Angel is part of The Dwelling - she's immortal. She's eternal. Angel watches over The Home - she is their essence of good, what drives the cats of The Home to be peaceful and happy. But when Night breaks out of her prison, she only has one goal - cause chaos throughout the Home. Someone must stop her - and Angel is chosen. Brought down to The Home - and known as Angela - she must travel throughout the place where Night - known as Nyx - attacks. Because going to the source is the only way to solve a problem.

The Problem - Angel watches over The Home constantly - she makes sure that they are alive, happy, and peaceful. All is well, until Night breaks out of her prison. Now, she's causing chaos all over the Home. And of course - being the "essence of good" and everything, Angel is chosen. Now dubbed Angela, she must go and stop Night - now known as Nyx.

The Village - Nyx really seems to know how to cause trouble. The first village is in ruins when Angela reaches it. But what Angela doesn't know, is that with good deeds come hard questions. The villagers want to know how Angela does her "magic". Angela knows that Nyx is out there causing trouble, and she has to get away before it's too late.

The Runaway - Thankfully, Nyx hasn't done as much to the next village. Angela can easily fix thedamage - there isn't a lot she can't do. But the only way she can truly help them is to find a missing cat important to them. And being the "essence of goodness" and everything, Angela must find the cat - whether they want to be found or not.

The Destroyed - Nyx seems to know that Angela is watching her. The village that Angela has just arrived at is basically destroyed. The physical aspects can be easily fixed, but what about the mental ones? Angela must learn to fix things - such as heartbreak, grief, and depression - if she wants to move on with her task.

The Hopeless - tba

The Plans

The Helpers

The Warriors

The Found

The Glimpse

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