The Earth Opens Allegiances



Leafstar-White and brown tom


Hailfur-White tom with gray speckles and oddly round  blue eyes

Medicine Cat:

Sweetbark- brown and white she-cat

Apprentice: Stripepaw- brown triangle-tabby she-cat


Swandapple- white she-cat with gray and orange dappled spots

Breezedawn- gray tom

Echofrost- a white she-cat

Apprentice: Cherrypaw- red-brown she-cat with amber eyes

Dewstorm- orange and brown patched tabby she-cat

Heatherstone- gray and brown she-cat

Apprentice: Daisypaw- gray and white tabby she-cat

Graystorm- blue-gray tom

Thrushleap- strong brown tom


Petalfoot- golden she-cat Kits: Duckkit- gold tom, Featherkit- blue-gray she-cat

Quietclaw- brown she-cat Kits: Pinkkit- brown tom with a round, pink nose, Aquakit- blue-gray tom


Morningdove- a misty-gray she-cat

Nettledrop- a fuzzy black tom

Out of Clans

Sky- orange tom with green eyes

Blossom- a very fluffy tortiseshell she-cat kittypet with a blue collar

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