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 Prologue - Pebble

Pebble padded through the long, snowy grass, walking very slowly; she was trying to spot some prey.

"Hey, look at that small cave over there!" Exclaimed Shine, her best friend.

Pebble then turned around to see a small cave, it had a dim light coming out of it. Shine was already starting to run to it, her ginger fur flying in the wind. 

Pebble found herself have no other choices, she ran after Shine. 

"Wait up!" She yelled. Shine ran into the cave; she turned and waited for her friend. Pebble walked into the cave, she then shook her wet fur.

Pebble looked outside at leaf-bare field. It was covered in thick snow, with very little to find. She could see the forest very slightly from the cave. 

Pebble looked to her right to try to see Shine, but she had already ran deeper into the cave. Pebble ran after her.

"Pebble, look what I found." Shine purred when she showed Pebble a small pool of water.

"A water source." Said Pebble, her tongue sticking slightly out of her mouth. She rushed towards the water and began to drink it; the water stung her tongue, but she was glad she had a source of water.

"Come on! The water is clean." Purred Pebble, with a bit of excitment. She continued to drink the water.

Shine began to drink some of the water as well, but then, a bright light came out of the pool of water. 

"Ah!" Screamed Pebble and Shine, as their sight of vision almost blurred out. Pebble then closed her eyes; she  knocked out.


Pebble woke up, but she didn't open her eyes. She paused; she felt something rubbing against her pelt. It was very faint, but she could still feel it. Pebble then opened her eyes, and a small, lithe, starry tom was standing right next to her.

"What do you want?" Asked Pebble in a serious tone. 

The was begining to disappear. A small whisper came from him, she could hear him slightly. Two friends of a feather, fight to together.

Chapter 1 - Shine

Shine looked around. She shook her head, remembering her dream. "Pebble?" she called out.

"Shine! You're here!" Pebble called back. Pebble looked tired, like she had just woken up as well.

"I had the craziest dream last night!" Shine said. "I dreamed that I was standing in a place I didn't recognize, somewhere in the forest. Then this cat that had stars in his fur told me, Two Friends of a feather, fight together." Shine finished.

By this point, Pebble was staring at Shine in shock. "I had the same dream!" Pebble exclaimed.

"No Way!" Shine said. "But that's impossible. We've never had the same dream before!" Shine said in disbelief.

"That is so weird." Pebble said. "I wonder what it means." Pebble wondered.

"Maybe it doesn't really mean anything." Shine said, before getting up and stretching. "I don't know about you, but I could do with a mouse right now." Shine said as she headed for the exit to the cave.

Pebble nodded and followed Shine out of the cave. "That cave is a great spot to rest." Pebble stated.

Shine nodded, before flicking her tail to tell Pebble that she smelled a mouse. Shine crept forward along the ground. Suddenly a cat lunged at Shine, knocking her over.

Pebble bristled before jumping at the tom. "Get off of her!" Pebble yowled, before biting down hard on the tom's tail.

The tom yowled, and several other cats came bursting through the bushes. "What are you doing on our territory?" asked the tom who was holding down Shine.

"What do you mean your territory? We go wherever we want!" yowled Pebble.

Shine raked her claws down the tom's belly, and bit down hard on his ear.

The tom yowled, and reared back in pain.

Shine lept up, and hissed at the tom. She slashed her claws over his nose.

Pebble jumped in the fight and bit down hard on his rear leg. Together, Shine and Pebble pinned the tom to the ground.

Two more toms crashed into Shine, and another two into Pebble. Soon the group of cats had the two pinned to the ground.

"No matter what you say," the tom snarled, "this is our territory. If you try and stay, then we'll have to kill you." he said.

"Get off of them." said a beautiful grey she-cat, stepping forward.

"But Streamheart!" whined the tom, who obviously didn't like the idea of two more cats on his "territory".

"I said, get off of them!" the she-cat replied, a low growl rising up in her throat.

The cats released the two loners. They still watched them suspiciosly, but stepped back to stand beside the she-cat named "Streamheart".

"What are you two doing on our territory?" asked Streamheart.

Shine snarled, fur bristeling. "Why do you cats keep talking about territory?" she spat.

"Calm down," Pebble whispered to Shine. "we don't want them to hurt us! There are too many of them." she said.

"Fine." said Shine, before forcing her fur flat again.

"We are RiverClan." said Streamheart. "You have crossed the boundary into our territory. I'm going to take you to Mountainstar, and he will tell decide what to do with you." she finished.

The group of cats surrounded Pebble and Shine, and led them along through the forest. Soon they came to a river that bubbled and splashed.

"Here is where we cross." said Streamheart, as she jumped onto a stone that was barely sticking above the river.

Shine gulped, before jumping to the first one. She found it easier than she had thought to jump from one slippery rock to the other. She glanced behind her, and found that Pebble was finding it just as easy to jump across.

After Shine and Pebble made it across the river, Shine found herself standing in what appeared to be a massive den. She glanced around her, and saw eyes peering out from little dens that had shiny stones decorating them.

Once safely inside, Streamheart called out, "Mountainstar!" Soon an old grey tom walked boldy out of one of the dens.

"Who are these cats?" He hissed, obviously not pleased by Shine and Pebble's arrival.

"These two are loners we found on our territory." Streamheart replied calmly; not intimidated by Mountainstar's disapproval.

"What were they doing there?" this time he directed the question at Pebble.

Pebble glanced at Shine before responding, "We were living."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" hissed the old tom.

"We had no idea we were on your "territory" so we found a comfy looking cave to live in." Pebble replied calmly.

"Well, we can't have that now can we. Streamheart, come to my den, and we'll decide what to do with them." The two walked off to the den that Mountainstar had come out of, and began whispering.

Two guards sat watch in front of the camp, and there were cats everywhere, so there was no way to escape. Shine couldn't help herself from wondering, What is going to happen to us?

Just then the two cats came out of the den and the tom yowled,  "I've made my decision!"

Chapter 2 - Pebble

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