Prologue: The Attack

The stench of blood filled the cold night air with the thrill of battle. Unsheathed claws glinted in the moonlight and eyes glinted like crystals as countless cats threw themselves at others, ready to fight to the death.

In the midst of the flurry of ragged  fur and bloodstained pelts was a dark silver tabby. She had several scars tearing through her pelt, trophies of previous battles that she had won, and dark amber eyes which reflected the battle scene in front of her. Beside her, her best friend Bluefire stood, mottled head lifted, chest puffed out proudly.

“So,” the grey and ginger tom meowed, exchanging a proud glance with his friend, “Looks like your plan worked!”

The previous night, Stormblade and Bluefire had managed to sneak their way out of the EmberClan camp, a large hollow surrounded by trees, to meet with Shiningstar, the IceClan leader. They had told him to send a large patrol of his best warriors to attack the EmberClan camp to potentially murder Scorchstar, their leader so that Stormblade could take his place. So far, the enemy warriors had managed to get into the hollow, but Scorchstar was nowhere to be seen.

Just as she was pondering about that ,however, a massive ginger and white tom emerged from his den. He glanced around the clearing, clearing shocked at the amount of screeching cats,  and leaped into the fray himself, meeting Shiningstar with unsheathed claws and lethal fangs.   

“Shiningstar! What in the name of DarkClan are you doing here?”

The majestic white tom curled his lips into a sneer. “Attacking your camp of course. Wow Scorchstar, I didn’t think that you were this mouse-brained!”


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