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A cat has gained magical powers. And this cat is evil.


In Hogwarts

Harry is walking to the dungeon, when Malfoy appears out of nowhere. Harry hears him, and takes out his wand. Malfoy snatches the wand and starts to run. Harry chases him. Malfoy throws it down, and snaps it into two with his foot.

"Well, well, well. Harry Potter has lost his only defence against the Dark Lord." Malfoy picks up the pieces and tosses them far into the Forbidden Forest, and runs away.

Harry gets a new wand from Ollivander's, but what happens to the forest, and, especially to the Clans which live there?

In the Forbidden Forest

Shiningstorm spotted a stick lying under a bush. Then he saw that it was not one stick, but two. There was something about it that attracted him. He picked it up in his mouth, and it exploded.

Chapter 1

Flamepaw was hunting. RockClan was starving, and he was the best hunter. He saw Shiningstorm crouching noiselessly, eyeing a fat mouse. Shiningstorm was from FireClan! He had no right to hunt in RockClan territory. Great! thought Flamepaw. My chance to show that I can fight!
He pounced, and found that he had underestimated the warrior. Shiningstorm shook himself, and threw him off with ease.
"What are you doing here, Shiningstorm?" As if I even need to ask
"Hunting." he responded with a flick of his tail.
"How dare you hunt in our territory?" he yowled.
Shiningstorm stared at him. Flamepaw saw that the warrior's blue eyes had turned yellow. As he looked into Shiningstorm's eyes, he felt his body seize up, and then everything went black.

Chapter 2

Sandfrost was out hunting. Why did Flamepaw not come back to camp?
Then she spotted a russet body lying near some bushes. It was Flamepaw!
Sandfrost dragged him back to camp, where Leafpaw, the medicine cat apprentice, examined him.
"I can't see any mark on his body." she said. "It looks like he just dropped dead all of a sudden."

And then everything went black.

Chapter 3

Graystar, the Clan leader stared at the bodies of Sandfrost and Leafpaw.
And that was the last thing he saw, except for a flash of green light.

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