Hello! Because I am terrible at thinking of names and very lazy when it comes to it, I will allow people to suggest some characters. All I really need is the name, rank, age, and description. I don't mind other things like kin or backstory, so feel free to add those as other. Thank you! ~Blackmoon



Poppystar- black she-cat with pale pink eyes.


Stormtail- grey tom with green eyes.

Medicine Cat:

Paleclaw- Pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes.


Dawnsong- dawn colored she-cat with blue eyes.

Grasspelt- brown she-cat with grass green eyes.

Apprentice- Pinepaw

Hawktail- grey tabby tom with amber eyes.

Darkclaw- black tom with dark eyes.

Brackenshine- light brown tom with a very shiny pelt and grey eyes.

Apprentice- Ravenpaw

Snakeeyes- thin grey tom with small, naturally slitted pupils.

Sorrelpelt- tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes with flecks of green in them.

Beepelt- yellow and black striped tom.

Ivyfall- blue-grey she-cat with yellow eyes.

Apprentice- Dappledpaw

Blossompool- brown she-cat with white patches of fur.

Bumblefur- red-brown tom with yellow eyes.

Shrewtail- black and white tom with green eyes.

Leafheart- brown and grey she-cat with gold eyes.

Moonlight- night black she-cat with red eyes.

Nightclaw- night black tom with midnight blue eyes.


Dappledpaw- dappled grey and white she-cat with one amber eye and the other green.

Pinepaw- russet tom with bright blue eyes.

Ravenpaw- black she-cat with amber eyes


Blazefire- orange she-cat with fire colored eyes(mother to Featherkit- pale grey she-kit with grey eyes.)

Mistypelt- grey pelted she-cat with green eyes(mother to Shortkit- white tom kit with blue eyes and a short tail, Lightkit- yellow she-kit with blue eyes, and Hopkit- orange and white tom kit with green eyes.)


Herontail- grey tom with amber eyes.



Thornstar- large brown tom with green eyes.


Spottedfur- white she-cat with black and grey spots on her back.

Medicine Cat:

Dovefeather- pale grey tom with blue eyes.

Apprentice- Frostpaw.

Warriors: (Open)

Grayfur- grey she-cat with pale yellow eyes.

Breezeclaw- white tom with blue eyes.

Sparkfire- red tom with dark blue eyes.

Apprentice- Softpaw.

Heatherpelt- grey tom.

Rabbitstrike- tan tom with green eyes.

Apprentice- Berrypaw


Acornstep- pale brown she-cat.

Thistlepelt- grey and white she-cat with violet eyes.



Reedstar- tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes.


Brokenshadow- smoky grey tom with yellow-orange eyes.

Medicine Cat:

Pebblepelt- small grey she cat with light tan and light grey spots along her back.

Warriors: (Open)

Pineclaw- red-brown tom with amber eyes.

Snowstorm- pure white tom with ice blue eyes.

Apprentice- Spotpaw.

Firepelt- orange she-cat with green eyes.

Amberclaw- ginger she-cat.

Cedarfur- light brown tom with yellow eyes.

Flameclaw- dark ginger tom.

Apprentice- Patchpaw.

Lightshine- light yellow she-cat with amber eyes.


Dustcloud- brown she-cat with green eyes.(mother of Fernkit- grey and white spotted she-kit with blue eyes, Nightkit- black tom with green eyes, and Beekit- brown tom with green eyes.)


Brighteyes- yellow she-cat with very bright amber eyes.

Thrushheart- tan tom with green eyes.



Lakestar- pale blue-grey she-cat with deep teal eyes.


Shellclaw- dappled white and grey she-cat.

Medicine Cats:

Splashbreeze- gray tom with green eyes.

Sageclaw- white tom white grey eyes.

Warriors: (Open)

Raindroplet- grey tabby tom with pale blue-grey eyes.

Trouttail- silver and white tabby she-cat.

Mumblepelt- grey she-cat.

Apprentice- Mosspaw

Beetleclaw- black and grey spotted tom with golden eyes.

Willowstorm- dark blue-grey tom with amber eyes.

Cloudbreeze- white she-cat with green eyes.

Appleshine- pale ginger tom with green eyes.

Stormclaw- dark grey she-cat.


Lilypad- (former loner) grey tabby with green eyes.



Moon and Night(Moonlight and Nightclaw)


none yet


Tree- large brown tom.

Claw- pale brown she-cat with long scar across her face.

Gorse- grey tom with brown eyes.

Red- red tom with white front paws.

Snake- grey she-cat with amber eyes with flecks of green.

Alder- dark ginger tom.

Timber- dark grey she-cat with white tabby stripes.

Scar- yellow tom with scars everywhere.

Acorn- brown tom.

Finch- tortoiseshell tom with one green and one blue eye.

Bramble- brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Snow- white she-cat with green eyes.

Rowan- red-brown tom with amber eyes.

Black- black tom with green eyes.

White- white she-cat with green eyes.

Oneeye- large but skinny tom with yellow fur and one clawed out eye.

Hawk- very, very dark brown tom with yellow eyes and two back white paws.

Maple- black and orange tom with one blue and one amber eye.

Drizzle- grey tabby she-cat.

Rain- yellow tom with pale grey eyes.

Ant- tan she-cat with amber eyes.

Tiger- dark brown tabby she-cat with green blue eyes.

Spot- spotted black and white tom.


Frost- black tom with eyes such a pale blue they look almost clear and white.

River- silver tom with blue eyes.

Shadow- dark grey she-cat with green eyes.

Ripple- long furred grey she-cat with amber eyes.

Leaf- brown tom with leaf green eyes.

Lark- tortoiseshell she-cat with orange eyes.

Stripes- brown tabby she-cat.

Gray- large grey pelted tom with blue eyes.

Spark- fiery orange tom with blue eyes.

Lake- blue-grey she-cat with green-blue eyes.


Ice- white she-cat with amber eyes.

Star- black furred tom with yellow eyes.

Breeze- grey she-cat.

Heather- pale tan she-cat with heather colored eyes.

Coral- pale orange tom with pale red-pink eyes.

Light- pale yellow she-cat with green eyes.

Oak- brown tom with black paws.

Birch- black and white tom with blue eyes.

Swallow- yellow and black tom with blue eyes. (Fallow and Sparrow's brother)

Fallow- grey-brown tom with blue eyes. (Swallow and Sparrow's brother)

Sparrow- grey tom with blue eyes. (Swallow and Fallow's brother)

Thrush- yellow tom with green eyes.

Splash- blue-grey she-cat with amber eyes.

Cloud- white tom with one amber and one green eye.


Hollow- orange and white she-cat(mother to Fox- red fur, green eyes, black paws, and white chest fur she-kit, Wolf- grey tom with grey eyes.)

Midnight- black she-cat with yellow eyes.

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