Leader: Firestar bright orange tom cat, amber eyes. 9 lives

Apprentice Dewpaw

Deputy Finchsong tabby colored she-cat; sister to Aquaheart

Medicine cat Aquaheart blue gray she-cat; sister to Finchsong


Skyheart pure white she-cat; sister to Pureclaw

Apprentice Mudpaw

Pureclaw black cat with one blue eye and one orange eye; brother to Skyheart

Twisternose black and white tom cat.

Apprentice Hurricanepaw

Seasonear calico she-cat.

Crushedheart gray and white tom cat.

Apprentice Songpaw

Blackmidnight pure black tom cat orange eyes.


Dewpaw dark gray she-cat; sister to Mudpaw

Mudpaw mud brown tom cat, green eyes; brother to Dewpaw

Hurricanepaw brown tabby tom cat.

Songpaw white she-cat.


Adderfang ginger she-cat. Mate Blackmidnight

Stormpelt dark gray she-cat Mate Crushedheart


Marshkit tabby cat Mother Stormpelt

Sagekit ginger kit mother Adderfang

Mosskit calico kit mother Adderfang

Sunkit bright orange she-cat mother Stormpelt


Icestar pure white she-cat with blue eyes. 8 lives; sister to Rockfall

Deputy Thundertail pure black tom cat.

Apprentice Dashpaw

Medicine cat Roseheart bright orange she-cat.


Rockfall dark brown tom cat; brother to Icestar

Apprentice Ashpaw

Lightingwing yellow she-cat with green eyes; sister to Flamingnose

Flamingnose dark orange she-cat; sister to Lightingwing

Apprentice Bramblepaw

Brownclaw dark brown tom cat.

Winterheart pure white she-cat.

Apprentice Springpaw

Frozenheart dark gray tom cat.


Dashpaw pure black tom cat.

Ashpaw Brown and black tom cat.

Bramblepaw tabby tom cat; brother to Springpaw

Springpaw tabby and yellow she-cat; sister to Bramblepaw


Leafheart calico she-cat mate Brownclaw


Burstkit orange she-cat. mother Leafheart

Featherkit silver tom cat mother Leafheart

Moonkit black and white she-cat mother Leafheart


Leader: Rainstar smokey gray tom cat green eyes. 9 lives

Apprentice Wishpaw

Deputy: Drizzlerain black she-cat amber eyes.

Medicine cat Forgottenmind dark brown tabby cat.


Marshpelt calico tabby tom cat.

Apprentice Harshpaw

Froststripe pure white she-cat, some brown spots of fur.

Snowstorm snow bengal with blue eyes tom cat.

Apprentice Duckpaw

Howlingwind torishell she-cat, white paws.

Apprentice Duskpaw

Leopardfoot golden she-cat with blue eyes; sister to Pantherheart

Pantherheart pure black tom cat; brother to Leopardfoot

Apprentice Wildpaw


Wishpaw light gray she-cat.

Harshpaw big brown tabby tom cat.

Duckpaw brown tom cat, green eyes; brother to Duskpaw; brother to Wildpaw

Duskpaw pure black she-cat; sister to Duckpaw, sister to Wildpaw

Wildpaw calico tom cat.


Blackchaos pure black she-cat Mate Pantherheart

Direnight light brown she-cat Mate Rainstar


Cometkit golden bengal tom cat green eyes mother Direnight

Earthkit dark brown bengal tom cat amber eyes mother Direnight.

Midnightkit pure black she-cat mother Blackchaos


Leader: Rockstar large brown tabby tom cat. 6 lives

Deputy: Blackstorm pure black tom cat.

Apprentice Lightpaw

Medicine cat Dingowish light tan she-cat brown eyes.


Magicwing black and white she-cat; sister to Redstreak

Redstreak ruby colored tom cat; brother to Magicwing

Apprentice Blazepaw

Whitenose pure white she-cat.

Spottedheart golden tom with black spots.

Apprentice Ravenpaw

Strawpelt light yellow she-cat, white chest.

Apprentice Noisepaw

Angerheart dark gray tom cat.


Lightpaw light yellow tom cat; brother to Ravenpaw, and Blazepaw

Blazepaw bright orange she-cat; sister to Lightpaw, Ravenpaw

Ravenpaw Black she-cat; sister to Lightpaw, Blazepaw

Noisepaw dark gray tom cat.


Mossfeather calico she-cat mate Rockstar

Icefrost white she-cat mate Spottedheart


Flowerkit ginger and white she-cat mother Mossfeather

Tornkit ginger tom cat mother Icefrost

Thornkit black and white she-cat mother Mossfeather

Marskit ginger tom cat mother Icefrost