dangerous threat to the clan." meowed Barkstar with pride. "Darkkit, Molekit, and Bluekit after your made apprentices you are confined in camp for another quater moon, which means no hunting, border patrols or battle training." said the tom. "Yes Father." the kits replied. "Now go back to the den but, Falconkit you stay here." said Barkstar. "Father is there something wrong?" said Falconkit after the other kits left. "I am impressed with you today. meowed Barkstar "Who knew that a cat as young as you would kill a full grown fox!" exclaimed Barkstar. "Now go see Ivyleaf so she can treat your wounds." said the tom. Falconkit left the den in shock but with pride that her father was proud of her. She headed towards the medicine den.

Chapter 4

"You had quite a day Falconkit." said Ivyleaf. She pressed cobwebs on to Falconkit's slowly bleeding wounds. "Now lets get something for those sore pads" said Ivyleaf. As she went to look for dock Falconkit thought of the moment when the fox jumped of the bushes and almost joining StarClan. "Here apply this to your paws while I find some chamolie to soothe you heart." said the brown tabby she-cat. "Ok" meowed Falconkit. "How did you know that I was still stressed from the attack?" asked Falconkit. "Because any warrior after a fox attack will be very stressed and is in need of soothing." said the she-cat. Falconkit left the medicine cat den and headed towards the nursery when she was stopped by the two apprentices Berrypaw and Wolfpaw. "Was the fox really big and scary?" said Wolfpaw. "Yeah how did you kill it?" asked Berrypaw. "Now apprentices leave her alone she had a rough day let her be." said Redbee. Redbee was a muscular reddish brown tom with golden eyes. Falconkit all ways watched him when he came back from hunting. She finally arrived at the nursery after being stopped along the way to answer questions and comments on how dangerous or how brave she was. "Falconkit!" Lilykit and Rabbitkit exclaimed. "Lilykit! Rabbitkit! You opened your eyes! exclaimed Falconkit. Lilykit is a silver and white she-cat white beatiful sky-blue and her sister Rabbitkit is a white cat with a brown tail and amber eyes. "Hush kits. Darkkit, Bluekit and Molekit are sleeping." said Whitepelt. "It's time for you to sleep to Falconkit." said Firefeather. As she settled in to sleep she heard Barkstar and Ivyleaf talking out side. "Will she be ok?" asked Barkstar. "Ofcourse, she will soon recover from the wounds she got today." said Ivyleaf. "Good." replied Barkstar. "She will be the new leader of ThunderClan and after I die." said Barkstar. "Just don't put to much pressure on her, ok?" said the medicine cat. Right there Falconkit fell asleep.

Chapter 5

"Wake up Falconkit." said Firefeather. "Yeah come on Falconkit you have been sleeping sense yesterday." said Molekit. "Hush." growled Firefeather. "You put her through enough she desvered a good rest. said Firefeather. Molekit back away with guilt. "Now lets get you something to eat." said Firefeather. "Yes!" exclaimed Falconkit. "Come on then Redbee caught your favorite, a vole." meowed Firefeather. They walked over to the fresh-kill pile and right there ready and waiting a fresh vole. Thank you StarClan for this vole. She bit in to the vole when Redbee walked over. "How is that vole?" he asked. Falconkit swallowed. "Delicous." she replied. "Thats good." he said. Redbee turned and walked away and Bluekit walked over. "What did Redbee say." she said as she looked through the fresh-kill. "He was asking me if I was enjoying my vole." answered Falconkit. Bluekit picked out a fat mouse and sat next to Falconkit. "Isn't that the vole he caught?" Bluekit asked. "Yeah wasn't that nice of him?" Falconkit said. "I guess." said Bluekit. She picked up her mouse and headed towards the nursery. Falconkit finished her vole in a couple of more gulps and went to find Redbee to thank him. "Falconkit." said a she-cat. "Yes Ivyleaf." she answered. "How are those wounds today?" she asked. "Good they don't even hurt any more." said Falconkit. "Good." she said. She walked over and found Redbee infront the warrior den. "Redbee, thanks for the vole you caught for me this morning." she said. "Your welcome it was my pleasure." he said. "You will be apprenticed soon." said Addertooth. "Yeah I can't wait." she said. "We all can't wait Falconkit." Sweetflower said. "I hope that I will get Molekit." said Lionwhisker, he has spirit and strengh. I will like to train him how to use that." he said. "He sure does." said Falconkit. "I am going back to the den to play with Lilykit and Rabbitkit." said Falconkit. She turned and headed to the nursery. Lilykit and Rabbitkit raced out of the den. "Lilykit and Rabbitkit do you two want to play moss ball?" she asked. "Yes!" they exclaimed. They went inside to grab some moss. Falconkit knew that she would be a great warrior but, for now they will have to wait.

Chapter 6

"Let all cat old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath Highrock for a clan meeting." yowled Barkstar. Falconkit and her siblings had finally have reached six moons. "It's time my kits, I will miss having you all by my side every night." said Firefeather."We will miss you to mother." meowed Darkkit. Falconkit rubs up against her. "You will always have father to sleep by every night." said Falconkit. It has been six moons sense Firefeather moved into the nursery and hasn't slept with Barkstar sense. "Come on!" said Bluekit. "This is the day Falconkit, Darkkit, Molekit and Bluekit all become apprentices." said Barkstar. "Bluekit!" he call out. "From this day foward you will be known as Bluepaw. Sweetflower you are a loyal and brave and you will pass these qualitys to Bluepaw." said Barkstar. Bluepaw touched noses with Sweetflower with pride. "Molekit from this day foward you will be known as Molepaw. "Lionwhisker you will mentor Molepaw and pass down your strengh and hunting skills. Molepaw bounded up to Lionwhisker and touched noses. Lionwhiskers eyes shined with excitment. "Darkkit from this day foward you will be known as Darkpaw, your mentor will be Thistlejaw. Thistlejaw you have amazing battle and hunting skills. Pass these qualitys to Darkpaw." said Barkstar. Darkpaw nervously walked up to Thistlejaw and touched noses with him. "Do not be afraid." said Thistlejaw. Darkpaw relaxed and sat down next to him. "Falconkit you had a very exciting six moons and now you will be known as Falconpaw. Addertooth you will be her mentor." said Barkstar. I am going to be the deputy's apprentice! She bounded over and touched noses with Addertooth. "Falconpaw!" "Darkpaw!" "Bluepaw!" "Molepaw!" cheered the clan. "Come on Falconkit, lets take a proper tour of the territory." said Addertooth. They walked out of the tunnel and into the territory. Addertooth showed Falconkit Thunderpath, The Owl Tree, the Twoleged Place, Snakerocks and then Sunning Rocks. "This is the last part of our tour." said Addertooth. "Addertooth, I smell RiverClan!" exclaimed Falconkit. Just then a border patrol came by. "Get away from the RiverClan border!" yowled an apprentice named Fishpaw. "Make me fish-breath." said Falconpaw. "Falconpaw, don't get into a fight." growled Addertooth. "I killed a fox at three moons, I think I can defeat this apprentice." hiss Falconpaw. "Enough Fishpaw, you know you can't defeat an apprentice with no battle training." said the warrior named Spottedtail. "My apprentice here at three moons battled and killed a full grown fox." said Addertooth with pride. "What!" said Fishpaw. "Thats impossible!" said Spottedtail. "Do you doubt ThunderClan's power that much?" asked Falconpaw. "Well I um." started Fishpaw. Falconpaw jumped on top of him and held him down. "Maybe I should show you how strong we ThunderClan cats get!" hissed Falconpaw. "Enough!" growled Addertooth. He pulled her off of Fishpaw. "Lets get you back to camp or should I make you clean out the elders den for the next moon!" said Addertooth. They turned and headed back to camp.

Chapter 7

"Thats right you showed those mouse-brains the best clan is ThunderClan!" said Wolfpaw. It was late, just before moonhigh. Bluepaw was staring at Falconpaw jealously. "Hey, why don't you join us." said Darkpaw. "Ump." growled Bluepaw. "Fine!" Be that way!" hissed Darkpaw. She joined Molepaw, Wolfpaw, Berrypaw and Falconpaw. Why does everyone like Falconpaw? Anyone could squash a puny RiverClan apprentice. Addertooth walked into the den. "Falconpaw, tomorrow morning we are going to do battle training so get your rest." said Addertooth. Earlier that day they have been having problems with ShadowClan raiding hunting patrols and hunting in ThunderClan territory. Barkstar asked if Falconpaw could have more battle training and get ready for battle. "Those stupid ShadowClan cats, thinking that they can take our prey." said Berrypaw. "They will soon feel our claws!" yowled Wolfpaw. "It will be our first battle." said Molepaw. "I can't wait, I am going to line my nest with ShadowClan fur!" said Falconpaw. "Are they getting that stupid that they can't catch their own prey?" laughed Darkpaw. "Apprentices get your sleep!" yowled Lightningwhisker. "Well you heard Lightningwhisker, lets get to bed." said Falconpaw. She crawled into her nest followed by Darkpw, Molepaw, and Berrypaw. Wolfpaw walked up to Bluepaw. "You look cold" said Wolfpaw. He curls up next to her. "Thank you." she whispers.

"Wake up!" growls Addertooth. "W-what?' said Falconpaw. "Come on! Your late for battle training." he growls. Falconpaw wobbles out of her nest. "Wolfpaw and Berrypaw, your mentors need you for a border patrol." said Addertooth. "Bluepaw, Molepaw, Darkpaw, your mentors need you all you a hunting patrol. Now go!" said Addertooth. Addertooth and Falconpaw walk into the forest without a word. They get to the training hollow. "Now attack me Falconpaw." said Addertooth. "What?" she exclaims. "Come on. I want to see what you can do." said Addertooth. She gathers up herself. She launches herself at him and surprises him by knocking him off his paws. "Your fast thats good." he growls. "Now lets see if you can dodge!" he yowls. He launches his paw at her and she dodges them with to much trouble. She whips around and knocks him off his paws. They train for a while until. "Where done." growls Addertooth. "I just remember that you never had anything to eat this morning." he said. "Ok." she says. They leave the hollow and walk back to camp. "As you know, ShadowClan has been stealing prey." said Addertooth. "Yes." repiles Falconpaw."There may be a battle, you know that?" he asks. "Yes." she repiles. "You need extra training because Barkstar expects you to join in." said the tom. "Are you excited? he asks. "Yes! When I go to battle I will rip those fox-hearts fur out and line my nest with it!" she yowls. Addertooth grins. "I was hoping you would say that. With that attitude you will help us win this battle very easily." he says. "Now lets get back to camp." he says. They run the rest of the way home.

Chapter 8

"We will raid ShadowClan tonight!" yowled Barkstar. "Lets shred them!" yowled Eagleclaw. "Shred their ears and teach them they can't mess with ThunderClan!" hissed Redbee. "I will name the list of cats who will be part of the battle patrol: Firefeather, Redbee, Addertooth, Mossfeather, Blackears, Rosewing, Spekleheart, Lionwhisker, Thistlejaw, Wolfpaw, Berrypaw, Falconpaw and myself." Barkstar named them all with harmony. "Wait! What about me, Darkpaw and Molepaw!" yowled Bluepaw. "You and your siblings have just been releashed from confindment in camp." said Barkstar. "You have had barely any battle training compared to Falconpaw, so your jobs are to protect camp while we are gone." Barkstar turned towards Falconpaw. "According to Addertooth you are very skilled but don't take on a warrior." Barkstar turns to Wolfpaw and Berrypaw. "Same goes for the two of you." said Barkstar. "Now all of you get your rest." said Addertooth. Wolfpaw and Berrypaw walk over to Falconpaw. "I can't wait to shred ShadowClan apprentices!" exclaimed "I want to shred that little ShadowClan apprentice Furzepaw, he was part of one of the patrols that raided our hunting patrols." hissed Falconpaw. "I want to get my paws on Lizardpaw, that stinking apprentice was part a patrol attacked our hunting patrol when they first started attacking the patrols." said Berrypaw. Wolfpaw and Berrypaw walk away. Lilykit and Rabbitkit ran over to Falconpaw. "You are so lucky." said Rabbitkit. "I can't wait to be six moons so I can learn to shred ShadowClan cats." said Lilykit. "Yes, and once there is more prey there will be enough for Sweetflower's kits." said Snowpelt. "What? Sweetflower is having kits?" said Falconpaw. "Yes Falconpaw, haven't you seen that Sweetflower is getting little heavy around the stomache, she going to have Lionwhisker's kits." said Snowpelt. Falconpaw looks towards Sweetflower. Sweetflower hobbles over to the fresh-kill pile where Lionwhisker is sitting. Lionwhisker gives her a loving lick on the ear. Falconpaw smiles at the couple. She hopes one day she will find the one she loves. As Falconpaw walks around talking to cats about the nights up coming battle, Bluepaw stares at lying at the entrance of the apprentice den. I hate Falconpaw. Thought Bluepaw. Wolfpaw walks over and sits next to Bluepaw. "I wish you could come." he says nervously. Falconpaw looks over towards Wolfpaw and Bluepaw. Stupid Bluepaw, she doesn't even notice poor Wolfpaw who has been mooning over her for over a quater-moon. "In your honor Bluepaw I will shred the ears of that apprentice that pouced on you the other day." said Wolfpaw. I guess he will keep trying. Thought Falconpaw. "Falconpaw, I want you to be resting" said Addertooth. "Ok Addertooth." said Falconpaw. She walks toward the apprentice den and past Wolfpaw and Bluepaw. She crawls into her nest and falls asleep.

Chapter 9

"Wake up!" hiss Bluepaw. Falconpaw looks sleepily up at Bluepaw. "The battle?" Bluepaw growled with annoyance. "The battle!" exclaimed Falconpaw. She gets up shakes and dashes out towards the middle of camp where the battle patrol was already getting ready. "Now make sure to not harm any elders, queens or kits." said Addertooth. "Get something to eat and we head out at sunset." said Barkstar. Falconpaw was so excited she quickly at a mouse and looked for Berrypaw. Berrypaw was talking to her mother Petalpelt. "Now you be careful my darling." said Petalpelt. "Mom! I am not a kit anymore!" hissed Berrypaw. Ignoring her Petalpelt went on. "Oh, how your father, Stoneclaw, would be so proud of you." said Petalpelt with grief. Falconpaw never met Stoneclaw, the strong gray and silver tom but has heard nursery stories about him. He was a strong cat but one day while hunting a ShadowClan cat attacked him. The cat retreated and Stoneclaw chased him. Then when they got to Thunderpath Stoneclaw was hit by a monster. Berrypaw was still a kit then but still Berrypaw and Petalpelt grieved for Stoneclaw. "Hey Berrypaw!" yelled Falconpaw. "Yes?" said Berrypaw. "Are you ready?" asked Falconpaw. "I am ready? Are you kiding, I was born ready!" exclaimed Berrypaw. "That my girl." said Petalpelt. She gave Berrypaw one last lick then turns and heads towards the elders den. "Ugh, moms!" said Berrypaw. "Now be happy Berrypaw at least you still have a mom. Wolfpaw has no parents." said Falconpaw. Wolfpaw was only one moon when his parents Grayclaw his mother and Shrewfoot his father where taken by twolegs one day. They have never seen them sense but ThunderClan assumes that they where turned into kittypets. Petalpelt with had only Berrypaw so took in Wolfpaw as her own. "Yeah I guess your right." said Berrypaw. "Its just she is so annoying sometimes." said Berrypaw. "Just remember Berrypaw, one day you will have her the next you won't so take the time to have her." said Falconpaw. Wait a second. Where did those words come from! It sounds like something StarClan would say! Thought Falconpaw. "Your right I never even knew my father so I should take that time to get to learn her wisdom and advice." said Berrypaw. She turned and walked away. "Let all cats who can catch their own prey gather here under Highrock!" yowled Barkstar. "We attack tonight while we're gone Eagleclaw will be in charge." said Barkstar. "I will protect the clan with my life." said Eagleclaw with pride. "Now lets move out!" yowled Barkstar.

Chapter 10

The group moves through the trees in silence. They easily cross Thunderpath. Finally they come upon the ShadowClan camp. "Come kits lets go to bed." said a gueen named Spottedpuddle. Moments later the camp is silent only with the sounds of soft snoring. The battle patrol gets ready. Falconpaw gathers herself to attack. "ThunderClan Attack!" yowled Barkstar. They charge into camp. The ThuderClan apprentices run into the ShadowClan apprentice den. Wolfpaw pouces on Furzepaw. "Remember me!" hiss Wolfpaw. Falconpaw jumps on Lizardpaw. "I going to shred you!" she yowled. She immedatly clawed at Lizardpaw's ears. Lizardpaw struggles underneath her but Falconpaw's weight over powers her. Falconpaw claws at her under belly and Lizardpaw yowls in pain. "Do you give up?" Falconpaw hisses with a grin on her face. "Yes." Lizardpaw gasps. Falconpaw lets go of her and Lizardpaw runs away. Falconpaw turns around to see her father getting attacked by the ShadowClan deputy Splashfur a reddish tabby and white tom. He over powers Barkstar and holds him down. "Prepare to die!" said Splashfoot. "No!" yowls Falconpaw. She runs towards the battling toms and knocks Splashfur off his paws. "I will never let you hurt my father!" hissed Falconpaw. She scratches at his under belly but he manages to scratches her ears. She yowls in pain. She keeps opens her jaws and bites his neck. Splashfur yowls in pain. "Do you surrender or do I have to kill you? growled Falconpaw. "Fine." growled Splashfur. The battle goes on for hours longer. Falconpaw and the other apprentices have no trouble chasing all the apprentices into a corner, begging for mercy. Until finally the leader of ShadowClan, Crowstar, surrenders. "Ok! We surrender, we will not hunt in your territory." growled Crowstar. Even in the dark night Falconpaw could see his black pelt and yellow eyes. "You better not or next time you will not be so fortunate to not lose any of your warriors." hissed Barkstar. "Falconpaw would you like to do the honors?" asked Barkstar with pride knowing that Falconpaw saved his life. "Sure." said Falconpaw. "ThunderClan we have won!" she yowled. The cats cheered as the ShadowClan cats watched with hatred. "Lets go home." said Barkstar. He lead the battle patrol out of ShadowClan camp with Falconpaw by his side. The got back to ThunderClan camp. Falconpaw once again got the honors to yowl out the their victory. "ThunderClan, we have won!" yowled Falcopaw. All the cats come out cheering and congraulating. Barkstar bounds to Firefeather and licks her ear. "Let all cats who can catch their own prey gather under Highrock." yowled Barkstar. He climbs up Highrock. "Tonight we prove our strengh and I want to give a special honor to Falconpaw. She saved one of my lives from the ShadowClan deputy Splashfur." said Barkstar. Murmuring spread through out the clan. "I also want to give Wolfpaw and Berrypaw their warrior names." said Barkstar. "Wolfpaw and Berrypaw step forward." said Barkstar. "I, Barkstar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these two apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn. Wolfpaw, Berrypaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your lives?" said Barkstar. "I do." said Wolfpaw. "I do." said Berrypaw. "Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior names: Wolfpaw, from this moment you will be known as Wolfstorm. StarClan honors your bravery and strength, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan. Berrypaw, from this moment you will be called Berryleaf. StarClan honors your bravery and your strength, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan." said Barkstar. "Wolfstorm! Berrytail!" cheered the clan. "Berrytail and Wolfstrom will now sit in silent vigil." said Barkstar. The meeting ends and Falconpaw walks into the apprentice den. She curls up in her nest and looks at the two new warriors before falling asleep.

Chapter 11

Falconpaw wakes up in the apprentice den alone. Oh no! I am late! Thought Falconpaw with anger and annoyance with herself. She runs out of the apprentice den to see Addertooth and Redbee right outside. "I am so sorry Addertooth!" she exclaimed. "Relax Falconpaw, I let you sleep in. After Berrytail and Wolfstorm's warrior ceremony you crawled right into your nest and fell asleep." chuckled Addertooth. Well the real story is that Barkstar and Ivyleaf ordered it. Thought Addertooth. He remembered Barkstar walking up to him ordering him to let Falconpaw to sleep in. "I want to do some battle training now." said Falconpaw. "Are you mouse-brained Falconpaw! Your exhausted from the battle you should rest." hiss Redbee. "I feel fine. I want to get stronger and get ready for the next battle. Because every day there is a new challenge." she growled. "Its all right Addertooth. She will be fine." said Barkstar emerging from his den. "But Barkstar..." started Addertooth. "No buts if she belives she can train let her train." said Barkstar. Addertooth snorted. "Fine, ok Falconpaw lets go." said Addertooth. "Be back after sunhigh thats when we are holding Lilykit and Rabbitkit's apprentice ceremony." said Barkstar. "Ok lets go Addertooth." said Falconpaw.

"That was a great job Falconpaw." said Addertooth. "Now lets go back to camp." he said. Once they arrive at camp a group cats where already gathering under Highrock. In the nursery Lilykit and Rabbitkit where bouncing up and down with excitement. Finally Barkstar walked out of his den. "Let all cats old engough to catch their own prey gather here under Highrock." yowled Barkstar. All the cats walked out of their dens and walked towards Highrock. Lilykit and Rabbitkit walked out of their den calmly but it was obivous that they where excited. "Will Lilykit step foward." said Barkstar. Lilykit walks up to Barkstar shaking excitement. "Lilykit you have reached your six moons and now it is time for her to have her apprentice name. From this day foward you will be known as Lilypaw. Berrytail as you just been made a warrior I trust you will past your qualitys on to Lilypaw. Lilypaw bounds over to Berrytail and touch noses with Berrytail. The cream tabby smilies with pride and happiness. "I promise Barkstar that she will be a great warrior." she said. "Rabbitkit come foward. From this day foward Rabbitkit you will be known as Rabbitpaw. Wolfstorm you will be her mentor. Also as a new warrior you will also pass your fighting and hunting abilitys." said Barkstar. Rabbitpaw calmly walks over to Wolfstorm and touches noses with Wolfstorm. "This meeting is at a end." said Barkstar. "Wait! Barkstar!" said Whitepelt. "Yes?" he repiles. "I will stay in the nursery to help Sweetflower with her first litter of kits." said Whitepelt. "Ok." said Barkstar and he walks away.

Chapter 12

It was the night of the gathering. Sweetflower and Mossfeather had moved into the nursery. Mossfeather had anncouced that she and Finchfur, a finch colored tom with long legs, where going to have kits together. Rockpelt an elder died to greencough. His mate Sunfall still mourned for him. Tonight was a night to forget all probelms and worries for Falconpaw. It was her first gathering. All the ThunderClan apprentices would be joining her. "Now Lilypaw and Rabbitpaw take time to know your enemy and remember the full moon only lasts one night. So don't get to close and make friends with other clans." said Addertooth. "Ok." said Lilypaw. "Don't worry why would I want to be friends with those fox-hearted ShadowClan." said Rabbitpaw. "Falconpaw you need to learn how to hold your temper so be careful and try not to talk to the RiverClan apprentice Fishpaw." said Addertooth. "Fine whatever but I bet that supid mouse-brain is now to afraid of me to even talk to me." chuckled Falconpaw. All the apprentices except for Bluepaw started laughing. "ThunderClan lets go!" yowled Barkstar. "Time to go." said Addertooth.

Once they arrived at Fourtrees WindClan already had arrived but RiverClan and ShadowClan where not present. ThunderClan sat next WindClan with friendly hellos. Sunfall and Yellowpelt joined WindClan elders Heathermask a white pelt she-cat with a heather colored mask across her face, Fernwillow a light pale tabby, and Nettlepelt a patchy brown tom. Addertooth was greeted by the WindClan deputy Sheepfur, a white pelt she-cat with a fluffy stuppy tail. "A good night for a gathering." said Barkstar to Sandstar, a sandy colored she-cat. Wolfstorm and Berrytail where congratulated by the WindClan warriors for getting their warrior names. Falconpaw and the other ThunderClan apprentices meeting the WindClan apprentices under one of the Fourtrees. Pebblepaw and Featherpaw the only WindClan apprentices. "Hi!" said Featherpaw. "Wow. I didn't know ThunderClan had so many apprentices." said Pebblepaw. Featherpaw a gray and white she-cat sat next to Molepaw. Falconpaw looked over to the two of them. Its obivous that Featherpaw had a crush on Molepaw at first sight. Falconpaw knew that Molepaw would never betray his clan. I think he has a more of a crush Lilypaw. It is so cute to watch them together. Thought Falconpaw. Just then a yowl broke out. RiverClan had arrived. Brindlestar a brindle colored she-cat. She climbs up Great Rock and nods to the other leaders. "ShadowClan is late." said Sandstar. Then they heard the yowl of Crowstar. ShadowClan sits between ThunderClan and RiverClan. ShadowClan glares at ThunderClan as they raise their heads in pride. "Obivously they still haven't recovered from their scars." said Molepaw. "I bet Splashfur is so embrassed that his got beaten by an apprentice." laughed Falconpaw. "You beated the ShadowClan deputy!" yowled Fishpaw the RiverClan apprentice who had just joined the group. "Yep." said Rabbitpaw. "She did it to save our father." said Darkpaw. "I guess it was brave." said Bluepaw. "You guess that was brave! It was bravey all right! exclaimed the RiverClan apprentice Mistpaw. "Let the gathering begin." yowled Brindlestar. Cats gathered under Great Rock. "Would you like to begin Sandstar?" asked Brindlestar. "No go ahead." said Sandstar. "I have nothing to report." yowled Brindlestar. "Greenleaf is thriving in RiverClan and we had two litters of kits born." she said. "Sandstar?" she said. The sand colored cat stepped up. "WindClan also has nothing to report except for we defeated a fox trying to make a home on our territory. Don't worry we chased it over Thunderpath and was hit by a monster." she yowled. "Good ridance." hissed a WindClan warrior named Gingertail. "That is all." said Sandstar. She nodded towards Crowstar. "We also have nothing to report." said Crowstar. He sat back down. "He won't even admit that his clan is weak." said Rabbitpaw holding back a giggle. "ThunderClan is thriving and we are expecting two litters of kits." said Barkstar. "Sadly we lost Rockpelt just a few sun rises ago." said Barkstar. All the clans mummered with grief. "There is nothing else to report." said Barkstar. "Then this gathering is at a end." said Sandstar. The four leaders jumped off Great Rock and lead their clans home.

Chapter 13

It had been a half-moon sense the gathering. Addertooth, Eagleclaw, Wolfstorm, and Falconpaw where out hunting. They had already caught a crow, three mice, one vole, one squirrel, and Falconpaw manage to catch a pheasant. They decided to head home with their impressive catch. "Wait a second!" hiss Falconpaw. "What is it Falconpaw?" asked Wolfstorm. The three cats looked at her in question as she tasted the air. "Its a dog!" she hissed. The toms quickly tasted the air and nodded. "Quickly bury the prey!" hissed Addertooth. Eagleclaw and Wolfstorm drag the prey over by a very tall oak tree and started to make the hole. The sound of barking got closer. "Hurry!" hiss Falconpaw as Eagleclaw and Wolfstorm finished making the hole. Falconpaw and Addertooth where keeping the look out as the two toms carefully put the prey into the hole. The growling and howling gets louder. Eagleclaw and Wolfstorm finished burying the prey and covered the scent of the fresh-kill. The dog bursted through the bushes barking loudly. Falconpaw leaped onto the dogs face and started clawing at its eyes. Knowing that it would blind it like the fox. "Falconpaw!" yowled Addertooth "Wait we don't have a plan!" he hissed. With a howl the dog grabed Addertooth by the tail and through him into a tree. "Addertooth!" cried out the cats. Eagleclaw charged the dog but was tramble by the raging animal and was knocked out. Wolfstorm ran over and started biting at the dog's foot. Falconpaw lept onto its back and bit into its neck. She held onto the dog with all her might. I can't lose my grip. If I do I will get killed! Thought Falconpaw. "Don't worry Falconpaw!" whispered a black and white tom with a stumpy tail. "Badgerstar!" exclaimed Falconpaw. She never seen Badgerstar but he was ThunderClan leader before Barkstar. He was a brave and loyal cat. He lost his last life getting attacked by two dogs while sun bathing in the forest one day. The sudden death upset the clan but Barkstar gave new hope to make the clan strong again. "Go for the belly it is the weakess spot!" said Badgerstar. She lets go of the dog and ducks under the belly. "Wolfstorm help me claw at it's belly." yowled Falconpaw. Wolfstorm quickly ran towards her and with claws unseathed he started clawing at the dogs belly. Wolfstorm and Falconpaw hiss furicously at the dog. It turns the tail and runs away. Suddenly without a moments breath Barkstar, Finchfur, Lightningfur and Molepaw charge into the clearing. "We heard there was trouble over here!" exclaimed Barkstar. "It was a dog." whispered Falconpaw and fell to the ground. "Falconpaw!" yowled Barkstar. Ivyleaf suddenly burst through the bushes. "Ivyleaf what are you doing here?" asked Finchfur. "I came to check the wounded." said Ivyleaf. She quickly looks over Falconpaw. "She is just tried." conculded Ivyleaf. "Good." said Barkstar. "Barkstar." said Addertooth. "Addertooth!" exclaimed Barkstar. "When Falconpaw is well I would like to make her a warrior, after she saved us I believe she is reay." The tom passed out.. Gasps came from the other cats. "If that is you wish when we get back to camp I will make her a warrior." The tom was obivously shocked but pleased that his daughter was going to be made a warrior. Falconpaw who had just woke up from the shock heard the words of her father agreeing to make her a warrior. I am going to be a warrior! Falconpaw couldn't stop shaking in excitment.

Chapter 14

"Let all cats who can catch their own prey gather under Highrock for a meeting!" Barkstar had waited until the sun to go down to hold Falconpaw's warrior ceremony. "Today Addertooth and his hunting patrol where attacked by a dog." He paused for the the crowd of cats to finish gasping. "Addertooth was badly hurt during the battle and was unable to give orders but thanks to Falconpaw's quick thinking she and Wolfstorm where able to drive the dog way." Quite congratualtions where given to Falconpaw. "So that is why I have decided to give her warrior name." "That is not fair!" A blue and grey cat called out. "Bluepaw if Addertooth believes that she is ready then it is fair." Growled her new mentor Finchfur because of Sweetflower moving into the nursery. "So without any more interruptions lets get on with the ceremony." He turned to Falconpaw. "Falconpaw please step foward. The she-cat calmly but quickly walked up to him. "I, Barkstar, leader of ThunderClan call upon my warrior ancestors to look apon this young apprentice. She has trained hard to understand your noble code, now I commend her to you as a warrior in turn. Falconpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend this Clan, even the cost of your life?" "I do." Falconpaw anwsered with hesitating. "Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name. Falconpaw from this moment you will be know as Falconshadow. StarClan honors your loyalty and your intelligence, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan." Falconshadow walks up to him as he put his head repectfully on her head. In return she licks his shoulder. "Now Falconshadow will sit in silent vigil. This meeting is at a end." Barkstar jumps off Highrock. The cats all start to head into their nest. Firefeather takes a second to nuzzle her daughter with pride. "I am so proud of you." She turns and walks away. Watching from a distance is Bluepaw. Now she is a warrior before us. She walks into the den and settles down.

It was a cold night but dawn finally came. Cats where waking up and heading out on patrols. Falconshadow yawns and turns to see Redbee sitting next to her. "Woah! Redbee you startled me." She got up a streched. "Sorry. I just wanted to see how your night went." The tom turned his head to look at her. "Very long and boring!" Falconshadow repiles with a sigh. "Most warrior vigils are long and boring." He chuckled. "My daughter you should go get some sleep." Firefeather meowed as she walked up to her. "No Firefeather I am fine. I rather not sit around camp like crow-food." Falconshadow repiled and looked around for Addertooth. "I going to visit Addertooth." she declared. She turned and walked away. Ivyleaf decided to keep Addertooth over night to watch him. Ivyleaf walked out of her den and yawns. "Good morning Ivyleaf." meowed Falconshadow. "Good morning to you to." said Ivyleaf. "Ivyleaf may I..." started Falconshadow but was cut off by Ivyleaf. "You want to see Addertooth, go ahead." Ivyleaf turns and heads towards Barkstar's den. Falconshadow walks into the den to find Addertooth waking up. "Hello Falconpaw." he said. "Addertooth while you where sleeping I was made a warrior." she said. Expecting for Addertooth to be disappointed but he smiles. "Good I was hoping that he would make you a warrior as soon as posible." said Addertooth walking towards the edge of the den and looks outside. "What name did he give you?" He looks towards her. "Falconshadow." she said. "I excepted that. He said he was going to name you after the ShadowClan because of the battle." She smiles. At that very moment Bluepaw, Darkpaw and Molepaw where talking. "I can't believe Father." growled Bluepaw as she looks out of the den to see Falconshadow walking out of the medicine cat den. "Oh well at least she won't be here to show off while we do battle training or hunting." said Molepaw to Bluepaw. "Oh well!" hissed Bluepaw. Darkpaw listened to this argument. I believe that Falconshadow did deserve her warrior name. I have a ton to learn before being made a warrior. "Can't we just forget about. If this gets in our way of training it will take longer to get our warrior names." said Darkpaw she turned and walked out of the den. "Ah Darkpaw I was looking for you." Darkpaw turned to see her mentor Thistlejaw. "What is it?" she asked. "Today we will be doing battle training then a hunting patrol so go get something to eat and meet me outside of camp." Thistlejaw turns and walks away. Yes! I will go and get something to eat right now. She runs over to the fresh-kill pile. She picked out her favorite a squrriel. She quickly shares it will Rabbitpaw and dashes outside of camp. She see Falconshadow and Thistlejaw. What is Falconshadow doing here? "Ah Darkpaw today Falconshadow will be assiting us in battle training. "Let go then." Darkpaw gets up and starts running towards the training hollow. "Slow down." Growled Falconshadow and Darkpaw skidded to a halt. "This isn't a race save your energy." hissed Falconshadow and walks towards her. "Now come on." she said. Oh great now she is acting like my mentor. Darkpaw rolled her eyes. She walks faster to catch up. They finally arrive at the soft, sandy hollow. "Now attack Falconshadow and try to knock the pebble out of her mouth." said Thistlejaw. Darkpaw turns to see her sister holding a pebble in her mouth. She gathers herself up and launches herself towards. She was to slow and all Falconshadow had to do was move out of the way. "Fox dung!" she turns and faces Falconshadow. She quickly runs behind Falconshadow and jumps on top of her knocking her flat onto her stomach. Then Darkpaw pads up her back and stands on her head. "I recommend you let go of the pebble now or should I unsheath my claws." hissed Darkpaw. Falconshadow lets go of the pebble. "Excellent Darkpaw! Threating the enemy is a great way to win a battle. Falconshadow gets up and shakes the sand out of her pelt. "I agree you kind of scared me there for a second." she said. Darkpaw smiles. "Come on lets head back to camp the hunting patrol is going to leave soon." said Thistlejaw.

Chapter 15

"ThunderClan also would like to report that Falconpaw got her warrior name. Falconshadow!" It was the night of the gathering. Sweetflower gave birth to one tom and one she-cat. Harekit is a tom with amber eyes and a pale brown pelt. Morningkit is a black and brown tabby with blue eyes.. "Falconshadow!" "Falconshadow!" The other clans cheered even ShadowClan. Falconshadow puffed herself up in pride. "Sweetflower had her first litter of kits. That is all." Barkstar steps back and Crowstar takes his place. "We had two litters of kits. Luckily it is still greenleaf so there is plenty of prey." Sandstar looking very plump pads up. ThunderClan gigles see how plump she is. "She looks like a kittypet?" smirked Bluepaw. "Greenleaf is going well for WindClan. Sheepfur has retired to the elders den so Sootwing took her place." Sootwing is a tabby gray she-cat. The other deputies congradulate her. "That is all." Brindlestar looking unusually frail walks up. "Hunting has been well and we have a new warrior. Fishtail!" "Fishtail!" The other clans cheered. The young warriors ducks his head down in ebrassment. "That is all." "Then this gathering is at a end." said Crowstar. The clan leaders turn to each other. "Until then may StarClan be with you." They turn and jump off the rock. Falconshadow says her good byes to Fishtail. She is joined by her siblings Bluepaw, Molepaw, and Darkpaw. "So how was the gathering for you three?" asked Falconshadow. Bluepaw looks away in annoyance. "It was fun." said Darkpaw. "I hope I am a warrior next gathering." said Molepaw. "I hope so too Molepaw." Falconshadow runs off to catch up with recently recovered Addertooth. Ugh why does she have to act like she cares about us when she doesn't. Bluepaw growls. "Bluepaw, just calm down." hissed Molepaw. I don't know whats bothering her. She should be worrying about our assement at half-moon. Barkstar imformed the three apprentices that they would take their warrior assement at half-moon. Darkpaw hanging back a little was thinking about her battle training with Falconshadow. I should ask her to help my hunting to. She walks up to her mentor Thistlejaw. "Thistlejaw." The tom looks back at her. "Yes." "I would like Falconshadow to help me with my training for the next half-moon." Thistlejaw stops walking and looks at her in surprise. "This is unexpected but I don't see why not." Darkpaw smiles. Bluepaw and Molepaw catch up with her. "What are you smiling about?" asked Bluepaw. "Thistlejaw argeed to letting Falconshadow helping me with my training for the next half-moon." "You mouse-brain why did you request that!" growled Bluepaw. "Well I am sorry. If you don't like the way I train then stop asking me about it!" Darkpaw runs off.

When the cats get back from camp Falconshadow is greeted by Harekit who has taken a liking to her. "Falconshadow!" "Falconshadow!" The tiny kit was jumping up and down as if he didn't already have Falconshadow's attention. "Harekit! Don't bother Falconshadow she is tired from the gathering." The kit stops. "I am sorry Falconshadow." Falconshadow meows in laughter. "It's fine I know you kits don't have a lot to do these days." Falconshadow picks the kit up and brings him into the nursery. "Good night Harekit." She turns and walks out of the den. "Good night Falconshadow!" "Falconshadow." She looks up to see Redbee. "Would you like to share nest tonight?" Oh StarClan! I dreamed for this day! "Sure." They walk into the warriors den where Redbee prepared the nest for two. "Go ahead." said Redbee. Falconshadow walks over to the nest and crawls in. "Are you going to join me or stare at me all night?" jokes Falconshadow. Redbee laughs. "No don't worry." he said. He crawls in and they fall asleep together.

"Did you see that!" hissed Bluepaw. "See what?" said Molepaw and Darkpaw. "Redbee just asked Falconshadow to sleep with him tonight!" "So?" Darkpaw looks at her puzzled. "He going to be my mate not hers." she hissed. "You just an apprentice and your talking about a mate?" laughed Molepaw. Bluepaw growled and crawls into her nest. "Good night." she says flatly.

Chapter 16

Finally after two moons Bluepaw, Molepaw, and Darkpaw got their warrior names. "Bluepaw from this day foward you will be known as Bluewing. StarClan honors your bravery and strengh. We welcome you as a full member of the clan." It was Bluepaw, Darkpaw, and Molepaw's warrior ceremony. "Molepaw from this day forward you will be known as Molefoot. StarClan honors you cleverness and courage. We welcome you as a full member of the clan." Barkstar rests his head on top of Molefoot and Molefoot licks his shoulder just as Bluewing did. "Darkpaw from this day forward you will be known as Darkfeather. StarClan honors you loyalty and strengh, and we welcome you as a full member of ThunderClan. The new warriors turn to hear the clan chant for them. The loudest was Falconshadow who bounds up to them cheering. "I am proud of you." Firefeather meowed as she walked up to them. She nuzzles Bluewing, Molefoot, and Darkfeather. "Now Bluewing, Darkfeather, and Molefoot will sit in silent vigil. This meeting is over." Barkstar jumps off Highrock and crawls into his den followed by Firefeather. Falconshadow turns and walks into the warriors den with Redbee. Soon the only sound was the breeze and gentle snoring. Time went by as the moon grew higher into the sky. Suddenly there was shaking in the bushes. "I think it is over here." A unknown cat said. "Inturders!" yowled Bluewing as she charges into the bushes. Molefoot and Darkfeather follow her. It was two cats one large black and light ginger tom. A gray she-cat with large claws. "Wait stop!" yowled the tom. "It is us! Grayclaw and Shrewfoot!" said the frighten she-cat. Molefoot, Bluewing, and Darkfeather lead them into camp with caution. "Are you really Grayclaw and Shrewfoot. You smell like kittypets." Barkstar sniffed them in disgusted. "Yes are! I have a son his name is Wolfkit." said the tom. "Mother! Father!" yowled Wolfstorm. He runs into the clearing. "Wolfkit!" exclaimed Grayclaw. "No wait your not called that anymore are you?" she said in pride. "No I am Wolfstorm!" Wolfstorm nuzzles her. "Wolfstorm." said Shrewfoot. He looks towards Barkstar nods in approval. "Grayclaw and Shrewfoot!" yowled Petalpelt. "Petalpelt!" yowled Grayclaw. "I thought after the towlegs captured you we would never see you again!" She nuzzles the skinny she-cat. "How did you get back?" Barkstar. "It took a long time crossing Thunderpath after Thunderpath until we where greeted by the scent of the WindClan border." Cats gasped. "They really took you faraway." "We saw this beatiful lake surronded by land with a island in the lake." said Grayclaw. "That enough talk." Ivyleaf wlked up to them. "They need there rest." "Your right Ivyleaf. You can tell us your story in the morning." All the cats walk into their dens. "Here." said Falconshadow. She leads them into the warriors den. The two cats crawl into her nest. "Thank you." said Shrewfoot.

The next morning cats where gathering in the middle of camp chattering about the Shrewfoot and Grayclaw's reapperance. Falconshadow yawns and walks out of the den. Shrewfoot and Grayclaw where still fast alseep. Addertooth walks into the crowd of cats. "I know we are all excited to talk to our old clanmates again, but we have to do patrols." The chatter stops and Addertooth starts putting together the morning patrols. Soon the camp is completely quiet. Falconshadow walks over to the shrunken fresh-kill pile. It was getting closer to leaf-fall. She looks up to see Firefeather and Barkstar walking out of Ivyleaf's den. "Falconshadow!" She puts back her mouse and runs to her father. "Go wake up Shrewfoot and Grayclaw." She nods and walks across the camp to the warriors den. When she walks into the den the two cats where already up. "Good morning." The Grayclaw turns looking less tired from the night before. "Good morning, um I am sorry I forgot your name." "That all right. I am Falconshadow, daughter of Barkstar and Firefeather." "So your Barkstar's daughter." Shrewfoot walks up to her. "Yes along with my siblings Molefoot, Darkfeather and Bluewing." "What a large litter I am glad the twolegs only took us away from one kit." Grayclaw walks up to the entrance. She takes a deep breath. "I am so happy to be back." "The whole clan is Grayclaw. Now come we have a good stock on fresh-kill right now." The three cats walk over to the pile. Falconshadow picks out a vole. Shrewfoot takes a squirrel and sits down with Grayclaw. "So Falconshadow, tell me the most recent events in the clan." Falconshadow explains the fight against the fox, the battle against ShadowClan, the dog, and warrior ceremonies. "Wow a lot happened while we where gone. Living in the twoleg nest." Grayclaw shudders. "Dogs, loud noises, rough twolegs kits and annoying kittypets." "Don't forget the awful food!" Shrewfoot hissed. "I am so sorry, dumb twolegs!" hiss Falconshadow. Suddenly patrols where pouring in. Cats brought fresh-kill and others made their reports to Addertooth. Then cats started gathering around Grayclaw and Shrewfoot listening to the suffering and adventures they had. Shrewfoot asked Addertooth to join evening patrol saying that he didn't want to be dead weight. Ivyleaf joins the group of cats to examine the cats. "Your fine just tired and thin. You will regain your strength soon with proper food." "Thank StarClan for the squirrel and other animals out there to feed us. So you all never have to taste the terrible kittypet food!" Shrewfoot yowled. Cats cheered and yowled in approval. This is the start of a new beggining. Falconshadow joined in the cheering.

Chapter 17

It was two moon rises before the gathering. Grayclaw and Shrewfoot recovered from their traveling. Mossfeather gave birth to two toms. Rainkit is a motted light blue cat with blue eyes. Swiftkit a dark brown kit with green eyes. Lately Bluewing has been trying to get Redbee's attention to Wolfstorm's dissmay. Poor Wolfstorm, even as a warrior he can't seem to get through to her. The whole clan knew that Wolfstorm loves her except for Bluewing. Falconshadow and a few other she-cats where dropping hints to her but didn't Bluewing didn't seem to get it. Firefeather walks up to Falconshadow. "Why can't Bluewing see that there is a tom right in front of her who is madly in love with her." "I hope she catches on soon." Mossfeather sits on the other side of Falconshadow. "My poor son." Grayclaw joins Mossfeather. "Why is my sister such a mouse brain." Falconshadow walks away to join the sun high patrol. She met up with Redbee, Bluewing, Wolfstorm and Rabbitpaw. "Well we are all here so lets move out!" Redbee lead the patrol to Thunderpath. "I haven't been here before the battle of ShadowClan." Falconshadow started marking the trees. "This is the taste of victory." She looks up to see Splashfur with some warriors on a border patrol." Hey Splashfur! Your mouse brained clan will never take ThunderClan territory!" yowled Redbee. "Hey Wolfstorm!" "Yes Rabbitpaw?" "What is dumber than a mouse?" "I don't know what!" "ShadowClan!" The patrol starts laughing as the ShadowClan patrol scowls. "Splashfur you are so weak you let me a apprentice then beat you!" yowled Falconshadow. The patrol laughs even harder. "Come on lets go." growled Splashfur. He leads the patrol back into the swamp. "Come on we are done here." Redbee leads the patrol home.

Falconshadow was watching Harekit, Morningkit, Rainkit and Swiftkit for Mossfeather and Sweetflower. They where playing the battle of ShadowClan. Morningkit was being Falconshadow and Rainkit was Splashfur. "I will never let you kill my father!" yowled Morningkit. The kits rolled over onto their backs laughing with their little tails in the air. "Falconshadow! Tell us a story!" "Okay Harekit but I think story telling is for the elders. "I heard the Falconshadow!" It was Yellowpelt the pale yellow tabby she-cat. Falconshadow ducks her head. The kits giggle. "Okay let me tell you the story of the fox I killed when I was only three moons old." The kits gasp with eyes wide. I really feel like an elder right now. Telling storys from my kit hood. "Then suddenly a fox jumps out of the bushes!" She growls. "I know what happens! Harekit jumps up. "You pounce on it and scratch it's eyes. Then you bite at it's neck until it is dead." He jumps on top of Morningkit showing how Falconshadow killed the fox. "Ow! Harekit!" growled Morningkit. "Enough Harekit you are hurting your sister." growled Falconshadow. "Oh, sorry Morningkit." Mossfeather and Sweetflower arrive from the hunting patrol. "Thank you so much Falconshadow." said Mossfeather. "Your welcome now if your excuse me I am going to go see Grayclaw and Shrewfoot" She walks away.

Chapter 18

It was a very cold gathering. Cats where huddled together to keep warm. Senior warriors from the other clans where gathered by Shrewfoot and Grayclaw. "Lets get this gathering started so we all can go home." Crowstar was sitting hunched over shivering refusing to get close with the other leaders to stay warm. Barkstar and Sandstar where concerned about Brindlestar who was looking very thin. "Would you like to go first, Brindlestar?" She nods and stands up. "Leaf-bare is upon us but the river is still full of fish." Falconshadow shakes her head. "What is it?" asked Darkfeather. "Brindlestar is really sick according to Fishtail." Darkfeather cold face turns to sympathy. Sandstar stands up. "Prey is starting to limit. Though we are managing to fill the fresh-kill pile." Cats nod with approval. "I would also like to annouce that Pebblepaw and Featherpaw have their warrior names. Pebbleclaw and Featherheart!" "Featherheart!" "Pebbleclaw!" The clans cheered. Sandstar sits down and Barkstar gets up. "I would like to annouce the return of Grayclaw and Shrewfoot!" He pauses as the other clans cheer. "Stolen from us because of twolegs all those moons ago they have returned. I would also like to say with pride that Darkpaw, Bluepaw and Molepaw have their warrior names. Darkfeather, Bluewing and Molefoot!" The clans cheer once again. Bluewing puffs herself up and looks at Falconshadow. How do you feel to be out of center of attention? She frowns as she sees Falconshadow cheering the loudest. "That is all." Crowstar sits up. "I would like to annouce Lizardpaw and Furzepaw's warrior names. Lizardtooth and Furzepelt!" The clans cheer even ThunderClan. The two warriors smile but look embrassed. "If that is all then let the gathering come to a end." The Barkstar jumps off the rock. Brindlestar had some help from the RiverClan deputy, Dewflower, to jump off Great Rock. Barkstar stops to lick her shoulder. "I hope you have a peace end." he whispers. "Thank you, Barkstar." She turns and leads her clan out of Fourtrees. Falconshadow who was talking to Fishtail turns to leave when she is stopped by Brindlestar. "You have a great dentiny Falconshadow, I hope you use your time well to serve you clan." Falconshadow nods. "Brindlestar you name will be remembered by ThunderClan." "Thank you." Brindlestar licks Falconshadow's shoulder with respect and Falconshadow bows her head. "ThunderClan we are leaving!" called Addertooth. "Good bye, Brindlestar." "Good bye, Falconshadow, may StarClan be with you." They turn and walk away. Redbee walks up to Falconshadow. "Where you saying good bye to Brindlestar?" "Yes, she knows she will not live long enough for the next gathering." Redbee sighs. "Come on the clan is leaving without us."

"Falconshadow, can you come here please?" It was Bluewing. With a puzzled look Falconshadow follows her out of camp. They travel past the training hollow. "Where are we going?" asked Falconshadow. Finally they reached to RiverClan border. Bluewing stops and turns to Falconshadow. Her eyes had turned to narrow slits and the face she gave Falconshadow gave her the shivers. "Bluewing..." "I hate you, Falconshadow." Bluewing unsheathed her claws. "What are you doing!" Falconshadow took a few steps back. "Stay away from Redbee and I will let you live!" hissed Bluewing. "What? Why!" Bluewing snorts. "Redbee is my mate not yours!" "What are you talking about!" growled Falconshadow. "Just..." Bluewing growls. "Stay away from Redbee!" She runs off. Falconshadow lays down. "Oh StarClan, what should I do?" She starts to close her eyes and fell asleep.

Chapter 19

It had been a moon in a half. Bluewing was getting more and more hostile to Falconshadow. Though no one seemed to notice. It was leaf-bare and the prey in ThunderClan territory is still filling the fresh-kill pile unlike the other clans. It was a very cold sun-rise. Falconshadow and the rest of the warriors had made a giantic nest to keep each other warm. Falconshadow wakes up and sees the newly named Lilyflower and Rabbitheart. With no apprentices, warriors have been doing apprentice duties. She gets up and walks out of the den. Addertooth walks up from behind. "You are up awfully early." Falconshadow sighs. "I am sorry, I just not ready to talk about it yet." Addertooth rest his tail on her back to reasure her. "It's all right." Falconshadow nods. "Now go wake up the others." She turns and runs into the den. "All right get up everyone, Addertooth wants to assign patrols." Some moans and others just get up saying "good morning". Redbee walks up to Falconshadow and licks her. Falconshadow smilies and right behind Redbee she sees Bluewing frowning at her. Falconshadow and Redbee turn and walk out of the den. Bluewing follows them. "Excuse me Redbee?" He turns. "Addertooth asked me to put together a patrol and I would like you to be part of my patrol." Redbee looks at Falconshadow then Bluewing. "Fine." "Good we leave soon." Falconshadow snorts. "Who died and made her leader?" "Oh well, I will see you later." "Yeah." Falconshadow turns and sees Addertooth walking slowly over to the fresh-kill pile. "He doesn't have long." Falconshadow turns and standing behind her was Ivyleaf. "I know." sighs Falconshadow. "He needs to take a slow walk, so go take him out." "Ok." Addertooth was finishing a vole. "Addertooth, lets take a walk." "That sounds nice."

They waked down to Sunningrocks. They where scretched out on the rocks. "Falconshadow do you know I had a brother?" asked Addertooth. "No I didn't. Who is he?" "Well is name was Acornfoot. He was killed by Splashfur. Splashfur was not deputy at the time but he was a trouble maker among the clans." "I am so sorry." Addertooth laughs. "Don't be sorry, you defeated Splashfur. It was funny watching my young apprentice beating a deputy." Addertooth and Falconshadow laugh. Falconshadow stiffens. "What is it?" Addertooth gives her a puzzled look. "Its a dog! Hide!" She and Addertooth take cover under some bracken. Soon the dog comes in two view. It was the dog the attacked Falconshadow when she was an apprentice. It marks one of the bushes. "That is disgusting." hissed Addertooth. Falconshadow puts her tail over his mouth. The dog starts barking and soon another dog jumps out of the bushes. "That must be it's mate." whispered Falconshadow. Addertooth nods. Suddenly he starts to puff. "Oh no. Don't sneeze!" she whispers to Addertooth. "I-I can't!" He sneezes. The two dogs turn their heads to the bracken. "Oh StarClan what can we do now?" She knew that she may not make it but she will have to fight the dogs. "Addertooth stay here." She charges out. If I get them close to the edge they might fall into the river. "It is nice to see you again stupid dog." The male dog growls as if to respond to her. "Now lets do this!" She charges to the edge to the rock with the dogs following her. I know there is a edge just bellow the rock. If I jump at the right time the dogs will fall. "Falconshadow watch out!" yowled Addertooth. The dogs where fast and it was too late. The smaller dog grabed her. Falconshadow yowls in pain. Well this is the end. I wonder which StarClan cat will come to get me? "Get your paws off my apprentice!" Addertooth charges out of the bushes knocking the small dogs off its paws. The bigger dog growls at him. "Thats it you two crossed the line." He charges at the larger dog clawing at its chest then going for the smaller dog. The dogs start attacking him. Falconshadow trying to get back on her paws is watching the whole thing. Where are going to die! Then a yowl broke out. It was Bluewing and her patrol. Bluewing, Lilyflower, and Berrytail go after the dog. Redbee runs to Falconshadow. "Are you ok?" "Yes but Addertooth..." she falls off her paws. "Rest we will take care of it." Bluewing and the others mange to chase the two dogs way. Falconshadow had a hurt leg but that was all. Addertooth was much worse. "Quickly we must get him back to camp!" yowled Falconshadow.

Chapter 20

It had been two sun-rises sense the dog attack. Addertooth wasn't getting any better. Falconshadow was spending her nights in the medicine cat den watching Addertooth. Barkstar was assigning all the patrols for Addertooth. Others seemed to know it will only be about a claw-moon before Addertooth joins StarClan. It was sun-high and Falconshadow was once again in the den with Addertooth. He had done nothing but sleep for the last few days. "Oh Addertooth." whispered Falconshadow. Suddenly his eyes opened and he blinked. "Falconshadow?" "Addertooth! Your up! I have to get Ivyleaf!" "No Falconshadow, StarClan is calling me." Falconshadow stops and turns around. "No! You can't!" She starts crying. "Don't cry, I am happy." She looks at him. "I got to go my brother is here to get me." "Falconshadow I am proud to be your mentor." "I am proud to had been your apprentice." Addertooth smiles and closes his eyes. Seconds later his chest stop rising. Falconshadow walks out of the den. Cats where gathered at the fresh-kill pile. "Addertooth is dead!" Cats stoped eating and looked at her. "Moments ago he woke up saying that StarClan was calling him and said good bye to me." Barkstar looked sadden. "He was a great deputy." Yellowpelt murmmured with grief. "He was a very lively apprentice." Yellowpelt was his mentor. "I loved being his apprentice." Meowed the sad Falconshadow. Soon the elders carried Addertooth's body into the middle of camp. Cats started gathering around his body to say their good byes. Barkstar and the senior warrriors where discussing who would be the next deputy. Suddenly a falcon flew over the camp. Falconshadow was the frist to notice. "Getting the kits in the den!" she yowled. She picked up Harekit and put him in the nursery. Ivyleaf came out of her den and looked startled. She let out a yowl. Barkstar and the other warriors run to her. "What is it Ivyleaf?" She points at the ground. It was the falcon's shadow. She looks at Falconshadow. "You will be the new deputy." Falconshadow look startled. Bluewing who was watching lets out a little growl. Barkstar jumps onto Highrock. "Falconshadow you will be the new deputy!" "I accept in honor of Addertooth." "Falconshadow!" "Falconshadow!" cheered the clan. Redbee walks up to Falconshadow and licks her. Molefoot and Darkfeather congratulate her. "You will be the best deputy." said Darkfeather. "Well I should assign patrols." She assigns Finchfur, Lightningfur, and Rosewing to hunt. She sends out Darkfeather with Thistlejaw and the very annoyed Bluewing. "Father I am going to sit with Addertooth now." Barkstar nods. Falconshadow lays next to her mentor. "Thank you Addertooth and StarClan for making me deputy." Firefeather lays next to Falconshadow. "I am glad that he was your mentor."

It was dawn and the elders where out of camp buiring Addertooth. Falconshadow was up early watching them take the body out of camp. Addertooth I will be the best deputy you could ever imagine.

Chapter 21

It was the morning before the gathering. Falconshadow was out hunting with Redbee. The frost was still shinning on the grass and trees. They had only mange to catch a old black bird and a fat squirrel. Falconshadow was stocking a mouse. It was sniffing the falling acorns. She charges. Then crashing from the bushes was Redbee hunting the same mouse. "Watch out!" Falconshadow tried to stop and so did Redbee. The crashed into each other. Falconshadow falling on her back with Redbee on top of her. "Oh I am so sorry." said Redbee. "No its ok. I should have been more careful." She smiles. "I am such a clutz." She starts laughing. "Why are you laughing?" Redbee gave her a puzzled look. "I did this once. I was out hunting with Addertooth and I did the same thing." Redbee also starts to laugh. Then he stops. "What is it?" Falconshadow starts to get up. "Falconshadow I been meaning to tell you this." "Yes?" Redbee takes a deep breath. "I love you." Falconshadow gasps. "I love you too, Redbee. I have loved you since I was an apprentice." She smiles and wraps her tail around his. "Lets go back to to camp." She picked up her mouse and walk towards camp. Suddenly it was all silent as if it was only Falconshadow and Redbee. As they walk through the entrance of the camp with tails to wrapped, cats gasps. Firefeather rushes over to Falconshadow. "I thought this day would never come." Molefoot and Lilyflower walks over to the new mates. "I guess where not the only ones anymore." Falconshadow smiles. "I always knew you two would end up together." She laughs. Bluewing who was standing outside the group of cats had a scowl on her face. This isn't over Falconshadow. "Well Falconshadow, in a moon you made deputy and get a mate." Falconshadow ducks her head. "Father your embrassing me." He smiles. "Well Redbee, you take good care of my daughter." Redbee nods. "All right that enough lets get the sunhigh patrols out!" Falconshadow picked up her squirrel and put it on the fresh-kill pile. Harekit and the other kits run to Falconshadow. "Falconshadow!" "Falconshadow!" meowed the four mooned old Harekit. It won't be long until he and his sister are apprenticed. "Did you get us something good?" asked Swiftkit. "Yes I did a big juicy squirrel." Falconshadow picked it up and placed it infront of the kits. "Thanks!" said Rainkit and Morningkit. The four kits pick the squirrel pick it up and tried to take it back to the nursery. "Ow! Rainkit you stepped on my paw!" hissed Swiftkit. "Morningkit get your tail off my head!" meowed Harekit. Falconshadow starts to laugh. I wonder if I will have kits of my own? She thought. Bluewing walk up to her and leaned into her ear. "You will regret stealing my mate." She turns and runs off. No your wrong Bluewing I will never regret this. I will be happy. Redbee who had been watching the whole thing tapped her with his tail. "Are you ok?" Falconshadow turns her head and laughs. "As long I with you I will be happy.

Chapter 22

"Well I never thought the apprentice who defeated me in battle would become a deputy." Splashfur bows his head to Falconshadow. It like the day went on forever but it was finally the night of the gathering. Brindlestar had joined StarClan and Dewflower was now Dewstar. The light gray she-cat was up on Highrock with her light blue eyes shinning in the night. "That battle helped me learning many things." The new RiverClan deputy Icestorm the white and gray she-cat sat on the other side of Falconshadow. "ThunderClan isn't the only clan that has a new deputy." "This gathering is at a end." yowled Dewstar. Falconshadow turns to find Redbee. Redbee who had been talking to some WindClan warriors runs over to her. "So how was it? Being a deputy at a gathering?" He looks at her with his eyes sparkling. "It was great! I even got to talk to Splashfur." Falconshadow looks up at the moon. "It such a beautiful night." Redbee rest his tail on her. "ThunderClan we are leaving!" Barkstar moved to the front of the group and started leading the cats out of Fourtrees. Falconshadow joins Barkstar. "Falconshadow, I always loved your one blue and one green eye. Its what made you special." Falconshadow snorts. "You keep telling me that." Barkstar walks ahead of her. "I will keep telling you that until the day I join StarClan."Falconshadow sighed. Barkstar told her a few sun-rises after she was made deputy how many lives he had left. Father I hope that day won't come for moons. Bluewing walks up to her. "You think your so special. I wish that day you where attacked by that fox you where killed." Falconshadow gasps. "Bluewing you don't really mean that...." Bluewing growls. "Do I?" Falconshadow looks into Bluewing's eyes. It scared her to see the hatred in those amber eyes. Falconshadow be careful! Badgerstar was sitting next to her. Bluewing is not a cat you can trust anymore. The starry cat fads away. I know Badgerstar, but she is my sister. When they got back to camp Falconshadow walked over to the warrior den. Darkfeather stands behind her. "I regreted taking you out of camp that day." Falconshadow turns to look at the black warrior. "A real warrior and sister would have never done." Darkfeather nuzzles Falconshadow. "I promise to be by your side." Falconshadow nods. "I promise that I will all ways stand by your side, Darkfeather." Molefoot joins them. "I wish I wasn't so foolish then." "Molefoot I forgave you a long time ago." Molefoot looks up at her with saddness. "I had never said sorry." Falconshadow takes a step back. "Don't get into my battles. I will handle Bluewing alone." Molefoot and Darkfeather look at each other. "That is not going to stop us when you do need our help." Falconshadow giggles. "I didn't think it would." Darkfeather smiles. "Good that means you trust us." "I always will." Suddenly she felt the precence of Addertooth. Then it disappered. Is this what you wanted Addertooth? To be close to my siblings like you and Acornfoot? "Hey are you guys are going to stand around all night?" It was Whitepelt. "Come on. You should be sleep." Falconshadow nods. She walks into the den where Redbee was waiting for her. "I thought you would never come. He joked. Falconshadow lays next to him. "I will always come, Redbee."

Chapter 23

"Harekit from this day forward you will be known as Harepaw. Your mentor will be Falconshadow. May her hunting and fighting abilitys be passed onto you." It had been three moons. Morningkit and Harekit where wiggling with excitment. Harepaw touch noses with Falconshadow. Morningpaw got Runningfoot. The large pawed tom smiled at his apprentice. Falconshadow looks at her apprentice who had been staring at her. "You know it not nice to stare." Harepaw quickly looks away. Falconsahdow laughs quietly. The young tom's tail was tembling. "Well lets take a tour of ThunderClan territory!" She nudges Harepaw with her nose. He looks at her. "What?" Falconshadow growls. "Pay attention! I said we are going to take a tour of ThunderClan territory." Runningfoot walks up to her with his apprentice. "May we join you?" Falconshadow nods.

They leave camp showing the best places to gather bedding, Sandy hollow, Thunderpath, then RiverClan border. "Wow look its still frozen!" The apprentices exclaim. "Good thing we are not RiverClan." Giggled Morningpaw. "While where here lets show you two how to mark the border." Falconshadow starts at a tree closest to the water. She perked her ears hearing young kits giggling. She looks behind her to see if Swiftkit and Rainkit had followed her. "Quiet the will hear use!" She looks to see behind a large rock was two kits looking at her. She walks towards them. They smell like...RiverClan! "Come out kits." The giggling stops. "Great she heared you Birdkit." Three young kits one light gray, a white kit, and dark gray kit walk out from behind the rock. Two toms and one she-kit. "What are you kits doing on ThunderClan territory!" hissed Harepaw. "Be quiet Harepaw!" growled Falconshadow. She looks at the kits. They look at each other. "Are you going to answer or do we have to take you to Barkstar!" One kit sqeaks. "We crossed the stepping stones to see..." The she-kit trails off. "To see use. What are your names? The light gray she-kit stands up. "I am Birdkit." The white kit stands up. "I am Whitekit." The two kits look at the other tom. "I am Robinkit." Morningpaw growls. Falconshadow picks up Robinkit. "Hey put me down!" Runningfoot looks at Falconshadow. "We going to take the to camp?" Falconshadow nods. Runningfoot picks up Birdkit and the apprentices got on either side of Whitekit.

"So RiverClan kits why did you cross the border." The kits had there head bowed to Barkstar. The rest of the clan watching. "We where bored and we saw the patrol." Birdkit stops speaking. "We want to see what ThunderClan territory was like." Sqeaked Whitekit. Falconshadow looks at the kits. "Barkstar what are we going to do?" Barkstar looks into her eyes. "Take a couple of cats and go to RiverClan. Tell them we have the kits." Falconshadow looks towards the kits. "Then what?" "Tell them they will stay for two sunrises here as punishment." Cats gasp. Falconshadow nods. "I agree with this punishment. They wanted to see what ThunderClan was like." She looks towards her mate. Redbee nods in agreement. "Redbee and Runningfoot and the new apprentices come with me." She leads them out of camp.

Chapter 24

The patrol crossed the stepping stones where they met Stoneclaw and Silverfeather the mother of the kits. Stoneclaw growled at the patrol. "ThunderClan found your kits on our territory." Silverfeather runs over. "You have my kits! The silver cats eyes showed relief. "May we talk to Dewstar?" The two cats look at each other. "Why don't you just give them to us?" Falconshadow makes a low growl. It was silent. Silverfeather sighs. Stoneclaw leads them towards the camp. Harepaw and Morningpaw look around at everything. A large heron flies over head. The two apprentices jump and get closer to the senior warriors. When they reach camp Dewstar and her deputy where making plans where to look for the kits. "Dewstar." Falconshadow walks up to her. "Falconshadow what are you doing here?" "She has Robinkit, Whitekit and Birdkit!" Dewstar looks at Falconshadow. "We found the kits on ThunderClan territory. They are at our camp right now." Icestorm growls. "Then why did you come here without them?" "Barkstar and the clan agrees as punishment for being on ThunderClan territory they will stay with us for two sunrises." Silverfeather gasps. The RiverClan cats around the camp gasps and others growl. Silverfeather's mate Buzzardfur runs up to them. "You can't do that!" Falconshadow growls. "Yes we can. ThunderClan can control their kits unlike RiverClan. Those kits where on our territory so we get to decide their punishment." RiverClan cats yowl with rage. Dewstar waves her tail for silence. "Will they be taken care of?" Silverfeather gasps. "Dewstar your not...." "Yes they will be taken care with the help of our queens." Falconshadow cuts her off. Mossfeather and Whitepelt where still in the nursery. Rainkit and Swiftkit where only four moons old. Though Lilyflower is pregant but decided not to move into the nursery until it got closer for her to have her kits." Molefoot was very excited. "Fine RiverClan will get the kits in two sunrises. Now leave our territory." The patrol leaves. Three kits hiss at the patrol. Silverfeather starts crying. Buzzardfur yowls to the patrol. "If my kits come back harmed you'll be sorry." Falconshadow turns. "Any harm that comes to the kits will be your fault for not keeping an eye on them." She turns and takes the patrol back to ThunderClan territory.

Robinkit, Birdkit and Whitekit where all huddled in the coner of the nursery. Swiftkit and Rainkit tried to get them to play. "We don't know what to do for them." Whitepelt and Mossfeather came to Falconshadow to help them. "Leave it to me." She walks into the nursery where Swiftkit was trying to get them to play moss ball. "Story time!" The ThunderClan kits bound over to her. Falconshadow looks at the RiverClan kits. "Come on over. Just because your staying here doesn't mean you can't listen to a story." Birdkit looks at her brothers and walks over. She sits next to Falconshadow. Falconshadow wraps her tail around the kit. The kit looks at the nick in her ear. "How did you get the scar on your ear?" "Now there is a story I can tell." Falconshadow gets comfortable. She tells them the story of the battle against ShadowClan. Soon the two RiverClan toms join them. Falconshadow knew that this story would capture their interest because nobody liked ShadowClan. "Wow so Splashfur gave you that scar?" Whitekit walk up to Falconshadow to get a better look. "Yes I did do you want to see?" She lowers her head for the kits to see. Birdkit smiles and whispers something to Whitekit. "I want to be just like Falconshadow." Falconshadow smiles. Suddenly Redbee walks in. Falconshadow jumps up and walks over to him. He gives her a loving lick on the muzzle and she licks his cheek. Birdkit watches with a smile on her face. "I will see you in the den." Redbee turns and leaves the nursery. "Mates." meowed Birdkit. "What?" said Falconshadow. "Your mates with that tom aren't you?" She looks into Falconshadow's eyes. "Yes that is Redbee." Birdkit giggles. "I like this apprenitce named Blazepaw. He is a strong mottled ginger tom." Falconshadow nods. "I have to admit though Harepaw is really cute." Falconshadow laughs. "I like it here in ThunderClan Falconshadow." She smiles. "Now don't get to used to it you will be going home in one sunrise." Worry waves over Birdkits yellow eyes. "I guess." She turns and walks away where her siblings and the other kits where making a nest to sleep together. It almost seems like she doesn't want to go back. Falconshadow looks at her with worry.

Chapter 25

It was time to bring back the kits. Falconshadow was carrying Birdkit who has gained some weight thanks to ThunderClan prey. Redbee was carrying Whitekit and Petalpelt was carrying Robinkit. "I don't want to go back Falconshadow." whispered Birdkit. Falconshadow shakes her head. She couldn't figure out why she didn't want to go back to RiverClan. She thought about Silverfeather and Buzzardfur. They seemed to care about the kits. There didn't seem to be anyother reason why the young she-cat didn't want to go back. When they reached the RiverClan border Silverfeather and Buzzardfur where waiting with Icestorm. Redbee, Petalpelt, and Falconshadow gently put the kits down. The two toms rush to Silverfeather as Birdkit slowly walks towards them. "Oh my precious Robinkit and Whitekit." Falconshadow gets annoyed. "I am pretty sure you have another kit who missed you." Silverfeather looks at Birdkit. "I am glad to see that your ok." She says without even looking at Birdkit. Birdkit lowers her head. "Is this why Birdkit." Birdkit turns and looks at Falconshadow. "Silverfeather how could you ignore her." Silverfeather hissed. "She is weak and wants to be a medicine cat. No kit of my would be a medicine cat." Falconshadow growls. "Fine ThunderClan will except her. Ivyleaf would love to have her as her apprentice." "Silverfeather you don't mean that..." Started Icestorm. "Oh please Icestorm why should I raise a kit who doesn't want to fight!" Buzzardfur nods his head with agreement. "Take her she is no use to RiverClan." He picks up Whitekit and Silverfeather picks up Robinkit. "We will miss you Birdkit!" Whitekit called to her. "You will always be our sister!" Redbee nudges Birdkit. She looks back at him. "Are you going back and except that you have been rejected?" Petalpelt walks around the kit. "Or will you join ThunderClan?" Birdkit looks towards RiverClan territory then at ThunderClan. Birdkit lays down and starts to cry. Falconshadow looks at her with sympathy. The spotted she-cat lays next to the kit. "Life isn't easy. Come to ThunderClan and you will be excepted for who you are." "I.. just... would miss.... Whitekit and... Robinkit." The young kit said between sobs. Falconshadow licks the Birdkit's forhead. After a little bit Birdkit stands up. "I decided." The three warriors look at her with interest. "I will join ThunderClan!" "Thats good now tell me how old are you?" asked Redbee. "I am five and a half moons old." Birdkit eyes showed excitment. "It won't be long until I am apprenticed."

Barkstar looked shocked when he saw the patrol come back with one of the kits. "Birdkit has been rejected by RiverClan and is willing to join ThunderClan!" Cats gasps as Swiftkit and Rainkit jump for joy. "She hopes to be Ivyleaf's apprentice. Would you except her?" Falconshadow looks towards the pale brown cat. "Of course." Lightningfur growls. "I didn't know that RiverClan would go this low and let a kit get rejected." "I only have Swiftkit and Rainkit so I won't mind taking in another." She smiles at Birdkit. "There is also something about her that makes me smile." Swiftkit and Rainkit run up to her. "I guess that means your our sister right?" Rainkit's tail was wiggling with excitment. "Of course!" yowled Birdkit as she nuzzles her new brothers. Falconshadow looks around for Harepaw. She spots him next to the apprentices den. "Harepaw!" He jumps up. "Go get new moss for the kits tonight." He nods repectfully and dashes out of camp. "Poor kit." Yellowpelt walks up to the kit. "So young one moment in a different clan and the next being excepted into another." Yellowpelt bows her head to show that she approves letting Birdkit into the clan. "This is crazy!" Everyone turns to Bluewing. "She is RiverClan, our enemy. How will we know where her loyalitys lie?" Barkstar growls. "Are you deaf? She is going to be a medicine cat so that means she never have to battle." Sunfall wraps her tail around the kit. "How could we reject such a young, heathly kit. Its a sign from StarClan I say!" Others nod in agreement. Bluewing unseathes her claws. "Fine." She walks away. "Birdkit welcome to ThunderClan!" yowled Barkstar. "Birdkit! Birdkit!" The clan cheered except for Bluewing. "The only thing I will miss about RiverClan is my brothers." Swiftkit licks her. "You have us. Is that almost as good." Birdkit looks at him ant starts to cry. "That just as good!" Falconshadow carries her into the nursery. "Just relax and get used to it all." She leaves the kit while Swiftkit and Rainkit rush in to join Birdkit. Life is about to get more interesting.

Chapter 25

It was finally new-leaf. Birdpaw was training to be a medicine cat, Swiftpaw and Rainpaw also got their apprentice names. "I think something is wrong. I have been gaining weight." Even though it was new-leaf Falconshadow didn't eat much for the fact that Lilyflower had just had her kits. Toadkit a dark brown tom with green eyes. Fallowkit a light blue she-cat with light green eyes and Marshkit a light tabby tom with amber eyes. Birdpaw gave a good wiff. "That smell what is it?" Ivyleaf giggles. "Congratulations Falconshadow you are going to have kits!" Falconshadow's jaw drops. "I can't believe it." "Well Birdpaw this time you get to help me." Birdpaw smiles at Falconshadow. "I have to go tell Redbee!" She hurries out of the medicine cat den. Redbee was just coming back from a border patrol. "Redbee!" Falconshadow runs to him. "Molefoot go give the report to Barkstar." The tom nods and walks away. "So what is going on?" Falconshadow takes a deep breath. "I am having kits." Redbee gasps. "Thats great you will be a great mother." "I am just worried about the position of deputy." Redbee rests his tail on her back. "Don't worry someone will temporarily set in for you." Suddenly Firefeather runs to Falconshadow. "Falconshadow! Birdpaw just told me the news!" Firefeather's yowl brought attention from around the camp. "What is going on Firefeather?" asked Barkstar. "Our daughter is having kits!" Darkfeather runs over to Falconshadow. "I am so happy for you." Falconshadow laughs. "You don't need to be happy for me." Bluewing walks over and joins Darkfeather. "What are you going to do about being deputy?" she sneered. Falconshadow growls. "That is obivous Bluewing I will asign someone to temporairly step in as deputy." She looks at Barkstar for approval. He nods with approval. "I will think about who will be temporary deputy and will annouce it at moonhigh tonight!" She walks out of the camp. Thinking about all the different cats in the clan. Finchfur was a great cat but he is not comfortable leading others into battle. Lightningfur doesn't take time to think about things and jumps to conculsions. Blackears was strong and calm, he could easily stop a unnecessary fight at the border. Yes he will be deputy. Falconshadow spots a mouse and quickly starts watching it. She crawled closer. The mouse turned stiff. Falconshadow stopped. The wind blew through the newly budded trees. The mouse relaxes and returns looking for food. Falconshadow takes this to her advantage and charges. It looks up and prepares to run but it was too late. "Nice catch." Falconshadow jumps. She turns around with her hair raised. It was Redbee. "Oh its just you Redbee." She sighed with relief. "You seem really tensed all of a sudden." Falconshadow looks into Redbee's concerned eyes. "I am just worried about the whole deputy situation." Redbee looks at her not knowing if she was telling the truth. "Ok." Falconshadow turns around to pick up her mouse. "I think Lilyflower will appreciate this."

When they arrive at back to camp after catching a squirrel, two birds, and a rabbit along with Falconshadow's mouse. "What a great hunt!" Then suddenly she heard a yowl. "Falconshadow! You went hunting and your expecting kits!" The spotted cat sighs. "I'm fine Ivyleaf, I am not sick." "I agree you should rest." said Firefeather. "Ok after I annouce the temporary deputy." Soon the clan starts gathering around her. Barkstar walks up to her. "Who will be our temporary deputy." Falconshadow paused and took a deep breathe. "Blackears will be deputy." Cats yowl with approval. "Do you except Blackears?" asked Barkstar. He nods. "I promise Falconshadow while you temporarily step down from your duties." She laughs. "It will be another moon before I move to the nursery." Ivyleaf and Firefeather sigh. "She just doesn't get it does she?" said Ivyleaf. "She is just like me. I didn't want to move into the nursery right away either." "Fine I will sleep in the nursery at night ok?" "Thats better than nothing." said Whitepelt. "I am moving out to get back into shape." Others start to laugh. It had been moons since Whitepelt had her kits. She was starting to look like a lazy kittypet. "I would like that." said Pinetail, Whitepelt's mate. "Well everyone get some sleep we have a gathering tomorrow." said Falconshadow. She heads towards the nursery. Toadkit, Fallowkit, and Marshkit greet her. "Come on Lilyflower already perpared you a nest!" Falconshadow crawls into the soft, sweet smelling nest.

Chapter 26

Falconshadow was walking a little more slowly to the gathering. It was getting closer to have her kits. Ivyleaf told her after the gathering she should move into the nursery completely. Falconshadow didn't like the idea of staying in camp like a kit but it was for her kits sakes. RiverClan and ShadowClan were already at Fourtrees. Barkstar yowls a greeting to Crowstar and Dewstar. Birdpaw went looking for her two brothers with Swiftpaw and Rainpaw. "Whitepaw! Robinpaw!" She runs up to them. "How is the training going little sister?" "Great Ivyleaf has taught me so much." Robinpaw looks relieved. "I am glad your enjoying your new life." Silverfeather was watching in a distance. "Come on Robinpaw and Whitepaw." Robinpaw protests. "We want to talk to Birdpaw. Its a gathering after all." Robinpaw's mentor Daisytail nods. "I agree let them talk." Silverfeather glares at Daisytail. "Fine." She says simply before walking away. Falconshadow shakes her head. It seemed that Silverfeather was trying to keep the siblings apart. Finally WindClan arrives. Sandstar greets the other leaders looking happy. Splashfur walks to Falconshadow. "Did I hear you are going to have kits soon?" His eyes gittlered in the moonlight. "Yes, I am." He circles her. "Who will take your place?" Falconshadow disliked the look in his eyes. "Blackears." Splashfur sighs. "What a weak choice." Falconshadow growls. "Back off this is ThunderClan buisness." It was Blackears. Suddenly Falconshadow realizes how muscular Blackears was. Compared to Splashfur he was big. Splashfur also realizing this backs away. "Thank you Blackears." He nods. He turns to join Darkfeather. I known for moons that Darkfeather loves him. I wonder... Her thoughts are cut off when Sandstar yowls to beggin the gathering. "WindClan has a new litter of kits and two new apprentices. Ravenpaw and Bettlepaw!" The clans cheer as the two cats look proud. Ravenpaw was a black she-cat and her brother Bettlepaw was also competely black. "That is all." Crowstar stands up. "Newleaf is doing well for ShadowClan. We have two new litters of kits and one new apprentice. Spiderpaw!" As the clans cheer he looks embrassed, but happy. "Your turn Dewstar." The she-cat stands. "We have two new apprentices. Robinpaw and Whitepaw!" The clans cheer. The loudest was ThunderClan. "Those two had a very adventurous six moons." ThunderClan laughs. Dewstar nods to Barkstar. "We have one new litter of kits and three new apprentices. Birdpaw, Swiftpaw, and Rainpaw!" All the clans cheer except for Buzzardfur and Silverfeather. "I still can't believe ThunderClan excepted that weak kit!' yowled Silverfeather. Icestorm growls. "This isn't the time to talk." "Yes it is I want all the clans to know that ThunderClan took a RiverClan kit. Clans gasps. "You gave her to us mousebrain!" yowled Falconshadow. "You rejected her because she wanted to be a medicine cat." said Barkstar. WindClan and ShadowClan cats stare at the two RiverClan cats in shock. "Just because she wanted to be a medicine cat doesn't make her weak." said Splashfur. "Every clan needs a medicine cat." said Featherheart from WindClan. The two RiverClan cats go quiet. "If that is all?" said Barkstar. "This gathering is at an end." said Crowstar.

When they get back to camp Falconshadow was very tired. She has never been this tired after a gathering. She drags herself to the nursery. Ivyleaf was already following her. "You need sleep. It probably wasn't a good idea to go to the gathering tonight." Falconshadow shakes her head. "I had to go one last time. For the next few moons it will be like being confined in camp like a kit." "I assure you that once they are old enough you can go on daily hunting patrols." Falconshadow climbs into her nest. She knew that Blackears would train Harepaw well while she had her kits. She imagined how small they will be and seeing them grow up. Serving their clan. Lilyflower was grooming her kits. "I miss sleeping with Redbee." Lilyflower nods. "I miss sleeping with Molefoot but these little ones need me." Falconshadow lays her head on her paws. "I know that my kits need me but when I wake up at night I just get so lonely." "It will be alright. Now get some sleep." Falconshadow waited for her to fall alseep. She quitely got up and left the den. She headed to the warriors den where all except one were sleeping.It was Redbee. "Something told me that you would come here." He whispered to her. "Come on." Falconshadow walked into the den avoiding the sleeping cats. She crawls into Redbee's nest. "Thanks." He licks her ear. "Your welcome." For once since she started sleeping in the nursery she slepted peacfully.

Chapter 27

"Only about a half a moon now." Ivyleaf looks out the nursery entrance. It was beautiful outside. Swiftpaw and Rainpaw rushed into camp with three mice and a impressive rabbit. "Its our best catch yet!" Swiftpaw was shaking with excitment. He picks up the three mice and carries them to the elders den. Falconshadow could hear the elders happily eating and chatting with the apprentice. Rainpaw drags the rabbit to the medincine cat den where Birdpaw was looking after Thistlejaw who had been in a fight with a rogue cat. Luckily he manged to chase the cat out of ThunderClan territory before clasping with exhaustion. "The cat put up with a good fight." he said when he back to camp. "Well it looks like your kits will be fine when they are born." said Ivyleaf. Falconshadow nods and stands up to shake the feathers out of her fur. Birdpaw found a old robins nest the day before and brought the feathers left there back to camp. "I am going to go get that shrew Redbee caught this morning." She runs past Ivyleaf who was looking dazed and headed to the fresh-kill pile. Petalpelt and Grayclaw where sharing a crow. "Hello Falconshadow." said Grayclaw. "Hello." Falconshadow nosed through the fresh-kill pile for the shrew. "I remember when Wolfstorm was born. Strong and destined to be a great warrior from the start." Petalpelt laughs. "Don't all mothers say that about her kits." "Not Silverfeather." scoffs Falconshadow. Then Falconshadow looks around to make sure that Birdpaw wasn't around. She sighs with relief that she was still tending to Thistlejaw. Toadkit, Fallowkit, and Marshkit come charging out of the nursery. The two moon old kits had just woken up from their nap and now where bouncing with energy. "Now Sunleaf and Yellowpelt are kindly telling you kits stories today so be nice okay." Fallowkit nods but her brothers didn't seem to be paying attention. Sunleaf walks out of the den and calls to the kits. "Come on we are not going to wait all day!" The kits run towards the elders den. "I think we will start with the great three clans TigerClan, LeopardClan, and LionClan." The kits squeal with exciment. Lilyflower joins Falconshadow and the two other she-cats. "I can wait another half-moon before I have to control my own wild kits." Lilyflower smiles. "They can be wild but I love them." Grayclaw swallows a bit of crow. "I don't think Falconshadow said you hated them anyway." A yowl broke out. Blackears, Lionwhisker, and Speckleheart walked into the camp. Falconshadow noticed that Speckleheart wasn't walking. She was limping. "Blackears what happened!" called Barkstar. "Speckleheart left our hunting patrol to make dirt and she was attacked by the same rogue who attack Thistlejaw." "Are you sure?" said Petalpelt. "Yes. It was the same cat. Brown and white tom with a big scar under his eye. Just like Thistlejaw said." Speckleheart started to gather herself. "Don't try to move too much." said Blackears. "His name is Scarface." "What?" said Rainpaw. "That rogue's name is Scarface." Gasps broke out. "You mean the cat from ShadowClan who was exlied?" said Sunfall. "Who is Scarface?" Toadkit was next to Lilyflower with a puzzled look. "Scarface who was formerly Sparrowclaw was a ShadowClan warrior many moons ago even before Barkstar was leader." Yellowpelt walks into the middle of camp. "He was a strong cat and the answer to any problems was to fight for him." said Blackears. "He always was looking for power. One day he was training some apprentices with the former deputy Breezeheart." said Sunfall. "He murdered Breezeheart and the apprentices so the secret would stay hidden. He tolded ShadowClan that a ThunderClan patrol did it. StarClan sent a sign during that meeting. Five trees crashed into the camp." Yellowpelt stops and takes a breathe. "He was exlied. ShadowClan chased him across Thunderpath were ThunderClan chased him to the Twoleged place, but before they let him leave the territory; they pinned him down a gave him scars all over his face. ShadowClan decided to rename him a Scarface and we haven't seen him since. Well until now." Barkstar nodded. "Blackears take some warriors and go to ShadowClan. They'll want in on this fight." Blackears nods. "Wait let me come!" called out Falconshadow. "Falconshadow your kits are due anytime now...." started Ivyleaf. "If I go ShadowClan won't attack the patrol just in case they think we're attack them again." Blackears nods. "I think thats a good idea. It will be a slow walk into the territory." Ivyleaf sighs. Falconshadow smiles. "I want Lightningfur, Rosewing, Mossfeather, and Harepaw." "Yes!" cries out Harepaw. "Lucky." said the other apprentices. "I promise we will be back before moonhigh." Blackears waves his tail to have the patrol to follow him.

Chapter 28

The patrol moves quietly over Thunderpath without any trouble. "Strange I thought we would have more trouble getting across." said Mossfeather. Blackears nods. Falconshadow stiffens. "A ShadowClan patrol is coming." she whispers. Soon enough a patrol appears. Lizardstripe, Spottedpuddle, Dustheart a gray tabby she-cat, and black and white tom apprentice. Lizardstripe hisses as the patrol moves around them. "What are you doing in ShadowClan territory." The apprentice growls at them unsheathing his claws. "Put your claws away we need to talk to Crowstar." said Blackears. "How should we believe you?" growled the tom. "Quiet Patchpaw!" said Spottedpuddle his mother. He backs down behind his mentor Dustheart. "Fine." said Spottedpuddle. They lead the patrol through the territory. Patchpaw was growling at Falconshadow. Baring his teeth at her. "Patchpaw stop it! Can't you tell she is a queen!" said Spottedpuddle. "Say your sorry." said Dustheart. He mubbles. "I'm sorry." Spottedpuddle moves next to Falconshadow. "You look close to having your kits how could you risk coming out here?" "I came so the patrol wouldn't be attacked." Spottedpuddle snorts. "That is mouse-brained they would have been fine." Falconshadow growls. "How would I know that. I don't want my apprentice being attacked for nothing." Spottedpuddle's eyes turn into narrow slits. "I know ShadowClan is desent enough not to attack a queen." smirks Falconshadow. "I think you should watch your mouth." said Lizardstripe. Finally they reach the camp. Cats walk out of their dens. Hissing and growling come from the elders den. Apprentices fur raise and warriors perpare to attack. "Calm down we are here to talk to Crowstar and I am a queen. I am not in the mood to fight." said Falconshadow. "Falconshadow why are you in our territory?" said Crowstar walking out of his den. "We have a problem with a former member of ShadowClan. Scarface." Yowls break out. "That piece of slime what is he doing back in the territory!" a cat yowls. Crowstar waves his tail for silence. "I remember Scarface. I was deputy after Breezeheart. I was her apprentice." He sighs. "She was a noble cat." Falconshadow nods. "Thats why we came. We want to get rid of him forever." "He had attacked two cats who were alone and couldn't defend themselves." said Blackears. "Thistlejaw manged to chase him away, but he was close to joining StarClan." finished Rosewing. ShadowClan cats looked nervous. "I knew we should have delt with him a long time ago. Its time to finish this fight!" yowled Crowstar. ShadowClan cats cheer. "I ask to come back to ThunderClan territory to talk with Barkstar." Blackears nods. "Splashfur watch the camp while I am gone." Splashfur nods. "Are you sure you don't want anyone to come with you?" He shakes his head. "No I think I can't trust ThunderClan not to attack me." He looks at Falconshadow who nods respectfully. "Come with us." Blackears turns and heads out of the marshy camp. Harepaw takes one last look around before following. "This was the best patrol I have ever been on!" Crowstar laughs. "I am glad you enjoyed your visit into another camp." "It was weird, but of course I am only a ThunderClan cat." Crowstar smiles. "You have a very respectful apprentice." He says to Falconshadow. "Well former apprentice, Blackears is mentoring him while I am in the nursery." Harepaw runs around her. "You will always be my mentor!" The leader and warriors laugh. "Thats how I felt about Addertooth." said Falconshadow. Soon they stopped talking. They crossed Thunderpath without any trouble with only seeing on large monster. Falconshadow was tired and hungery when they got back to camp. Crowstar went into Barkstar's den to discuss Scarface. Falconshadow settled down with a squirrel, she brought it over to Redbee. As Redbee was eating his share he listened to her story about the ShadowClan patrol. He laughed as she described the ShadowClan apprentice Patchpaw. "That was quite an adventure for Harepaw." Falconshadow looks over at the apprentice den where Harepaw was taking a nap. "It was a good exprience for him." The day went by quickly. Cats watched and waited for the two leaders to come out. Soon the sun went down. A frantic patrol of ShadowClan cats came into camp to see if their leader was alright. The senior warriors.calm the patrol down and eventually cats were sharing tonuges. Finally the two leaders come out. Cats get up and start gathering at Highrock. "ShadowClan and ThunderClan will keep close contact with eachother during this time. If either clan captures Scarface both clans decide his fate together!" said Barkstar. Cats cheer and yowl with aproval. "We decided that there will be grauds placed by the queen and elder's dens for protection." said Crowstar. Cats mummer and nod in agreement. "Kits and apprentices will never be alone." said Barkstar. "May StarClan be with you ThunderClan." said Crowstar as he jumps down from Highrock and leads the patrol out of ThunderClan. "Wait!" called Barkstar. Crowstar stops at the entrance. "Our fresh-kill pile is stocked and before it all turns to crow-food please take some." Barkstar looks at the group of ThunderClan cats. "It will show we will be allies during this time." said Falconshadow. "It proves we trust ShadowClan." said Mossfeather. Crowstar looked thankful as his warriors take a piece of prey. "Thank you." said Patchpaw who was part of the patrol. "Now the first shift of grauds will be Redbee, Eagleclaw, Pinetail, Wolfstorm, and Grayclaw." Soon cats start heading into their dens as the grauds take their place. Laying in her nest Falconshadow didn't feel safe even as her mate watches over her. She sees Bluewing passing the nursery. Bluewing looks at her with her amber eye glowing. Falconshadow curls up next to Lilyflower with her kits to keep them safe from the evil lurking in the forest.

Chapter 29

Scarface was still lurking in the shadows of the forest. He has slipped between ShadowClan and ThunderClan territory. Many cats have seen him. Any cat who saw him got hurt. Though Falconshadow couldn't think about that. She was giving birth. Finally. Birdpaw was trying to soothe her. Falconshadow bit down hard onto the stick that Lilyflower had given to her. Soon the first kit was born. A white she-cat. Then what had seem moons the second kit was born. A light brown she-cat with darker flecks. Then finally the tom. Big like his father. A dark tom with a large fluffy tail. Soon they where suckling. Redbee stood over them with a proud look on his face. "What should we name them?" he asked as he nosed the small white kit. "How about Whitekit?" "I don't see any problem with that." Falconshadow looked at her second born. She remembered the day Addertooth fought the dogs. He fell apon some leaves staining them with blood. "Leafkit." said Redbee. Falconshadow looked up with shock as if he read her mind. She nods in agreement. Then she looks at her only tom. "Mousekit. After the mouse we caught when we first started to be mates." Redbee smiles. "I would like that." Soon the whole clan came in to fuss over the kits. Bluewing was looking at the tom. She looked up and stared into Falconshadow's eyes. At first Falconshadow saw happiness and warmth; then she saw hatred shine in her eyes. "Well visiting time is over!" she declared quickly. "The kits need their rest." Bluewing turned with a smirk on her face. Don't worry Falconshadow you won't have to protect them for much longer. She looked up to the trees. Falconshadow sniffed her kits incase Bluewing did something to them. She sighs with relief. Nothing. The next morning she wakes up to see her kits sleeping peacefully next to her. Suddenly Leafkit started to wake up. She was opening her eyes! "Lilyflower wake up! Leafkit is opening her eyes!" Lilyflower jumps up and rushes over to see the sight. Leafkit had large beautiful emerald green eyes. "Mama?" she said. Falconshadow cried with joy and nuzzled her kit. Soon Whitekit and Mousekit opened their eyes too. Whitekit had ice-blue eyes and Mousekit had river blue eyes. Redbee rushed into the den. "I heard you yowl what is it?" He gasps as he sees his kits looking at him. "Da-ddy?" said Mousekit. "Yes kits that is your Daddy." Falconshadow smiles. The wobble out of their nest to Redbee. Leafkit takes a couple of steps. Then suddenly she was running with her siblings following her. Mousekit took a mouse-lengh leap onto Redbee. Redbee laughs as he pretends to fall over. "Now thats a warrior!" The kits laugh. Soon Lilyflower's kits run up to them. Fallowkit, Toadkit, and Marshkit squeal with excitment. "Can we play with them?" said Fallowkit. "Sure just be careful." said Falconshadow. All the kits run outside the den. Firefeather and Ivyleaf rush out of their nests to look at the kits. "Oh they are so beautiful. They remind me of my kits." said Firefeather. She smiles at Bluewing who walks out of the warriors den. Bluewing snorts. Molefoot and Darkfeather rush over to the kits. "Falconshadow you are so lucky! I hope to have kits of my own one day." Falconshadow eyes Blackears who was picking out some fresh-kill for the elders. "I sure you will." Sunfall and Yellowpelt came out of their den. "Ah some new kits to tell stories to." said Sunfall. "Where not all that useful to the clan anymore." Falconshadow shakes her head. "You served us well. It is our turn to serve you as a thank you. You teach our kits legends and clan history. To be a true warrior." Sunfall starts laughing. "The first thing is to clean the den!" The kits where playing a game. They where pretending to hunt a eagle, but soon they got bored and started play fight. "Alright thats enough. Sunfall and Yellowpelt are going to tell you stories now." Falconshadow saw the two elders look up. "We didn't say that!" said Yellowpelt. Sunfall gets up. "Okay kits lets go into the den." She turns and heads towards the den with the kits following her. "I knew they would do it." said Falconshadow. Lilyflower giggles. "Come on lets get some food." Falconshadow decided to go with a mouse. She usually gets a shrew, but she felt like eating a mouse. "I wonder if I have a hunting patrol today." she jokes. "Yeah." said Lilyflower sarcasticly. "Don't get any ideas." said Firefeather. "I won't leave my kits Firefeather, they are too young." "Though if you do go on a hunting patrol can you bring back us a nice fat squirrel?" asked Lilyflower. Firefeather nods. "I will ask Blackears." Falconshadow takes a deep breathe. Everything was prefect or so it seemed.

Chapter 30

"Take that and that!" Burst of giggles where coming from the young kits. "I am Leafheart! Fear me!" Leafkit pouced on the unsuspecting Mousekit. He hisses at her "Hey that is not fair! I wasn't ready." Whitekit giggles. "A true warrior is ready for anything, remember?" Mousekit gets up and shakes the dust out of his fur. He walks over to Whitekit who was licking her chest with pride. "Okay then lets see who is the better warrior!" Whitekit crouches down to prepare to fight. "Kits enough!" said Falconshadow. "A true warrior never argues with another." said Lilyflower. "Yes Mother." said Whitekit. "Sorry." murmmered Mousekit. Falconshadow nods and goes back to eating her mouse. They where only a moon old and they acted like apprentices. They grow up too fast. It was true. Mousekit was strong but a bit stubborn and hated to be looked down by others. Leafkit was humble, fast, and clever. Whitekit was the calmest of the three, smart, wise, but strong like Mousekit. "Want a race?" asked Marshkit. Leafkit nods. She just loved to race. "Okay we start at the nursery then we run to Highrock then back." said Toadkit. "Do you want to join us?" said Fallowkit to Whitekit and Mousekit. "Sure." said Mousekit. Whitekit shakes her head. "No thanks I am too tired to race." Fallowkit giggles. "You haven't done anything all day!" Leafkit snorts. "It is nice and sunny this sunhigh, I am going to relax in the sun with Sunfall and Yellowpelt." Leafkit walks away. "Your sister is really weird." said Toadkit. "The lazy mouse-brain." meowed Mousekit. He watches Leafkit lay down next to Sunfall on a nice sunny rock near Highrock. "Falconshadow! Watch me race!" meowed Whitkit. Falconshadow laughs. "Alright I am watching." The kits crouch down ready to run. "Go!" yowled Falconshadow. In a couple of heartbeats Leafkit was ahead about a tail lengh ahead of the rest of the kits. Barkstar and Firefeather where sharing tongues at the entrance of his den. They look up to see a group of kits racing towards the rock. Leafkit was first to touch the rock with her tiny paw and started to run back to the nursery. Firefeather laughs as Toadkit and Whitekit battle to touch the rock. Soon it was only Mousekit, Fallowkit, Marshkit, and Leafkit racing. Marshkit was only kittensteps from Leafkit but Mousekit, and Fallowkit where behind. Marshkit and Leafkit race past Falconshadow. "I won! I won!" Leafkit was boucing up and down. Marshkit growls. "No I won!" Leafkit shakes her head. "I did!" Lilyflower steps between the two kits. "Enough. Sorry Marshkit but I think Leafkit won this race." Leafkit sticks her tongue out at Marshkit. "Wow that was fast." Fallowkit was panting. "It is true my little kit has long legs for her age." said Falconshadow. Redbee walked in carrying a large rabbit. "We don't need that Redbee." He shakes his head. "Haven't you heard? Darkfeather is moving into the nursery, she is going to have Blackear's kits!" Falconshadow did a pretend gasp. "I can't believe it." she joked.

It was sun-fall Darkfeather settled in the nursery. Swiftpaw and Harepaw brought fresh moss and feathers for the new queen. Leafkit and Fallowkit had already fell asleep but Marshkit, Whitekit, Mousekit, and Toadkit were up and running around. "I know! Lets set up twigs and rocks and we have to jump and move around the quickly!" said Whitekit. The other kits nodded in agreement. They dashed out of the nursery. "Silence." said Lilyflower and Falconshadow. Darkfeather giggles. "Don't get used to it." she said. Sure enough the kits came in dragging twigs and small pebbles. "Okay now don't take up too much room, it is getting a little crowded in here." said Lilyflower. Suddenly Firefeather and Barkstar walked into the nursery. "We just wanted to see our daughters and kin." said Firefeather. Leafkit woke up to the noise around her. "Firefeather!" she meowed. Then she saw Barkstar. "Barkstar!" Soon all the kits where up and running around the clan leader. He laughs. "I haven't been around kits in such a long time." said the old cat. Falconshadow giggles. "Darkfeather and Lilyflower, you both will be attending the gathering in two sun-rises." said Firefeather. "Oh sure when I was pregant you wouldn't even let me out of camp and your letting Darkfeather go." said Falconshadow. Firefeather shakes her head. "You will be encharge of watching the camp and keep an eye out for Scarface." said Barkstar. "Yes and two ShadowClan warriors will join you." said Firefeather. The kits gasp. "We get to meet enemy warriors!" they yowled. "They are not enemies at this time. ShadowClan and ThunderClan are fighting a dangerous enemy together." said Falconshadow. She looks at her father noticing how old he really was. His fur was graying, both ears nicked, and a patch of fur missing a the tip of his tail. "Are you okay?" she asked. "I am fine, don't starting worrying about you leader Falconshadow." he said. Falconshadow rolls her eyes. After a little while Firefeather and Barkstar leave the den. The kits where boucing around after sitting around listening to stories. "Alright kits lets sleep now." "Aw." they said. After they all settled in and where fast asleep Bluewing comes out from behind the den. "It won't be long now." she said.

Chapter 31

"Okay Falconshadow. The two ShadowClan warriors Twistedstep and Hawkwing will be here very soon." said Firefeather. "Mom! I will be fine. No cat can get past me!" Falconshadow puffed herself up. Bluewing walked up to her. "I will also be staying in camp. Due to my foot." She looks down at fractured back leg. The day before she was out hunting and rocks came tumbling from the ravine. After missing until sunset at patrol went out to find her. They found her caught under a fairly large rock. Luckily it only took one cat to move it off her leg. Wolfstorm carried her back to camp. Though rush was only for broken legs Ivyleaf used it to hold her leg in place but Bluewing was doing just fine walking around camp with only three legs. Finally the two ShadowClan warriors. Twistedstep is a large light ginger tom. His front left leg is twisted. Hawkwing is a dark tabby she-cat. "Make your-selfs at home." said Barkstar. The two warrior cats looked uncomfortable being in another clan camp. "Thank you for coming." said Sunfall. Barkstar turns to Falconshadow. "When we get back you will escort Hawkwing and Twistedstep to Thunderpath. Wait until you see they are saftely across then come back to camp." Falconshadow nods. "ThunderClan lets go!" he yowled. Soon the camp was quiet. Twistedstep and Hawkwing were just standing around not knowing what to do. "Come with me. The kits would love to meet you two." Hawkwing looked at Twistedstep. "Sure why not." he said. He got up and Falconshadow led him to the nursery. All the kits were still naping. Falconshadow gently nosed Mousekit. "Wake up kits we have a visitor." Mousekit groans a little and looks up. "I never seen you around camp." The kits get up and walk towards Twistedstep. By this time Hawkwing walked in. "I never seen you before." said Fallowkit. Twistedstep meows with amusement. "Hi kits, my name is Twistedstep. I am a ShadowClan warrior." The kits squeal with excitment. "I am Hawkwing from ShadowClan." The now fully awake kits were jumping up and down. "Oh great StarClan!" yowled Fallowkit. "I must warn you they wore out Barkstar a few nights ago." said Falconshadow. Hawkwing giggles. "Don't worry I love kits." Whitekit causiously walks up to Hawkwing. "Can story?" stammered Whitekit. Hawkwing relaxes on the feathers spread out through the nursery. "A story. Now I wonder." said Twistedstep. "Tell us the story of Scarface." meowed Mousekit. "Now I don't think that is a good story for such a young kit." Twistedstep looked at Hawkwing. "How about your apprentice story." Hawkwing nods. "Okay so the day I got my apprentice name my mentor took me out to see the territory." said Twistedstep. "Now I always had this twisted paw but I always thought it was a sign of my strengh. We where out in the so marshy part of the territory." Hawkwing starts to smile. "My mentor got stuck in the marsh. He told me to get help but I started to dig with my twisted paw. In heartbeats he was out." The kits gasped. "Wow that is some paw." said Toadkit. Hawkwing laughs. "His mentor was so embrassed when he got back to camp." Twistedstep meows in amusement. "My mentor is still alive. He is Crowstar." Fallowkit giggles. "You saved your leader." said Leafkit. "I sure did. He was a young leader at the time and he was proud of me, though he was still humiliated." Hawkwing laughs. "Wow." The cats jump to see Bluewing. "I am so sorry but your little fun Falconshadow is over." A large tom with a scared face walks in. "Bluewing you captured Scarface!" said Hawkwing. The tom laughs. "No. I am here to help Bluewing." Falconshadow unsheathes her claws. "What would you be helping her with?" Bluewing smiles. "Your death."

Chapter 32

Twistedstep and Hawkwing stand in front of Falconshadow. "How could you threaten your clanmate." said Twistedstep. Bluewing hisses. "Falconshadow has always gotten the attention, the best mentors, even getting her warrior name before her own siblings. You have the perfect mate and you are deputy!" Bluewing unseathes her claws. "Now I will kill you." Hawkwing growls. "ThunderClan will know you did it." said Hawkwing. Scarface laughs. "Why do you think we waited. By the time ThunderClan gets back I will be long gone and Bluewing would just have been injured. The only cat living after the two ShadowClan warriors attack the queen and her kits." he said. "Then ThunderClan will declare war on ShadowClan." said Bluewing. Her devious smile still on her face. Falconshadow gasps. "Mama?" squeaked Leafkit. Scarface walks towards the little kit. "So sad. So young." he said. "Kits behind me now!" said Falconshadow. The kits quickly run behind Falconshadow. Huddled together in fear. "Don't worry Falconshadow we will protect you." said Twistedstep. He smiles. "I always wanted to be the one to kill Scarface." Scarface scoffs. "I think you have forgotten who I am." Bluewing reaches down to her back leg and tears off the rush. "I don't need this." "Wait I thought you were hurt!" exclaimed Falconshadow. "No I wasn't. The day I went missing I was really battle training at Snakerocks with Scarface. Before a patrol went looking for me Scarface moved the rock on my leg to appear that it was hurt." She turns to Scarface. "It didn't hurt at all and it was long until the patrol found me. Ivyleaf only asumed the my leg was fractured." She crouches down. "Now enough talk. Fight!" She springs towards Falconshadow but Hawkwing quickly jumps onto her. The two hissing she-cats yowl. Hawkwing on top tries to bite at her neck. Bluewing claws her tender under belly. Hawkwing yowls in pain. Seeing his chance Scarface jumps into the fight. Falconshadow perpares to fight to the death. "Back off!" hissed Twistedstep. He jumps in front of him. Holding him back. "Kits as soon you get the chance run. Go hide in Barkstar's den. Got it?" said Falconshadow. There were no arguments. All the kits nod. Falconshadow runs to help Twistedstep. Hissing and yowling she springs onto him. "No cat threatens my kits!" she yowls. She starts clawing at Scarface's eyes to blind him like she did with the fox. Twistedstep still trying to bite at his neck. Suddenly he goes limp. Twistedstep and Falconshadow look at him. "Did we kill him?" asked Falconshadow. Scarface sprang to his feet. "You can't kill me that easily." Yowls came from Hawkwing. She was pinned down by Falconshadow. Before Falconshadow could do anything Scarface had Twistedstep on the ground. Falconshadow looks around for the kits. They were no where in site. I love you my kits. I wish I could have seen you all grown up. Scarface yowls. "There is nothing you can do now." he said. Twistedstep glares at him. "At least my mother Breezeheart is waiting for me." said Twistedstep. "Breezeheart was your mother?" asked Scarface. "Yes I was only a two moons old when you killed my mother." Twistedstep stares into Scarface's evil eyes. "I will gladly kill you but we need you alive." said Scarface. Bluewing yawns. "Ugh. This cat is so weak." said Bluewing. Falconshadow turns to the cat to see Hawkwing gasping for a breath. Well there is nothing I can do now. She charges Bluewing. Knocking her off her feet. "I tried to love you but no sister would kill her siblings kits!" Clawing at her face Bluewing reaches to Falconshadow's back. Her claws go down Falconshadow's back and across her front left leg. Falconshadow stumbles back. Scarface comes from behind and knocks her over. "So this is how the mighty Falconshadow ends." said Scarface. "Pitiful." smirked Bluewing. Falconshadow closes her eyse. Waiting for the final blow to come. "Don't kill my daughter!" Barkstar charges into the den knocking Scarface off his paws. Redbee comes from behind pinning Bluewing on the ground. Ivyleaf and Birdpaw rush to Falconshadow's side. "Don't worry about me Twistedstep and Hawkwing......" Birdpaw puts her tail to Falconshadow's mouth. "Seedfur and Brakenpaw from ShadowClan are tending to them." said Ivyleaf. Falconshadow looks over to see Seedfur the gray tabby she-cat and her apprentice Brakenpaw, a brown and white tom. Suddenly Whitekit, Mousekit and Leafkit appeared in front of Falconshadow. "You have some smarts kits. They tracked our scent heading to the gathering to warning us." said Seedfur. Brakenpaw nods in agreement. "Oh mom. We thought you were going to die." said Whitekit. Leafkit looks back at Bluewing. Redbee was still holding her down. Firefeather was standing next to her in horror. Scarface on the other hand was being held down by Barkstar and Blackears. "Piece of fox dung." hissed Barkstar. "Redbee go to Falconshadow." said Lightningfur. Pinetail takes Redbee's place holding Bluewing down. Redbee didn't waste any time. "When our kits appeared at the gathering. I thought it would be too late and you would be dead." he said. Ivyleaf and Birdpaw walk away. "Just take it easy okay?" said Birdpaw. Falconshadow nuzzles Redbee. "I thought I was going to die too." Crowstar brusts into the nursery. He spots Scarface and growls. "So this is how it ends." he says to Barkstar. Barkstar sighs. "I only wish it could end differently." Looking over at blue she-cat. Barkstar and Pinetail drag the two traitors into the middle of the camp. "Cats of ThunderClan and ShadowClan!" Falconshadow noticed that many ShadowClan cats. She reconized Splashfur, Lizardtooth, Furzepelt, and more. "In front of you is two traitors Scarface and..." He paused as if he didn't want believe it. ".. and Bluewing." he finished. Firefeather starts to weep. Cats gasp. "Traitor!" yowled many cats in the crowd even Wolfstorm. "We already know Scarface's fate." said Crowstar. "What are you going to do with your daughter." Barkstar looked down. "Barkstar." called Falconshadow. "Yes?" repiled Barkstar. "May I say something." Barkstar nods. Falconshadow sits up and walks over to the two leaders. "For many moons Bluewing has threatened me. Even as kits she want to kill me. Tonight she ammits that she allied herself with Scarface to kill me and the kits." She paused as cats gasps and yowl with anger. "She was going to frame the two brave ShadowClan cats who were here today. Twistedstep and Hawkwing. She believe that she made looked like she was the only cat surviving the attack that ThunderClan would declare war on ShadowClan." finished Falconshadow. Bluewing puffs herself up. "Its not my fault that you got all the attention, the warrior name before us, and a mate!" yowled Bluewing. Firefeather shakes her head. "I can't believe you never noticed poor Wolfstorm." whispered Firefeather. "I believe for betraying the clan, trying to kill a clanmate and her kits is worthy of death." said Eagleclaw. In horror cats agree, but Falconshadow knew this was true. "Bluewing for betraying the clan, trying to kill a clan mate and her kits. Death is the only justice here." said Falconshadow. Barkstar sadly nods. "ShadowClan choose your members to kill Scarface." Crowstar smiles. "I want Twistedstep, Splashfur and Hawkwing." "For Bluewing I want Falconshadow." said Barkstar. Falconshadow stands there. Can I really kill my sister? Badgerstar appears before her. "This is Bluewing's fate. You must." He disappers. Hearing the his words made Falconshadow feel better. As she walks to Bluewing. Her paws start to feel heavy. "Well come on sister. Kill me." Bluewing's blue eyes fixed onto Falconshadow's. Then Falconshadow thought of her kits and Lilyflower's kits. Fighten for their lives. Falconshadow unseathes her claws. Lifts her paw up and brings in down. Falconshadow couldn't stand the sound as she tears her sister's belly. "Good bye Falconshadow." Bluewing smiles deivously. Seconds later she was gone. Tears come to Falconshadow eyes seeing her sister's beautiful lifeless body. She tries to walk away but her paws couldn't hold her up. Redbee comes to her aid. Leaning againist his body he leads her back to Barkstar. "Kill the traitor." comanded Crowstar. The cats jump onto Scarface. Yowls of pain and anger echo through out the camp. "I don't regret anything!" yowled Scarface. Then his dark amber eyes close. The two biggest threats in the forest were gone.

Chapter 33

Falconshadow stared at her sister's grave as rain poured down onto her fur. Cold and wet, she gets up and shakes her fur out. It had been three sunrises sense Bluewing and Scarface died. ShadowClan and ThunderClan decided to bury Scarface near the Carrion Place but Falconshadow begged Barkstar to bury Bluewing by Sunningrocks.

Good bye sister. Were Bluewing's final words. Falconshadow stiffened when she heard pawsteps coming towards her. She wipped around to only see her mate, Redbee. "Falconshadow, you are going to catch something standing out here in the rain" he said to her.

She just turned back around to look at the grave. "I know."

"I know she was you sister but you got to-" He stopped when Falconshadow turned to look at him.

"I loved Bluewing, she was my sister. When she tried to kill my kits she was no longer my sister." Falconshadow choked out the last part. Her heart twisted in her chest. Redbee gives her a loving lick on the cheek and leads her back to camp.

When they finally reach the camp entrance Redbee stops and turns to her. "You have to set up sunset patrols." The kits needed her less now that she could assign patrols.

"Right." she says.

When they walk through the entrance all eyes were on Falconshadow. She quickly walks over to the freshkill pile were a group of cats were stand waiting for orders. "Thistlejaw, I want you to lead Mossfeather, Eagleclaw, Lightningfur and Harepaw to RiverClan border to refresh the scent line."

"Okay!" repiled Thistlejaw.

"Runningfoot take Pinetail and Wolfstorm and their apprentices to the Twoleg border." she ordered.


"For hunting patrols Blackears take Speckleheart, Petalpelt, and Harepaw to The Owl Tree to hunt."

"Sounds good"

"Lionwhisker take Whitepelt, Firefeahter and their apprentices Swiftpaw and Rainpaw and hunt near Tallpines."

"Yes Falconshadow."

"Do we need to set border patrols for ShadowClan border? asked Rabbittail.

"No. I doubt we will be having any trouble with ShadowClan for awhile." said Falconshadow. Rabbittail dipped her head in response.

Falconshadow turned around towards the freshkill pile and picked out a plump squirrel. Today the kits were 4 moons old and she decided that it was time for Mousekit, Whitekit, and Leafkit's first freshkill. When she walks into the nursery bundles of fur charge towards her. "Mom!" exclaimed her kits in unsion.

"My kits today you are going to try your first piece of freshkill." Falconshadow gentle sets down the squirrel and starts biting out three small pieces for the kits. Leafkit was the first to take a bite. "Delicious!" she said with her mouth full.

Looking at her sister, Whitekit decides to take a very small bite. Chewing slowly and savoring the taste.


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