Author: Arti

Genres: Action, drama, romance, horror

Blurb: Twolegs have predicted the end of the world. The Clans, unknowing are unprepared when the horrors start to rain down on them. They know they must escape. To the last place anyone on Earth will ever be safe. But how many cats won't make it? And who will survive if they do?



Humans in a small town near the Clans have predicted the end of the world. As the human world prepares to meet the end, the Clans go on with life unknowingly. Until one apprentice has a dream. A terrible dream.....
As the world begins to crumble aorund them, the Clans, and most importantly, Leopardpaw, must realize what is important, and learn to value the trust in a friend.


The Clans are lost. Only knowing that they must escape, they run, not knowing what lie in wait. Mosspaw has a dream and must try to guide the Clans to a new home, while trying to keep her friends from falling.
Cats are lost and friends are seperated, but the Clans have to keep going.
Because what choice do they have?


Tempers are running high in the Clans, and Bramblepaw begins to realize how much it hurts you when a friend chooses someone else. Despite what she believes, she soon discovers she has a part to play- though it may not be the one she wanted.
The Clans are so close to being free from the terror of the new world, but the hardest blows have yet to come. In a world when you have only your friends and your wits, a loss is the greatest gift you can have.


As the Clans cope with loosing their home, Dustpaw tries to cope with loosing his friend. Everything is bleak and dreary, and he sees no end in the barren landscape that could eventually become their graves...


In the last book of the series, the future of the Clan depends on four apprentices. Can they find the safe haven? Or is it too late? And even if they can find it....can they survive the terrible losses and hardships they have faced?
The last part of their incredible journey brings out the best- and worst- in the friends, as they discover that life goes on and three is always, always hope.
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