Chapter One: A Ceremony

Emmetstar looked beyond the Highrock. “Emmetstar?” Said Fatpaw. “What?” Said Emmetstar, wagging his tail. “Do you want any food?” Asked Fatpaw, looking at Emmetstar through his green eyes. “Fart.” Said Emmetstar. “Fart?” Asked Fatpaw, confused. “FART!!” Said Emmetstar, looking at Fatpaw, seeming… Happy. Fatpaw walked away. “Maybe he`s just tired.” Mumbled Fatpaw. Emmetstar looked at the Clan. His eyes were blazing green. “Clan meeting!” He called. Cats gathered around the Highrock, chattering. “As you all know.” Started Emmetstar. “I say ‘fart’ everytime you ask me something.” He meowed. All the cats nodded. “My voice can`t help it.” He meowed. Cats gasped. “But why?” Asked Poostorm. “Fart!” Said Emmetstar. Some cats walked away, but others stayed and told them it was a Clan Meeting. “It`s ok.” Mumbled Emmetstar, half to himself. The rest of the cats turned to him, he saw only five blazing eyes. “But, we have one apprentice. It is ready to be a warrior.” He meowed. “Peepaw!” He meowed loudly. Peepaw turned back. He climbed onto the Highrock. “I shall name you Peepelt, after your yellow pelt.” Meowed Emmetstar. Cats cheered. “Peepelt! Peepelt! Peepelt!” Peepelt looked surprised. “I`ve never been this honered before.” He meowed. Cats seemed shy after that. “Poostorm, organize a hunting patrol.” He meowed. “Grosspool, train Trashpaw.” Emmetstar said. They nodded, quickly running away. “Ever since Emmetstar ruled this Clan, it has turned to trash.” Whispered Grosspool to Trashpaw. Trashpaw nodded. “And he renamed me Trashpaw.” Trashpaw reminded his mentor. Suddenly, Grosspool saw a shadow. “GarbageClan, attack!” Yowled Emmetstar. Cats raced out to see PumpkinClan. Emmetstar went up to Orangestar. “Come at me.” He said. Orangestar touched him with his paw. Emmetstar fell to the ground, clearly out. “MEDICINE CAT!!!!!” Yowled Grosspool. Rottenleaf walked over. “Wake up, Emmetstar!” She yowled. Emmetstar woke up, looking at her, tounge out. He was surprised. “Not again.” Said Fatpaw, trying not to let out a mrrow of laughter. “It`s a habit.” Meowed Grosspool. “Right?”

Chapter Two: Trashtooth

Emmetstar reached out a paw. “Trash-Trashtooth?” He asked. “Yes, it`s me.” Replied Trashtooth. Emmetstar walked up. “Fart.” He meowed, walking away. “He wasn`t thankful for me to help!” Cried Trashtooth, his eyes tearing. “It`s ok.” Meowed Grosspool. 


Sorry if this made your eyes bleed or this stinks. I made this a long time ago on Word. I'm also sorry Chapter Two was short- we never got to finishing it.

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