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Warriors Fanfiction


Hey guys Otter(whatever) here. So I was just writing a fanfiction after finishing a test and decided, you know what? I'm going to write one of these every user books.


No deleting other people's chapters.

All characters are important, if someone's character starts interacting with the others, and come in every chapter, start including their name.

Only kill off other people's characters if given permission.

Keep it kid friendly, no swearing, but if you are on this site, you most likely like warrior cats, so gore is acceptable

Ask me for permission to have a prophecy/ let a character have superpowers

You are allowed to have non-cats

No canon characters

If you want your cat to be in a relationship with someone else's cat, you need permission from the other person.


The five original clans have now fallen and were replaced by CloverClan, MintClan, AuraClan, FernClan, and ShadeClan. StarClan changed as well to SilverClan. The rouges have formed a group, founded by Icegaze known as IceClan, and IceClan is planning to attack the peaceful Clans. What happens next is up to the characters. The six clans each have a different meeting call. MintClan: Let all cats old enough to stalk the meadows, gather under the Mint Stone for a clan meeting. CloverClan: All cats that have tread the Cloves gather under the Moss Ledge for a clan meeting. AuraClan: Let all cats close to Silverpelt, gather around the Silver Cave for a clan meeting, FernClan: Let all cats with the strength of the fern wall gather under the Bramble Tunnel for a clan meeting, ShadeClan: Let all cats able to hide among the shadows, come to the Shade Tree for a clan meeting, and IceClan: Let all cats old enough to run across the shattered ice, come to the Ice Branch for a clan meeting.

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Mintstar- MintClan's leader- gray tom with dark blue eyes- very fluffy- first leader of MintClan - User: Otterfeather

Thunderstrike- Golden tom with blue eyes- MintClan's deputy - Otterfeather

Featherfall- Silver she-cat with green eyes and white feather-like markings- MintClan's medicine cat- Otterfeather

Blackpaw- Black she-cat with green eyes and a white chest tuft- MintClan's medicine cat apprentice- Otterfeather

Moonstone- pale blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes- small- MintClan warrior -Otterfeather

Hailstone- Light gray she-cat with green eyes- small- MintClan queen- Otterfeather

Snowkit- White tom with copper eyes- mother Hailstone -Otterfeather

Stormkit- Black she-kit with copper eyes- mother Hailstone -Otterfeather

Blizzardkit- pale blue-gray tom - mother Hailstone- Otterfeather

Wintersnow- white she-cat- MintClan warrior- former rouge- Otterfeather

Rippleburr- ginger and white she-cat with green eyes - kits: Fallenkit, Ravenkit, Moonkit, Foxkit, Lovekit and Thornkit.(adopted)- MintClan queen- Otterfeather

Fallenkit- dark gray tom with green eyes -blood brothers Ravenkit and Rushfur- mother Riversnap, father, Hawkclaw- Otterfeather

Ravenkit- Black tom with green eyes and a gray tail - blood brothers Fallenkit and Rushfur- mother Riversnap, father, Hawkclaw- Otterfeather

Moonkit- Pale ginger she-kit with blue eyes- Otterfeather

Foxkit- an actual fox cub- dusty ginger dog with green eyes- Otterfeather

Thornkit- Dusty gold with green eyes and a white bandana- formerly a kittypet- Otterfeather

Lovekit- Light ginger tom with green eyes- Otterfeather

Echostep- White tom with green eyes and brown spots all over his body- IvyClan warrior- Mate: Snowrush- Otterfeather

Snowrush- yet another fox, pale ginger vixen with copper eyes- MintClan- Otterfeather

Featherpaw- White she-cat with green eyes- Otterfeather

Snowecho- White and gray she-cat with blue eyes- Otterfeather

Icestar - White tom with icy blue eyes- IceClan leader - formerly MintClan- Otterfeather

Oreofang- Black and white she-cat with deep blue eyes- IceClan deputy- formerly kittypet- Icestar's mate- Otterfeather

Fox- dark ginger tom with blue eyes- IceClan medicine cat- Otterfeather

Freya- Pretty white she-cat expecting kits- IceClan queen- Otterfeather

Fog- light gray tom- IceClan warrior- Otterfeather

Smoke- Black tom with gold eyes- IceClan warrior-Otterfeather

Ginger- red tom with blue eyes- IceClan warrior- Otterfeather

Blackroot- Black tom with green eyes- formerly of CloverClan- IceClan warrior- Otterfeather

Dawn- light gold she-kit with green eyes- IceClan warrior- Otterfeather

Riversnap- Black she-cat with blue eyes- IceClan warrior- Ravenpaw, Featherfur and Fallenpaw's mother

Featherfur- Light gray tom-kit with blue eyes- IceClan warrior- Ravenpaw and Fallenpaw's brother

Darkclaw- Gray tom, a larger version of Fallenpaw- IceClan warrior- Ravenpaw, Fallenpaw, and Featherfur's father

Russetwing - dark reddish-ginger she-cat, MintClan queen (mate is Cottontail)(kits are Iriskit, Redkit, and Sweetkit)Feathercloud

Cottontail - small black and white tom with a fluffy, stumpy tail, in IceClan (mate is Russetwing)(kits are Iriskit, Redkit, and Sweetkit)Feathercloud

Iriskit - tiny black and white she-kit (MintClan)(parents are Cottontail and Russetwing)Feathercloud

Redkit - dark reddish-ginger tom-kit (parents are Cottontail and Russetwing)Feathercloud

Sweetkit - white she-kit with dark reddish-ginger splotches and a stumpy tail (MintClan)(parents are Cottontail and Russetwing)Feathercloud

Spade - dark brown, almost black, she-cat (loner)(siblings are Shadow and Sky)Feathercloud

Shadow - black she-cat with thick fur (loner)(siblings are Spade and Sky)Feathercloud

Sky - white she-cat with dark brown stripes (loner)(siblings are Spade and Shadow)Feathercloud

Leafblade - tea-coloured tabby she-cat with amber eyes (FernClan), sibings with Mosspelt and Grasssnake - Tilan

Grasssnake - dark tea-coloured tabby she-cat with amber eyes (FernClan), siblings with Mosspelt and Leafblade - Tilan

Mosspelt - light tea-coloured she-cat with yellowish eyes (FernClan), siblings with Leafblade and Grasssnake - Tilan

Ala - A kindly orange and white she-cat with yellow eyes. 15 moons. (Loner) (her sibling is Kali) - KittieWhiskerz12

Kali - a black and white she-cat with green eyes. 15 moons. (loner) (her sibling is Ala) - KittieWhiskerz12

Meadowpaw - A split-face she, one half orange with a yellow eye, the other grey with a blue eye. 10 moons. (FernClan) - KittieWhiskerz12

Nightflash - small, pure-black she-cat with leaf-green eyes who is definitely not part of Ravenpaw's prophecy. 7.5 moons. (Rouge not IceClan)- Tilan

Larktide - light blue-gray tom with light yellow eyes. Big and muscular. 21 moons (FernClan) - Tilan

Hecate - black she-cat with yellow eyes and a white tail-tip, long, dog-tooth-tipped claws. 20 moons. Rogue mercenary and assassin. Calculating, reserved, proud, intelligent, irritable, grieving inside, critical. - Silvershade

Shadestar - dark gray tabby tom with ice blue eyes and black paws. 26 moons. Leader of ShadeClan. Intelligent, sarcastic, witty, proud, lonely but won't admit it, loyal, generous and kind to those he cares for (very few). - Silvershade

Lemonflight - pale yellow tom with pale yellow eyes. Timid and stammers.(FernClan), sibling of Haycough - Tilan

Haycough - bright yellow tom with bright yellow eyes (:p) Nearly always sick. (FernClan), sibling of Lemonflight - Tilan

Prolouge- Icestar

Icestar was pacing in his new den, thinking of the lives the spirit cats, Darkclaw, Blackshade, Dustshadow, Blackforest, Adderstone, Feathershade, Shadesong, Darkfire, and Bouncefur had given him. Icestar's ear twitched at the snap of a twig, and Oreofang walked in. "Icestar, good news," she crooned, "We have received word from our spy, they say that MintClan's medicine cat is injured, and Blackpaw is too weak to take charge, when shall we attack?" Icestar turned his head to gaze upon his mate, "Oreofang, let the clan know we will attack MintClan when we get strong enough.

Icestar dipped his head in tired submission and felt no dream. He woke up and found Oreofang asking Fox, on of the medicine cats, "When should I move to the queen's den?" Fox simply barked back, "You need to move now, we can't risk killing the kits." Icestar was happy for his mate, if his mate was going to have kits, he would finally be a dad. He didn't want to let his kits down, and wanted to seem strong. He smiled, and looked directly at Oreofang. Soon my love, IceClan will be in total control.

Chapter 1- Rippleburr

Rippleburr was watching her 5 adopted kits play together, Ravenkit and Fallenkit doing their play fighting, as they would soon be apprentices. Moonkit and Foxkit playing mossball, and Lovekit and Thornkit (the youngest) were sleeping. Rippleburr turned her head for a bit, to watch the warriors coming in, and saw Fallenkit and Ravenkit walking toward the exit, and they started climbing out. Rippleburr ran to them and mewed, "No kits, you know that you can't leave until you are apprentices." Ravenkit rolled his eyes, "Rippleburr, we're nearly apprentices, surely that has to be good enough." Rippleburr shook her head. "No," she mewed sternly, "You can not leave camp until you are-" Mintstar's yowl broke through her stern instruction. "Let all cats old enough to stalk the meadows, gather under the Mint Stone for a clan meeting." The cats of the clan all gathered around, Rippleburr and her kits sitting close to Echostep, Snowrush, Moonstone, Hailstone, and her kits and Wintersnow. The 13 cats and 2 foxes looked up at the Mint Rock as Mintstar continued, "MintClan, it is now time to rename a cat, Featherpaw, you have reached the end of your training, and your mentor has decided to go to the elders den. Featherpaw, are you prepared to take on the SilverClan warrior code, and to defend your clan even at the cost of your life?" Featherpaw looked up and mewed nervously, "I-i do." Mintstar mewed, "Alright, Featherpaw, from this day onward, unless seen fit, you will be known as Feathertrail, SilverClan has honored your courage, and standing up for what you believed in. Clan dismissed." Ravenkit and Fallenkit drooped their heads in disapointment. Rippleburr knew that they wanted to be apprentices today. Rippleburr decided that she would get the two a rabbit and a shrew to bring up their spirits.

2 moons had passed, and the apprentice ceremony for Moonkit, Foxkit, Thornkit, Lovekit, Ravenkit, and Fallenkit to become apprentices. Mintstar felt it would be best for the siblings to become apprentices together, so they all did. Blackpaw became Blackberry, and Moonpaw was put as her apprentice, Lovepaw to Echostep, Foxpaw to Snowrush, Ravenpaw to Thunderstrike, and Fallenpaw to Moonstone. Rippleburr was returning to her warrior duties, and sometimes would go hunting with her kits and their mentors. Ravenpaw and Fallenpaw now had a rivalry sparking between them, and both were always trying to be the best of the two. Rippleburr was walking through the meadow, the area right outside the camp, watching the birds in the distance, when a sudden voice snapped her out of her thoughts, "Hey! Rippleburr!" It was Wintersnow, "Rippleburr, Mintstar is calling for a meeting, you need to come." Rippleburr reluctantly followed Wintersnow, irritated that she couldn't stay for much longer. "Cats of MintClan," Mintstar's voice called faintly, "I bring you news. Our medicine cat Featherfall has gotten injured, and is currently unconcious in the medicine den, Blackberry is the senior medicine cat temporarily, if or when Featherfall starts to feel better and can return to her post, she will return and Blackberry will step down. I hope that Featherfall does get better though, so-" Mintstar broke into a fit of coughing, his eyes not shining as brightly as they used to. Between rasping coughs he said, "Clan dismissed."

Chapter 2- Ravenpaw

As the clan left the meeting, Ravenpaw went to his nest in the apprentice den, it was starting to get late. Feeling nervous for Featherfall, he curled up and closed his eyes, instantly, darkness overtook him. He opened his eyes to a black she-cat, a dark gray tom, and a light gray tom-kit. He tried to mew at them, but no sound came out. The three cats noticed him, and notioned for him to come to them. They mewed at him something that sounded like, "The ice will tempt the fallen, and the darkness consume the bird." The cats then changed to three white cats, with stars glittering in their fur. "Hello Ravenpaw, welcome to SilverClan, we have sent you here so you can see the dark secret one is hiding. The three cats you saw before, you have met them before, and they will guide you should you see them again, now remember, never lose faith, and faith will guide you." Ravenpaw opened his eyes and decided to go out. Thunderstrike looked directly at him and said, "Ravenpaw, your going on the dawn patrol today, go renew the border markings with Fallenpaw and Moonstone." Ravenpaw began walking toward the exit of the ravine, and turned his head to talk to Thunderstrike whose paws remained firmly planted in the ground, "Aren't you coming?" he asked, "I-I mean, you are my mentor, shouldn't you come with?" Thunderstrike simply shook his head, "I felt it would be best for you to go without your mentor, I can't be here all the time." Thunderstrike turned around to speak with a few other cats, likely about the hunting patrol. Ravenpaw walked away and went toward his brother and Moonstone. Moonstone nodded when he got there, and the three cats left together. Ravenpaw was dizzy with excitment, I still can't believe that Thunderstrike didn't come with me. Ravenpaw smiled at his brother, who only scowled back. Still, what is up with Fallenpaw, he's acting different. Ravenpaw shrugged, Fallenpaw might just be jealous. Moonstone's quiet, yet harsh voice mewed, "Stop for a bit, we need to mark the border." Ravenpaw then picked up a faint smell of deathberries, but there were no bushes in sight. Moonstone turned her head, she must have smelled it as well. The smell grew steadily stronger, and was starting to get closer. Two toms, a gray and a red one, popped out of the trees, the smell getting blindingly overpowering. The gray tom growled out at the small patrol, "What are you doing on IceClan territory?" Moonstone looked shocked, "W-What do you mean?" her surprise seemed to end and she mewed confidently, and menacingly, "This has been MintClan's for moons. So. Get. Your. Fox. Dung. Flea. Bitten. Pelts. Off." The two IceClan cats laughed, and the red tom mewed in a playful tone, "Oh really now? Threatening words for such a small, weak, kit." Moonstone's irises narrowed into slits. She growled and unsheathed her claws, and yowled, "GET OFF THIS TERRITORY RIGHT NOW UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO COME TO YOUR CAMP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND DESTROY YOU BOTH" She slashed at the gray tom, and left a very long claw scar down his side. She bit the tom on the leg, and the toms backed up. The red one turned around, and ran to camp, where the gray one followed, slightly slower, and limping. Moonstone took a deep breath and mewed calmly, "Now, let's continue with marking the border." Ravenpaw blinked and Moonstone dashed off, toward a tree that this "IceClan" had marked. Ravenpaw turned around and marked the tree behind him. "When we get back, we'll report this!" Moonstone called.

Chapter Three


Iriskit jumped up, her claws snagging the moss ball as it flew towards it. She pulled it down and gripped it in her tiny teeth, glancing at her littermates Sweetkit and Redkit, who stood opposite her.

"Hey!" Redkit, who has thrown the moss-ball, exclaimed. "You were supposed to miss!"

Iriskit stuck her tongue out at him. "Too bad," She told the dark ginger tom, and waved the moss-ball teasingly in front of him. Redkit growled.

A shadow passed over her, and the she-kit felt herself being crushed by a large weight. She squirmed and squealed, and kicked and pushed her small legs, but she couldn't dislodge the heavy load on her.

"Get off her!" Somewhere, Sweetkit squeaked, and Iriskit thought she heard a growl. But she didn't know, thick dark brown fur filled her ears and mouth. The moss-ball was ripped from her claws and the cat sat up. Iriskit opened her mouth and gasped, breathing heavily. Sweetkit rushed towards her nd started sniffing her and giving the tiny kit soft licks.

"Missing something, runt?,"

Iriskit turned around and flexed her tiny claws. Badgerkit was standing there, holding the moss-ball in his claws. The white tom was five moons old, and he and his sister acted better than Iriskit, Redkit, and Sweetkit, because they were bigger and they had a father. Iriskit knew her father, but she could never say who he was, no matter what.


Chapter Four - Hecate

Wind ripped at Hecate's raven-black fur as she crouched atop the slippery boulder, ears flat to muffle the thunderous roaring sound of the rapids mere mouse-lengths below her paws. Rivulets of cold water slithered down her pelt, soaking the smooth, scarless skin beneath the fur. None of her enemies ever got close enough to touch her, and her pelt remained unmarked. Her right eye twitched as a spasm rippled down her face. Well... unmarked save for the deep, downward slash narrowly missing her eye. But calling up the carefully buried memories was a waste of time and effort.

She jumped, sailing forward through the mist in a graceful arc, and landed quietly on the second boulder, her vigorously-trained muscles absorbing the impact so she swept against the stone as silently as a gliding owl.

She had traveled this path many times, mostly wreathed in midnight shadows to hide her black pelt. She had come on various jobs, given assignments that the employers themselves were dubious any cat could pull off. All of them were easy, of course.

She jumped again.

The third boulder was a spire, a claw of rock jutting up from the foaming rapids rushing past below. She landed in a whirl, paws barely brushing the minuscule foothold until she was spinning around again, balanced delicately on the opposite side of the boulder. The stone was slick beneath her paws, frigid water dribbling down and biting through her carefully groomed pelt, but Hecate felt nothing. She was numb to the cold that would have immobilized much stronger cats. What the so-called "warrior" flea-brains didn't understand was that this entire world was a mental game, a competition of intelligence against the elements, of thinking your way out of anything and everything. The Clans were idiots. She had never accepted a job offer from any one of those scumbags.

She made her last jump.

Her paws landed firmly against the riverbank. The pine needle-strewn soil was springy beneath her pads, and slightly slimy, like a frog's backside. She glanced down at her long claws in distaste, noting the mud already caked beneath them. Serves me right for coming here. Why did I ever come here?

The message, she reminded herself sharply. The message. Remember the words.

They coursed through her mind instantly, flooding her body with a burning, all-consuming kind of heat that she vaguely recognized as rage. It was strange how the smallest sentence could invoke such passion in a cat. Stupid, really, it brought out all kinds of vulnerabilities in everyone, especially the flea-brains who wore their hearts on their sleeves and preached their feelings every living second.

She did that, Hecate recalled pointedly. And she was the most incredible m --

No. She doesn't deserve that title. She wasn't there for you. That outspoken nature, those bold opinions... she chose them over you.

But Hecate hadn't stopped searching. She searched, hunted, interrogated, every day.

Hecate came to a stop, eyes flitting swiftly from side to side. Nothing innocent ever lived in the shadows, especially not this close to Clan borders.

The sentence rang out in her head again, filling her with the same blaze of disbelief that it did the first time, all those seasons ago.

With one last glance over her shoulder at the river, Hecate continued her trek further into ShadeClan territory.

Chapter Five - Shadestar

The pine trees creaked and groaned in the strengthening wind, and raindrops speckled Shadestar's fur as he pushed through the tall marshland grass. His whiskers were flung back in a sudden gust, and the rush of cold air made his eyes sting and water, but he continued on stiffly, determination in every tensed muscle of his body. He kept low as another gust of wind nearly blew him off his paws, clinging to the furiously writhing grass beneath him. Shadestar opened his mouth and was startled as the wind jerked his breath away, sucking it right from his lungs. He couldn't even scent anything in this windstorm! Annoyance began to burn under his pelt but he stumbled on, his careful hunting stance turning to an ungainly waddle as the wind slammed into him like a blow from an enemy warrior... despite the common knowledge that all FernClan cats were about as fierce as the leaves they were named after, Shadestar thought with a derisive snort. They were not anything to be afraid of.

Hunting, Shadestar reminded himself. Focus on the hunt. This will feed ShadeClan. This will make us strong.

Pointedly ignoring the howling, screaming wind, Shadestar lowered himself into a hunting crouch and slunk forward, the scent of a blackbird just barely noticeable in the rising storm. He angled his ears toward the unsuspecting piece of prey, scoffing inwardly at its ignorance as it struggled to tug a worm from the ground. How was it not aware of the cat sneaking up on it? Did it really not discern the rustling of fur from the blowing of the wind? Was it going to yank at that worm until it was fresh-kill between Shadestar’s paws?

Birds are stupid.

He pounced, snagging his claws in the blackbird’s feathers, and killed it with a swift bite to the neck.

So stupid.

There was a proud tilt to Shadestar’s head as he lifted the piece of prey in his jaws and carried it toward a tree, planning to store it in a cache among the roots. But a fleeting scent on the breeze made him hesitate, and distantly he heard a splash as he dropped his blackbird onto the muddy marshland.

Cat scent. She-cat. Loner.

Shadestar narrowed his eyes and turned swiftly in a circle, scanning the bleak terrain for any sign of life; the flicker of a tail, perhaps, or the glint of eyes through the snapping reeds.

She’s there, by those bulrushes. Shadestar snorted quietly. Is she that stupid to think she can hide from me, the leader of ShadeClan? Especially in a clump of reeds in my own territory? With a soft growl, he stalked toward the bulrushes, ignoring the pale brown fuzz that clung to his pelt. “Come out, intruder,” he called. “Don’t think you can evade me.” The words slithered like venomous serpents from his tongue, curling into the windstorm with a lethal elegance that struck fear into the hearts of ShadeClan’s enemies. His mother had taught him the art of speech, and he could almost feel the brush of her fur on his spine as the soft, menacing tones slipped through the reeds.

Peeling his lips back in a snarl, Shadestar burst through the bulrushes in a flash of claws and teeth, searching the stalks wildly for the lone she-cat. A prickle of unease wormed into his belly; there was no one there. Not a tuft of fur, not a single reed stirred.

Suddenly the realization dawned on him, and a thousand frantic thoughts rushed through his head as he started to spin around. But he was too late. A strong weight slammed into his chest, ripping the air from his lungs and throwing him down against the ground with a squelching noise. Shadestar turned his head ever so slightly, mouth open, unable to breathe, and saw one black foreleg on each side of his neck. Two paws, five claws. Unnaturally sharp claws, tainted with the nearly undetectable scent of dog.

Dog teeth.

The legends were right. She is real.

A velvety purr enveloped his ears, a soft female voice employing the same tactics of quiet power that Shadestar himself had used seconds before.

”Hello, Clan cat. I believe you are the one I was looking for.”

Chapter 6- Featherfur

Featherfur put one tiny paw in front of the other, walking on a little branch to help save one of the kittens. He was one of the nicest cats in the clan, always making sure that the kits and elders ate before everyone else. He tripped on a little nub in the branch, and just barely managed to catch his claw on the rough bumbs of the branch. He continued slowly, scanning the ground for any more of those rivets. He got to the little kit, realizing it was Dawn and mewed, "You really need your mom to watch you all the time." Featherfur was one of the youngest cats in the clan, only 8 moons, and that was around the time that Icestar saw fit for cats to become warriors. Dawn was going to become an apprentice that day, and didn't want to have to submit to being a IceClan warrior. She was only 5 moons, and Icestar's cruel nature drove her away from being a warrior. Featherfur mewed at her, "Dawn, you know you can't leave the clan alone, you haven't even learned to hunt." Dawn mewed faintly, "D-dawn just wanted to be alone, the oder kits play to roughly, and she want to play a game Dawn like, like the hiding game. The oder kits no agree though, and Dawn play with herself." Featherfur looked into her eyes, "Dawn, you're older than the other mean kits, you'll be an apprentice soon, and then you can have fun hunting and fighting." Dawn looked stricken at those words, "A-actually Dawn wanded to be a medicun cat, and Fox agreed to make her his apprentice." Featherfur continued watching, "Oh, well, today you will become a medicine cat, so come on, lets get you home so you can become an apprentice at all.

"Let all cats old enough to run across the Shattered Ice, gather beneath the Ice Branch for a clan meeting!" snarled Icestar, "Everyone, I bring news, Mintstar has fallen ill, and is on his last life, our spy has reported that the medicine cat Blackberry doesn't know how, and the senior medicine cat is unable to leave his nest. I have decided to celebrate this momentous occasion by making a new apprentice. Dawn, step forward." Dawn walked up to the base of the Ice Tree, and Icestar continued, "Dawn, from this moment onward, until you have learned what you need, you will be known as Dawnpaw, and Fox tells me he wants you to be his apprentice, do you accept?" Dawn mewed, "Yes, Dawnpaw will accept this medicun cat posistiom." Icestar nodded and yowled, "Clan dismissed!" Dawnpaw mewed excitedly to the kits, "Dawnpaw will go with Fox now kits she hopes that you can be apprentices with her soon." Dawn trotted off toward Fox, and Featherfur stalked toward the exit of camp, and headed off in the direction of the Shattered Ice, (a clearing that is filled with white and gray flowers) and decided to look for prey. He hadn't gone three steps into the Shattered Ice when he saw a vole. Carefully staying downwind, he pounced, and bit the unfortunate rodent's neck. Chaching the prey, he looked for something else, and a loud chirp alerted him of a large bird. He scanned the clearing and found an unusually large quail, roosting in a bush. Featherfur's gray fur allowed him to blend in, and he went behind the bush silently. The wind changed in his favor, and Featherfur continued stalking the huge bird. Moments later he pounced, and raked the quail with his claws. He decided that was enough hunting, and went toward his cache. He attempted to bring the vole out, but his claw only grabbed empty air. He dug out the cache and found nothing. How? I only turned my back for one second. He sniffed the air, maybe a rouge took it? He found an unfamiliar scent, definitely not one of his clan. He followed the trail, and as he reentered the forest, saw a few tufts of black fur caught on a wall of brambles. He saw a dark gap in between part of the wall, and came into an abandoned fox set. Or, that was his first thought on it. Looking around the den, he found an unusually dark spot, and walked toward it. "Not one pawstep closer, kitten," a voice growled, "You wouldn't want to make this cat angry, would you?" Featherfur saw the dark spot shift, and realized it was a cat. Featherfur backed away, but the cat got behind him and blocked his path. "No escaping now," the black cat hissed menacingly, sounding a little like laughter, "I don't want someone to reveal my home." Featherfur closed his eyes and mewed, "I-i'll stay then, my family won't miss me anyways. Featherfur avoided clan, as he didn't know if this cat hated the clans. Featherfur turned around and lie down, depositing his quail on the floor as a sign of peace.

Chapter 7 - Ala

"I got it!" A black and white she-cat pounced at Ala, grabbing the mouse that was hanging on her claw.

"Hey! That was mine, you mouse-brain." Ala meowed playfully, pouncing after the she-cat. "Come back, Kali!" Ala and Kali, two loner sisters, chased each other. By the time Ala caught her, the mouse was dirty from mud they had slashed up while running. Ala sighed, "Oh, well. We can catch something else." She then flicked Kali's nose with her tail, "And haven't I told you to catch your own, Kali?"

Kali shuffled her paws, "It just not fun that way. I like it better when you hunt for me. Because... i don't know how."

Ala let out a laugh, the mouse in her jaws dropping to the ground. "I have taught her everything i know, and you still think you are bad at it? I've seen you. You're better than some people i know." She rolled her eyes, "You just don't practice that much."

"But i do!" Kali insisted.

"But you don't!" Ala turned her head as she heard the voice. A large brown tom walked out of the bushes. Clan cat; from MintClan.

Kali just rolled her eyes and bumped her sister's hip, "Look's like your boyfriend is here, like always."

Ala hissed at Kali and turned to the tom, "What do you want, Hawkstripe?" Hawkstripe just smiled and nuzzled Ala.

"What do you think I want?" He purred.

Ala growled, "I thought i told you i didn't want to see you again, after what you did." Hawkstripe's eyes softened and he frowned. Ala turned away, tail and head up. She had cought Hawkstripe with a girl from MintClan, telling her he loved her. Hawkstripe had insisted that she was only a cover up for their love, for when someone asked if he had a mate it would be her. But Ala wanted him to tell them it was her, so she didn't feel left out. They had broke up, and Ala was angry.

"Please, forgive me." Hawkstripe pleaded, "Ala, your just being a drama queen."

Chapter Eight - Spade

Spade stretched her long legs, staring at the sun that peeked from behind a gray cloud.

"Will it storm, do you think?" She asked.

"Most likely," A voice behind her said. Her sister, Shadow.

Spade twitched her long tail, wondering how this storm would impact IceClan. She hoped not badly, she wanted to attack MintClan like Icestar promised, but if the winds and rains slowed them down, it would end in more waiting. She didn't want to wait more, but she could.

"I know what you're thinking," Shadow mewed. "You want to attack MintClan. It's been on my mind, too,"

"And I know what you're thinking too," Spade growled. "You want us to disobey orders. But I won't. Never" She turned around to glance at her sister, whose long, knotted, black fur flowed in the wind. Shadow's yellow eyes stared deep into Spade's, a mischievous glint in their depths.

"I won't do any harm," Shadow said. "We can do it, just the two of us."

Spade sighed. "No. Thats final," She padded past the she-cat, brushing her fur as she walked past Shadow. Shadow was right, the two of them could maybe assassinate a MintClan cat or two. But she wouldn't; best to not. She didn't want Icestar to get angry with her. And Shadow wouldn't do it without her, no sister tagging along, no one to blame for the idea.


Spade looked to her side, seeing a white she-cat with brown stripes running towards them. She purred as the cat approached, her other sister, Sky.

"How was the walk?" Sky asked.

"Good," Spade said.

"Ok." Shadow mumbled.

"Great!" Sky said. "Want to hunt?"

"Some MintClan cats, yes," Shadow mumbled, but too low for Sky to hear.

"We're fine." Spade said. "Lets just head home, alright?"

Sky nodded and ran along, whiles Shadow stalked in the opposite direction, maybe to catch some prey or something. Spade's belly rumbled at the thought of prey, but she could eat later. Family was more important.

Spade ran along after Sky, picking up pace as her paws sank down in the damp soil, her long tail whisking up leaves behind her.

The brambles the enclosed the IceClan camp grew nearer and nearer in sight, until Spade was close enough to duck inside the entrance. She emerged into the camp, well hidden, well protected, safe. Immediatly she spotted her adoptive father Cottontail, was talking with another cat. Purring, Spade walked up to talk to him.

"Cottontail," She mewed as he got closer. "Cottontail!" She said, briskly, but he still didn't answer.

Frustraition sweeped through her mind. "Cottontail!" She yowled, and several other cats looked up from what they were doing.

He finally turned around. "Yes?" Cottontail asked, as if he hadn't been ignoring her.

"Thanks for finally noticing me," Spade hissed, and walked away, her tail lashing.