A Fanfiction by Briar

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The clans have evolved. There has been a time of peace, longer than any time of peace ever. It has lasted for years on end, and the clans are all happy. But suddenly, murders start happening across all the clans, and everybody points the blame at the other. What they don't know is that the murders are only a sign, of dangers yet to come. The murders are only a warning.

And then the Dark will rise once and for all.

And Paxpaw, a strange cat born with two tails knows the truth. But will the clans accept a warning to save lives that are from a cat who has taken them?


Stormheart growled. “You were wrong last time Mistlick!” he snarled to a transparent yet starry she-cat. “So I was.” She cat responded calmly. ”But we both know how is not the time to fight almost eachother when an even bigger enemy lurks in the shadows!” She snapped. Stormheart nodded and flattened his ears. “I know. But the clans wont listen! We’ve basically told them what will happen, but they still can’t see it!” Mistlick nodded in agreement. Suddenly, an almost transparent Tom walled in. “Firestar.” The two cats dipped their heads. Firestar dipped his as well and sighed. “I am worried as well. Even more so now. I have received a prophecy.” As Stormheart opened his jaws to reply Firestar interrupted. “I don’t know what it means yet. This is all it says: A time of peace has ended and what remains will be killed, but the cat to save us all has before caused blood to be spilled.” Firesstar finished. Mistlick looked concerned. “I will send the prophecy. I have A feeling who.” “Who? Treestar? She’s the leader of Thunderclan. Or the medicine cat, Redecho?” Stormheart asked. Mistlick shook her head. “Neither. I will send it to Paxpaw.” she declared, causing gasps to sound from all over Starclan, and an awkward silence to spread amongst the cats. Her pelt rippled. “Trust me.” She said as she dipped our head. Her eyes had a teasing glimmer as she looked at Stormheart. “Since when am I ever wrong?” She teased. Stormheart rolled his eyes, but seriousness clouded his thoughts and he looked up at her with a serious gaze, causing her smile to ebb away. “Promise me you’ll be safe.” He murmured. Mistlick nodded. ”I will, my love. Our son will save the clans, I know it.” “Even after he killed you?!” Stormheart gasped. Mistlick nodded. “Have faith in him. He is our son. He will see clearly sooner or later.” “I just hope it’s soon. Or we’ll be too late...”

=Chapter One=

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